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  1. Only if you want to black it yourself. I was booked in to UCC last year but a couple of weeks before I arrived I had a call from them saying Tim had decided he couldn't be bothered with doing blacking any more, he only wanted to do clean things like repainting. Luckily Braunston marina had a spare slot that same week so they blacked the boat for me instead.
  2. It's a shame to see them closing, they were always so helpful. Whenever I wanted something unusual, unlike Midland "if it isn't on our website then we don't sell it" Chandlers, their attitude was "we'll search around our suppliers and see if we can find one".
  3. Congratulations. My wife & I had our honeymoon on a hire-boat in 1976; we're still married and still boating, I hope that's a good omen for you.
  4. Here's another one, seen this morning near Knowle. Presumably you can only use it if you have got the necessary paperwork.
  5. In the absence of any further info we decided to take the alternative route via Farmers Bridge and Knowle. Had a really good days journey apart from our prop being attacked by the Diabolical Duvet of Digbeth!
  6. People we've seen today have said it wasn't open this morning (if you can believe what people say). The info from CRT is that it opened at 4.37 this afternoon (if you can believe what CRT say). For those who want to avoid our disaster fuelled schedule this year we then plan to travel to Middlewich, Marple, and Macclesfield. Surely none of those could ever suffer from a stoppage.
  7. I don't know. We just wanted to go to Birmingham but the BCN main line broke, now we need to get to Stratford for the theatre, then we want to go to Gloucester, and maybe up the Staffs & Worcester past Wolverley. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. We had an email at 11 this morning that there was a stoppage on the North Stratford, lock 6, due to the gate not being operable. Does anybody have any more information?
  9. Your spell-checker has politely changed the last sentence to say "thigh deep in silt"
  10. Except for Jessop the dog, who takes his duties very seriously when we're out, to lie spread out on the duvet to make sure nobody steals the bedding. He cunningly camouflages himself on the bed by pretending to be asleep!
  11. I had a reply from CRT this morning, which substantially explains, but does not excuse, the events. "The Project Manager for the works has advised the below: There was an issue yesterday hence there is cause for an apology to you . The canal should’ve been open yesterday. The canal wall works were complete but some repairs to the brickwork parapets of a vandalised aqueduct were still on going. This work did not need the canal to remain drained-out hence this could continue whilst the canal was being re-filled. I believe this is why one of the site staff reported to yourself that works would still be ongoing for another week on site – the repairs will carry on until early next week. What the operative should’ve clarified however is that the navigation-affected works were completed. Even though the canal should have been opened yesterday, there were still signs and barriers out informing the public that works were being carried out ahead. These are the last things to be removed when works are complete, but there removal was delayed due to the moving of our pontoon further down the canal. The pontoon was very wide as it had to contain material and plant for the stoppage such as pumps. However, the pontoon had to be moored right in the middle of the canal due to vandals trying to climb aboard it and wreak havoc by damaging the pumps, throwing equipment into the re-watered canal and (more importantly) emptying the huge fuel tanks into the canal. The entire project has been blighted by instances of vandalism for several months now and we have tried to re-open the canal just before the Easter holidays began to avoid conflicts such as this. Unfortunately, we didn’t get chance to relocate the pontoon in time for the re-opening and reports of further threats on site meant that it had to remain in the centre of the navigation until today, so the boom also remained in place to prevent boats approaching it too. We’ve worked hard this morning to recover the plant and equipment (and fuel storage tanks!) from the pontoon so that boats can get past now, albeit a day later than advertised. Please accept my apologies, I was keen to reopen the canal as soon as possible but should’ve checked that this pontoon was out of the way first. The pontoon was held in place to avert a potential pollution incident which could’ve been caused by vandals releasing the fuel, I hope you can see the reason behind our actions. "
  12. It's on the Birmingham Level of the New Main Line, between the Netherton tunnel junction and Factory locks, so is easily avoided by using the Old Main Line. Of course, it may be open again soon. In Tipton there are good moorings with rings on the towpath outside the Fountain Inn, or opposite (ie offside) in front of the Health Centre on the "John the Lock" visitor moorings.
  13. So do I, as I said in my email complaint to CRT (not that I'm holding my breath for a sensible reply from them)
  14. I had planned to take the Old Main Line from Tipton to Birmingham today, but at 10 this morning I received an e-mail from CRT saying the works on the embankment at Tipton had finished early so the canal had been re-watered and would re-open today. The heading said "Navigation: Open" so I phoned CRT as I approached Factory Junction and asked if it was open already or if it would open later (and if so, at what time). The operator said it was no longer on their database of stoppages so it must be open already, but I would be able to tell at the Junction because there would be a "closed" sign on the locks if there was still a stoppage. There was no sign so I went down the locks and along to the aqueduct where I found a barrier across the canal. I looked on the website, no stoppage was shown. Another call to CRT connected me to the West Midlands office who said they didn't know the situation but would speak to the local team and let me know. After 10 minutes of music on hold the call dropped out. Another call to CRT and they were unable to contact the West Midlands office. While I was on the phone again to CRT a passer-by told me the aqueduct was still drained (he lied, I could see it wasn't) then a worker on a dumptruck on the towpath told me the work was on-going and would take another week (he was lying too). Another passer by told me everything was clear so he suggested I just untie the barrier and proceed; another call to CRT produced the info that they'd spoken to the local supervisor and their team would be there to remove the barrier in 15 minutes. After half an hour I managed to get ashore and walk the length of the stoppage; all works were complete, the canal was full of water, but the floating barriers were in place and the route was blocked by 3 CRT work boats. Another call to CRT and the local supervisor said the canal was open; when I said it wasn't they said they'd have to call back. After half an hour they actually called back to tell me the person who drives the workboat had been unable to get to the bank to unload it but hadn't wanted to admit it so had lied to his supervisor that he'd finished ok and the supervisor had reported the canal as open. In fact it "might be open tomorrow" Eventually I reversed back to Factory locks, then up the locks backwards and finally after 3 and a half hours (and 6 calls to CRT totalling almost an hour) we eventually continued around to Tipton for a meal and several drinks. The words CRT, piss-up, brewery, couldn't organise, come to mind!
  15. No, that's "artistic effect" 😊
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