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  1. If the tank has plenty of internal baffles I don't think it makes a lot of difference.
  2. Interesting - which branch was that? Our local (Milton Keynes) Tesco was rigidly enforcing all those rules yesterday.
  3. We visited the Barge at Woolstone in Milton Keynes last night. Excellent precautions including table service only, both for food and drinks, good spacing of the tables, PPE for all staff and sanitiser for everybody, enforced one way system, etc. Pre-booked service only though. As this is a Vintage Inn, it would be good to hope that others in the chain are being as thorough.
  4. Just wondering, would it have been legal to have gone out on 3rd July, provided nobody went to sleep before midnight?
  5. Just one thing to consider, a full life jacket turns you on your back which is usually safer if you've been knocked unconscious, but it also prevents you from getting out of the water unaided even if you are ok because you simply fell in, which can actually be more dangerous. With a buoyancy aid the opposite applies.
  6. Watford has re-opened, no booking required but they have warned that the wait could be more than a day. Note that if you go up Braunston flight you have to go through the tunnel, there is no winding point before it, but it is a unique experience and worthwhile (as long as you aren't claustrophobic)
  7. I would surmise that your breather vent must be blocked. I always open ours about 3/4 way through, to flush some water through and then to check that it has been emptied completely.
  8. Are you sure? On mine it's the one shown at the extreme top of your photo.
  9. When we had our engine changed, the "trade discount" given to the boatyard was enough to pay for the cost of fitting so it didn't cost us anything at all.
  10. It's definitely been that way for a few years - though we've always just turned up and taken the first available slot.
  11. Don't the restrictions only apply in Watford and the North-west ?
  12. I'd be interested to see the reference that tells them to refuse it.
  13. I had mine done there a little over 2 years ago. They did a good job and were very thorough, they also welded on a couple of new anodes for me. I was booked in to have it done there again last month (I've always had it done every 2 years) but I had to postpone it until September.
  14. No the bilge pump is not in the engine drip tray, it is fully BSS compliant. The filter in question is not the one on the side of the engine, but is the pre-filter in the fuel line from the tank. It would not be feasible to position that above the drip tray, instead it is mounted (as they usually are) on a fixed bracket that is off to one side. Actually I doubt that many boats have a drip tray big enough to accommodate the contents of a full diesel tank without overflowing.
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