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  1. Was still fenced yesterday. Will drive up later!
  2. They would pay input VAT at 20% but charge output VAT at 5%, so they should be charging at the 5% rate
  3. Due to circumstances occupying the entire family (my Mother-in-law had a stroke before Christmas, and passed away a month ago), it has been a late start to the boating year for us. Never before has our first trip of the year been in May. But May it was, for the post winter shakedown cruise. My Vetus started first time, and no engine troubles are reported (just a failed shower drain pump for me). Not so for Stepdaughter and Son-in-Law! Last year, he removed the high output alternator, and returned to the original, because it was shredding belts. On start-up, got the tell-tale screech of a slipping belt at anything over tickover. Cured by disconnecting the battery management system and reconnecting after an hour. Permanent fix installed by way of a switch in the magic lead, to stop the BMS deregulating the alternator until the battery has been charged a bit, and the moisture is gone from the belt and pulleys. But I get ahead of myself. Starting was a problem in itself. Turning the key produced lots of thudunk thudunk, but no whirr whirr. In time honoured "take your life into your hands" mode, a big screwdriver was deployed across the back of the solenoid, and lots of whirr whirr ensued. We even avoided accidentally earthing the screwdriver and welding it in situ. So, feeling pleased with self at having diagnosed the issue as the solenoid contacts. Doesn't actually help with engine starting during weekend out (screwdriver too dangerous in hands of Son-in-Law). No chance of a solenoid on Saturday Morning, so thinking caps on, and box of spares out. Spare battery leads and spare isolator switch look just the job, and duly fashioned into temporary contactor. In fitting, use multimeter to discover that main isolators do not isolate starter feed. Battery off and temporary contactor added. Battery back on, and by jove it works! Turn ignition key, insert red key, and engine turns. Works like a dream on Saturday and Sunday. So, this morning, poised at the ready with red key in hand. Turn ignition key, and it turns over without the temporary switch being actuated. Alleluia, the solenoid has been healed, or has it.... Release key, and starter continues to turn. Bugger, the knackered contacts in the solenoid have not only found an electrical path, the have welded themselves on. Mad race to disconnect battery. Thinking cap on REALLY hard now, and eureka moment. If we remove all the positive connection from the feed side of the solenoid, and bolt them all together (including the cable to the temp contactor, the welded solenoid contacts won't matter. It works, the engine starts. So, on return remove solenoid, and marvel at the fact that aftermarket replacements replace about 10 different Lucas Models. What was different about the 10 Lucas solenoids that got them different numbers? So, Auto Electrical Spares say that their "131786 Starter solenoid replaces Lucas TOB128 , 2M113 , M45G" Is also good as a replacement for this 77021. Time will tell. Really hoping that it is internally compatible, so that I can fit it with the plunger from the original solenoid still in place so as to avoid having to unship the actual starter motor. Fun weekend all in all!
  4. Yes, we have had neighbours that were a PITA, but with long term moorers in a marina, they either toe the line, or they are asked to leave, so the problem vanishes, and you end up with neighbours who are fine who stay for many months. A constant stream of airbnb users wouldn't have the same checks and balances, and if the marina I am in allowed it, I would move to a marina that doesn't allow it. You make choices about security risks to YOUR property, but when you airbnb in a marina you are making choices about your neighbours security too, and it isn't just your clients that are at issue. As soon as you start having random people in the marina, strangers don't stand out like a sore thumb any more, and people start to assume that the guy who is looking to break into boats is just one of your airbnb clients. If people seem unenthusiastic, it would be because however good it may be for you, it is bad for your neighbours, and we've all heard the same idea hundreds of times before.
  5. Paying up front leaves me light on beer money for my birthday celebrations. I will be a significant age this year, and will wish to buy beer,
  6. It isn't about getting a better return. It is about an even cashflow for me. Paying out big lump sums doesn't fit well with receiving a fixed sum each month, and I would rather not have the hassle of moving money about. When the discount was 10% it felt worth the effort. At 5% it doesn't.
  7. I have swapped to monthly DD. 5% isn't sufficient incentive to hand the cash over up front
  8. I suspect that the point is that even if the safety issue isn't a BSS checklist item, it will be within the scope of a BSS examiner's competence to inspect it and confirm that the issue has gone away. If it is not, then I would expect that CRT would offer to inspect the work once done.
  9. The point is that breach of planning enforcement is a serious matter, but not having permission isn't. If you have been told "no" you must not do. If you haven't been told either way (and indeed if you haven't asked), you can do, but at the risk that you might be told no down the line. So, if you moor to a farmers field, and he has never applied for planning permission for a mooring, no offence is committed. If the Local Authority then notices, and decides to say "sorry, but you can't have a mooring here", then carrying on mooring would be an offence. If they don't notice, or notice but don't care, then eventually you can get deemed permission because you've been openly doing it for years
  10. The key thing here is that the mooring must be available. If the OP is no longer paying for the mooring, the mooring owner will doubtless let it to somebody else. It has ceased to be available (both in practical terms because somebody else is there, and in strict legal terms, because the owner isn't going to let the OP return and use a mooring he doesn't pay for). As CRT know how many boats a mooring can accommodate, they will soon notice that the mooring has more boats registered than can moor there, and can ask the owner what is going on
  11. On this occasion, I would agree wholeheartedly with your view of the Volunteer, and of the sarcasm that drips from certain posts here. Both are wrong. Might I suggest, however, that upon the second point, there are times when you yourself are less than well behaved in this respect!!
  12. No they aren't. Some may be doing it for that reason. Some may actually BE helpful. Unfortunately, some have the desire to help, but lack the skills to do so. It is not incumbent upon any of us to be grateful for the imposition of unhelpful help. Still others just want to play with the locks. I can see the attraction (I want to do that too). Should I be grateful that somebody wants to volunteer to do something that I actually want to do myself. And finally we have the failed traffic wardens, who just want to boss other people around.
  13. But surely not! After all, last year they emptied most of the upper pound of the PF/Macc onto the playing fields in Bollington, when the temporary repair failed again. After they made another temporary repair, they said that a permanent repair would follow, and over the winter they have..... Oh yeah, that's right, they haven't done a permanent repair, so it will probably happen all over again come May.
  14. Sounds like you were hoping for a reply that says they can't charge you, and you aren't happy with responses that say they can.
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