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  1. Watched this a second time. Hadn't noticed the screenshot of a comment from Haywood at the end with a poor attempt to justify his ridiculous behaviour!
  2. River Thames on Red for much of the length...was a very strong flow yesterday. Saw a wide beam hire boat get stuck briefly sideways across a bridge!
  3. Appalling behaviour! I've read his books and liked him but since have had arguments with him on several Facebook groups where he really came across as an @rse...totally changed my opinion of him. Pleasing to see such a broad consensus on the forum about this video! Having been on the Thames all of July I can confirm there was absolutely no flow. So he cannot blame the flow on what happens. It is only in the last 3 weeks that the river has started to flow, catching out a lot of boats!
  4. Looking forward to this. Really enjoy his YouTube videos.
  5. I'd be worried about security if leaving the boat for 2 months on a towpath (both coming adrift or broken into) as I think many lower band sites need mooring pins? Depends on location I guess. Some would be fine no doubt and have armco maybe?
  6. Also don't get the point of them. Many are not in good locations. Eg the ones at Wolvercote just north of Oxford last year were on crumbling muddy bank too shallow to get close to the edge! The one in Berkhamsted has room for only 1 boat and is very far from the town centre. But not actually complaining as I prefer moving all winter anyway...Get bored after just 1 week at the same mooring so too many winter moorings clogs up places for moving boats.🤷‍♂️
  7. Yes if you don't like crowded canals cannot recommend the Basingstoke highly enough! You get a ranger to help with the locks and can gaurantee every mooring will be empty!! The K&A is much easier than the Rochdale though to be fair...it has none of the urban grittiness and much more longer lock free stretches by comparison.
  8. Ouch! Saw this article on facebook... https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/how-familys-canal-boat-home-3392850
  9. That's difficult to answer. As you may have gathered some boaters dislike the K&A, some love it! It depends on what you like/expect from a canal? It is more challenging finding a mooring than on midland narrow canals due to poor banks and shallow sides. If you enjoy looking at a variety of interesting boats with a friendly vibrant community and aren't expecting to cover a huge mileage each day then go for it. The scenery is stunning along most of it and it goes through some charming villages, towns and cities! Main advice would be don't be too optimistic about how far you will travel each day. The locks are slow, its often shallow and bits do have a lot of linear moorings. Most of the complaints are variations of not being able to rock up at 7pm and find a perfect mooring by a pub like people can do on the Llangollen for example. Whether because they had to slow down for moored boats and stiff locks, the visitor moorings were full/too short etc etc I'm heading there this winter and looking forward to it!😁
  10. Exactly! Paying a reasonable rate is much better than losing the mooring. And I believe the contract type signs where by mooring you enter into a contract etc if done properly are easier to enforce than a no mooring? As it's non-payment of an agreed fee rather than trespass on land which is public/public right of access? With regards to overstaying though...even if CRT don't own the bank they presumably still require boats on the river to be licenced and therefore be moving every 14 days as with all other CRT water? And travelling a sufficient range if no home mooring? What is different about the Avon to the canal in this regard...as boats do move on the canal (even if not that far over the year etc)...?
  11. Recent photos of the site show no litter or environmental damage and space for other boats. Also sounds like there isn't really a problem with antisocial behaviour. It has more to do with residents wanting no cars parked on the lane but this ridiculous heavy handed approach will adversely affect all river users.
  12. Great...that is what I put. A mix of 14day and 48h seems reasonable for most places. They just need it policed better.
  13. Not sure if it's exactly the same place but either way this is a more recent attempt. They survey only takes 2 seconds
  14. Yes but the point is the response the council/CRT should use is better enforcement and policing of antisocial behaviour and anyone who cares about someday mooring there should use the survey to encourage the council to take this approach. Also, whilst I don't know the area well I strongly suspect much antisocial behaviour is locals and nothing to do with boats. I do know it's a popular swimming/picnic spot for local teens in the summer.
  15. Hi, seen this link to a survey by Satlford Council attempting to get a ban on mooring in Saltford Meadow. I haven't yet been to the Western K&A but hope to and don't want to see mooring options further limited. It's the usual story of alleged troublesome overstaying boats causing a nuisance. CRT and the council already have sufficient powers to deal with this and a blanket mooring ban punishes well behaved boats and is no good for anyone. Strongly suggest filling out the quick online survey as they need a public response to get support to ban mooring. http://www.saltfordenvironmentgroup.org.uk/#733 for info And survey link here... https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MeadLane Thanks!
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