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  1. Ange

    BCN Challenge 2018

    After so many years of wanting to take part you're doing it? I'm so excited for you! The journey to the BCN will be part of the adventure - I look forward to reading updates ☺️
  2. Ange

    Mooring on own land, if sssi land

    never studied them cos they were yum ☺️ Wouldn't surprise me though ☺️
  3. Maybe next year 😥 Have a wonderful time folks 💓
  4. Ange

    Mooring on own land, if sssi land

    A trip on the RH&D railway was a regular birthday treat for our boy when he was little (it's very close to where I'm back living now in Ashford) There's also a fantastic fish & chip pub called the Pilot in Dungeness not far from the power station - the fish are huge!
  5. Dave & I are hoping to be there. There's a few variables still which we hope will pan out but we really really want to be there
  6. Ange

    Read the rules

    That's a good point. For example the rule against sock puppets ...
  7. Ange

    Bit of an Elsan rant.....

    Well said. Lady Muck's departure was a huge loss to the forum.
  8. Ange

    Money for Burslem Port

    I did resist for a while but it's very personal to me
  9. Ange

    Money for Burslem Port

    I'm going to bump this one. I have no idea why the OP posted it, whether they live in the area, what their thoughts are. I hate it when people post a link with no comment. I lived within walking distance for two years and have knowledge of the area. I'd like to see what others say before i express an opinion. Go on - what do you think? I hate lazy posts.
  10. Don't forget the Millie dog who did a grand job of cleaning the takeaway cartons as they hit the floor. We'd invited F1 enthusiasts to watch the Grand Prix on our boat the next day and I shall never forget the pained expressions as our little dog filled our boat with noxious fumes worthy of a greyhound (and I speak as the daughter in law of a greyhound owner - I've never known a breed clear a room quicker) 😂
  11. Bless you Tumshie Unfortunately your voice of reason will be drowned out by the pitchfork wielding mob.
  12. Ange

    CWDF - Photo competition 2018

    Me too! Lots of piccies please folks
  13. Bump. Has a decision been made about the date please?
  14. Ange

    Traveling on a canal at night?

    Best not feed it.
  15. Ange

    Happy birthday tree monkey

    It certainly was 😊 Happy burpday Monkey Man 🍻

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