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  1. Congratulations Heff 💕
  2. Lol yes! She's definitely a pooch 😁
  3. I do have a photo somewhere of you sharing your bed with Millie - I can't find it at the moment but it may pop up. Dave says absolutely - our boaty brews were legendary - you're welcome to take up the mantle of blowing unsuspecting friends heads off 😊 X PS if your current purchase is anything to do with us I'm proud of it x
  4. I can only speak as I find. When the roving winter moorings were in place we chose Trentham for two winters with our car parked in the lay-by nearby. We had zero incidents over quite a few months, absolutely zilch. We took a mooring at the Black Prince marina one summer when I needed to work, not being over keen on marina life but constrained by my job to staying in a small area we spent a lot of time moored in various locations in and around the marina. Again no incidents. We also took a winter mooring at Westport Lake once they'd done away with the roving winter moorings - absolutely no problems at all. I'm very surprised to hear about two incidents, one serious here. It's outside Stoke in an affluent newbuild area. Are these first hand reports? Selfish cycling - endemic over the whole system - Birmingham was probably the scariest place for risking being mown down by the lycra brigade but the Leeds and Liverpool near Chorley was pretty grim as well. Same with motorcycles on the towpath. Trouble is if a motorcycle makes a nuisance of itself on the towpath in Braunston (where Carlt had his boat set on fire) they think lordy what an anomaly. If it happens in Stoke the think bloody Stoke - should have known not to moor here. Must tell everyone I know how horrible it is. My point being that I am very familiar with the area - after we sold the boat we bought a house in Burslem which we lived in for two years. It was my health and the need for family support that brought us back to Kent - I miss our Stokie friends. I'm sure people do have problems in Stoke, just as they do in many built up areas and occasionally in rural places but Stoke doesn't deserve it's dreadful reputation. Too much credence is given to second, third or more hand stories that have a huge element of Chinese whispers.
  5. Of course the OP, formerly known as Ricco1, has no ulterior motive for starting this thread.
  6. None of this is applicable to Trentham - it's hardly a built up area. I'm surprised there has been any notoriety in the past - it's a very unlikely location for trouble.
  7. We moored there for two winters with no problems.
  8. The moorings at Barlaston near the Wedgwood factory are lovely. The Plume of Feathers is a very nice pub. Alternatively, if you're partial to a very good steak, I'd recommend the Duke of York pub in Barlaston. A bit of a walk from the canal but well worth it. Outside the Toby Carvery and Black Prince base at Etruria is a good mooring. The all you can eat breakfast at the carvery is great value for money and another vote for the Holy Inadequate - if you like your ales it's worth the walk. Westport Lake is also a great mooring - the facilities are a bit hidden but they're lovely and clean. The walk round the lake is very picturesque and if you're very lucky you might meet the oatcake boat. A visit to Stoke isn't complete without a sausage and cheese oatcake (my preference - other combinations are available 😊) Rather than the oft repeated advice of passing through Stoke without stopping I'd spend a few days there.
  9. Ange

    Dreaming, ?

    There's a rabbit hole that a certain narcissistic individual would like to suck you all into.
  10. Ange

    Brexit 2019

    Bless your cotton socks if you think your extreme right wing rantings are useful to any reasonable debate.
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