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  1. Thanks Liam, Van deliveries this weekend, hopefully back up in the boat end of March.
  2. i had some copper rings that i found in the engine room, probably left over from Ivor, they had a small recess for the dowel in the barrel top, I've used these and it's running well.
  3. Mountbatten still has its AS2, although we don't know if it's the original engine. Apparently, the old boatmen used to call them tatey bakers, because they run a bit hot! It wouldn't be my engine of choice, but nearly 3 years down the line, we're getting used to it.
  4. As Liam said we have not brought John and Jenny out, we just did some delivered for them and the new owner Charlton Whitehouse Fuels, as well as loading are own stuff. It was a sad moment when they decided to give it all up,the end of a era . John is still helping load and will be doing odd bits for the new owners. We are having the summer off and will be doing van deliveries up the golli untill crt fix the bottom lock at Hurleston this winter.
  5. If your going to the "port" at Easter I'll show you ,if you struggle to find the book.
  6. It's probably better being ballast on the butty :-) but if you need a bit just ask. Done let me know if it doesn't come through.
  7. Yes can do later,there is a gear box in bits in the front of Jellicoe do you want the number of it if I can find it?
  8. Having only had a AS since September, I have to say it and I have a love hate thing going on,parts are in the rocking horse department, she is a PIG to start when it's proper cold, a proper basket case to bleed after a service. But it is growing on me.
  9. The main line was/is fine just cat ice.Rumour control says that next year they will actually fix the bottom lock,and not just stop the flight,drain it, take pictures and refill It! But then it says oxo on the side of busses but they don't sell It!
  10. Whitchurch arm, after the first round of snow,then we had some more!
  11. Glad you did it,and enjoyed it!Hope you had Breakfast up the top makes it all worth while. See you on the way.
  12. Went up to Trevor with the butty 2 weeks ago, and did the last bit motor only, and are now on the way back up again 'cause i'm a bit daft like that.
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