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  1. Three sources worth a look. you tube search Journey with Jono he got fed up and went cruising early on. Also You Tube nb Zero Gravity Emma leads Saxon on their build. and the blog NB Ellis, Mark did his in under a year.
  2. £401.00 odd currently someone must really like it! I saw it in my notifications just thought that must be by a known artist at that rate I'll have a look on here see who painted it! Then I see even Dave has no clue, good luck to the seller that's all I can say.. http://r.ebay.com/IRhSvr
  3. Mendip-Locks


  4. Very good, like the shower and the tiles. What shower is that where did you get it? Ade
  5. Sorry didn't see Ray linked to it! July 2010 if it works. NB Siskin » 2010 » July.pdf NB Siskin » 2010 » July.pdf
  6. Steve's blog comes up here Here all photos gone though. The website has suspended hosting come up which it did once before I contacted Steve and he renewed and it was up again some years ago now probably. I did have a copy of the blog somewhere for reference if I could find it!
  7. Chin up Wal, nowt for a technician such as yourself to sort. All in your stride on a new day in another light. keep at it cheers Ade
  8. Hi Peppers and welcome along. Sounds an interesting project and I do like a project. London eh! Good luck with that. i suspect you've done your reasearch? And covered You Tube but if not and depending how bad/well the spray foam was done you may want to invest in a multi tool rather than the traditional bread knife. good info by Jono here https://youtu.be/tMkm_ziP6u4 Also Narrowboat Zero Gravity also on You Tube cover it best I can remember. good luck with it I'll be following with interest Ade
  9. I wonder if any did get sold! Just a shifting of assets I assume to avoid the bailiff or tax man etc. No evidence to support this you understand!
  10. Never fails to amaze me your thread here W. great fabrication skills with the torch too.
  11. Old school here http://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/buying-building-canal-narrowboat-boat-plan-view-scaled-graph-paper-layout-designing-download-technical-drawings.html £34.95 a drawing they used to do a layout on squares with overlays for bed seating galley shower room items etc you could mess around with I can't see it there now.
  12. Congrats from me too, as an avid follower of their blog.
  13. Like it to job going on there.
  14. Open again after work done. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/10483/bridge-154-cropredy-mill-bridge-oxford-canal
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