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  1. Regarding future funding, Alan de Enfield is essentially correct. It is little use Richard Parry saying "No grant is not an option" because the Transition Trustees agreed with Defra that it is the preferred option as per the CRT/Defra Memorandum of Understanding - Indeed, it is one of the four funding scenarios currently under consideration. The problem that CRT has is that it has been telling government that the condition of the waterways has been improving and that commercially it is over-performing. Unfortunately, this means that CRT can be branded a success and not reliant on grant post 2027. I suspect the most we can hope for is grant set to 50% of current level.
  2. Ah, that explains it. I managed to visit Y Felinhelli by mistake when driving from Bangor to Betws-y-Coed via Llanberis this pm taking a "scenic route" last used over 25 years ago. Next time, I will stick to the A5 or use the satnav ...
  3. Thought Cefn y Bedd was near Wrexham. I know where Y Felinheli is because I went through it by mistake a few hours ago.
  4. He joined BW in 2009 and for some years took part in the conveyer belt of consultations and a few meetings. Now seems stuck with just the bi-weekly Boaters Update.
  5. BW/CRT always like to play up any connection with boating however tenuous. I think they claimed to have found Damian on a submarine. Actually, even that is not strictly true as he out of the navy 10 years before joining BW. Here is what Damian says about himself -
  6. I understand it was "Dogs for the Diabled", now Dogs for Good", that benefited. Brian Blessed was a patron of this assistance dog charity for many years.
  7. Brian Blessed once told me that the money he made from promoting CRT was donated to an assistance dog charity for which hew as the patron. CRT were adamant that he was no paid a penny.
  8. IWA membership has been in decline for many years. Since 2012 it has fallen by a third despite successive marketing campaigns. Perhaps this is not surprising as it is in competition with CRT who have all the marketing advantages. My guess is that IWA's 2021 Annual Report (not yet published) will show further decline in membership and, probably of more immediate concern, a further substantial drop in income. I wonder if those at the top have proposed a radical way of tackling these problems which the trustees do not find palatable. Perhaps we should remember what happened to The Waterways Trust (TWT).
  9. They have delivered a competing charity with similar objectives to themselves and an "understanding" with that charity.
  10. I think IWA would have got more out of this publicity stunt if they told told Parry to remove it himself and videoed him doing it... The banner has little to do with the four campaigns they currently claim to be running.
  11. Specifically, it is theWATERWAYS INFRASTRUCTURE TRUST TRUST SETTLEMENT between The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Canal & River Trust the prevents charging for towpath access without permission. The Settlor is The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
  12. As a spin-off from a non canal related project, I am now collecting stoppage information at 21:00 on a daily basis via a variety of devices (PC, phone, tablet, Raspberry Pi etc) Here are the number of stoppages each day since the start of CRT's new company year. Maybe, if I am living and still motivated in two or three years, there will be some meaningful year on year comparisons etc.
  13. I have been boating on inland waterways for over 50 years (60 if you count unpowered craft). I think that the question posed is perhaps unintentionally devisive because infrastructure condition has improved but is now falling back. Also the level of expectation has changed over time. Perhaps a more pertinent question would be is the current infrastructure really any worse than in 2012? Based on CRT measures of "Stewardship Score" and "Asset Condition" it has improved. However, over the last ten years mid year stoppages have increased significantly from about eight per day to about 14 last year.
  14. This may have been from the "differential pricing" consultation that followed a decision by the Waterways Ombudsman that it was unfair to charge some private boats (i.e. shared ownership boats) at the commercial rate (i.e. 2.5x the leisure rate). Nothing much came out of this because it was found impossible to licence based on number of owners. It did not stop BW introducing rules that attempted to prevent all shared ownerships boats obtaining a leisure licence.
  15. It's what John Sloan once called "the politics of envy"...
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