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  1. Thanks for welcoming me back into the fold, sorry it was fleeting, but treemonkey got his back scratch, and cheshirerose her books. Added bonus I swopped an unwanted xmas pressie with the landlord for my beer! Result! I haven't completely lost my touch then! ? Small steps as I return to a real life again, that was my first bit of being social for about 3 years! I will be back to myself before the next banter! AND go by boat again (it's sooo good to be back onboard!) Good to see you all ?
  2. We also used Robert Naghi for our own boat, excellent price, lots of ideas and flexibility, open to suggestion. Sheila Smith did our commercial boats, superb but I'm not sure she still does any.
  3. Marc and I will drop by at some point, but probably not for too long. New found freedom is slightly overwhelming just now, but be good to say hello. Its been a long time since we made a banter! Hopefully by next year we will be properly free and there on the boat.
  4. The shiny new job may be a rumour, just wondered....
  5. Good luck to them with charnwood council, when it comes to caravans, they are like a dog with a bone. They made us apply for planning permission for an occassionally used caravan...not static...at our workshop, within a farm yard. Used for the painter twice a year! They then realised it didn't actually come under a planning formality at all, so created one and charged us a small fortune for nothing. As a side line, I understand Loughborough has a new taxi driver? Pillings is a very nice boating community, with many good boaters there, I would hope it all settles down with the management change, but I don't know the current team.
  6. Swan will be fine. Not been in since last we met up there....i don't get out much now...earlier rather than later as we will need to be back by 2 ish
  7. So who might be around for a pint lunchtime on the 31st? Looks like we won't make the banter now, but could make 31st lunchtime for a quick catch up, anyone?
  8. Phew, just managed to get back in here after being told I wasn't allowed for the last few days! Not sure if we will or won't make it. I am "on duty" from today till the 30th, and not sure what time I will be released, as it clashes with my neices birthday. So maybe, maybe not, we will have to pkay it by ear. I suspect I will be free to join you next year if not.
  9. Oh, nice you have another reason to come over...bet you will be found somewhere boaty at some point in july! I guess donations can still be made? Hooefully it could get to target for your july visit perhaps?
  10. I'm going to just shamelessly bump this! Many of us have met Caprifool, (Bengt) , some of us have used him.....as the best most reliable pet/boat/home sitter going (my dog tells me he does a mean tummy and ear tickle all at the same time!) Time is running short for him to get this scan on the visit over he has planned (again, helping someone out) he can get it done later of course, but it would be good to have it over and done with, for him.
  11. Ten pounds works out to just under 120k roughly. Happy to have helped a gentle soul, and one who so readily helps us boaters. It's good to be able to offer a little help back.
  12. The general moorings in Loughborough, South of the junction, are pretty safe usually, as are the Barrow-upon-soar moorings above the lock. Both within an easy walk of train stations. Pillings would be a safe bet of course, but not as easy except by taxi, and you need to want to give them money.
  13. Thanks! Sorted now, cheers
  14. Nipped back onto the forum after a longish break, specifically to find a member. I'm sure it's obvious but I can't see ho we to do that now. I can search their name of course, but that doesn't take me to an option to view their profile etc. I suppose had I stuck with the new site I'd know by now, but I didn't and don't! Someone asked earlier in this thread, but I can't see a reply to the question then, so please, how do I find a member now?
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