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  1. we have been affected by this from Lock 7 on the Grand Union to Lock 72. Others here have been behind him for longer. I wonder if Aqualine are aware of the bad name this is giving them. I know other boaters have phoned in to Aqualine but the behaviour has not changed at all. So do they not care?
  2. True, but in the majority of cases there hasn't been anyone waiting to go in. only people behind him doing his job for him as they follow him.
  3. According to someone delivering an Aqualine Marine Widebeam boat you do not have to close lock gates. This for them has been the case for over a hundred miles. Aqualine do not seem to be bothered about it but everyone else having to do his job for him seem to be. Is it me or are Aqualine Marine employies or there contractors excempt form common decency?
  4. Hello all out there, Thank you all for showing interest and putting your thoughts forward. Yes the travelpower does indeed run the cooker when we use it. The 360AH Leisure batteries have to date been more than adequate for all our needs and the batteries are currently in good health. Its not good to eat beyond 8pm. The 48V power pack is 4 x 12 200ah LiFePO4 with BMS for each bank. To add to this the Leisure batteries will be increased by another 360AH. These are to be charged by solar panels but will be able to be charged via the travelpower/standard Alternator if required, a BSM covering all the Leisure batteries will maintain a log and cell balancing. The BSM on the leisure side will switch in Batteries to suit the current loading conditions and drop out those not needed and into the charging bank queue. The real issue I am facing is the Clutch. I plan to keep the Beta inside the sound box and intend to mount the LEM in its own frame. The LEM can (this is as I see it at the moment) have a centrifugal clutch on it. This can be belt linked to another centrifugal clutch on the prop shaft. This way the Beta can drive the prop and not be loaded by the LEM, and via-versa. As I have said the LEM does not need to operate as a GEN but it would be nice to have the option. I think this system will work but I do not know enough about the clutches and if there is another solution I should be aware of. The mechanical centrifugal clutches are not that expensive which is good and I like to keep the mechanical elements simple. Phill
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  7. Thank you for your response Tony, very much appreciate you giving your time. Currently I am still putting the ideas together in regards to the complete system. I think the idea of the clutch is to enable boost mode, as in Hybrid Marine solution. It is also to enable the removal of the LEM from the drive chain. There is a Power Pack already in the system so the LEM is not needed to perform that role. It does however provide the ability to implement a backup solution which is not a bad thing to have. I think if I can eliminate any loading of the drive chain then that is the way forward. Yet if the cost of doing so is to great then there is as you say, the Neutral Position. Cheaper too. The narrow boat is Dutch style with a wheel house and curser deck. There is ample room for the LEM inclusion. Unlike the Beta Marine Hybrid Solution I do not plan to mount the LEM to the engine but in its own frame. The sound proof box the engine is in will not take the LEM. I contacted L&S Engineers of Walsall (info@lsengineers.co.uk) who manufacture centrifugal clutches to see if they have any idea or solution. I will update this post with my findings.
  8. I have a 62 foot narrow boat with a 50HP Beta Marina Greenline engine with a PRM150 Gearbox. The engine has a 7.5 kVA Travel Power Pack – 230 Volt, Single Phase 50Hz fitted. This is all house inside a Beta Marine sound reduction box. The system has the normal Starter battery and a further 3 x 120AH Gel Leisure Batteries, with an intelligent battery charger and a 2k inverter. The boat therefore is all electric. I have sourced a low cost LEM200 (recon) and am looking for an inline clutch to create a parallel hybrid system. Any advice on the inline clutch would be most helpful. As I understand it the clutch will take drive from either the Beta (Direct) or the LEM (Belt Driven) As for the 48V power pack I have that sorted.
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