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  1. The information request referred to in the article can be found at - Trust454 Following another information request, CRT has now published the Graham Aldred reports mentioned earlier on this thread. The information request can be found at - Causes of damage to the Toddbrook Reservoir Spillway and resulting actions If you just want to read the reports - CRT response
  2. Yes, I have winded - 47ft no real problem. However, last time I was going past they had boats obstructing the entrance probably due to building work going on at the time. Still thought I could get round though. I found it very shallow on the towpath side between the feeder and the bridge.
  3. Some very very rough figures - Assuming all licence holders are eligible, CRT will lose about £1.8m per month in licence income for each 'free' month given. This represents less than 1% of CRT's annual income. CRT staff costs for a third of its workforce is about £1.8m a month.
  4. Assuming your boat is currently on its berth in one of Calcutts two marinas (rather than on one of Calcutts online berths or elsewhere) then the issue is between you and Calcutt not you and CRT. The reasons for this is as follows - - Locks Marina and the newer Meadows marina are not part of the waterways requiring a CRT licence. It would require a change in the law to make then so. - It is part of Calcutt's general conditions of mooring that you have and display a current CRT licence (you also need a current BSS certificate and insurance).
  5. After showing little interest yesterday, I understand that a police forensics team has been on site this am.
  6. Just back from checking my boat at the Black Buoy Cruising Club. It was not one of the ones broken into. Sadly, met with three club members who had suffered breakins. It seems that either large windows were broken or front doors under cratch covers were forced to gain entry. Drawers and cupboards were turned out onto floors but nothing taken other than small amounts of money.
  7. Perhaps that's where the flexing and torsion comes in ...
  8. Here is exactly what CRT say. From Asset Inspection Procedures Issue 8.2 Section 5.6.2
  9. CRT's asset inspection procedures are well documented. Lock Gate Inspections (LGI's) include both visual inspection and the use of a heavy duty spike to determine rot.
  10. CRT have been rather naughty with its 'independent' report. Unlike Defra, who published TOR before the the report was commissioned, CRT's terms of reference appear to have adapted to provide a counter to the Balmforth report. From CRT board minutes, September 2019 - However, Dr Hughes, in his report, gives his TOR as - The Balmforth report says - but guided by the 'new' TOR Dr Hughes had to make a choice. Is anyone surprised that he chose the 'cause' that was less damaging to CRT? I would agree that CRT should concentrate on discharging its statutory duties as a Navigation Authority. I'm not sure the Toddbrook wake up call will achieve that.
  11. Absolutely! Many boaters have been misled by reading CRT's press release paying scant attention to the government report. Here is what the Sunday Times had to say -
  12. Graham Aldred is an engineer and a local resident. He has strong connections to the reservoir and surrounding area and experience of dealing with CRT. His reports are - Toddbrook Reservoir Dam Report - Sept. 2019 Analysis of the Damage to the Toddbrook Dam - Dec 2019 Toddbrook Reservoir Incident - Proposed Modifications and Repairs - Feb 2020 As far as I am aware these reports have been circulated to local MP's, Councillors, local newspapers, the Balmforth team and some Whaley Bridge locals.
  13. From one of three reports by Graham Aldred which I understand was made available to the Government investigation last December (also leaked to CRT) Bearing in mind that the dam is inspected twice per week, it is difficult to understand why the government report does not make more of this.
  14. Are you saying a director, Tom Deards (head of legal & governance services and company secretary), made these proposals to council and they were rubber stamped?
  15. Not the first time that an owner has redesigned Spring Dews rather high roofline! I remember an accident in the Harecasrle Tunnel which is hilarious in the telling but could easily have ended in tragedy.
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