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  1. Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    The first time that we had the opportunity for an extended cruise we literally tossed a coin at each junction that we came to. At one point halfway through the summer we nearly found ourselves coming back to our home moorings at Milton Keynes but the coin toss at Norton Junction took us the other way again and a couple of weeks later we were at Newark.
  2. Eliis Heatmaster Gas Heating Boiler

    That's not necessarily true. The vast majority of Ellis boiler installations, ours included, use the room thermostat simply to turn off the pump. The water stops circulating and then the boiler thermostat operates to turn off the gas. Result, no boiling. If it is boiling over it is almost certainly a thermostat fault, though it just May be no more than that the sensor has pulled out of its hole; ours uses a wine bottle cork to hold it in place. I understand that the thermostat is no longer available as a stand alone item, they only come ready-attached to the control unit. Speak to San Matts at Foxton, he's the expert on Ellis boilers and also he owns most of the remaining spares for them.
  3. car battery issues

    The battery is good, and there is nothing left running. Mazda recommend a maximum of a week, and last time I tried a trickle charger the sun didn't shine for a fortnight and the battery went flat anyway.
  4. car battery issues

    Because I had disconnected the battery when I left the car, as it goes flat in about 2 weeks
  5. car battery issues

    Or as in my case last year when I arrived back at the boat after a month away, I had my spare set of keys with me and didn't realise that I had never used the manual blade key on that set. It wouldn't open the car because, we eventually found out, the spare key fob (which worked fine) had been supplied with the wrong blade when the car was brand new. I had to get the breakdown people to get me into the car, our friends had to take a taxi 40 miles to get home, and then the car manufacturers told me that the car was 3 months out of guarantee so they wouldn't provide a replacement key.
  6. Hire boat briefing

    ABC at Gayton have long been renowned for telling their hirers just to go to the first lock and wait there until someone comes along who knows what to do.
  7. Pass The Parcel

    I never liked being flicked with a filthy look! And I'm keeping all my ups thank you
  8. Pass The Parcel

    Keeping up relaxes on the occasional sofa, clutching a pint of "0ld Bald & Deaf", and reflects on the past few years. Apologising for making such a dazzling reflection, he puts his hat back on and considers nostalgically the time since he was last in the Bar. Sadly the small bouncy black-and-white dog has bounced up to the Rainbow Bridge, but his replacement is shaping up to be just as good a boat-dog. The boat is going Beta than ever, thanks to the new engine, but like many of us she now carries quite a lot of extra weight (since the re-plating); one good improvement has been the expansion of the wine cellar to 3 times its original size. Milton Keynes hasn't changed much; the herd of concrete cows is doing well and has a few new members, the canal is getting a bit crowded with live-aboard barges, and there are more roundabouts than ever. Keeping up removes his hat to scratch his head. Canalplan keeps giving some odd answers to his attempt to plan his latest venture, the Eastern European Ring. He has already completed the first half of the ring, from the North Sea to the Black Sea via St Petersburg, the Neva, the Volga, and the Volga-Don Canal. In a couple of weeks time he is due to complete the Ring via the Danube and the Rhine, but many of the places on the route don't seem to be listed. But however you look at it, we're gonna need a bigger boat!
  9. Number of people

    Why limit the tilt to 7 degrees? It's a good thing they don't apply the same limit to sailing dinghies!
  10. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    One thing that is fairly certain is that no boater would accidentally leave all 4 paddles open. It's not possible to get through a lock that way.
  11. Mushroom Vents - Effective Area

    The best solution for that is to replace the BSS examiner.
  12. Number of people

    Some boat builders limit the number on the plate to the number of fixed sleeping berths, something about it being easier to get the RCD certificate that way but it gives a ridiculously small result. Best to just ignore it.
  13. Useful unit conversion program

    Sir, I bear a rhyme excelling In mystic rhyme and magic spelling; Celestial sprites elucidate All my own telling can't relate ...
  14. Boating holidays in the school holidays : price-wise

    A couple of the old Willow Wren hire fleet, which had air cooled Lister engines, had two air outlet grills. One was in the hull side but the other was positioned so that it blew warm air over the steerers feet. In cold weather it was bliss, and in hot weather the latter grill was simply blocked off.
  15. Red Diesel - Colour

    I use the additive supplied by Tankbusters, which turns out to be re-badged Marine 16, and certainly if I add a strong dose it turns the diesel slightly cloudy and makes it look slightly brownish. So it may be just this in your case too.