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  1. You'd probably also be breaking the relevant navigation authority bylaws if you had a boat moored so that it was out in the main navigation channel...
  2. I suppose it would be trespass and haven't the Tories now made that more illegal/given the police a lot more power to deal with it?
  3. Seen on Facebook that the local council have decided to ban all mooring here despite their own survey suggesting retaining mooring was the most popular option! Sad day for all boaters, liveaboards or not, when mooring sites are lost.
  4. A significant proportion do move. But regardless...when they retire some/many will hopefully go on to become the hobby boaters of the midlands and continue to keep the system alive🤞😁
  5. Except in London and the K&A where younger generations are taking to the canals...If only CRT and other boating organisations could find a way to make this work betrer and work across the country???
  6. Have always been impressed by the running of the Avon. Sounds like the navigation took some serious punishment in the floods! At least it is opening soon...the Kennet is still too fast to move ?
  7. I don't use much. They just run a 12v fridge, lights and water pump. And the inverter for an hour or so every other day to charge the laptop etc. It does need to be very sunny and absolutely no shade to get to 100% in Dec. I have a monocrystaline 3 panel/495 watt set up with 4 x 110a batteries...It honestly is amazing. 9 months of the year have more electricity than I can use even with the inverter on as often as I want.
  8. I've never needed to do this with mine. Its rare to have a mooring which is so open you get the sun on the panels all day so there is always one way that is best to have them pointing. And if it's sunny and panels aren't in the shade they always get the batteries back to 100% even in December!
  9. The numerous swing and lift bridges create pinch points... I really like the Trent & Mersey for its sheer variety. Cities, towns, villages, rural isolation. Wide locks, narrow locks, tunnels, long lock free stretches...the list goes on! Also easy to moor almost anywhere on it compared to the K&A or Shroppie for example.
  10. I think it is the perceived lack of places to moor that puts most folks off the Thames. The adjacent canals are as busy as ever. But as the average age of boaters increases they don't want to do long days or have big climbs/jumps to high or shallow banks so don't want adventurous wild moorings.
  11. Always more saddening to hear of this happening in surprising places that seem like they should be relatively crime free! Almost makes me feel like moving back to London! It also sounds like stripping a boat like this would take a long time...were the boats in question left unattended for some days? Presumably done overnight too? ?
  12. I quite enjoyed his books and was very surprised to later see some of his online comments on Facebook groups were pretty narrow minded and aggressive; and now saddened to see the shocking behaviour in the video.
  13. You're welcome! I, likewise, have no knowledge of the pumpout charges!
  14. If you are talking specifically about charges at private marinas then you are wrong, many will charge up to £4 to empty an elsan , some even if you are spending a lot of money or taking a temporary mooring!
  15. I completely agree many people spend far too much time on smart phones and social media causes a lot of mental health/anxiety issues for teens especially. But to say the world's finances won't recover (actually they have-we don't feel it in the UK perhaps because of austerity?) and it's the biggest cause of accidents is a stretch?
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