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  1. Not sure about Orrs but guess any version of CRT latest Annual Report will be rollocks.
  2. I wonder why David Orr, CRT's new chair, has not signed the 2021/22 Annual Report on behalf of the Board of Trustees?
  3. This one was closed by BW after the following article - https://narrowboatworld.com/3234-delighted
  4. I circled the relevent dimension (beam) in red. Other dimensions were not relevant to the point being made.
  5. ... but by 1967, it would appear the craft of 12' 6" were "customarily" using this part of the Grand Union. Just as wider boats are now "customarily" using the Northern Oxford. ...
  6. You may wish to unsubscribe ... CRT normally provides a link via its blogs page and Boaters Facebook page.
  7. Thanks. Very much abrieviated without the usual links to it on the CRT's facebook page and website blog. I wonder if Damian is still employed by CRT or just on holiday.
  8. Damian's Facebook page - Canal & River Trust Boaters - has not received a post since 12 August. I can not find his latest Boaters Update either. Do you have a link to Boaters Update 9 September or are you refering to an earlier one.
  9. There is some confusion here. Under the grant agreement with DEFRA, CRT must make public certain information by July 1 each year. This information goes by the catchy title of "publication data". Publication data does not include survey results. Under the agreement, CRT's chair must write to the Secretary of State if it fails to publish. CRT have failed to publish for 2021/22 but I don't know if Leighton has written to the minister explaining why. In addition to compulsory publication data, CRT provides a range of other discretionary key performance indicators (KPI's). Boater satisfaction and visitor satisfaction are discretionary KPI's. Trustees agree each year what these KPI's are and monitor bi monthly against agreed targets.
  10. What is even sadder is that she is not directly employed by CRT but has her own PR consultancy - Pegler Communications http://www.peglercommunications.co.uk/pr/
  11. I stand to be corrected but I think it was Chris Grayling who started the backtracking on legal aid about nine years ago.
  12. The saying is generally attributed to Sir James Mathew, an Irish judge. The point was being made that, whilst the law is open to everyone, only the rich can afford to take legal action (just as only the rich can afford to stay at the Ritz ...). It was this inequality that legal aid was meant to address.
  13. Actually, the visitor satisfaction figure for 2019/20 was 81% in the annual report approved by the board. CRT subsequently falsified the report that was already displayed on its website and filed a falsified report with the Charity Commission. The trustees blamed the chair, deputy chair and chief executive claiming that they were acting in good faith trying to correct an error.
  14. "Making life better by water" is superfluous. "Canal & River Trust - CLEAN IT UP" would be better. Relevant to the O/P, CRT issued a press release yesterday claiming that a study which it part funded and authored (Graeme Reeves and Jenny Shepherd) showed that "the blend of blue and green space at former industrial canals helps boost your mood". Press release - https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/46651-going-with-the-flow-study-shows-the-blend-of-blue-and-green-space-at-former-industrial-canals-helps-boost-your-mood.pdf No direct link was provided to the study but here it is anyway - https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0271306
  15. Perhaps special training is needed to orchestrate the Bunbury shuffle...
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