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  1. Dave123


    Or moor in Macclesfield/Burnley/Hebden bridge and take a train😅🤷‍♂️
  2. They have them in B'ham still and they don't get vandalised... Also I saw the pounds around red bull were empty again...suspected vandalism/drunks opening paddles at night. Won't help the water levels.
  3. In an earlier notice when CRT lifted the time restrictions at the locks on and off the summit they optimistically said they now had enough water in the L&L reservoirs for the rest of the season...hopefully they were right!
  4. Dave123


    Peel really are appalling. Someone needs to take that canal away from them! I suppose the only place to go is above the first lock of the Rochdale.
  5. The T&M from Great Haywood down is fine as it's fed by the staff's and Worcs which is fed by Wolverhampton sewage works😅
  6. Caldon Canal closed, Trent & Mersey at risk Notice Alert Caldon Canal Location: Lock 10 Hazelhurst Top Lock to Froghall, Caldon Canal Starts At: Lock 10 Hazelhurst Top Lock Ends At: Bridge 55, Foxt Road Bridge Up Stream Winding Hole: Winding Hole, Hazelhurst Wednesday 22 September 2021 09:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Water resources Original message: Due to low water levels along the majority of Caldon Canal and Trent & Mersey Canal, the section of navigation from Lock 10 Hazlehurst Top Lock to Froghall will be closed from Wednesday 22nd September until further notice. We will review regularly and provide update as situation changes. Apparently Harecastle tunnel has been closed on and off too for the same reason. Is this connected to reservoir draw down for post-Toddbrook maintenance checks?
  7. There is a photo doing the rounds on Facebook of the two passing below Lemonroyd lock. A reason to be on Facebook if nothing else is😂
  8. Well this was the 48h moorings at the Fox and Anchor in Cross Green on the Staffs&Worcs yesterday. August bank holiday at 4pm and not a single boat on the rings! I can remember first coming here May 2012 and having to go right past round the corner before finding a space. I think what used to make a mooring popular is perhaps changing, for all sorts of reasons?
  9. Middlewich to the bottom of Audlem was heaving earlier this month. Really enjoyed being a gongoozler in Nantwich for the day I moored there. Having come round the Trent and L&L most of the summer I haven't seen many boats moving at all! Saw some interesting traffic jams by the aqueduct in Nantwich caused by boats trying to pass on the tight bend😂. Shroppie much quieter once above the first lock in Audlem though.
  10. Mooring in Castlefield junction is still fine, use the Staffordshire arm. I stayed 2 nights back in July and there was space for other boats the whole time. You can moor on both sides of each fork of the arm even though it looks quite narrow...but if you haven't been before it can look too tight and this may be behind some of the stories that Castlefield is full up😅
  11. They are closing Shipton lift bridge outside Thrupp for 3 months! That seems excessive.
  12. The Trent is a wonderful river. Some really nice moorings. Gunthorpe to Hazelford is especially pretty. I think a search on here will bring a list of mooring sites. Some have limited space so I'd aim to stop early
  13. A duplicate thread on this in stoppages...
  14. Saw the Manchester evening news article. Very sad and probably made worse by an audience from the pub garden right by that lock! A lot of speculation on Facebook that excessive water flowing over the top gates (as is common on the rochdale) may have been the cause but I'd have thought a cratch cover and well deck drains should have prevented this?
  15. That's interesting actually as I've generally assumed my tick over to be around 2-2.5mph and 3-3.5 mph achievable on a normal narrow canal at 'cruising revs'. Managed 3.75mph on the Bridgewater. Probably going around a lot of tight bends slows progress? Anyway, my point was I doubt all boats are slowing down for Woodseaves which won't help it's stability.
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