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  1. Ange

    Happy birthday BSP

    Norty Monkey 😁 Happy birthday BSP from me, Dave and Millie
  2. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    If the forum rules say unequivocally that no discussion of religion or politics is allowed then it shouldn't be allowed. If it is then change the wording. Is that so difficult?
  3. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    From the forum rules "Posting any material, anywhere on the site, that is deemed to have a primarily political theme that is not strictly related to inland waterways and/or boating is prohibited. In addition, content containing a religious theme, or content that makes commentary on religious issues, is not permitted." That's an unequivocal statement - there is no way you can interpret it in a "tolerant and liberal way". For crying out loud just change it to something like "any political or religious themed threads will be closely monitored by the moderating team" Sorry Martin, no idea where the quote box came from and can't seem to delete it.
  4. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    Bless you Nick - you really are the vctim aren't you. Have you ever considered that you Imight have wounded and hurt people on the internet? Seriously have you ever considered you might be wrrong,? The worst for me has you taking the moral high ground whilst rejoicing in people's hurts
  5. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    By the way I'm not reading or responding to the personal messages that Nick's sending me. Let's keep this conversation in the public domain
  6. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    I find it very interesting that you appeared on this thread to mock Alan and then are so aggrieved when you're accused of mocking. You reap what you sow Nick - yes you do give a lot of good advice but then you can't help yourself
  7. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    Now you're adding to ridiculous! So if you're found to be silly it's because I used to count their beans?
  8. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    Nope and I feel quite sorry for you that you can nonchalantly tap out spite on your keyboard and have no memory of it
  9. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    That's actually quite funny under the circumstances! I look forward to being reprimanded by the moderating team. I'm always amazed that someone so quick on the attack is so sensitive
  10. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    Of course you did. I could find the relevant posts with a lot of time spent searching but you wouldn't apologise, just excuse your behaviour. So no, I won't find the posts nor will I withdraw the accusation.
  11. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    Because sometimes you have to keep an eye on unsavoury topics just in case the pro Tommy Robinson anti Muslim brigade go unapposed and end up backslapping themselves in their new truth. I'm 100,% with Alan on this. There are better posters than me, far more eloquent and I look at the thread in the hope I won't need to speak up, but desperately hope someone will step forward first. Now feel free to mock and deride me as you've done in the past.
  12. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    *sigh* undoubtedly I've no idea what's going on behind the scenes but I suspect it's what made me walk away - lots of good intentions but no decisions/action
  13. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    I agree. It's well overdue for the rules to be amended or enforced. Otherwise, as Alan says, it makes a complete farce of the forum rules.
  14. Ange

    Interesting Error Message

    Same message for me
  15. We spent a winter at Beeston Marina when I was working in Nottingham. It's got a nice little clubhouse there where we spent many evenings. (This was in 2012 so subject to changes but worth checking out)

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