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  1. Sometimes when there are 2 bottom gates you can pass the stern line around one handrail then the other, if necessary by standing on the roof, and pull the gates shut behind you as the boat exits the lock; then you let go of the loose end and pull the rope back through.
  2. Yes that is where we turned (67ft) on our second visit, with no difficulty; the previous time we got closer to the bridge and turned where the tributary enters just below it.
  3. Certainly it applies to all such moorings on the Grand Union, including for example at Weedon and Stoke Bruerne. That is absolutely certain.
  4. Please can there be an "Are you sure" confirmation when you hit "Sign out". On the mobile the sign out button is directly above the "Mark site as read" button (for which I wish there wasn't an "Are you sure" confirmation because it is an annoying extra step that isn't needed) and when I clumsily tap that button by accident it signs me straight out and I have to enter my ID and password all over again.
  5. We've also done the trip twice in our 67ft narrowboat. It's a great trip, well worthwhile, and similarly to David Mack we reached Kempston Mill above Bedford the first time but not the second because the river was lower and too shallow. I definitely recommend the Lark and the Wissey if you have time too. You may like to read my accounts here and here - with lots of pictures for you to enjoy!
  6. Thanks for this useful info, it's particularly good to hear from someone who has actually travelled from Wisbech to Boston without stopping. I'm pretty confident of the boat's ability to handle poor weather (for a narrow boat that is). The stern is reasonably high with no side vents. When we travelled from Sharpness to Bristol (see here) we had a headwind gusting to force 5 which being blowing over the 15 knot tide made things very choppy, such that the spray from the bow was soaking us at the stern and the dog got seasick, the main problem was that the prop and rudder came out of the water at each wave. We are 67ft so we would have to wait for a level at Boston, and old enough never to have an RCD but the base plate is heavy enough to give us good stability. Time to talk to Daryl, I reckon.
  7. Yes, that happened to my mother-in-law too.
  8. Maybe you could call it a Piste-Independent Swimming System ? Or would that be taking the ...
  9. We met him many times during his time with Mikron, and had a few drinks together. It seems that he never, ever mentions that time in his career; we've heard him give countless interviews on TV, and last week there was a full-page biography in the Radio Times - he mentions his childhood, his schooldays, his other early acting roles, etc, but never Mikron. I wonder why not?
  10. I know two people who have made a deal with the vendor in these circumstances. The idea is that if you buy the boat you get the benefit of the blacking work and therefore should pay for it, if you don't buy it the vendor gets the benefit so he should pay but of course it has added to the boat's value so he can add it to the sale price. The mechanics of the deal (eg pay half each up front, then settle afterwards) depend on the vendor's willingness to do a deal
  11. There have been a couple of threads about the life of the antifreeze that is used in the engine cooling system, but what about the domestic central heating system? My system has an old Ellis gas boiler to warm the water that circulates through the radiators. It is several years since it was changed, and I can remember adding an antifreeze & corrosion inhibitor (possibly Fernox) at the time. So, my question is, should I think about draining & refilling it or should I just leave it well alone?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Once, back when Shirley was manual, I was winding it up and concentrating on (1) whether Pingu could steer the boat through without hitting the bridge and (2) my dog who loved to lie down at the end to be lifted high into the air. I heard a car stop behind me but ignored it until the bridge suddenly stopped with a clang from behind me; the car had come too far forward and I had just put a massive crease in its roof!
  14. Yes we've done that once too, the time we went out on to the Black Sluice
  15. Or get rid of the hydraulics and reinstall the old winch and cable.
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