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  1. Just out of interest, if I can get the photo to upload, I have a small, hinged copper box approximately 4" x 2.5" my grandad brought home after the war. I was told it was made from a shell cartridge casing & features a rough engraving of the Dom zu Coln
  2. One possibility for your communication problems maybe? Major Solar Storms have been at an alarmingly high intensity for some weeks now. There have been assorted eruptions of plasma, debris & solar storms at least monthly since the star of the year. I noted that after each one, we in Britain had adverse weather, heavy rain, snow, etc. Currently, there is a large, 200,000-kilometer wide, canyon-shaped coronal hole that has opened up in the sun’s atmosphere, dividing almost the entire Earth-facing hemisphere of the sun. ( I read somewhere it was facing the southern hemisphere ie your end of the planet ) From this hole, on Tuesday, March 13th, a stream of high-speed solar wind (hot plasma) was ejected, and flew toward Earth at a speed faster than 600 kilometers per second. The highly charged wind has been buffeting Earth’s magnetic field (protective bubble) ever since. Solar flares are sudden flashes of brightness that are gaseous eruptions from the sun. They release vast amounts of tremendously hot, high-energy particles and gases that eject thousands of miles from the surface of the sun. The amount of energy it takes for a flare to shoot out is equivalent to approximately 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT. However, the Russian Academy of Science predicts that there is worse to come. Their forecast shows that they are expecting major geomagnetic storms from March 21st to the 26th. Solar storms temporarily disturb the Earth’s magnetosphere, as solar winds and flares interact with Earth’s electromagnetic fields. Although we are somewhat protected by Earth’s magnetic field, the intense, highly charged energy is believed to have a major affect on everything that exists on Earth and can greatly impact anything from emotions to electrical devices. Solar storms are known to have a huge impact on radio communications, navigation/GPS systems, technology, and living organisms. Solar energy has been shown to change blood flow, boost adrenaline, and affect blood pressure. It also affects our sleep patterns, as mentioned previously. ( There was a large one causing electrical outages over certain parts of Oz prior to last Chritmas, I forget when exactly ) One of the reasons we may currently be experiencing a peak in solar activity is that on March 20th and September 23rd each year, the Earth and sun line up so that day and night are approximately equal in length. Equinoxes are known to cause cracks in Earth’s magnetic field which stay open for hours. These solar storms are coinciding with the formation of the “equinox cracks” which many scientists believe form semi-annually during the equinox. There have also been numerous 'mass die offs' of assorted animal, birds, fish & a fair collection round Australia which is a fair old size to register all of them via assorted media reports. There are numerous sites including NASA & NOAA & a good selection of others you can follow up details if interested.
  3. I think adding the second line was counterproducktive dont you...?
  4. Just then, a repetitive twanging noise was heard coming from the direction of Jogger's knicker elastic. The table looked at her quizzically. "Don't fret, it's just a elecrickated e-mail. New fangled things. We're in a new fidgital age y'know! " And fidget she did. Pulling the front of her drawers up to eye level, she saw a somewhat garbled message from - Piss t Parce. It said something about having a jog to do the dancing, feet in two places & monkey nuts....... 'Bugger!' She was going go have to put her vest top in for rewiring again.......
  5. He can't. He hasn't got a licence to carry hazardous or dangerous substances. And let's face it- you're definitely at the top of the hazardous tree - especially if you've been imbibing dangerous substances...
  6. I was going to answer that, I didn’t need to, I wanted to, but then I realised that if you get drawn into an exchange where someone is likely to argue every word or phrase with semantics, It would ultimately derail the purpose of the thread, which is about the needs &/or wants - of legislation for controlled, dangerous or hazardous substances/items and where you could conceivably draw an imaginary line... .....
  7. If you'd read it properly. I was replying to the comment
  8. I'm a 66yr old female. I bought a gallon of 20% hydrochloric acid last year via Amazon I think - yep! Came through the post. What did I want it for? Cleaning & degreasing my 98yr old quarry tile floors. The only stuff available in DIY stores is sold as 2% brick cleaner. Pah! It would take all week to clean one at that dilution. ( My old man was an industrial chemist, back in the day. I used up the original supply ages ago.) I haven't enough life left ( or fat on my knees ) to muck about with what practically amounts to water. So there you have it. As an extra bonus though, in case anyone feels I'm dangerous, In charity shops, I have to ask, if they have any crochet hooks or knitting needles, because they also are classed as dangerous weapons ( and kept in the back away from unstable souls like me perhaps, who might be tempted to knit you to death & purl your body parts, if you look at them sideways!)
  9. Oh Lawdy! They're all coming out of the closet now..........All I wanted to do was search the anus of Ur for signs of my comrades in arms - two of; legs 2-4 < depending on the species > & general presence of brain cells of sorts...now the unread are rising. Whatlidoo? Whatlidoo?........?
  10. .....But I've only got two!......?
  11. “Hmm! It does bear a resemblance to Richard” she said “Must be a blood-shot relation, although It’s eyes aren’t so red n shot- looking. An' its missing a fedora & scarf. I’d go for Duck Egg Blue with that colouring. I’m no expert mind, you need someone with more fashion victim in their DNA.” “No. That’s not mine, but I’d like it to be! Reminds me of something – not quite sure what yet. I like the shape & Its got very...........tactile lines about it.....Can you get them in pairs? Only I like to have one for each hand for some activities”
  12. Joggers looked at the white-faced apparition in front of her. The windshield washers in the lower rim were activated & wiped two arcs of glass, clean enough to see a pair of myopic eyes peering intently at her.... A burst of activity closer to the ground caught her attention....She looked down at her feet. So did the occasional table. Her left foot was asleep & snoring, the right foot was now tapping maniacally from side to side. The table looked at her & blinked. “St. Vitus Dance!” She said to it. The table shrugged & hunkered down to watch & to see if it made the semi-finals..... Looking up again, she decided that while the scarf was completely wrong for that sort of colouring, the fedora – originally black but now a distinct floury shade, conveyed more of the owners persona...a certain kind of je ne sais quack...... “Might be..." ‘The future has already arrived. It's just not evenly distributed yet.........’ she thought
  13. ......Pointed?.............directionless?.............cocky?........... I don't think apricot' s your colour Richard. Makes your complexion look washed out and insipid. Oh!..its brick dust.....
  14. Suddenly there was a loud eruption. Joggers made a mental note to remember to chew her food more thoroughly in future – even the sprouts...ESPECIALLY the sprouts. At the same time, she realised that she was free of certain encumberances. ‘Just as well,’ she thought, ‘cumbers only give you wind' A fresh breeze blew round her lower echelons, thought about it & then back tracked out in the direction of the outside lavatory.....If anything that constantly tried to escape its own destiny could be called that. Turning towards the front of the bar, she saw that there was a great, gaping hole in the brickwork. ‘They’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off' she sighed but also offered a silent prayer of gratitude that they’d chosen the least painful direction to exit the building. ‘Say ‘ello to the Elves if you see any on your travels’ she muttered. Silhouetted in the ‘ole there stood a familiar looking figure. It wasn’t her bank statement, which kept trying to declare itself invalid in order to get a blue parking badge. No, this was definitely more stylish...was that a Fillup Treacle hat it was wearing? Strategically dipped below one eye? And It’s scarf? Well it was apricot. It had one eye in the mirror as it watched itself garotte......??.....was it..?....could it be?....No!....
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