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  1. Ange

    Trendy (?) Mrs May !!!

  2. Ange

    Trendy (?) Mrs May !!!

    Spot on.
  3. Ange

    Trendy (?) Mrs May !!!

    I've read some ridiculous posts on this forum but this one has to be in the top ten! Of course we all know no one dared criticise Margaret Thatcher and even dance on her grave did they? You really do need to lose that chip off your shoulder - you'd feel so much better for it.
  4. Depending on a few variables Dave & I are thinking we might just make it this year. A definite date would be good (no preference from us as long as we get back to Kent for New Year's Eve).
  5. Ange


    That must have been scarey in the Harecastle Tunnel Haggis. Such a shame we've relocated back to our home and can't be there to help you. Wishing you all the best xxx
  6. Ange

    Duplicated topics

    Why? I know I'm not alone in wondering this and, apart from saying it's by design, you've not explained it. What is achieved by showing a topic twice in view new posts? In the grand scheme of things it's a minor annoyance but it's certainly bugging me - why?
  7. Ange

    Brexit 2017

    Absolutely not. I've never been a remainer or a Brexiteer, leaning towards remain (which is what I voted for, with reservations). I've followed this thread with interest, but without enough passion for either side of the debate to engage in the discussion. As the situation evolves I'll continue following this thread. I suspect there are others like me that are doing the same. If you're not liking this thread Gareth then stop reading it. Threads die when interest is lost, not when one or two members decide they should be shut down.
  8. Ange

    Etruria Moorings

    Agreed. The very first bit has to be hurried through but then the rest is lovely, and so quiet. Go for it - you'll enjoy every minute
  9. Ange

    Etruria Moorings

    They do a cracking all you can eat breakfast at the Toby Carvery. Excellent value for money.
  10. Ange

    Labour Women's Conference

    So ... the sexual predation of women by more powerful men in the workplace is not only presented as funny, not only presented as something she's asked for but now presented as a career advantage for the victims. I doubt very much whether you "know a few" women who would want to prostitute themselves to advance their careers.
  11. Ange

    Labour Women's Conference

    But of course white heterosexual males need their own support group - after all they've been horribly repressed and discriminated against over the centuries.
  12. Ange

    Labour Women's Conference

    To go back to the original question posed by the OP, many of the contributions on this thread make it very clear why women's groups are still required.
  13. Ange

    Labour Women's Conference

    I have to say the best thing about being 53 is that the only man who finds me attractive is my husband, who I met at 18 and married at 20. The predators fell by the wayside as I got older - I can relax now
  14. Ange

    Labour Women's Conference

    I walked away from my career in the late 90s. I was given a job, the man who's job I was taking over told me I had to learn it on my own - the boss had told him he had to dedicate his time on his new job. At the time I was a part qualified accountant and he admitted that he had struck lucky because his boss liked him - he was a very personable guy, definitely one of the boys. I did my best under the circumstances, trying to learn a job when the previous encumbant refuses to help is incredibly hard. My first month end I made mistakes, and this man humiliated me in front of the whole office - shouting my mistakes. Step on a couple of years. Himself is still the golden boy with no attempt to study, I'm close to being a qualified accountant through night school and weekend courses whilst raising my son. A night out occurred with my colleagues, at the time I wanted to go home my boss suggested we share a taxi. Stupid trusting me says yes. His hands were in my knickers and groping my boobs as soon as the taxi took off. We can book hotels every lunch time says he to my absolute horrror. Do you know what I said? Please don't let this affect my career but I love my husband and don't want an affair. I was demoted straight away - I knew that if I took it to HR my career would be over - he'd obviously deny it and I'd be branded as a troublemaker. I dearly hope things have changed but actually doubt it. That was my glass ceiling - a boys club that made me work ten times as hard as them to receive less than equal recognition along with sexual predation. That's why I gave up.
  15. Ange

    Brexit 2017

    I personally know two transgender ladies - yes, they were born male, but I have no problem recognising them as fellow females. One is my parents in law financial adviser, previously Howard, now Jane aged in her early 50s at a guess. My father in law, born in 1935 when homosexually was illegal and the likes of Alan Turing who saved countless lives in World War II were driven to suicide by the shame and stigma attached to their sexuality, did struggle initially to accept the idea of Howard becoming Jane but fortunately he's a decent human being who recognises the immensity of that decision and has come to respect the bravery behind it. I can't imagine how hard it was for Jane to approach each of her clients and relive that difficult conversation over and over again. The other is a member of my local WI. I don't know her name and only know her on nodding terms. I must confess I did find it startling when a male voice boomed across the village hall. The source of the voice was very tall, had a pronounced Adams apple and big hands - clearly not born a female and I'd guess in her mid 60s. Immaculately turned out with lovely hair and make up I thought nothing of it when I met her in the ladies toilets at another meeting and smiled at her in the same way I would any other lady I passed in the toilet. Again I respect her journey which must have been very difficult. I'm making these points because it's been stated a few times that women are afraid of "cocks in frocks" and would cut off their genitalia. Not me nor any women of my acquaintance. It has been stated that this conversation has nothing to do with Brexit. Sadly it has because this sort of bigoted, xenophobic talk has suddenly become acceptable. The country i love, and thought was moving forward has regressed, and I fear for its future. @MJG@ Martin we've had our differences but respect to you for being the voice of reason

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