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  1. Dave123

    Marple Lock 11 update

    Slightly off topic but lock 11 was featured in the BBC1 ambulance documentary last week, a crew had to attend to a boat there! Was during the summer heatwave so not sure why the boat was there as the flight was already closed afaik
  2. Dave123

    winter is coming...

    Ah yeah...but the prediluted stuff is ok to add direct? It's 50/50 water antifreeze I think
  3. Dave123

    Vandalism hot spots.

    Are you sure this wasn't the north end (the orange end?) Always considered the south portal one of the safe spots near Stoke (along with Westport lake)
  4. Dave123

    winter is coming...

    Might be better moving this thread to the maintenance section and making the title clearer? I just put antifreeze (the pink 5 year life span stuff) into the water tank on the rare occasion I need to top it up. But I have a different engine, hopefully others more knowledgeable will be along to advise!
  5. Dave123

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    They aren't over crowded...even in central London it's perfectly possible to find a mooring if you stop early enough and do it on a weekend. Most of London would be unmoorable without loads of boats already there as it is only lots of moored boats that has made large stetches safe enough and pleasant enough to even consider mooring in... It might feel overcrowded occasionally if you are trying to go through Hillmorton or Fradley on a sunny Saturday in the summer but this is more because these are bottle neck points on the network where several routes converge. Since moving south from the T&M 2 years ago I can't recall a single lock queue where there was more than one lock operation before I locked through (except at Marsworth waiting for the lock closure to finish)...
  6. Dave123

    Looking for a marina nr. London

    Harefield are great and a very rural spot, you can also walk to Denham station and be in central London in 45 mins (including the walk). Think they have a fair few residential boats but I was only there as a visitor so unsure of the situation with residents
  7. Dave123

    When do you run your engine?

    Haven't had to run my engine for charging since I got solar panels last year (except when I had no choice but to moor under a huge tree for a week- and then it was only for an hour middle of the day). Have occasionally had noisey engines being run next door but usually just go out for a walk or sit at the other end of the boat. Nice thing about a boat is you can usually always move somewhere else if the neighbours are annoying!
  8. Dave123

    First Frost

    Think there was a small bit of frost here in Harefield too! Stove on for the first time this autumn...
  9. Dave123

    Thank You Whoever You Are

    The excellent BBC documentary 'Ambulance' featured a segment where a narrowboat ferried paramedics and a patient along a stretch of the canal which looked to be near Shirley lift bridge on the north Stratford! There must be a lot of places where a boat is the only option for access!
  10. Dave123

    River Great Ouse

    is this because of low water levels?
  11. Dave123

    Stourport Ring report

    Lovely report! I enjoy reading these kind of travel logs. Makes me miss that part of the country! I am curious though that if there were 4 of you on your boat, wouldn't it have been quicker to have one of your crew help the slow boat in front at tardebigge rather than overtake? Unless that was what the other boat preferred? We usually do this when behind a boat with fewer crew that is going slower...unless they decline the offer of course.
  12. Dave123

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    This is what it looked like last weekend...will be good to see it properly repaired. On the plus side it must have made mooring on that stretch quieter than usual due to the closed towpath
  13. Best moorings are immediately above the lock but you can moor in the town too.
  14. Can all the paddles left up really cause a strong enough flow to overcome the bywashes at the next lock (Wardle)? I've encountered similar on the Northampton arm and the by washes were more than adequate to cope with a whole pound being quickly drained into them...
  15. Dave123

    Now, I'm not a CRT basher. But...

    Ah the bit I was thinking of has a clear channel wide enough for a narrow boat. But it is only just wide enough for 1 boat. There are spots like this all over the system (the western Trent and Mersey comes to mind). They always looked deliberate to me so must be a reason? I also think they add to the charm and variety of the canal.

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