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  1. All of that is exactly what I do. Also on sites that need me to change the password monthly, I include a reference to the month (incidentally it is not just the number 1-12)
  2. As far as I know, old antifreeze doesn't lose its antifreezing properties, just its lubrication properties, and is not harmful. Therefore (1) there is no great rush to change it,, you could just measure its specific gravity for now, top it up if necessary, and wait until the nice warm weather in the springtime before changing it and (2) unlike old oil which contains lots of harmful residues (which is why it turns black) old antifreeze is not harmful so if you don't drain the last 10% it won't matter very much
  3. On some cookers the fan is essential. According to the manufacturer of one that we had, without the fan the control knobs would melt and the valves would leak.
  4. To add to this it seems that MK Council will be banning horses from using the bridge because, as the bridge will become busier when the third leg is opened, it would not be safe for humans and horses to share it. They have now made permanent the bridleway diversion, which was originally only temporary while the bridge was being built, so horses must go all the way around the far side of the marina.
  5. No the only thing I've ever found to make a difference is that I can't sleep with my head lower than my feet, so with a longitudinal bed I have to sleep with my head towards the bow
  6. Our first boat had a double bed crosswise in the back cabin. At first it seemed like a good idea but we grew to hate it because it blocked the way through so every morning it had to be put away and then every night it had to be reassembled and remade.
  7. This may imply that you are forgetting to stand up before operating it.
  8. Mine's almost 30 years old now, still working perfectly (touch wood)
  9. Not if you use the rear doors of the boat to get on and off (and have even successfully trained the dog to believe that the front doors will not allow a dog through even if they are open)
  10. Indeed. I moor stern-in, so if I am then proceeding down to the river I simply go down the lock backwards which saves a lot of manoeuvring. A few years ago when I was doing this, watched by a large crowd of gongoozlers, a loud American voice boomed out from the crowd "Hey Buddy, are you going up or down in the lock?" to which I simply relied "Yes I am."
  11. Yes I think that is correct. We avoided that one, and the next one, and when we tried to come in to moor on the one after that he came running around the Badin, waving his arms and shouting at us to moor somewhere else. Luckily there was still one other space available.
  12. When we were there earlier this year, the trip boat operator in the Basin would not allow any boat longer than 50ft to moor on any of the 3 pontoons furthest from the river, claiming that the trip boat needed the space clear for manoeuvring. He claimed it had been agreed with CRT but I think he was lying.
  13. It all depends when you arrive. If there only a couple of boats there, the farmer doesn't bother coming round to collect. If it's busy, it's worth his while to collect. We always stop there and are happy to pay.
  14. Possibly you would find it somewhat tricky as their radical new 3-legged bridge makes no provision for horses. The towpath doesn't go underneath it, and there's no split for the rope to go through (as with the Stratford Canal bridges). I'm not saying it would be impossible but it wouldn't be easy.
  15. This ^^^ especially drinking all wine and beer. One point, because of the non-return-valve, draining the cold pipes can still leaves the calorifier full; on ours this happens because the NRV is in the hot outlet from the calorifier and our draincock is in the cold pipes at their lowest point beneath the bath. The first year, our calorifier was damaged because it froze even though I'd left the drain open. To empty the calorifier there needs to be an air inlet, such as by twisting the Pressure Release Valve or opening a pipe joint; I have added an extra drain cock at the top of the calorifier to let air in.
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