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  1. I quite enjoyed his books and was very surprised to later see some of his online comments on Facebook groups were pretty narrow minded and aggressive; and now saddened to see the shocking behaviour in the video.
  2. You're welcome! I, likewise, have no knowledge of the pumpout charges!
  3. If you are talking specifically about charges at private marinas then you are wrong, many will charge up to £4 to empty an elsan , some even if you are spending a lot of money or taking a temporary mooring!
  4. I completely agree many people spend far too much time on smart phones and social media causes a lot of mental health/anxiety issues for teens especially. But to say the world's finances won't recover (actually they have-we don't feel it in the UK perhaps because of austerity🙈) and it's the biggest cause of accidents is a stretch😂
  5. He offers very good rates for longer stays too and is happy for donations to be made to the RNLI instead if you miss him collecting the fee
  6. My impression is that at most permanent moorings on the towpath there is a community and people know each other and presumably look after each other's boats. A bit harder (but certainly not impossible) to find this at a winter mooring. I would be happy leaving my boat for a while depending on the location and on having nice neighbours etc. Certainly not anywhere near a major river. Even the Oxford canal can be overflown by the Cherwell in places...
  7. The single boat length of winter mooring on the Aldermaston service block is empty despite being almost the only one on the K&A worth paying for (although it is an extremely annoying mooring place for any other boat trying to use the swing bridge solo handed or access the service block!). Also amazed to see that the WMs above woolhampton lock not only include all the visitor moorings but half are on the unimproved and shallow bank...yet charged the same rate as those on the deep VMs with rings!! I would be seriously annoyed to arrive and find my WM was on a crumbling overgrown and shallow bank needing a long plank and the boat leaning or grating on the gravel bed every time the lock was filled! I can't wait until winter moorings are finally dead in the water! I just don't get the point. If you can manage a boat in the spring/autumn what stops you managing it in the winter. CRT are perfectly understanding if weather conditions make moving unwise.
  8. Anyone know the background to this? Sounds like mental health issues🙁
  9. Possibly Mike meant the winter mooring signs at Froxfield? It doesn't have VMs...as you say it's all 14 days.
  10. Haha ah I see! Might have to tune in to that!
  11. Eh? Who is being featured on what daily story? I'm lost🙈
  12. The Thames is moat definitely unnavigable and likely to remain in a risky state the rest of the winter! Another issue with just using a diesel heater is the amount of electricity they drain from the batteries (which will doubtless also be getting taxed from an inverter on all evening)...meaning with short days of cruising or a day off from cruising youll be needing to run the engine whilst moored to recharge which is even more noisey and annoying for you and any neighbours!
  13. Should have added...Probably this is because they have a wide beam and cant get to the Rochdale🙈😂
  14. Even if some at CRT might want to shut the whole system over winter I seriously doubt it will ever happen. Would be far too much kick back from businesses...e.g. anyone doing short trips to local boatyards for boat maintenece and the growing winter hire boat scene and winter floating markets. And they know a growing number of liveaboards keep going all winter. And how would it even work? They can't padlock every lock shut? And what would the benefit be to CRT? They already do as much winter maintenance as they want, I doubt it would save any money in terms of staffing?
  15. I can't believe anyone seriously compares the K&A to the Rochdale😂!? I wouldn't have thought the type of boaters that turn back before the summit of the K&A would even make it to the start of the Rochdale 🤣🤷‍♂️
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