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  1. OldGoldy

    Tamworth Cruising Club (TCC)

    No, not at all! .....Reminder to (newbie) members to acknowledge sentiment of sign, wave, smile or (for the ignoramus, as I do, show my back!)
  2. OldGoldy

    Tamworth Cruising Club (TCC)

    She has a tiny leak from the stbd diesel tank (built into the swim) into the cabin bilge 'under' the overplating. Caused by removing a repair patch covering porous steel, before the overplate, without first dealing with the weep present. I was going to fit plastic tanks, but easier I think to cut/weld repair. This plus OHs failing health which gave me little opportunity to get work done. Hoping this year will see this job done so refit can restart. Once watertight, new mahogany handrails, paint and BSCd etc is likely to see her on brokerage early-mid 2019 ..8^(
  3. OldGoldy

    Tamworth Cruising Club (TCC)

    It's an old sign that has sadly become meaningless. You wouldn't believe the amount of boats (eyes forrard and caps on backwards) that speed through that bridge'ole only to encounter Glascote locks when rounding the bend. I WILL bring it up with Committee and add a reminder to the next newsletter. There's no excuse, hopefully things will change. Thanks for the heads-up.
  4. OldGoldy

    Tamworth Cruising Club (TCC)

    Correction to email address, now:-tamworthcruisingclub@gmail.com. Apologies if anyone has tried the old address (accessing it was a faff) so we elected to change it so that the secretary (whoever that would be at the time) could get access from anywhere!! MOORING RATES VERY COMPETETIVE
  5. OldGoldy

    Surveyors in the Tamworth area?

    Try Tom Hayes on 07860568271. He is based in Lichfield
  6. OldGoldy

    Removing old bitumen when blacking

    I used a WhirlAway, an american attachment for an angle grinder, but still a scabbler. It removed the thick, hardened bitumen, but just skated over the surface of a single layer. (possibly as a needle gun chips away at thickened old paint or rust, but ineffective on thin layers) - At no time did it clog, but it didn't like the odd spots of weld or splatter that it found!
  7. OldGoldy

    Removing old bitumen when blacking

    I used a scabbler, which removed the thickest, hardened coating, but not everything. The resulting finish was a lot less 'moonscape' You WILL need ear defenders, gloves and eye protection!
  8. OldGoldy

    Identity crisis rant.

    Does 'work' have a PRS licence? Would they pay for one?
  9. OldGoldy

    Salvage Hunters

    They've already been to Charity Dock - amongst other items, they bought a Morris Minor 1000 from them!
  10. OldGoldy

    Free anti virus software for PC

    One feature I like in Avira is the ability to shut down your PC when it's finished a scan. (set scan to start 23:30, go to bed, PC cleaned overnight). - I have a suspicion that others may now offer this too.
  11. Tamworth Cruising Club www.tamworthcruisingclub.org.uk email:- tamworthcruisingclub@gmail.com TCC is one of the oldest inland waterways cruising clubs, located at Bridge 74, Coventry Canal, Kettlebrook, Tamworth, Staffs. B77 1BS We have typical club facilities incl clubhouse, licensed bar, emergency slipway, elsan point, non-res. moorings (incl temp. and winter moorings when space available) and a busy social calendar.
  12. OldGoldy


    This is an arrangement for a Campervan with 12V fridge, you may be able to adapt for your own requirements? http://www.motts.dsl.pipex.com/SPLIT%20CHARGING%20SYSTEM.htm ......and some guidance with graphics HERE
  13. OldGoldy

    Mystery alternator

    Quinton Hazell FRA120 from the application list it appears to be prominently used on Ford Sierras/Granadas. Question remains - Is it the alternator that has died, or the Lucas regulator? http://www.yoyopart.com/oem/6802575/quintonhazell-fra120.html
  14. OldGoldy

    Tamworth engineering supplies...

    Possibly HERE CW Fasteners Limited, Unit 60, Sandy Way, Amington Industrial Estate, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 4DS 01827 54448 ETA........info@cwfasteners.co.uk
  15. OldGoldy

    Help in identifying a GRP cruiser

    IMHO def. Buckingham 20 - Take a look at pic 2 for the windows and pic 4 for the screen HERE

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