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  1. Also a sad reminder that repairing the winter flood damage to waterways across the country will be severely hampered by the virus.
  2. The rumour mill/towpath telegraph here suggests this has been done to stop gongoozlers as much as anything else (plus you can get full services either side of all these lock flights so boaters not inconvenienced too much)
  3. I dont think you are reading my posts correctly or else im not explaining myself well. I also sincerely doubt CRT are getting any special advice from gov't. They will be left to interpret the advice and orders as best as the rest of us. I also doubt they have any kind of contingency plan for this situation. It's nothing like a drought. And for the third time I dont doubt there may be closures of certain infrastructure, in particular staff intensive ones that aren't crucial for access to facilities. Like Caen hill, Watford, various longer tunnels...all i was asking was that CRT share this as soon as they know.
  4. You are still allowed out for exercise and I could imagine in some people's situations making a short drive to somewhere they can walk without meeting others more sensible than from the front door on what maybe a busy pavement.
  5. By which you mean use of boats for leisure? Which would/should result in police action. No reason for CRT to really get involved other than for purposes of licence identification/details. Certainly the punishment is not going to be denying other uninvolved boaters access to water etc by padlocking gates.
  6. I never said I didn't think specific parts of the waterways would close. Far from it. In other posts I've mentioned asking CRT to give advance warning of exactly this. I'm well aware many parts of the system where staff or volunteers are required to help boats may have to close or go to reduced opening. My comment about no padlocks was aimed at those who seemed to earlier be gloating over everyone having to remain exactly where they were with no movement whatsoever. Fortunately CRT have the sense to see how this would make no sense!
  7. Anyone else pleasantly surprised by the calm, measured and sensible response from CRT to the lockdown? No more nor less than they needed to do. Any actual enforecement is wisely being left to the police. All that hysteria about padlocks appearing on every lock in the system was fortunately misplaced. Essential navigation for facilities for liveaboards can sensibly continue.
  8. Yes good point that would be fine, just asking them to try and publish a list in advance.
  9. The first sensible response so far🤣 I'll be fine where I am for 3 weeks or so but after that will move my boat to empty the toilet. Essential journeys will be permitted and CRT aren't going to padlock every lock in the country. They don't have the manpower. The army will have their work cut out in the cities and towns and manning makeshift tent hospitals etc
  10. Yes this is true (and is also referring to shops struggling to cope too). Few canals are really in remote areas that have limited resources. Saw a ridiculous post on london boaters facebook where someone was complaining about boats heading out of central London to the suburbs for this reason. However this obviously only applies to leisure boating by people who have a primary residence elsewhere. Some degree of navigation is going to be needed so liveaboards don't have to raft up on water points and spread virus to everyone! Nevermind getting to diesel and pump out if the lockdown goes on ages. On a separate note have emailed CRT to ask about feasibility of them making some kind of list of the places navigation is likely to be suspended first so boaters are forewarned (eg summit pounds that need pumps or places where boaters can't self operate)🤞
  11. No not if you don't touch your mouth or face. Or you can wear gloves. It's not hard. I don't touch my face anyway when out boating as the ropes etc are all dirty virus or not. I reiterate that boating is far less risky than other essential trips like shops and petrol stations.
  12. Yes sorry...that bit was a general rant about here and Facebook. Agree but ironically again being a walk away means many more visits outside on the towpath to top up every day with a container than moving the boat once in 3 weeks would involve.
  13. Any lock down will permit necessary movement. I do expect CRT will have to change their last notice and discourage any non essential visits or use of canals but encouraging everyone to crowd in at services is really stupid. They may shut navigation in some places too where it doesnt provide access to services, eg across some summit pounds and in places where boaters can't self operate like some tunnels and river locks. I doubt they have planned it though if the gov't haven't!
  14. Not as simple as that. There aren't enough facilities for everyone to be a hosepipe length away from a tap. Surely everyone on here knows this! And this will only encourage crowding at prime spots and double mooring which is the last thing they should be doing. And what about getting diesel or a pump out?Even fewer places for that. It will also encourage an exodus of those liveaboards who have relatives etc in houses to move in with them which is also a really bad idea! Operating locks does not spread it provided you wash your hands or wear gloves even. It makes me sad how so many people are using coronavirus as an excuse to push their own selfish agendas, be it an excuse not to move every 14 days or an excuse to attack liveaboards
  15. This sounds like simple jealousy. You are at home and can't get to your holiday boat so think everyone who lives on a boat should do exactly what? What if they aren't moored near water etc? What do you propose they do? And can you explain how a boat moving spreads the virus?
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