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  1. Sadly, we have but a single fixed bell with a rope pulling the clapper, so we can't really do much in campanological terms. We did, however join the nationwide ringing at 12:30 yesterday with our single bell (in preference to putting out the recorded peal of bells). As the clapper only strikes one side, we can't ring half muffled, so we rang yesterday without muffles, as the spontaneous ringing 100 years ago was to celebrate the armistice. In contrast, back in August 2014, we rang fully muffled to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI
  2. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    Well, that seems to have quietened down. Any more last minute votes?
  3. mayalld

    Drunk in Charge (fined £830)

    I think you mean to MISQUOTE Stanley Holloway. I feel sure that Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom were unimpressed by the Ocean rather than the River
  4. mayalld

    Nelson end of an era

    Now, there's a thing! I have been known to take the family to the Strines Inn. I shall have to wear a false beard in case you spot me!!
  5. mayalld

    Drunk in Charge (fined £830)

    Says the only person in recent memory to have been prosecuted for and convicted of a BW bye-law offence!
  6. mayalld

    Drunk in Charge (fined £830)

    This is a bye-law offence, and is prosecuted by CRT laying a complaint before a magistrate. No police involved. I suspect that this would be something that would be a useful use of time in some areas that have complained of a particular booze cruise problem.
  7. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    :-) The beauty of it is that I am just me, and can do as I please. Nobody pays me any licence fees, so I consider myself free to conduct my business not subject to the public scrutiny that CRT are subject to.
  8. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    I will be progressing things in my own way!
  9. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    Could it be that the change in attitude mirrors a change in performance from CRT? This rather mirrors what I said in the other thread. The site doesn't have a pro-CRT or anti-CRT stance. It (collectively) has a balanced view, that reflects the current performance
  10. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    I will undertake to send the results to CRT and ask for their comments
  11. mayalld

    Fake news on NBW

    FOI is sometimes about the deterrent effect. Knowing that their actions can be scrutinised, there is a school of thought that those subject to FOI might take better care what they decide to do. Naturally that deterrent effect kicks in once they have been caught out once or twice. Organisations that have something to hide will try to evade requests, so a failure to answer is often just as damning as the answer they are avoiding giving. I wholeheartedly agree with the point around vexatious requests, and as such I make very few requests.
  12. mayalld

    Fake news on NBW

    Accurate translation: It is none of your business what I have and have not done. You and your rabid anti-CRT mates may see it as necessary to grandstand all the time. I do not. Some things I do privately, and sometimes I explore other avenues. At all times, I avoid sharing information about what I might do next with those who might publish it to my detriment.
  13. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    Happily, nobody is getting £50k for this survey
  14. mayalld

    Fake news on NBW

    I have done a poll. do feel free to answer
  15. mayalld

    How are CRT doing

    In another thread, this site has been accused of being pro-CRT, and there was a suggestion of a poll with two options. Well, we know how well two option polls work, so that isn't what you get from me!

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