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  1. That will teach me to cut and paste. I was intrigued by the obvious fuel car, so Googled it that way.
  2. 818 & 820 cross Cypress Creek whilst hauling FEC121-20 from Jacksonville Bowden Yard to Miami Hialeah, 21 Nov 2017. On 9 November 2017, the Florida East Coast Railroad officially unveiled its modified fleet of 24 GE ES44AC locomotives, to run on LNG, which operate in pairs with a purpose-built fuel tender supplied by Chart Industries, United States.
  3. Thanks for that. Even better for me was the link to the last steam Woolwich ferries. Many a happy trip on these with my grandad, who worked in the docks. That smell of hot oil, steam and churned Thames water came flooding back.
  4. A sad loss to the Irish Waterway community. I first met Brian virtually on the canals list and uk.rec. He was a true gentleman and generous with his time and knowledge. We soon became firm friends and he introduced me and the TNC crew to the Irish waterways, often driving us (sometimes at immense speed in his Subaru!) around all of Ireland to show us the latest restoration, or interesting bit of waterway. One memorable trip was a rather speedy trip down the Grand, into Dublin, where we got accused of "intimidating" the Waterways Ireland staff! On another occasion we got involved in an IWAI Branch waterways quiz. Brian was on our team, and due to his knowledge we trounced the other teams...even though they were using their phones, under the table! Brian at the controls of his mighty barge - Knocknagow
  5. That would be 1972 in a Dawncraft Dandy, hardly any draught. I have tried a few times in our own boats and always failed at the gravel bar. This years tour included a trip up the Golley. We watched from the basin as an AngloWelsh hire boat made a bold (unintentional) attempt at getting further. After much trashing a private boat came out of the basin and snatched them off.
  6. TNC Trip up Wandle/BellCreek in 2006. The half tide weir was inoperable then and kept in down position. Local TNC member had done reccy at LW, to check out obstructions. http://www.tuesdaynightclub.co.uk/Tour_06/Tour06_Deptford_Creek_Wandle.html
  7. So sorry to hear this. Bruce was one of the Old School internet boaters and will be missed by many.
  8. My money is on the next lock up, Newton Top No23, GU Leics Line, Taken from Lock No24 Picture taken a couple of weeks ago. It would appear that the rear extension to the lock cottage is recent.
  9. I have already bought one of these for my new build: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/4908854 Bush AG56TB 50cm Twin Cavity Gas Cooker - Black 490/8854 - £219. 50cm wide, 60cm deep, 90cm high. It DOES come with lpg jets and is an easy conversion. ffd's on all burners. Twin cavity, NO GLASS LID, NO FAN and easy conversion from 240vac ignition to 12vdc. using this; https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/ignition-conversion-kit-12v-series-9-hob-gc-154 I also converted lamp in main cavity to 12v, with a high temp bulb I had floating about (these now seem hard to get) Over hanging back corners, mean it will be easy to bolt down. Bench tested at home. Seems quite well built, better than the New World on the barge.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Just imagine the fun we are going to have in Ireland, where 8 miles of the Shannon-Erne waterway is the border and even the locals would be hard put to find the border in the Upper Erne. Spot the "UK"/EU border (one of the Upper Erne "loops")
  12. I had the same trouble, when you get to a certain age things like this really bug you. For years I remembered a ghostly tv series with weird credits - abandoned night scene of funfair in full swing, with no one present. Someone on a random group told me what it was!
  13. The only series I remember somewhat like you describe is: http://cult-tv-lounge.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-gold-robbers.html
  14. The first image shows the end a couple of weeks ago. It there is a water point to that side (extreme left of image) then I would not attempt to get to it. The mooring the other side had at least one supermarket trolley. This is why we (To Mrs TNC's disappointment) did not stop for lunch. The other image shows the view from the end.
  15. It was certainly very navigable a few weeks ago. Any weed up to HLY had been trashed, mostly by their fat hire boat. OK up to around St Mary's Road Bridge No9. From here to the end (easy wind) there was a lot of blanket weed mixed with a little plastic, just do this on tick-over. No idea if the water tap is still there, we did no stop. One of our fastest passages, only two trips down the weed hatch!
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