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  1. Went through Wynchnor lock today and found myself wondering why it wasnt also made larger/wider like Aynho, to let down extra water from the river Trent crossing the canal, as further downstream is the much deeper and wider Stenson lock. Just came across this thread and see it seems the consensus is that Aynho (and Shipton) are wider for structural stability from the proximity to the river? Wynchnor is some distance from where the main river crosses the canal so this might explain why it is just a normal shaped lock. Instead it just has a generous bypass weir. Also have noticed Shipton lo
  2. Yes, especially in the winter! Had to lift it up manually one December with the help of several other people as water had got in the hydraulics.
  3. Came through Fradley today, was saying to the volunteers how busy it suddenly felt compared to when I came through in mid march but they were complaining they'd only had 6 boats by lunchtime and felt it was too quiet! Perhaps everyone has been clever and waited 2 weeks to miss the rush, like last time😂
  4. The constant stoppages on the Macc makes me wonder if maintenance budget was assigned by canal/region simply on a lock/mile basis or did more heavily engineered canals like the Macc with so many embankment and cuttings get a greater share of budget per mile, as they should?
  5. Nice sunset and reflections out my window looking towards Red bull😁
  6. Rumours on Facebook were that a CRT man told someone the Macc stoppage could be about 2 months. CRT did hint on the Macc zoom presentation that they hoped to have some sort of supervised transit arrangement at the Anderton landslide in place at some point in the summer.🤷‍♂️ I toyed with the idea of the ship canal but decided it would be quicker to head up the Trent now that way to the L&L is open at least.
  7. I'm aware of the notice and obviously CRT can only officially say the same as the notice. Some photos on Facebook and suggestions it might be a couple of weeks to fix...for anyone interested/also weighing up alternatives to getting north (manchester ship canal or the Trent)
  8. Anyone heard any rumours about whether this might be a relatively quick or long stoppage?
  9. Ah thanks for posting this. My trip along the L&L can be a one way journey after all
  10. Whilst I didn't attend earlier talks about work on the Macc/Peak Forest, I got the impression they are trying hard(er) with these canals given the poor record over the last few years? An apology/recognition of the lack of maintenance of the Coombs feeder would be nice but isn't something big organisations ever do sadly. I think it is sensible they are planning restrictions sooner rather than later, if only to encourage some boats to go a different direction this summer. It would help to know if the T&M will have some assisted passage too though, as I'm having to go via the Macc when I'd ra
  11. I don't think that because historically people used to do something that is any reason to continue it if it comes to light that its bad practice.
  12. Oh that's good then. I thought the bit about clearing the reservoir feeders and reservoir to canal feeders was interesting, but some looked in an awful condition prior to this work. The take home message really was just that as soon as reservoirs go off "spill" they will restrict locks at Marple and Bosely to morning only, and then if it stays dry to alternate days in the morning only.
  13. Just wondered if anyone else on here attended the zoom meeting/talk that CRT gave last night on these canals and their plans for lock restrictions this summer? Before I try and give a summary? I asked if they were going to make the slides available after the meeting but didn't get a reply. Don't want to duplicate and I missed bits of the talk too.
  14. Thanks! That's encouraging at least
  15. Was hoping to go this way in the summer, anyone think it likely they will reopen navigation from the new junction canal towards Leeds once they have a proper dam in place or at least sooner than the breach is repaired and navigation to and from Goole reopened? As the breach obviously isn't actually on the through route from Keadby to Leeds/Wakefield
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