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  1. Wot he said. Thank you Rich.
  2. Yay Smelly - hellooo 😍
  3. As Dave said incredibly happy to take responsibility for putting you two beautiful people on a path that lead to this 😊 We know where you are now and will bring our van back - a cruise would be lovely - it breaks my heart every day that we had to give up Iona 💖
  4. No worries 🙂 That's ok then. Hope to meet you in the near future 💖
  5. Nah I'm not that much of an amateur. That was Dave's beer got knocked over 😊
  6. Only 4? I'm obviously losing my touch 😀
  7. My hubby, davel on the forum You was there Tumshie! Bugger, I'd love to have met you. Sorry I missed the opportunity
  8. It was great to catch up. Tell Annie I'm sorry we didn't get to say hello - you both vanished very quickly.
  9. After fighting diversions and road closures we finally made it on time for a few beers. We'll have a wander down the towpath tomorrow to visit boaty friends and then the main event. Happy days 😊
  10. Yes to Clubline Cruisers in Coventry - our first hire holiday in 1987. I dug up a thread I started a wee while ago 🙂
  11. Go for it and enjoy every moment 🙂
  12. Nothing needs to be changed to achieve both of the above, provided you're not competitive and just enter for the experience. When we did it in our boat we decided we had very little chance of winning so aimed for a respectable score and an enjoyable weekend. We ended up coming 25th out of 39 after a lot of work between the three of us which we were happy with, but had a good night's sleep on the Saturday and arrived at the finish tired and happy but with enough energy to enjoy the social gathering. You make of it what you want - nothing needs to change 🙂
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