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  1. If only our old Ellis boiler could achieve the same level of gas efficiency. In the depths of winter it can consume a 13kg bottle in less than 3 days. Even with the coal stove keeping the living area warm and the thermostats turned down low for background heating only, it is difficult to make a bottle last for a week. Gas availability becomes a big problem if we are frozen in!
  2. How about curtain rings? These for example are about the right size but they have a range of others too https://www.thecurtainpolecompany.co.uk/6-satin-brushed-silver-effect-curtain-pole-rings-with-s-hooks-65mm-suit-35mm---40mm-curtain-pole-10902-p.asp
  3. I thought the printing on the paper said "In the interests of economy, please use both sides"
  4. We let him move as soon as the boat had been lifted enough that the hole was clear of the water. By then we had about a foot of water in the bilges.
  5. On the Norfolk Broads in 1971 we seriously holed the hull of our hired sailing boat below the water line. We took the person whose fault it was and forced him to sit with his backside in the hole while we sailed as quickly as we could to the nearest boatyard which was about a quarter of a mile away. The yard immediately winched the boat up by a couple of feet and nailed an offcut of plywood over the hole while we had a beer in the nearby pub; here's a photo of him doing the repair. Within an hour we were on our way again and it didn't leak a drop for the rest of our for
  6. Actually that was just one of several mistakes. They have promised (in writing) to put them all right, and by agreement I paid a part of the bill and will pay the rest when they have done so.
  7. We had some paintwork done last year; one of the items to be painted was the control column, upon which as well as the gear lever there were the horn button and a multi-way microphone plug. One of the workers unscrewed and removed these latter items (despite being asked not to), then another worker noticed before starting the painting that there were two round holes in the column so he fitted a steel plate over that area and then painted over it. So I now have no horn and cannot speak on the VHF radio.
  8. Yes that's always been my experience. Both CRT and EA say it's the other organisation's responsibility, repeatedly, until it goes away.
  9. Our tank had to be steam cleaned. None of the regular chemicals would kill the bug, but steam cleaning did a great job.
  10. Maybe not the same incident but I got T-boned on the BCN just after coming through a big wide bridge, by a hire-boat (with drunken helmsman) coming at full speed out of the side-turning and doing a classic "straight on at T" into my offside bow. My insurer's "legal assistance department" said that I was partly at fault because taking a 20m boat through any bridge without a crew member on the bow as lookout was a clear contravention of Colregs regardless of whether or not I had sounded my horn and regardless of the fact that my view through the bridge was clear in the straight-ahead direction.
  11. A friend of mine went through a Scottish lock with a crew member sitting on the front of the boat holding the end of a line that passed around a lock-side bollard. When the paddles were opened, the boat was pushed back so hard that the crew member was lifted high up off the deck; they remained holding on, swinging in mid-air by the lock wall, until the boat had risen up to their level. The lock keeper thought it was hilarious (but didn't drop the paddles at all)
  12. Are the domestic batteries still charged ok? If so, you could probably start the engine by simply putting a jump-lead from the domestic batteries to the starter battery.
  13. I assume that "general screen" means either the lock-screen or the home screen, and the OP wonders if the recipient will see a notification that a message has been received - the answer to which unfortunately is that they might do or they might not, it depends on precisely how they have set up their phone (or tablet or pc or whatever).
  14. Just a late thought, on thinking further about this. Good quality tinfoil is appatently about 0.02mm thick, so a typical 300mm width would have a cross-sectional area of 6 sq mm. I reckon that ought to be enough if the resultant twist was wrapped 3 or 4 times around the terminals.
  15. Our old boat, an ex-butty but not BCN, had a cabin top fitted while slightly spread and got stuck in Napton. The owner removed an internal bulkhead and some trim, then welded a couple of eyes to the inside and winched the sides together using chains and a bottle-screw. He got through the lock (which has since been widened) then removed the chains and carried on with his journey.
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