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  1. I think the take home message is not to be driven to distraction or hysteria over surfaces, like the stories of people refusing to shut gates in farmers fields or spraying their shopping with bleach. I'd say there may also be a risk of attaining some false sense of security from obsessive behaviour over surface transmission that may lead to complacency with other things like spending too long or being too close when talking to others (masks or no masks).
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7333993/ An excellent read and hopefully understandable to non scientists.
  3. Asymptomatic carriers infect people when they are not taking precautions like a face mask and staying distanced. To say that everything they touch is infected is a little extreme. The surface transmission route is minor. There was a study a while back where scientists tried and failed to grow viable virus from indoor surfaces touched by infected people. I think it would help people to focus more on distancing and masks rather than quarantining their shopping for 3 days in the shed but yelling at the neighbours over the gate for 30 minutes🤦‍♂️
  4. Why are there 2 threads about them....They are good but not that good🤣
  5. It's their job, as has been covered ad nauseam on this thread. So it's allowed. CRT don't make guidance that covers this as far as I know. The reason the infection rate is so high is the government permitting so much more activity this time around (like religious services, construction work and schools/nurseries). Not 2 people moving about a bit on a boat.
  6. South Oxford closed at various points from Banbury southward due to flooding. River flowing into canal below Banbury lock and Shipton flood gate (the single gate before the bridge by Shipton Church) is closed. Some numpty obviously ignored the fact the river was in red leaving Aynho weir lock and is now stranded. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=216769546763823 And someone tried to go up through Banbury lock🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  7. Banbury also flooded and locks closed to run water down. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=216769546763823
  8. I watch them on and off and didn't see what they did during lockdown 1. If you live aboard it is certainly within the rules to move from a town (for shops etc) to rural area (for quieter towpaths) and no reason to keep winding and returning to the same town (in some places this may represent a longer trip than continuing in the same direction. Provided you have a couple of weeks say between visits to towns you arent really likely to be spreading covid from town to town, and back then there werent tiers of higher and lower prevelance.) But I'd be surprised if following this pattern allowed them
  9. I suppose good tv is important for keeping the masses indoors watching it😂
  10. Oh that's good news. Spending next year going round the top on the L&L west to east and wanted to do the smaller Pennine ring too. I just don't fancy reversing back down from the Marsden portal to the first winding hole if I dont fit. It was tight the last 2 times I did it which was without panels. But they are the fixed sort that can be lowered a bit...🤞
  11. I'm worried I won't get through Standedge this time now I have had solar panels fitted. And would be approaching either from the east any way...
  12. Have been hearing a lot about these cages but glad to see some down to earth reviews on here😂. I agree they might make sense for keeping in a very small fire when it's not that cold and if your stove is too big for your needs, stops the coal collapsing outwards in a large stove. But when you need the stove full it's pointless and fiddly to top up.
  13. Ah yeah I meant that you apparently have to book and have a CRT bod follow you along helping. I was hoping to go that way this year but doubt the Calder and Hebble will be fixed so not an option
  14. I found them fine 3 years ago. The Ashton was fine too, not done the rest of the Rochdale up through Rochdale itself, but apparently that is the hardest part of the canal and now needs CRT chaperones?
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