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  1. Thanks for reporting back...very informative. I can sympathise with the lock keepers who would have to enforce a golden ticket passage of the locks past a queue of angry holiday boaters😅 but seems fair to me, as a visiting boater we do have other routes available as you say.
  2. I believe the idea behind this is to concentrate boat passage so that it can be one up and one down, and probably also to deter some boats from the area altogether. Whether this works in reality depends on have someone to organise passage (and seems harder to achieve in a long flight like Marple or Bosley where boats won't be starting out from the middle).
  3. The Kennet hasn't come off red boards since mid December!😤😕 Nor has the Thames in places come off reds since October!
  4. Sorry yeah that's what I meant...But another long term stoppage in the same area as the Rochdale by the looks of it. Not good news
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/canalsandrivers/permalink/2814130158671228/ If this video is Salterhebble then it looks a right mess😵
  6. The T&M is one of the easiest canals for moorings in terms of suitable banks as it's an early Brindley canal with deeper edges than later saucer/V shaped canal profiles like the Shroppie and wasn't restored on a shoestring like the Huddersfield or K&A. And Stoke is the only 'bandit country' anywhere on the canal with bits you wouldn't want to stop...and even Stoke really isn't that bad as the canal is so well used. We found it easier to make a note of stretches where you can't moor unlike many other canals where there are miles and miles of shallow banks and pushing on when you are on a schedule isn't always wise...
  7. Also seen a photo of drained pounds at Salterhebble three locks...? More storm damage I guess...
  8. I got the impression CRT had leased it from his company and were therefore responsible? Happy to be corrected...
  9. Very sad. Seen a post about another boat on the towpath in Wakefield and the Rochdale breached at Mythylmoyd😕😤
  10. Sorry yes I did at first think you meant the Apsley services. It is annoying so many water points on the southern GU are on lock landings...Slapton, Cowroast, Soulby, Coppermill, Cassiobury🤷‍♂️😤
  11. That's not true! How big is your boat?! I've never needed to be in or obstructing the lock to use it and we are 57ft...you do block the lock landing but that's the case for most southern GU water points🤷‍♂️
  12. I'm curious about this 'specific location' naughty boats must be removed to by their owners...how would that even work. Presumably there will be more than 1 location around the system?😅
  13. I suspect it is just going to encourage an increase in boaters/the public sending photos and complaints of boats they don't like in to CRT. Doubt CRT are increasing staff on the ground in any meaningful way...
  14. Just seen this on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/73933281285/permalink/10156542111901286/ CANAL & RIVER TRUST TO TACKLE ‘IMPROPER’ MOORING AND MAKE WATERWAYS SAFER The Canal & River Trust is reaching out to boaters who have moored their boats in a way that could be dangerous or cause problems for other boaters or waterway users. The charity regularly receives feedback from boaters about craft that are poorly moored, blocking facilities, or making it unsafe for boats to navigate. The Trust is addressing the problem by promoting more considerate mooring and shared use of the waterways, letting those who are moored inappropriately know there is a problem, and ultimately acting against persistent rule-breakers. Matthew Symonds, national boating manager at Canal & River Trust, said: “While the vast majority of boaters are considerate neighbours, every boater has a story to tell of a badly, or simply dangerously, moored boat. Whether it’s someone moored up for days on a water point, to boats blocking the sightlines on bends, there are many examples of poor mooring etiquette. This can at best be frustrating and, in some instances, can be dangerous for the moorers and others. “So we're going to be stepping up our efforts to contact all boats that we see moored inappropriately. Much of the time a boater may not realise that the way they’re moored may be causing a problem, and we think a polite reminder of good mooring practise will result in them moving somewhere safer, or where they won’t be affecting others. “Being by the water makes you healthier and happy and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the waterways safely” From Monday 10 February 2020, the new “Improper Mooring” process will be applied where a boat is moored in a way that affects safety or impedes other boaters or waterway users. It will be recorded by the Trust’s Licence Support Team and, initially, a letter will be sent to the boat owner highlighting the problem. The boater will also receive a booklet including extracts from the Trust’s boat licence terms & conditions, bye-laws, the Navigation Rules, and Boaters’ Handbook to help them understand how they can moor more appropriately. The Trust intends the process to serve as a prompt for the boat owner to moor appropriately and to help and educate boaters that may be new to the water or unaware of the issues caused by poor mooring. If a boater does not address their inappropriate mooring the process will allow the Trust to take action that could ultimately result in the revocation of the boater’s licence. If, after the first letter, there are further instances of poor mooring, then the Trust will send a formal reminder which clearly sets out how T&Cs and/or byelaws have been breached, and that this could result in the termination of their licence. Should there be no resolution or a repeat of the behaviour, a second reminder will be sent, detailing the circumstances, the action the boater needs to take, and issuing a final warning. A final letter will be sent if the problem is not addressed, or if it is repeated, informing the boater of their licence being immediately suspended. In these circumstances, the boater will be directed to remove their boat to a specific location where it must remain until investigation into the mooring conduct is concluded and they have been contacted with the outcome, which could be licence termination due to serious or persistent breach of the Trust’s terms and conditions. The process is aimed at preventing persistent poor behaviour or serious instances and as such will focus on more acute issues. Rare or singular historic instances will be considered but the Trust hopes that the initial informative letter will help address these instances. The Trust has identified the following examples of improper mooring, which are found in the Boaters’ Handbook, navigation rules and relevant byelaws. It is not an exhaustive list and the local environment will always be taken into account: Mooring in a lock, lock approach, or in a lock flight; blocking services that the boater is not using; mooring near a bridge or under a fixed bridge where inappropriate; mooring near a weir; mooring near a sharp bend, on the outside of a bend, or by a blind spot; mooring in or opposite a turning point/winding hole or on the approach to it; mooring at a junction; mooring to the bank on a tidal river; mooring on a canoe landing place; mooring in a stretch marked for an angling match; mooring where there are signs that prohibit mooring. Not a bad idea. Been a boat on the water point here in Kintbury all week! Although someone already suggested enforcement are unlikely to do anything as they are already overstretched dealing with unlicensed boats and boats not moving enough etc...
  15. I also think this must be a mistake. This used to be our home turf for several years and people don't turn around at Trentham in significant numbers. Stoke is just as busy with people doing the 4 counties and the Caldon.
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