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  1. You’ll need to find yourself a friendly welder! It may be worth your while checking the smoke box when you have got the flue pipe off and also checking the top ring on the top plate as they are all prone to cracking.
  2. The 3mm part is the area that needs to be addressed in the works.
  3. They were still there when I was in the yard last week.
  4. This is my understanding too, and as Dave says, Dennis Cooper runs the moorings.
  5. The OP is the highest bidder on the boats eBay listing and hasn't seen it yet. I won't be taking any money off anyone until they have viewed the boat and understand the works required. I quite enjoy sleeping at night... 😉
  6. Stafford Boat Club would be my first port of call.
  7. So that the OP is not on a wild goose chase, here are the items I stock. Stoves & Stove Spares (nortoncanesboatbuilders.co.uk) It's not an exhaustive list, I can get a variety of parts for Eppings, Classics, Premiers, Nippers and Class1C's.
  8. Not a problem. I just wanted to make it clear that it perhaps wasn't the best example of a "the seller never to be seen again😂" situation.
  9. Not quite, the owner has owned the boat for 8 years, she has known that it is in need of hull works for some time and her move to land has prompted her to sell the boat. With this in mind she approached me about doing the works on the boat to get it ready for sale. I suggested she had the boat surveyed to understand the extent of the works required, which she did. The works needed are extensive and I advised the owner that the cost would be in the region of £12-15k. Based on this she made to the decision to sell. Both the owner and I have tried to be as upfront and honest about the condition of the boat as we can, which is why we have made the full hull survey available online so that potential purchasers can make a decision with a clear idea of what works are needed.
  10. It looks to me like it’s the work of Colin Clarke, it’s almost identical to a can I have that was painted by him.
  11. Vladimir Chorbadzhiev is excellent, I would highly recommend him.
  12. According to my firefighter friend who was in attendance, the boat had a number of helium tanks on board, the small ones you get in shops for blowing up balloons. He also said that the port hole didn’t need to be smashed as the sealant had melted and they just pushed the glass inside.
  13. Speak to Steve Priest at Brinklow, he’s doing one at the moment for a friend of mine.
  14. 3 or 4” radius are the most common, but it varies depending on the manufacturer.
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