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Keeping Up

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  1. Keeping Up

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    Compromise, as I've always done: buy a new one and repair the old one to keep as an instant spare.
  2. Keeping Up

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    That looks like one of the old metal-body ones, although I thought it was more than 6 years ago that they changed to plastic. If it is a metal body, it could be worth repairing - if the parts are still available, of course.
  3. Keeping Up

    cloudy diesel

    I've found that the additives often seem to make the diesel look very slightly cloudy
  4. Keeping Up

    1000w Spark Pure Sine Inverter

    The Sterling one didn't measure temperature, the fans came on or turned off according to the amount of load, maybe this one does too? I suppose a bit of software is cheaper than a thermostat. Unfortunately the software bug in this area caused the fans to run when they shouldn't.
  5. Keeping Up

    Vacation: Kid's Safety Question

    Agreed. I never let anybody get on or off the bow unless we are moored up. If somebody fell off the bow while we approached a mooring, I wouldn't know until after they'd been squashed.
  6. Keeping Up

    Plummer block question

    It must have been fairly effective at this, because the shaft and stern tube lasted for almost 12,000 running hours before they needed replacing.
  7. Keeping Up

    1000w Spark Pure Sine Inverter

    I wonder if it has the same internal workings as the Sterling inverter? I had problems with a Sterling sinewave inverter, with the fan coming on and refusing to turn off, and eventually Sterling said I'd found a software bug but they weren't going to fix it because most people didn't mind.
  8. Keeping Up

    Plummer block question

    Only 2 bolt holes and not very wide, as this picture (taken when the engine was out) shows. Also noticeable are the shims, also the plate that had to be fitted to move it backwards after the original Borg Warner gearbox was changed to a PRM which was bigger (a smaller bearing than the original had to be used). It clearly shows the sleeve and one of the grub screws, just aft of the bearing, and as the shaft has been pushed backwards to allow the engine to be removed you can see the darker section of shaft where it is normally inside the sleeve. When this was taken the bearing (but not its housing) and shaft had both been replaced 12 months before.
  9. Keeping Up

    Plummer block question

    There are indeed shims.
  10. Keeping Up

    Jam 'Ole Run

    There are some interesting modern versions of the old techniques that can be developed. For became the old boaters had no need of a technique for closing gates behind them after leaving a lock but an equivalent to strapping in would be to reach up and pass the stern rope around both bottom gates handrails as you exit a narrow lock after descending, it pulls both gates shut then you let go the loose end and haul the rope back in.
  11. Keeping Up

    Atherstone top lock mooring.

    There's bound to be plenty of room above the locks at his time of year. And ignore the signs on a garden wall at the end of the mooring that says "Workboats only", it was only put there when one householder objected to boats mooring within sight of their upstairs window
  12. Keeping Up

    Plummer block question

    OK, Ball bearing
  13. Keeping Up

    Plummer block question

    The engine is flexibly mounted and it does visibly move; the bearing is, and always has been, just a plain bearing.
  14. There is a Plummer block on my propshaft, a little way behind the flexible coupling, in a fairly typical arrangement. It is not AFAIK by any means a thrust bearing, its sole purpose is to prevent the inner end of the shaft from waving around. The bearing has an inner sleeve, through which the shaft passes. There are a couple of small Allen screws in this sleeve, which bear on to the shaft. I am told that these must not be left undone because then the shaft would rotate in the sleeve, instead of the bearing rotating, which would lead to wear of the sleeve and shaft and hence cause noise and vibration. On the other hand I am told that they must not be tightened, because the shaft must be able to move back and forth as the thrust taken by the engine causes it move on its mounts (which it visibly does). Instead my boatyard engineer tells me I must tighten them gently, enough to cause rotation of the bearing but not enough to prevent fore and aft movement of the shaft; this is a careful balancing act which needs me to adjust them at frequent intervals. So I ask (after 28 years and two bearing replacements) what is the correct procedure?
  15. Keeping Up

    12v or 240v television?

    Thanks. As an ex tv service engineer I find I am overly sensitive to picture quality problems and can't bear to watch if it's not perfect. Our current tv is a Sony but it's getting a bit old now so I've been looking around at alternatives. One problem there aren't many good quality tv's with a small (22") screen that we want.

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