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  1. Even if you are "down" with no phone signal, you could write the 3 words on a piece of paper and find a way of delivering it (send somebody, send the dog or a carrier pigeon, put it in a bottle, etc). I believe that concept was part of the design brief.
  2. And strangely enough Bosley is one of the few flights where my boat stays at the back, even when the paddles are fully open. Even if I start with the bows against the cill, it will travel to the back and stay there unless I leave it in forward gear and increase the revs significantly (but that washes the bottom gates open before I can get the top paddles open). Different boats behave differently, of course. Mine has almost unique behaviours in some locks because of its unusual length, 67ft, and of course the draught makes a big difference especially while the lock is nearly empty.
  3. Imagine trying to explain to a 999 call handler who is in the depth of Scotland and has never heard of canals, exactly where you are on the southern Grand Union near a bridge where an un-numbered road crosses the canal, several miles away from a couple of villages that she can't find on the map, all while desperately trying to stay conscious after suffering a serious injury. The only reason the ambulance found me was that the driver called my number, from 10 miles away when he couldn't find me, and somebody else from another boat that had stopped picked it up and answered then talked them in using his local knowledge of the lanes. The app would have helped then.
  4. Fair enough. They still might all be deaf though!
  5. Indeed, but then the same GU stoppage pages also report that Soulbury Locks are still closed because of a sunken boat - which was nearly a month ago now.
  6. We use hand signals where possible but Pingu always takes the PMR with her on those flights where you can't easily see from one lock to the next. Also when I'm steering I have it handy all the time because she'll be at the other end of the boat, so I can call and ask for another coffee etc.
  7. Aren't they actually sheltered accommodation there? Maybe all the residents are deaf.
  8. And another vote for TW marine. Nothing in their standard range of hospital silencers could be made to fit sensibly so they custom-made one for me which fits the boat properly (the inlet is centrally at one end of the silencer and the outlet is from the side near the other end) and it works brilliantly.
  9. If only that were true; I've just had a great idea for how to make a fridge, just take a big box and paint the inside of it black.
  10. Surely white is the worst colour for a radiator to work well. It might look good in gloss white, but for effective radiation the best colour is black (and matt black at that).
  11. I think this is an area where CRT can't win. I remember when they put up signs saying "48 hours" instead and were challenged that they demonstrably couldn't enforce them unless they inspected the moorings every hour, and therefore the signs had no validity.
  12. Maybe they'll do like the vollies we met at both Braunston and Bosley last year. On each occasion we were held up for a few hours because a vollie at the top of the flight was determined not to let anyone start down until a boat had come up, while a vollie at the bottom of the flight was equally determined not to let anyone start up until a boat had come down. There were queues top and bottom, and each time it took a very strong complaint to CRT before a proper locky was sent to sort things out.
  13. I agree with you, for the Norfolk Broads, where the boats are shorter and a different shape; but not with a 70ft narrow boat.
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