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  1. I'm lucky enough to have a boat with a tank like that, 350 litres either side of the engine beds with the top a good 20cm below the water line. I have somewhat presumed that condensation in the tank is not the issue it is where the tank is part of the counter or otherwise above the waterline. 22 years and no problems yet.
  2. Trad for me. Lived aboard 16 years. My boat is a tug with a long (10') full depth well deck at the front, covered with a canopy. This is incredibly useful as a workshop space , for storing bicycles, for sitting out and eating etc. In many ways a cruiser stern with cover may be quite similar. Much admired and I know a few people who have had such a foredeck arrangement added to their boat. Maybe what I'm saying is that the bow is more important than the stern... The back cabin has the engine boxed in under the step. The boat does have a wet exhaust which keeps the cabin temperature reasonable in summer - a dry exhaust may result in the cabin being rather on the warm side. I also designed and built the back cabin with engine access in mind, helped by a deep draught which gives plenty of room under the engine.
  3. The Avon is volatile, quick to rise and usually (not always) quick to fall. The Severn builds slower, and holds up for longer periods (last winter being a good example). At Tewkesbury the two meet and once the Severn rises to the Avon level it can stay there for a long time, holding the Avon up with it. Keep an eye on the ANT River Watch page for levels: https://www.avonnavigationtrust.org/river-watch/ - this now helpfully links to the Mythe Bridge gauge on the Severn which has a predicted level forward 36 hours (as do the Evesham and Stratford gauges). If you look now you can really see the volatility in some of the locations.
  4. Be aware that once you join the Southern Stratford at Lapworth, there is no winding hole until after Preston Bagot bottom lock - 16 locks each way. If you do go that way (and very nice it is too) then it would be a shame not to carry on to Wootton Wawen and Edstone Aqueduct if time allows. There is a good lock free stretch of the Grand Union accessible from Lapworth too, and there is the option of returning to Birmingham via Camp Hill (although I wouldn't overnight between Catherine de Barnes and Cambrian Wharf). Hopefully the Severn will be open for you, I've had some beautiful Autumn days on it before. The locks should be open until 6. The long stretch up to Lincomb seems to take forever when fighting the current and the clock though.
  5. Yes, absolutely agree - but on the boat being discussed the engine is right under your feet (not literally, but very close to).
  6. A splendid boat in many ways. I wouldn't go for it myself, for two reasons: - the lack of a walkway through the boat would leave the steerer rather lonely. Even getting a cup of tea would be an exercise. I'm often popping down into the cabin to put the kettle on/find something/use the loo whilst waiting for a lock or whatever. - Vintage engines sound fantastic from a distance. Not so great when right under your feet.
  7. Vodafone are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Unhelpful, rude, downright deceitful (at least in my case, they argued there were no network changes in my area - I'd seen their engineers taking down the mast). And expensive to boot. I know mobile phone companies have a bad reputation generally, but dealing with the others is a delight compared to Vodafone.
  8. I was once advised (by a reliable source) that whilst a straight grade is best, an SR is very tolerant of oil grade and indeed just about everything else. Just make sure it has oil in it. From memory I put Duckhams Q 20w50 in my SR3. I think 15w40 is fine as well. Probably best to avoid any synthetics.
  9. 250cc is very small (too small) , I think it may be a Ruggerini MM 250 which is 24 hp. 70aH should be sufficient to start anything up to 2 litres and a bit more. There are many terminal types but a standard installation should be easy to deal with. Good luck. I can't help with inspection but others might. A first look should give an idea of whether it is viable though.
  10. There may be an easier way, we didn't find it. Did try the obvious bypass Bridge and if you are adventurous and don't mind a steep slope and a face full of brambles I reckon it's doable.
  11. The Aldi in Whitchurch is very new and very close to the canal. Getting to it is trickier though. We walked from the Arm along Chemistry.
  12. I've found that the 'best' canals can be off the 'rings'... Lancaster Caldon Gloucester and Sharpness
  13. The PRM 150 is a good gearbox but do make sure it is properly cooled. If your skin tank is undersized you may need make alternative arrangements.
  14. Just about to say the same, 8kw is a lot for a boat. A Squirrel stove is 4.5 and easily enough, even when running a back boiler. Looks nice, very reasonable price though.
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