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  1. A quick update - engine set to 1400 rpm, a kettle of hot water added at the start of the cycle, and no heating attempted by the washing machine, no smoking from the alternator, and a load of washing completed without problems. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the solution!
  2. Thanks to all the wonderful and very prompt advice, I think I'm gaining a much better understanding of what is happening, and that is more valuable to me than any amount of salesmen telling me I need a new alternator, new batteries or a new boat. Thanks!
  3. Batteries where about 85%. I have a second alternator for the start battery, so that shouldn't be a problem. Today I'll be trying later in the day when the solar should have given me closer to 100%... Good point that it may be the belt, not the alternator itself smoking...
  4. Thanks, running the engine at a higher speed, and a thermostatic valve seem to be the best solutions. We'll be moving later in the day. I'll try some higher revs and a kettle of warm water to see the effect.....
  5. Thanks, that's very useful. I think an upgrade from 3 X 100Ah to at least 4 X 120Ah is a good start.... No exhaust leaks. No shredded belts. But we do have a dog.....
  6. I definitely think it was smoke! Maybe some muck on the alternator burning off as it gets a lot warmer than usual (note to self. Clean the alternator.... not that it's covered in muck, mind you)
  7. Thanks for all the good advice, I'll give the "add hot water a go", see if in the meantime an alternator service might give us a little more reassurance... and look at a thermostatic valve (fortunately I have hot water into the washing machine cupboard, so shouldn't be too difficult)..... Thanks for that advice. A last resort, as I'd like the batteries to last a little longer yet. What capacity do you think would handle the 200A for 3-4 minutes? When I come to upgrade. It would be good to know it could cope with this if it needs to.....
  8. Having bought an inverter and washing machine before upgrading alternator and batteries, I'd planned that this shouldn't be a problem if I use the cold wash option that the washing machine has, thereby not heating any water. This was approved as a good interim solution by the boss. So I made the assumption (yes I know what assumptions are) that running the engine whilst running the washing machine would help provide the necessary amps, I fired up the engine before starting a cold wash cycle. Monitoring the inverter, I can see a 200-400W flowing as we fill and start the cycle. Then (on a cold wash) this jumps to 1700W. The alternator does not like this. After a few seconds we got a lot of heat and smoke! Turn off the washing machine, and run a rinse and spin cycle without problems (20-400W). The alternator quickly cools down and runs normally. On a second occasion when I think the incoming water was warmer, we got through approx 3-4 minutes of 1700W, before reducing back to it's non-heating 200-400W operation, and no smoke, but lots of load from the sound of the engine having to work harder. It's a Beta 35 with a standard (65A I think) alternator, and I currently have 300Ah of batteries. Any ideas on how I can run with the existing set up - just run on the batteries for the 3/4 minutes of heavy load perhaps (I think that's about 150Amps from the batteries)? And of course advice on an updated set up - alternator, batteries. Update both? What size? Would be much appreciated. Many thanks....
  9. We bought one of the 'Isis' named narrowboats last year. After quite a few negative comments from both the towpath and friends, the boat is now named 'Preaux'. Hope no one can possibly object to the new name...
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