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  1. Ange

    Testing a theory

    I hope it stays open - it'll be a big step forwards if it does.
  2. Ange

    Stupid Facebook Groups

    In my opinion neither WhatsApp nor Facebook messenger are better than the other - it's all down to individual requirements. If all your close friends/family are on Facebook then there's no need to bother with WhatsApp as it doesn't give you anything additional. If, like me, you have close friends/family who either don't do Facebook or have an account that they rarely sign in to WhatsApp is great because it's a single purpose private messaging app that doesn't have the privacy issues associated with Facebook so I've been able to set up groups that include the whole family.
  3. Ange

    Stupid Facebook Groups

    I'm a very happy user of Facebook, which keeps me in touch with friends and family all over the world. I have recently discovered WhatsApp and it's great as an addition rather than a replacement for Facebook. I've quite a few close friends and family that won't use Facebook or have Facebook accounts that they rarely access but are happy to use WhatsApp - we've set up groups that we're still having fun with and are useful for planning events. It's not either/or for me - both together are great. As for rubbish groups - just don't join them, ignore them.
  4. Ange

    RIP Captain Butcher

    That's heartening news Rob - I seriously despair sometimes xxx
  5. Ange

    RIP Captain Butcher

    And not being children at all - after all the Daily Fail assures us that they were all moustachioed 20 somethings after they sampled their photos and picked out the adults accompanying the children then put their photos on the front page of their despicable, immoral rag. Unfortunately there's a shed load of people who aren't smart enough to see through this crap and actually believe that their accident of birth entitles them to refuse safe haven to those less fortunate. It's a sick, sad world.
  6. Ange

    Happy 50th Birthday Matty40s

    Happy birthday - welcome to the Saga club
  7. Ange

    The Windrush is given the Bumsrush

    There are plenty of political forums where you can spew your nasty bile Parahandy, why don't you rid yourself of your nastiness in one of those places and just talk boating here? Unless of course you're deliberately trying to upset the newly found and very delicate issue of political posting on here, which you appear to be smashing with a sledgehammer.
  8. Ange

    leeds liverpool

    He's still alive and well and posting on Facebook. Not really sure why he stopped posting on here - I don't remember any particular incidents and he was thick skinned enough to put up with a lot of flack over his various schemes (hair brained as some of them were!). Shame really, he's a good chap and very entertaining at times.
  9. Ange

    Rusty69 - to post or not to post.......

    I've had many run ins with Martin and would never describe myself as his biggest fan but, seriously Rusty, you have one poster upsets you and you start a thread needing the affirmation of the forum to tell you to stay? You present it as asking people if they want you to leave if they're unhappy with your posts,classic "someone's been nasty to me please tell me to stay" That's just silly, and if you are that easily upset maybe an internet forum isn't the place for you. I've had many nasty comments, you just balance it out with the good stuff, and give that equal weighting. Tough sometimes but part of life. I'm not voting one way or the other because you've not touched my radar on like or dislike.
  10. Thank you Martin you are spot on. To make it clear I support freedom of speech (with the obvious limitations when it comes to personal abuse, incitement of violence, etc) BUT if the forum rules stipulate, as they still do, that polical and religious threads are not allowed, but are then tolerated, newbies have no idea where the lines are drawn between what is allowed and what is banned. If one rule can be overlooked why not all of them? Personally I want the no politics and religion rule taken out of the forum guidelines. To quote the relevant paragraph - "Posting any material, anywhere on the site, that is deemed to have a primarily political theme that is not strictly related to inland waterways and/or boating is prohibited. In addition, content containing a religious theme, or content that makes commentary on religious issues, is not permitted." No contradiction at all.
  11. The rules do need to be rewritten - I never agreed with the ban on religion and politics and thought at the time the moderating team should have focused on the individuals who were at the heart of the nasty meltdown that happened at the time. There were also people that received a lifetime ban who would normally have just been told off - the atmosphere was hysterical and disproportionate and we lost some good members who will never return as a result. I believe it's right that free discussion should be allowed in the VP but also agree with MJG that it's ridiculous to allow it when the rules clearly state it's not allowed. Daniel is still the forum owner but, when I was privy to moderator discussions was rarely available - he has a demanding career and is a young man with a social life so didn't and still doesn't have the time required to effectively run the forum. I did suggest that if he wasn't willing to relinquish control he at least nominated a "second in command" who could make executive decisions without waiting for Daniel to come back from an overseas business meeting. That advice was acknowledged but nothing happened - a typical response. I still believe Daniel's intentions are honest but he's misguided in thinking he can run this forum at this point in his life. I found it impossible watching the moderating team waiting for direction while forum members were calling for a response. That's one of the reasons I had to walk away. Anothe reason was that forum members who'd I'd previously considered as friends responded with such aggression to my posts. The one I remember the most is when one member insisted another should be moderated and when I tried to calm things until Daniel was available was told in no uncertain terms that moderator action wasn't required. You really are in a no win situation. For every one that insists the mods should do something there's a backlash that insists on freedom of speechl One thing I do know is that I will never ever be involved in the moderating team or count the beans for any forum ever again. Gulp do I post this? Ok yes
  12. Ange

    Forum Software Upgrade

  13. Ange

    Forum Software Upgrade


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