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  1. Water point not working at Calcutt

    Out of interest do CRT go around and turn off water pipes if it is really cold to stop them freezing and getting damaged?

    There is a chap called Warren who runs a mobile pump out boat based in Apsley but covering a stretch of the southern grand union. Think the boat is something like Nb Piccot. Sorry i dont know more, being an elsan boat I never looked into his services or how to get in touch. Try on the London boaters Facebook or Google?
  3. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    Yes missed that..oops!
  4. River level Sawley

    Nells bridge is south of Banbury so you have a way from the start of the South Oxford.
  5. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    Yes definitely the end of the Slough arm. I'm ashamed I let myself be talked out of going right to the end by tales of the rubbish to be found there by some local boaters in Uxbridge/Langley, turning after the Langley moorings instead. Hopefully the London mooring strategy plans for regeneration and services at Slough will help.
  6. Silver Propeller - How Many Have You Done?

    Yes I was thinking the same, the Ashby, Caldon and Wendover are pretty well used I think. I would have substituted them with the head of the Derwent, other end of the Weaver, and the head of the Lancaster...
  7. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    In theory the Ashton should have loads of water as it gets everything going down the Huddersfield and the Peak Forest...I think it is mostly mismanagement of locks that is to blame
  8. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    Yes anticlockwise makes most sense. Yet last time we did it clockwise and I'm trying to remember what the reason was. One benefit was chatting to neighbours in castlefields basin the night before doing the Rochdale 9 which meant we found a boat to share them with. But I'd go anticlockwise as others said and overnight at Dukinfield junction before doing the Ashton early morning. Telford basin (Or the towpath adjacent) is a nice stop if you don't fancy going right to Castlefields in a day. Have a good trip
  9. Oxford moorings

    Never had a problem finding a 48h mooring in Oxford, usually Jericho above Islip lock, as they have turned the whole of Oxford into short stay to try and discourage liveaboards
  10. Bristol floating harbour

  11. Bristol floating harbour

    Are there any good overnight spots on the Avon between Bath and Bristol? Don't mind being tied to trees etc so long as the dog can get off...
  12. Standedge tunnel.

    This makes sense! I'll bear it in mind
  13. Standedge tunnel.

    And if you have to empty the lock first the turbulence doesn't bang the boat into the gates?
  14. Trip around London

    Plenty that do much more than that though.
  15. Standedge tunnel.

    I guess you can leave the boat in one lock while you set the next and theb go straight from lock to lock (in most places). What about the few longer pounds though e.g. above and below staylbridge? What do you do with the boat when emptying the next lock if you can't tie it off to something? Is tying the bow line onto something enough for the turbulence of emptying the lock if you have nudged up to the bottom gates? Curious as I'd be single handing if I go that way again...