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Keeping Up

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  1. Keeping Up

    Pictures of 115 ft Carrapatelo Lock on the Douro

    There are lots more pictures, as well as a report on our Douro trip last year, on my website at http://keeping-up.co.uk/Travel/Portugal/Douro.htm We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Those locks are really impressive!
  2. Keeping Up

    Thames > Reading > Tesco Moorings

    It is the moorings on the left after the bridge that used to be good and free but have been marked as No Mooring after the bank repair works. On the right (the hotel side) they were bought by Uri Geller some years ago and immediately became chargeable by the clever means of giving a premium rate phone number for you to call which charged the mooring fee to your phone as soon as the call connected; these are the ones which now carry the DE signs.
  3. Keeping Up

    Thames > Reading > Tesco Moorings

    Came through Caversham Lock a couple of days ago and the friendly lady locky told us it had been changed to low short stays on the Tesco moorings for £7.50 We didn't stop and look closely at the signage, most if which has been spray-painted over. It was interesting to note that Remenham (below Henley) there are signs by DE fixed 10 feet up the trees and impossible to read. I took a photo and zoomed in to read the small print and was pleasantly surprised to see that it merely said that if the authorised mooring authority (which is still SRB moorings) asks you for payment and you refuse to pay then you will be reported to DE who will charge you £200 per incident. We happily paid the friendly collector the usual £10 for 24 hours
  4. Keeping Up

    Oxford Canal Water Level

    We came through in the last few days. The only low pound was the one below Grants and we were fine (2ft 2in draught) although after mooring there overnight someone had washed us on to the mud and it took us half an hour to get going again. I've never seen Thrupp so empty! So now we're on the Thames for a few weeks.
  5. Keeping Up

    Narrowboat handymen

    You could try Baxters Boatfitters at Yardley Gobion - or possibly the hire company Wyvern Shipping at Leighton Buzzard
  6. Keeping Up

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Many many years ago a friend of mine fixed a powerful loudspeaker behind his radiator grill; it could play any one of 3 different sounds, from continuous-loop tape cassettes (shows how long ago it was), by pressing one of three buttons on the dashboard. These were: the sound of a powerful American V8 engine (all he had was an old mini-van), or the sound of a screech of brakes followed by an almighty crash (to be used when slowing down gently and stopping at traffic lights or pedestrian crossings) or the sound of galloping horses' hooves (to be used when overtaking someone)
  7. Keeping Up


    I've even been told by a CRT employee that using just one lock instead of two uses exactly half the amount of water. "It's obvious, isn't it?" he said. Not to me it isn't, especially if it means turning the lock around and ignoring the one that is already set the right way, unless they're saying that only half the number of boats will make the passage because of the queue.
  8. Keeping Up

    Water from tank

    I've noticed that the instructions on Miltons and similar products say that it must not be used on stainless steel. I am assuming that they mean not to use it undiluted on s/steel - or am I wrong and it will dissolve my water tank?
  9. Keeping Up

    Saving water

    The signs at Bosley last week advised us to save water by sharing locks (they are narrow locks so the biggest boat we could share with would be 3ft long by 7ft wide) and by using the side ponds (which were put out of action years ago on the grounds that they were too expensive to maintain, according to the other sign a few feet away) and by planning our route to pass through as few locks as possible (!!!). Yes CRT really understand how to save water.
  10. Keeping Up

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    You may find my Satellite Sundial useful in setting up. http://keeping-up.co.uk/Sundial/sunhome.htm Used with a finder for fine tuning I can usually set up the dish within less than a minute including the time taken to put it on the roof and connect the cable. It also particularly helps you find the place to come to a halt where the dish will be able to see the satellite properly.
  11. Keeping Up

    Recommendations for vacuum cleaner

    We had an alternator die on us because dog hairs blocked its ventilation slots.
  12. Keeping Up

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    Not really, no
  13. Keeping Up

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    As I sit here at Gloucester Docks looking at the Elgar filling the gap where the Cromwell used to be, it occurs to me that nobody has mentioned the fact that the Cromwell was a static hotel after she was refused a Passenger Certificate because the bottom had been overplated rather than replated.
  14. Keeping Up

    Zeus the Apprentice Cuthound

    Congratulations and well done to you and to him. I'm sure you will both reap the benefits of this hard work. Incidentally our rescue dog Jessop qualified as a PAT dog (Pets As Therapy) last year and now brings great joy to Alzheimer's sufferers in a local Care Home which also brings joy to him and to myself.
  15. Keeping Up

    Google dropping “Secure” for https sites

    Thanks for the responses guys. It looks like it's not urgent (there's no login or advertising etc) and if just a couple of visitors get frightened away in the meantime it doesn't matter a lot. My hosting company say they provide free certificates so later in the summer I'll set about trying to understand their instructions on how to use it.

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