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  1. Well, speaking personally, when I go on a cruise, I do like a balcony cabin. I NEVER use their excursions (either do my own thing or sit in a beach bar), and usually travel with friends, so I share a table with people I know and like. Dining at the Captain's table has pretty well vanished these days as well
  2. And Italy 09-March 463. UK 23-March 335. If its a blip, its a 2-day blip. Let's hope!
  3. A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it; and “thief” and “steal” shall be construed accordingly. Theft Act 1968 The moorer has no absolute right to moor. What right he has devolves upon him by virtue of a contract entered into with the Marina Owner and is contingent upon the terms of that contract.
  4. Well, if you were to accuse a marina or CRT of theft, that would be defamatory, because they have not stolen anything
  5. You have made many previous posts. None of them have made any sense.
  6. Nope, you signed a contract in its totality. You don't get to decide that you don't like some bits of it after the event. Or rather you can, but the marina owner can then decide that he doesn't like the bit about you being allowed to moor there.
  7. Courts evict people all the time who haven't broken any law. No breach of the law is required, just a breach of the contract. And (not that it is remotely relevant to whether the court would evict), the boat could be kept on hardstanding or floated in a marina that doesn't require a licence (and there are many of them)
  8. The boat owner can remove his boat in any way he sees fit, that could be by crane.
  9. Nobody (except you) is suggesting that anybody can be prosecuted for not having a licence in a marina. What can be done is that the marina owner can evict the boat from his marina, on the basis that the boat owner has breached his contract.
  10. We have already established that licences are not a statutory requirement in marinas, but are a contractual requirement in some marinas. Enforcement is by the usal remedies for breach of contract, nit by means of statutory powers. There are quite a lot of marinas where a licence is not required.
  11. Yes it does. Go any buy your moorings from somebody who doesn't have a requirement for you to licence your boat
  12. At the point he signed the contract, he was a landowner, not a marina owner. He could have done many things with his land. He chose to build a marina, knowing that he would have to enter into this contract. That is the way contracts work.
  13. Your contract is with the marina. The content of contracts that you are not a party to is, frankly, none of your business. It is a fundamental of contract law that if I impose a condition on you by contract, you must where necessary impose that condition in contracts with others. Let us assume that you are a landlord, and you rent a property to me. In the lease (a contract), you prohibit smoking, but you allow subletting. I sublet the property. I must impose the no smoking restriction. Not because I have decided to, but because it has been imposed on me by somebody else.
  14. And with every passing day, the utter bilge that you spout gets more ridiculous. Let me correct your sentence for you; It is the moorer's right to be able to moor the boat on private property, with the permission of the owner of that property, free of the enforcement of the licence requirements. And I will add that it is the right of the owner to make that permission contingent upon anything that he damn well pleases, without having to justify why he imposes that condition to the moorer.
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