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Keeping Up

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  1. Keeping Up

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    You may find my Satellite Sundial useful in setting up. http://keeping-up.co.uk/Sundial/sunhome.htm Used with a finder for fine tuning I can usually set up the dish within less than a minute including the time taken to put it on the roof and connect the cable. It also particularly helps you find the place to come to a halt where the dish will be able to see the satellite properly.
  2. Keeping Up

    Recommendations for vacuum cleaner

    We had an alternator die on us because dog hairs blocked its ventilation slots.
  3. Keeping Up

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    Not really, no
  4. Keeping Up

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    As I sit here at Gloucester Docks looking at the Elgar filling the gap where the Cromwell used to be, it occurs to me that nobody has mentioned the fact that the Cromwell was a static hotel after she was refused a Passenger Certificate because the bottom had been overplated rather than replated.
  5. Keeping Up

    Zeus the Apprentice Cuthound

    Congratulations and well done to you and to him. I'm sure you will both reap the benefits of this hard work. Incidentally our rescue dog Jessop qualified as a PAT dog (Pets As Therapy) last year and now brings great joy to Alzheimer's sufferers in a local Care Home which also brings joy to him and to myself.
  6. Keeping Up

    Google dropping “Secure” for https sites

    Thanks for the responses guys. It looks like it's not urgent (there's no login or advertising etc) and if just a couple of visitors get frightened away in the meantime it doesn't matter a lot. My hosting company say they provide free certificates so later in the summer I'll set about trying to understand their instructions on how to use it.
  7. Keeping Up

    Google dropping “Secure” for https sites

    Does this imply that an ordinary website such as mine (see my signature) needs to be changed in some way to be https rather than just http if I want people to be able to see it? If so, I wonder what I need to do.
  8. Keeping Up

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    The world's biggest cricket?
  9. Keeping Up

    Passing Sailing Boats on the Severn

    Although if you are a full length narrow boat you can possibly make use of the rule that says "A vessel of less than 20 metres in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel which can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway." The problem is that the sailors will almost certainly not be familiar with that rule.
  10. Keeping Up

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    The first time that we had the opportunity for an extended cruise we literally tossed a coin at each junction that we came to. At one point halfway through the summer we nearly found ourselves coming back to our home moorings at Milton Keynes but the coin toss at Norton Junction took us the other way again and a couple of weeks later we were at Newark.
  11. Keeping Up

    Eliis Heatmaster Gas Heating Boiler

    That's not necessarily true. The vast majority of Ellis boiler installations, ours included, use the room thermostat simply to turn off the pump. The water stops circulating and then the boiler thermostat operates to turn off the gas. Result, no boiling. If it is boiling over it is almost certainly a thermostat fault, though it just May be no more than that the sensor has pulled out of its hole; ours uses a wine bottle cork to hold it in place. I understand that the thermostat is no longer available as a stand alone item, they only come ready-attached to the control unit. Speak to San Matts at Foxton, he's the expert on Ellis boilers and also he owns most of the remaining spares for them.
  12. Keeping Up

    car battery issues

    The battery is good, and there is nothing left running. Mazda recommend a maximum of a week, and last time I tried a trickle charger the sun didn't shine for a fortnight and the battery went flat anyway.
  13. Keeping Up

    car battery issues

    Because I had disconnected the battery when I left the car, as it goes flat in about 2 weeks
  14. Keeping Up

    car battery issues

    Or as in my case last year when I arrived back at the boat after a month away, I had my spare set of keys with me and didn't realise that I had never used the manual blade key on that set. It wouldn't open the car because, we eventually found out, the spare key fob (which worked fine) had been supplied with the wrong blade when the car was brand new. I had to get the breakdown people to get me into the car, our friends had to take a taxi 40 miles to get home, and then the car manufacturers told me that the car was 3 months out of guarantee so they wouldn't provide a replacement key.
  15. Keeping Up

    Hire boat briefing

    ABC at Gayton have long been renowned for telling their hirers just to go to the first lock and wait there until someone comes along who knows what to do.

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