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  1. No ours was a slightly different story. At about 23 years old the boat came out for blacking, then after washing it the boatyard and I inspected the hull together. The deepest pits in the 6mm sides were less than 0.5mm. Then a year later the insurers (luckily) insisted on a survey as we approached 25 years old, and the surveyor and I were shocked to find extensive pitting on both sides from end to end, waterline to nameplate, to a depth of well over 5mm in the 6mm steel. Strangely the baseplate was unaffected. At that rate we would soon have been the proud owners of a 67' submarine, so we immediately had her replated. The cause remains a mystery to this day and will probably never be resolved.
  2. Utterly disgraceful!!! Desecration of our heritage!!! I hope CRT are going to reinstate it. I remember getting stuck there once, attempting to go through breasted after breaking down (Our rudder fell off) and we got a third of the way through that bridge before we stopped. Many other boats assisting and a lot of people hauling, to no effect; eventually we borrowed a Tirfor from WFB and winched ourselves back by using a sturdy tree as a fixed point.
  3. If you do that the helpful person will ALWAYS pull on the rope so that the stern goes out into the middle of the canal and you are then stuffed!
  4. We came through Coxheads today. The supervisor told me that all the work has been completed, they are now just waiting for the electricity company to reconnect the supply so they can start testing. He sounded pretty confident that it will be fully open within a week.
  5. We had dinner there a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say the food and the service were absolutely first-class.
  6. It's so ridiculous that the signs at Watford tell you that if there is no lock keeper on duty then at busy times you should work the staircase one-up/one-time "to maximise the use of water". It is of course correct that it maximises the use of water, but what is really required is to work say 3-up/3-down which minimises the use of water as well as speeding everything up.
  7. They are just ordinary 3" hinges, 4 to each bunk. They are screwed to the cabin sides at their lowest point immediately above the gunwales, and to the wooden bed bases, so they are angled by just under 90 degrees when the bunks are up and just under 180 when they are down. The height of the gunwales effectively therefore also defines what the height of the lower bunk must be. Does that make it clear or shall I take a picture tomorrow?
  8. Sadly he was right, all the rules and definitions specifically exclude fortuitous ventilation. Our inspector (back when it applied to private boats) also even refused to allow ANY consideration of our roof vent which had a solar vent fan fitted, not even a 50% deduction and not even despite the fan running 24/7 thanks to solar and rechargeable battery. I had to get a new inspector!
  9. The guys at the scene yesterday said the repairs are progressing much better than expected, all that's left to do now is to re-connect the electrics and test it. He reckoned it might even be open again by the end of next week.
  10. Sitting here waiting for Coxhead to open, talking to people here paints a rather different picture about how the bridge got damaged. Without wanting to put too many details on a public forum, it seems it wasn't mindless vandalism but more deliberate sabotage by a particular individual. All the details including that person's identity were clearly recorded on cctv which has been sent to the police who have (reportedly) said that they are not interested because nobody was injured and have advised CRT to claim on their insurance.
  11. Are they doing the same at Foxton as they were doing when we went last year? Because the pounds down towards Leicester leak so much and needed a lot of topping up, they were padlocking Foxton mid afternoon "to save water" and leaving, then half an hour later when they thought nobody was watching they came back and opened all the paddles to spend all night running water down from the summit.
  12. Thanks for the replies, guys, that's fascinating. I shall look more closely when we go back in a couple of weeks time.
  13. We came through northbound 3 weeks ago, no problems. They were padlocking the locks either side at 3pm to make sure nobody went through at a time when CRT staff weren't on duty.
  14. It definitely looked too narrow to take a wide boat and have a towpath. In that photo the boat looks as if it takes the full width of the aqueduct, I can't work out where the man is standing is he winding the handle? ETA but now I see the horse in the air; that's interesting. We passed through Wigan this afternoon.
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