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  1. Yes I'm fairly certain they built their own. The one I knew wasn't well designed as far as the gas locker went. It had been wet since launch we were told, and was certainly wet and rusty when we saw it, so that's something I would be looking at. Again it may have been a one off.
  2. We were asked to do some warranty work for one of their boats, shortly before they went under. We replaced all the flooring which was lino, and had warped and bubbled, also an amount of hatch linings (MDF) that had blown, a new worktop as the original was coming apart, and various random bits like catches etc. The boat was in its first year since launch. The gas locker was permanently wet also. They closed up without paying up. It didn't help us in our early days. Edited to add, its possible it was a one off bad build during a time they were presumably quietly struggling, I don't
  3. Its not really doing it as work is it? If you are becoming a liveaboard then you could do it under the moving house regs. Will you need to be onboard overnight? If so, I would say April 12th, if not then March 29th is my gut instinct.
  4. The shaggy types are much quicker, got mine done in about 10 days off and on. Edited to add....I just know I'm going to get "quick shag" remarks so I'm getting in first!
  5. I saw this today, from a boatyard post.
  6. Yup, 3 days in a row with no charging for us, brilliant isn't it! And we upgraded from a fridge to fridge freezer last summer so im well impressed! 😁
  7. Thanks for taking the time and consideration to let us know here. Deepest condolences to you and all the family.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. What wood is under the vinyl type material? Is just a far Eastern type ply? Do you know what condition it is in? Its very much going to depend on how stable the underboard is, and how the fabric was attached. If its in good condition, I'd probably try machine sanding it with the grain, if there is one, paint it, starting with zinsser primer, finishing with an oil based paint. Then trim to your taste. If its in poor condition however, I'd rip it off and use new ply, first sealing it with an oil based varnish behind. Then treat it as you wish, oil, varnish or paint.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Assuming there is only 1 currently alleged stolen boat called Ruby, it has confirmed sightings on the river Soar, Monday to Wednesday. Thought to be heading towards Lincoln. In theory. Maybe. I agree its time there was a more formal proof of ownership for boats, that is recorded and kept somewhere other than on said boat!
  12. Although, add a comma after boat, and it changes the meaning.
  13. So what is an INC number anyone please? Incident reference number perhaps?
  14. Potentially. It went through syston about 3pm Monday. Was in Loughborough by Tuesday morning, and Kegworth shallow that afternoon. All caught on cctv.
  15. I have read both sides of this. It seems strange the "previous " owner is quoting a crime number, but you won't, though say you have one. Would it not be the same number for both sides of the same crime? (I genuinely don't know) and yet then we are told by another its not a criminal matter. If you are genuine, why not stay put, meet at the boat with the police and other claimed owner, and sort it out today.? Then if you are the honest owner, you can relax. Having seen you come through North of Leicester on Monday, while we are effectively in flood, though not too much this end,you we
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