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  1. The point is that breach of planning enforcement is a serious matter, but not having permission isn't. If you have been told "no" you must not do. If you haven't been told either way (and indeed if you haven't asked), you can do, but at the risk that you might be told no down the line. So, if you moor to a farmers field, and he has never applied for planning permission for a mooring, no offence is committed. If the Local Authority then notices, and decides to say "sorry, but you can't have a mooring here", then carrying on mooring would be an offence. If they don't notice, or notice but don't care, then eventually you can get deemed permission because you've been openly doing it for years
  2. The key thing here is that the mooring must be available. If the OP is no longer paying for the mooring, the mooring owner will doubtless let it to somebody else. It has ceased to be available (both in practical terms because somebody else is there, and in strict legal terms, because the owner isn't going to let the OP return and use a mooring he doesn't pay for). As CRT know how many boats a mooring can accommodate, they will soon notice that the mooring has more boats registered than can moor there, and can ask the owner what is going on
  3. On this occasion, I would agree wholeheartedly with your view of the Volunteer, and of the sarcasm that drips from certain posts here. Both are wrong. Might I suggest, however, that upon the second point, there are times when you yourself are less than well behaved in this respect!!
  4. No they aren't. Some may be doing it for that reason. Some may actually BE helpful. Unfortunately, some have the desire to help, but lack the skills to do so. It is not incumbent upon any of us to be grateful for the imposition of unhelpful help. Still others just want to play with the locks. I can see the attraction (I want to do that too). Should I be grateful that somebody wants to volunteer to do something that I actually want to do myself. And finally we have the failed traffic wardens, who just want to boss other people around.
  5. But surely not! After all, last year they emptied most of the upper pound of the PF/Macc onto the playing fields in Bollington, when the temporary repair failed again. After they made another temporary repair, they said that a permanent repair would follow, and over the winter they have..... Oh yeah, that's right, they haven't done a permanent repair, so it will probably happen all over again come May.
  6. Sounds like you were hoping for a reply that says they can't charge you, and you aren't happy with responses that say they can.
  7. Lawyers need to eat too! I suspect that it would indeed be a moot point, but they would have a go to pile the pressure on
  8. In general, this is true, but there are some limited circumstances in which trespass is a criminal offence, and trespass on railway property is one of those Section 16, Railway Regulation Act 1840
  9. It is far from clear that they are insured against this risk.
  10. Yes, the payments are staged, but whether that money is sat in the account, or still to be made, it is money that they can't spend again. I'm sure that it is unfeeling, but equally Nantes have to pay money out to the club that they bought him from. At the end of the day, somebody is going to lose out financially, and it will be bad news for them.
  11. Do you understand it yet? Cardiff City have just spent a very significant amount of money, more than they have ever spent before, and the guy dies in a tragic accident. So, they don't have the star player, and they don't have £15 million to go off and spend on another player
  12. Damn, looks like I'm going to be outbid! I thought I'd get it no problem for £1,74
  13. All this negativity! I've put in a very good offer for this boat.
  14. Or not. By ourselves, we have some influence with the rest of the world (but not that much) As a member of a club of 28, the club has lots of influence, because 28 countries have handed it that influence. However, if what the club is doing isn't actually what we want it to do, then it is using our influence in the opposite way to how we want to use it.
  15. mayalld


    I am always reminded of what my dad said when I was young, and he asked me to pass him a half-inch spanner. I looked through the metric spanners, and asked which one was nearest to the right size. He responded "half inch - use the correct spanner, not a nearly right one"
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