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  1. Are you saying a director, Tom Deards (head of legal & governance services and company secretary), made these proposals to council and they were rubber stamped?
  2. Not the first time that an owner has redesigned Spring Dews rather high roofline! I remember an accident in the Harecasrle Tunnel which is hilarious in the telling but could easily have ended in tragedy.
  3. Never heard of the Governance Committee, Andy. Do you mean the Appointments Committee who I understand recommends such changes? That aside, is it the Board of Trustees or the Committee of Members that vote through these changes?
  4. I retired early and took on a number of voluntary roles some of which were waterways related. With regards to Ownerships, I managed bases at Stockton, Calcutt and Wigrams Turn. I had a share in Spring Dew for some years. From memory it was built by Pat Buckle a couple of years after Sunseeker.
  5. Really only two routes onto Council - 'nominated'' and 'elected'. The prefered route is 'elected' but obviously that is not possible if an electorate can not easily be identified. BTW, I remember Sunseeker very well from its Ownerships days. I can remember having my arm inside its center holding tank on more than one occassion!
  6. It's a masterclass of obscurification! My opinion is that you have been given some of the information requested in the hope that you will not persue this matter further. I also think that a junior member of staff is being used without explanation because a director, Tom Deards, does not want to be held personally responsible for CRT's response. My opinion is that your request is "caught" by the Freedom of Information Act as it applies to CRT but not quite in the way you think. Having said that, CRT will be able to claim exemptions under the Act to allow them to redact some of the information. If you want to persue this, pm me or contact me via whatdotheyknow.com as I think it would be best to ask CRT to clarify its response in a number of areas.
  7. Good question. Andy/Stella - was this put before Council and did you support it?
  8. It would have been the Appointments Committee that decided to include a nominated position for AWCC in the private boater constituency, not Council. This reverses the general policy of having elected rather than nominated positions where it is possible to identify the electorate. Still waiting for an explanation as to why this was thought to be desirable.
  9. Eight years ago, most boaters were either supportive of the new charity or, at least, willing to "wait and see". Today, that is no longer the case.
  10. With regard to untrue claims, it is quite often what is left out of a statement rather than what is included ... https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/planned_preventative_maintenance CRT's response to this request was exceptionally quick. Perhaps they confused James Tidy with someone else.
  11. The information that Andrew Phasey will continue in post was provided by AWCC chair, Ann Banks in an email to me. However, as usual, nothing the AWCC website.
  12. You seem unaware of the changes to the private boater constituency. NABO provides a pretty good summary - https://nabo.org.uk/index.php/reference/canal-a-river-trust/1001-crt-council-elections AWCC are nominating Andrew Phasey.
  13. I decided not to vote when I found that Andrew Phasey would continue as a private boaters rep on Council and on the Appointments sub-committee.
  14. I feel you need some practical help rather than a discussion. Whilst it is true they hold the information, the rest is absolute bullshit. It is very wrong to suggest that functions transferred just relate to 'the operation and licensing of vessels on our inland waterway network'. The British Waterways Board (Transfer of Functions) Order 2012 Section 3 defines functions transferred as harbour authority, navigation authority and statutory undertaker - rather more than CRT will admit to. You may also wish to object to a junior member of staff carrying out your review particularly as a superior has accused him of altering responses in the past.
  15. I'm sure the OP posted in good faith and was not aware that CRT have used different measures in its lock replacement programme. The problem is that, whilst CRT has stated that on average lock gates need replacing every 25 years, they fail to say how many 'gates' or 'leaves' they have. They state the number of 'locks' on the system but provide figures on 'gates' or 'leaves'.
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