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  1. Yes I was referring to boats that have the proper registration/licence. I believe EA can only give you a permanent Thames registration if you have a home mooring. Only other option is a gold licence which involves CRT of course. Obviously some/many don't have anything.
  2. They presumably have a home mooring somewhere they use for winter, as the only way to CC on the Thames is with a CRT licence or Gold licence, which I don't *think* you can get without being able to go on CRT water and satisfy the CRT you are doing the necessary range etc? And they seem to big to do any cruising on CRT canals...?
  3. This is encouraging if it is Beale park that have removed the no mooring signs (and not boaters that removed them). I emailed Beale park a month or so ago to ask more about the mooring ban, as rumours were starting to circulate on facebook that the ban was brought in because of boats overstaying, which just didn't make sense for several reasons. Surprisingly Beale park responded with a very nice and detailed email explaining that the ban was essentially because of rubbish left during the 'lockdown heatwave' period and cars blocking the lane at Lower Basildon. They made no mention of overstaying (I asked specifically about this) and reading between the lines I got the impression they knew the rubbish was almost entirely from people arriving by car, but were powerless to prevent access in this way, the only power they had was to ban moorings. They said they very much hoped it would be temporary. I suggested the problem would resolve itself once the weather turned and people had more options of places to go with pubs opening etc. So I hope that the problem with rubbish has resolved itself and the park have quietly suspended the ban on mooring, having realised boats were not the main problem...?
  4. Something nice on the waterways today (/couple of evenings ago)
  5. Please ask them what on earth happened😂
  6. This is assuming they were young boaters? Equally likely both boaters involved have both been boating so long they are always in the right (and possibly lost a bit of grey matter up top too 😂)
  7. I have a feeling restoration work is on going on the Suffolk Stour? Read something about it in WW
  8. This is the bit I've wondered about too when considering blacking the baseplate. No point doing any of it if you can't do all of it. In a dry dock this would mean refloating several times which they surely don't do.
  9. Yes those locks would be Roundham and Kidlington Green. Roundham is in an appalling state but is scheduled for complete replacement in Nov. Kidlington isn't. A wooden bollard on the upstream landing has also snapped off here.
  10. Also, if you ask nicely and pay up front they are ok with longer than 24 hours. Or they were a few years ago.
  11. That's cos all the posh shiny boats have to turn back towards Napton/Braunston once they get as far as Cropredy/Banbury or Heyford cos they heard rumours there are scruffy liveaboards in Oxford🤣
  12. Exactly this^^! I think another factor this year, along with it being so busy, is the slightly unpredictable mooring patterns. I've noticed spots that are usually popular and hard to find space at sometimes empty (I think many still are anxious to avoid pubs or towns) whilst spots normally empty in the middle of nowhere have been rammed. I suspect this may have thrown some people's plans and their usual cruising pattern (when we were marina based it was nice to be able to know the usual stops for the first 2 or 3 nights that space was more or less guaranteed at even late evening, allowing us to push on with an ambitious itinerary etc). I expect the anxiety of not knowing where space was guaranteed might make some in a rush?😅🤔
  13. I'm not convinced about the crossed pins. Spring lines of course, but at least one of the pins in a crossed pins arrangement is going to be at the wrong angle to the rope. Plus i could imagine the action of banging in the second pin having an effect like a garden fork does in loosening the surrounding ground? I've been in fairly soft mud during storms/speeding boats etc with 4xsingle pins for bow and stern spring lines and never had problems. I can see how crossed pins might deter vandals pulling out pins (but don't they just untie ropes?). I have seen crossed pins without spring lines getting pulled out.
  14. Well it isn't wall to wall armco like some midland canals granted, but if you think the Oxford doesn't have much mooring don't ever go to the K&A😅
  15. I agree the vegetation is worse in some places of the South Oxford, but it was always pretty wild and had sections of reeds making it single channel eg below Northbrook and Allen's locks 10 years ago even. But it still has plenty of moorings? Or did you mean moorings were busy? Its not like the K&A or Huddersfield narrow where you can count the moorings on one hand😅
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