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Keeping Up

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  1. Keeping Up


    We were breaking ice a few years back when we came across a pair of swans frantically swimming round in circled to keep an area about 20ft across as liquid. They couldn't escape from this circle (couldn't climb out and couldn't achieve takeoff speed) and if we had carried on there was the risk that the sliding sheets of ice would cause them serious injury. We backed up and instead steered directly towards them despite their obvious panic, which opened a path through the ice into their circle, and then backed off and returned to our original track past them. They swam out of their circle, along the opening we had made, to emerge behind us and swim away in the direction from which we had come.
  2. Keeping Up

    Boating Buddies

    On the form it at says "please bare with us" ... it's a bit cold to be doing that in the winter.
  3. Keeping Up

    Stenson Lock

    If you have your bow up to the cill the horizontal battens that cover the wall below the cill are guaranteed to rip your front fender to shreds, or worse, as the boat rises. I have found that it is essential to take the centre line back to the low-end bollard to prevent this from happening.
  4. Keeping Up

    Little Wenlock won't go low enough

    Well I've found the answer. Blocking the slits at the top with a couple of short lengths of 9mm fire rope has given me back the full range of control, to the extent that it will go out if I shut the spinwheel all the way. Now I just have to find the best setting for overnight use.
  5. Keeping Up

    How long should your anchor chain be?

    I have an anchor with 60ft of chain and 20ft of rope, ready to deploy from the bow. Travelling downstream on a river that would be too narrow to let the boat swing around I use a mud weight of 56lb from the stern on 50 ft of rope. If the river is flowing slowly it will stop the boat; if it is flowing quickly I know that it will drag, but it will slow the boat considerably and give me time to consider and implement the best solution (fix the problem, get into the trees, bring the anchor to the stern, wait for a wide bit and drop the anchor from the bow, etc).
  6. Keeping Up

    Little Wenlock won't go low enough

    This is my third Little Wenlock(after 28 years) and neither of the previous two had the top air control. On this one it is a sliding metal plate and I wonder if a piece of debris has got underneath it to lift it clear of the fixed part or maybe even there's some rust. I did notice when I was lighting it recently on a gusty day, occasionally with the blow-back while the kindling was smoking and everything was cold, that I did get a couple of puffs of smoke out of the top vent. The trouble is you can't get at it, even to inspect it let alone clean it, without completely dismantling the stove and I really don't want to do that. I think I'll get a length of the fireproof rope such as that which is used in the door seal, and see what happens if I stuff it into the top vents.
  7. Keeping Up

    Little Wenlock won't go low enough

    Thanks, that sounds easy enough, I'll try it.
  8. Keeping Up

    Building a new stove surround

    I recently had the fireproofing of my stove improved by Braunston Marina. Originally from 1991 most of the tiles were simply glued directly to the plywood, although it turned out that just one side had been fitted with very thin fireboard. They used what they said was a very new type of fireproof board (emphasis on FIREPROOF as opposed to FIRE RESISTANT) which, unlike the usual vermiculite board that is simply fire-resistant or fire-retardant, needs no air gap. It's about 35mm thick, but I don't have any details about it. My stove had to be moved by a couple of inches to get it all to fit, but luckily this was possible by just removing and re-sealing the flue.
  9. Keeping Up

    Little Wenlock won't go low enough

    It's not the SE version so not saving any planets! I can only think of 4 places where air can get in (It's been checked for any other leaks such as the back plate) and those are the wheel (definitely closes tightly) the door seal (appears good to visual inspection) the riddler shaft (slight gap around it) and the top plate (seems the most likely candidate but I take Bizzard's point that it seems a poor candidate, and it's virtually impossible to get at). Unless anyone comes up here with a similar experience I guess I'll have to try blocking them up and see what happens, but what is a suitable material to do that - obviously it must be fireproof.
  10. I have a Little Wenlock stove, about 2 years old, the modern version with a spinwheel at the bottom and a push/pull air slide at the top. If I bank it up well with fuel to try and make it last overnight, and close the wheel completely, after about an hour it is burning brightly and won't turn down low so that although the cabin is wonderfully warm at 2am the fire has burned out by 7am. I can't find any way to keep it in overnight. I've not had this problem with its predecessors. The spinwheel closes fully, and the door seal is good, so I suspect it is being fed with air via the top vent even though it is pushed in and theoretically closed; the only.other posibility I can imagine is around the shaft of the riddler but surely this wouldn't admit enough air. So has anyone else had this problem, and did they solve it?
  11. Keeping Up

    The Bridge Inn, Napton

    Yes - well it did last month anyway.
  12. Keeping Up

    Pictures of 115 ft Carrapatelo Lock on the Douro

    There are lots more pictures, as well as a report on our Douro trip last year, on my website at http://keeping-up.co.uk/Travel/Portugal/Douro.htm We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Those locks are really impressive!
  13. Keeping Up

    Thames > Reading > Tesco Moorings

    It is the moorings on the left after the bridge that used to be good and free but have been marked as No Mooring after the bank repair works. On the right (the hotel side) they were bought by Uri Geller some years ago and immediately became chargeable by the clever means of giving a premium rate phone number for you to call which charged the mooring fee to your phone as soon as the call connected; these are the ones which now carry the DE signs.
  14. Keeping Up

    Thames > Reading > Tesco Moorings

    Came through Caversham Lock a couple of days ago and the friendly lady locky told us it had been changed to low short stays on the Tesco moorings for £7.50 We didn't stop and look closely at the signage, most if which has been spray-painted over. It was interesting to note that Remenham (below Henley) there are signs by DE fixed 10 feet up the trees and impossible to read. I took a photo and zoomed in to read the small print and was pleasantly surprised to see that it merely said that if the authorised mooring authority (which is still SRB moorings) asks you for payment and you refuse to pay then you will be reported to DE who will charge you £200 per incident. We happily paid the friendly collector the usual £10 for 24 hours
  15. Keeping Up

    Oxford Canal Water Level

    We came through in the last few days. The only low pound was the one below Grants and we were fine (2ft 2in draught) although after mooring there overnight someone had washed us on to the mud and it took us half an hour to get going again. I've never seen Thrupp so empty! So now we're on the Thames for a few weeks.

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