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  1. mayalld

    RNLI -Petition

    It's things like this that actually make me more inclined to side with the volunteers. The "joyride" didn't involve these two, it was an incident at a completely different station. The fact that they choose to put out a statement which mentions all the various issues around the stations in the same statement strikes me as an attempt to get the public to assume that each affected volunteer had been involved in all the alleged wrongdoing. It is a tactic that has clearly worked well, because you consider the joyride a key point in the case of two volunteers who were stood down for the mug incident, and had nothing to do with the joyride,
  2. mayalld

    RNLI -Petition

    Have you ever visited the RNLI at Whitby? I am guessing not, because whilst MOST lifeboat stations take visitors, Whitby does not. In Whitby, the old lifeboat station is where visitors go, and where the shop is (it actually has a great exhibition in there). The new lifeboat station is on the other side of the river and isn't open to the public. Clearly, there is spin on both sides here. However, a reasonable summary of the situation seems to be that two volunteers were asked to remove the mugs, and they felt that the reaction to the mugs was a gross overreaction, and that they then took to social media to vent their feelings about the management, and were stood down for doing so. It is a common feature of many volunteer organisations that any attempt to drag a dispute into the public eye will see a parting of the ways. The issue here is largely around the modern trend of trying to manage volunteers just as you would manage paid employees. It doesn't work.
  3. mayalld

    How Often Do You Visit Coffee Houses

    The thing that always puzzles me about Yorkshire Tea is that in all the times I've been to Harrogate, I have never seen a Tea Plantation. I suspect that they are importing tea from outside Yorkshire.
  4. mayalld

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    Please sir, may I present (again) my proposal for "The Wardle No 2 Canal" This marvellous new feat of canal engineering would leave the Trent and Mersey below the Booth Lane flight (BEFORE that nasty bridge under Booth Lane), and join the Middlewich Branch between Stanthorne and Minshull locks. This would relieve congestion at Middlewich Junction, as most boats on the 4 Counties and boats to and from Llangollen from the south would take the new route whilst Cheshire Ring traffic and boats for Llangollen from the North would go via Middlewich Junction. Some minor adjustments to the Pound levels may be needed, but this should be a lock-free diversion that creates a version of the four counties ring with 4 fewer locks (should make it more do-able in a hire-boat week). This wouldn't entirely sort the congestion. That would require duplicating Minshull and Cholmoldeston locks. If there is any cash left over, then the Wardle No2, instead of forming a T-Junction with the Middlewich Branch could form a crossroads, with a lock flight into Winsford Flashes. Oh, hello Nurse!
  5. mayalld

    New CRT Logo - Discuss

    Actually, there is a lot more sense in that than you might imagine! The simple fact is that (whatever the powerpoint presentation that Tarquin and Jeremy knocked up to justify their fee says), a new logo will not change the impression that people have of CRT directly. What it will do is gain exposure as people talk about the change, and even negative publicity is a shoe in the door to talk to the press. They are already trotting out the "no additional cost" line to kill the negative publicity and drive the story where they want it. All I can say on that front is that if the design work was done from "existing marketing budgets", then there are 3 options to consider; 1) Has something that SHOULD have been done from the marketing budget not been done? 2) Has something that should have been done from the marketing budget been paid for from another budget? 3) If they can do everything that they should do from the marketing budget and do this, doesn't that mean the budget was inflated to pay for this. I quite like a campaign of "correcting" the logo (with easily removable stickers that don't cause damage). but which logo to return to? The swan is still a registered trademark, but the bridge and bullrushes and the waves are fair game.
  6. mayalld

    Marple re-opening put back again

    Went past at the weekend, and the amount of stone still piled up didn't bode well for an early opening.
  7. mayalld

    Boater Graffiti

    Making ends meet would be easier if they didn't buy tins of spray paint!
  8. mayalld

    C&RT Seize Pensioners Boat 27th March

    What I find interesting is that the Baton Twirling Association have taken up cudgels against CRT (as is their wont), to tell us that CRT are dreadful, picking on a vulnerable individual, yet I cannot find a single example of them EVER saying that CRT was justified, because the (ex-)boater was just taking the proverbial. Basically, their standpoint is that anybody who doesn't pay or doesn't play by the rules must have a good reason for it, and should just be allowed to do as they please, with the cost of their licences distributed amongst those who do pay. I might have SOME respect for them if I felt that they accepted that there must be rules, and expected something different only for genuine cases of NEED (rather than WANT). I would have even more respect if they chose to do something instead of bleating. If they believe that some people cannot pay for a licence, and need to have it paid for them, can they not stick their hands in their pockets to pay for the licence. It is very easy to demand that all boaters pay for this, less easy to actually contribute to a fund and decide who is actually deserving. Here is an idea. Let us have a fund, administered by boaters to which we can all make voluntary contributions (yes I would contribute). That fund can be used to pay for licences where boaters (not CRT) accept that there is genuine need. At the same time, CRT adopt a zero-tolerance approach to unlicenced boats. How would that play out? Well, CRT would get more income from licences, and could hold the charges lower, which would mean that I actually get my voluntary contribution back in lower licence charges. The boating organisations would need to decide who was ACTUALLY deserving, to keep within their means, and because if they were seen to buy licences for the undeserving, people would stop contributing. I actually see NBTA as the bad guys here. They could have helped to ensure that the guy kept his boat, but that didn't suit their purposes. From their point of view the guy being evicted is far more useful to the cause than actually doing something.
  9. I think that numbers that were off the register before the first extract for the boat listing are missing. Our old boat was 52690 and isn't there
  10. Quite! I know a (former) driver who had three such occurrences in his driving career, after which he was deemed permanently unfit for further driving duties due to the stress caused. He now works in the ticket office (on driver wages).
  11. In the days of Nelson, there was a strong incentive not to fall in the water, because ship would not (could not) turn back to look for you, and in any case most sailors couldn't swim.
  12. mayalld


    I think you mean; may have to go home and "work from home" this afternoon.
  13. mayalld

    Owner fit outs

    From our manual of our DIY fit-out;
  14. mayalld

    Who do you bank with?

    Martins Bank didn't become Midland! Martins Bank was taken over by Barclays.
  15. mayalld

    Brexit 2017

    Well actually we didn't have a referendum on joining anything. We did have a referendum on whether to stay in the common market. It seems fair enough that if the club you joined has changed a great deal over more than 40 years you make a new decision. That is rather different to not liking the result and wanting an immediate rerun

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