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  1. I just looked up my old receipts and sure enough it was a Delta that I first had as a warrantee replacement for the useless Borg-Warner. It always leaked badly, it wasn't until it was removed for replacement by the 150 (after its input splines failed) that the reason became apparent: one half of the casing was aluminium and one half was steel, so the difference in thermal expansion meant the gasket couldn't maintain the seal. I guess that proves that the casings of the Delta and the 150 were dimensional similar.
  2. Yes I agree with you, I think they were different. I think we had a Delta for a while, then replaced it with a 150 (they were both a LOT better than the Borg Warner that we had when the boat was new). I believe the Delta, for example, had a thinner input shaft which meant the drive splines wore out more quickly - at least they certainly did on ours.
  3. Once I left a lock which had just emptied, then engaged reverse gear to stop in the lock tail and wait for my wife who was shutting the gate behind me. The cable snapped so it stayed in reverse gear when I engaged neutral after the boat had stopped so the boat reversed back into the gate, knocking my wife over, and then continued all the way back into the lock until it hit the cill (gently because I'd stopped the engine by then). My wife's comments were quite uncomplimentary!
  4. If the cable snaps, moving the lever to the "reverse" position will often push it into reverse but will not pull it back out of reverse again. If you put the lever to "ahead" or "neutral" and then move the selector on the gearbox to the neutral (central) position, you will be able to stay in neutral and use the engine for charging as long as you only ever select "neutral" or "forwards" at the lever.
  5. We had the opposite problem once when we were moored in a marina. The power kept on tripping out and being re-set while we were away, so the "intelligent" charger kept restarting its cycle which always began with a supposed "Conditioning cycle" at a high voltage. Over a period of time it boiled away most of the acid which damaged the batteries.
  6. I agree, the figure of 60lb force sounds far too low for a 6" head of water. But I haven't done the maths myself either. Once when we approached a lock we could see a group of teenagers waiting around it, and had been warned by another boater to expect trouble from them. As the lock filled, we chatted to them and my wife held a £5 note aloft and bet them that they couldn't open the gates before her. With each of them in turn trying to impress the others (and win the money) the gates of course wouldn't shift. When there was about 6" to go and nobody could shift it, my wife called off the bet and said she would show them how it was done. Deliberately taking her time, so that there was only about 1" of difference in the level, she casually pushed it open with just one hand. They looked at her in awe as if she was some kind of Superwoman!
  7. How infuriating for CRT whose approach to maintenance nowadays is to wait for things to break from old age and then blame boaters.
  8. Mine too but it is only the most basic of membership and if you want better membership you have to pay RCR the full amount not just the difference.
  9. Does this mean they have a "nice list" and a "naughty list" ?
  10. I was always told that the best source of topping-up water is to defrost some ice from the walls of the fridge or freezer because it has effectively distilled itself to get there.
  11. Oh well, perhaps it wasn't Nicholson's; I'll apologise to Mr Nicholson (or wasnt it Rev Nicholson?) if I see him. Certainly it's in one of my guides (did Imray do one, perhaps); I remember making an entry in my logbook at the time when we first visited Outwell, and even doodled a sketch of how it might be possible. It was rather disappointing to find that it was only a simple 180.
  12. Maybe mine is a different (presumably older) edition, or maybe it's not my Nicholson but one of my other guides that I'm remembering; it's on the boat so I can't check it now. I believe the newer Nicholsons say "more than 180 degrees" which is perfectly reasonable although I'm not sure if even that is actually correct.
  13. Mine says that the sharp bend at Outwell is "more than 360 degrees". Although such a bend is theoretically possible, it is rather unlikely!
  14. I guess that's what the scientists call a Trace Elephent.
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