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  1. Fulney Lock, tidal lock on the River Welland, just downstream of Spalding. This lock was finished in 1955, along with the Coronation Flood Relief Channel. AFAIK the river was tidal through Spalding before this lock was built.
  2. No, I did some research on this lock for the NB Ocean Princess Scilly Isles Cruise in 2003. They got permission from EA to come in on the level, but they carried on!
  3. Scotts Float Sluice. Tidal entrance to the River Rother, in Sussex. New floodgates and double radial gate lock built 1984, downstream of original sluice.
  4. Barmby Barrage Lock - new tidal entrance lock onto Derwent.
  5. That was to be TNC 24 Hour Challenge. Start at bottom W21 at Midnight, then Spon Lane, Smethwick, Farmers Bridge, Aston, Perry Bar, Ryders Green, then out on the W&B. It was planned that way, so that W21 and Tardebigge done in the dark, when no other boats about. The challenge was stopped 24 hours before, due to the demise of W21 Lk20. Yes, the few remaining TNC Members are prob past it now.
  6. AFAIK Harefield Marina polytunnel would accomodate a 13ft wide boat
  7. A month or so ago our lift booking was delayed a couple of hours, due to back log from the sump pump failure episode. Jason the chief honcho came out to apologise, especially as CaRT were unable to update mobile contact no, after telling them 2 times. He said funding in place for stoppage starting end of next season. They have done a drop test on the rams (left cassion up at night) and the seals are holding up, but will need to be replaced soon. This can be done with the rams in situ, but the cassions must be parked up on emergency frames, then disconnected. There is also a lot of corrosion to be attended to, as well as the guillotine seals. He said work will take at least 18 months, assuming nothing else found.
  8. We managed half an hour, as having done the Walsall Canal, we wanted to get to Pelsall that night.
  9. Search Ebay for Aquasignal, there is one listed
  10. He thought there had been another incident between the 2 boats. Steve was wrong side of other boats approaching the lock, as he was heading for that free mooring, but was beaten to it, but that did not excuse what happened. The locky said it was a shame as he acutaully read, and liked some of Steve's musings. Steve has owned NB Justice for rathger longer than the 23 years we have owned NB Earnest, so should know how to handle it. We are all getting a little passed it, we created a bit of a comedy incident, as I flung the stern rope, not over bollard, but into the water...twice. I don't know what the attraction of the moorings, that far from Henley central are...should you actually want to moor there. We managed 7 days on the Thames without mooring problems, or paying for a mooring.
  11. I know Steve, and was in two minds about this incident. A couple of months ago we passed thro Marsh Lock and the happy chappie locky recognised the TNC narrowboat. We had a good chat, the subject of Steve came up....he saw the whole incident.
  12. Not exactly, I think I have a spare set in the bilge, but I am not going over to Ireland anytime soon
  13. It is an Aquasignal Model40. I have them on my abandoned barge
  14. https://www.mdwoodtech.co.uk/ AFAIK this firm makes them for most of the major window manufacturers. We we going to use them in the failed "last boat project"
  15. We have a habit of taking some of the last pictures of historic ships. Asgard II, June 2008, Dublin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asgard_II
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