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  1. A good Single Malt?

    The advice I was once given some advice by a Scotsman, to add one small ice cube and then keep smelling the aroma. The moment that just enough ice has melted to liberate the spirit, the aroma will suddenly and dramatically increase. At that moment you either drink it all quickly or else remove the ice and then drink it slowly. I find it seems to work.
  2. River Soar - Zouch Cut from 12th March

    On several occasions I have reported leaks to CRT, where the water could be seen running out of the side of an embankment, but they have taken no notice and I know of one which I have reported 3 years in a row and still nothing has been done so I've given up bothering to report them.
  3. 2 Tillers, anyone know why?

    Yes it has two engines and two propellers. The tillers are hydraulically linked. but can be separated. On the canals, he uses just one engine; on rivers (which he rarely sees) he uses two. When I spoke to him, one engine was temporarily not working but he may well have fixed that by now.
  4. Drying Washing

    We have a small spin dryer which is a great help. It uses only a small amount of electricity from the inverter (about 200 watts) and gets the clothes nearly dry very quickly. They can be finished off in the usual ways. ETA when not in use it is small enough to live in the bottom of a wardrobe
  5. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    We've done 24 (plus 2 near-misses where we tried and got within a mile but got stuck) but it's taken 30 years and I'm too old to start again
  6. PayPal scam

    An off-line (and verifiably true) version from about 30 years ago: One of the employees in the accounts department where I worked opened a bank account in the name of "Mr I. N. Land-Revenue" and paid the company's annual tax cheque into it. It was several million pounds and he was never caught (strangely he didn't turn up for work the following day)
  7. Is Oxford canal south of Rugby on target to open on 16 mar

    Indeed! Not far from the same place, I remember BW actually dredging the Brownsover Arm in the 1980s so it was fit for navigation - a friend I went up it one afternoon soon afterwards - but a month later the contractors working on the first bridge just tipped the rubble into the water and the Arm has remained closed ever since.
  8. Moving on red flags

    Presumably there is a distinction between types of insurance? They require you to have 3rd party insurance before they will issue a licence, but any payout after you sunk your boat would come under the "comprehensive" section of the policy. My personal view is that if you are confident enough in your abilities not to sink the boat, then you should proceed in the knowledge that your insurer may not pay out. If you consider that the risk is great enough that you might need your insurance, then you should heed the signs and stay put. The waiver that you used to be asked to sign on the Severn, was written in glorious (almost Mediaeval) language. Something along the lines of "I wish to assert my inalienable right of navigation on the river, and to proceed against the advice of the lock-keeper". I treasure my copy of that certificate!
  9. New batteries

    Yes I changed to Varta and got 4 years from them. Then replaced them with another set of Varta which lasted just 2 weeks. The replacement set of Varta also lasted only 2 weeks then Varta removed them from the market as we were apparently their first UK sale of their "new, improved added-calcium" version. Varta brought them back on the market after a couple of months saying "oops we added too much calcium". Meanwhile we got a couple of years from a set of ultra cheapies followed by a couple of years from a set of the new Varta's
  10. New batteries

    I also used to get 3 or 4 years from Exide and early Elecsol batteries. Without changing anything else I also got only a couple of months from a set of Halfords batteries and got a full refund from them. Recently I've struggled a lot more to get decent life from batteries despite a charging routine that to me seems reasonable. Mainly I blame the way the manufacturers now add calcium to prevent gassing because that very gassing helps prevent sulphation. I've just become resigned to getting short life from my batteries whatever I do.
  11. Carbon Monoxide alarms for boats

    There was one such (I forget which now) and I asked the manufacturer, they said that the "no boats" rating was because it wasn't sealed against being drenched by saltwater waves. He assured me unofficially that it would be fine for a narrowboat but of course they couldn't say so officially.
  12. current / 2018 CRT license costs

    For some inexplicable reason whenever our boat enters the icy waters of the Thames, it instantly shrinks by a couple of feet. Very useful feature when calculating the cost of the visitors licence.
  13. Surveyor recommendations

    And another vote for Trevor Whitling. In fact he almost exclusively concentrates on surveys now, he is generally too busy to do BSS surveys nowadays except for his existing customers.
  14. River Avon Navigation Licence

    Thanks that's exactly what I wanted to know. We'll probably be in Stratford for 3 nights so will want to spend 2 nights on the river (better for Jessop the dog) and then 1 in the basin for a quick getaway afterwards.
  15. River Avon Navigation Licence

    If mooring at Stratford for a couple of days, is there any problem with buying two 24 hour licences?