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  1. Or maybe 5 minutes if you're a penguin.
  2. What about us penguins? Is there a site called Icebook?
  3. Thanks. I've had a great day its worth getting old for!
  4. If the Folly looks a better prospect nearer the time we can easily make a last minute decision to go there instead.
  5. We will be having some repairs done in dry-dock at Braunston the week before Easter, which means that we will not have time to get up to Gnosall for the banter there. Instead we have decided to spend most of the Easter weekend at Napton Bridge. If anyone else who will be unable to get to Gnosall wishes to join us at Napton, we would love to meet them there and share a few beers. There is generally plenty of good mooring at Napton, and we can also accomodate a few guests on Keeping Up. Nearer the time I will find out what the pub's plans are for the weekend, and I will post a copy of their menu if possible, but I will NOT be making any formal arrangements nor organising things banter-style. Instead this is to be just an informal CWDF social gathering to which you can come or go as you please, without advance notice, and if we should find ourselves to be all alone for the whole weekend we pledge to do our best to drink the pub dry on our own.
  6. I am not trying to set up a rival banter, or force anyone to choose between two of them. However it seems that there are a number of people who will be unable to get to Gnosall, so they would have no Easter social event available to them. For example we will definitely be unable to get to Gnosall because we will in dry-dock at Braunston for repairs during the week before Easter, so we anticipate spending most of the Easter weekend at the Bridge Inn at Napton instead. If anyone else who is unable to get to Gnosall wishes to join us at Napton, we will look forward to seeing them there and sharing a few beers with them. I will also post this invitation on a new thread so as to avoid any confusion in this one.
  7. Indeed it does! More importantly though, will they stil need me? Will they still feed me?
  8. Thank you all for your kind felicitations. Had a great birthday starting with a trip to Spain last weekend, followed by being taken out to dinner last night by son and daughter in law and lunch today with daughter and her family. Yes, great weather for penguins - it usually is this time of year! I love it !!!
  9. < Pingu squirms out from between Richard's two slices of bread > I'm on my way now, Mr Baldock
  10. Has anyone here seen Allan and Telford? They went out for a walk yesterday and haven't come back yet. I bet they're in a pub somewhere!
  11. Oi, Baldock, NO !!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't want to be flooded! I like being frozen.
  13. Richard, do you think you could please try and remember to knock before walking into my bedroom like that.
  14. A letter arrives on the bar addressed to Ms HBF/Mr Director Producer Dear Ms/Mr (whichever is appropriate) If the weather is a little colder by pantomime time I would like to be considered for a part in your play. I have spent the summer months in my freezer reading lots of plays by that man that lived near the river Avon. I have even learnt some soliliq ... sollikiques ... er ... long speeches!. I believe I could play either dramatic roles or even comedy if required. A reply to my freezer would be appreciated so I can start getting into role (whatever it may be!!!) Lots of love from Pingu X X X
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