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  1. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Thank you all for your replies, and for the huge amount of info from steamraiser, all very encouraging, and yes, we both like the boat a lot never mind the engine. Will let you know how it goes soon. Batavia does look great, and I bet it is a pleasure to cruise, but too small for our family, I'm afraid. I'm sure it will sell soon. cheers, David
  2. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Yes, quite, but what I really mean is: " is a boat with an engine room with a 2LW in it generally worth at least 10k more than a standard modern engined boat?"
  3. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Thanks, Mike, I have had a good look at it, heard it running for while, and I do trust the seller. 10k is the figure I had guessed, but we had heard since that they could sell for £20k, which surprised me. cheers, David
  4. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Hi, I have always fancied a boat with a Gardner in it, and at last there is a chance of one. In order to justify the extra cost of one in a boat to my financial advisor ( Wife ), please could someone give me a clue to what a 2LW in good order with a PRM , also in good order could be valued at? thanks, David
  5. davidb

    Oakdale survives Storm Eleanor

    Is that the one which was at Lytham, and is now at Askham ?
  6. Very well done, Marc, you kept us well entertained, cheers, David
  7. davidb


    From the link posted by Dave P: "Captain Sullenberger, who retired from US Airways in 2010, said in an email that the tension in the film accurately reflected his state of mind at the time. “For those who are the focus of the investigation, the intensity of it is immense,” he said, adding that the process was “inherently adversarial, with professional reputations absolutely in the balance.” I think we can allow the filmmakers their license on this occasion because it was Captain Sullenberger that pulled it off and it is his feelings that matter most,
  8. davidb


    I don't think you need to worry about that, Nick, there are a few questions I need to ask a pilot relative of ours, but i won't do it here and spoil the plot. it was absolutely gripping even though we all know how it ended. D
  9. davidb


    https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSR37C__SOmS3AS39L7FPcF3orH6cketbsqIK2FFpnpNliuYiKG We went to watch it last night at Longridge - what a film! Do try and catch it whilst it is still current on the big screen. Chris thinks it is the best she has ever watched! There is even some boat handling to admire on there. David
  10. davidb

    Forum folk, I need your help (again)

    Done it, please let us know the reults when they are in. As MTB said " 18. I am concerned that cyclists now have priority on towpaths --- Impossible to answer given cyclists don't have priority on towpaths" that question is wrong and needs changing, please
  11. davidb

    Planning a holiday in London

    well we have just "done" London in 13' 6" barge and it was a doddle and a pleasure. Thanks very much Tim Lewis for the info about the museum, we booked it and it was a big relief knowing we had somewhere at the end of the day. I just wish we could have had longer in there. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ what a grand museum to visit, an oasis of calm in a mad bustling place. The developments around St Pancras have to be seen to be believed. Fascinating to learn about the Ice cream trade and the "penny licks" ! If you think London is hard, you have had a sheltered life IMHO. I'm still wondering where all the boats are, but I must admit we didn't go east of Battlebridge Basin. cheers, David
  12. I have just done a search for " Hanwell" whilst checking for mooring spots and the forum came up with this thread. I very much wish I had done the search before we also ran heavily aground on that "shingle" bank this morning. We were very grateful for the volunteers helping us up the flight in good style, but whilst they were letting the previous boat out of the flight, they actually watched us run aground. If we didn't have loads of power in hand, we would still be there, it was so solid. The blackness of the water we stirred up was reminiscent of the old Bradford branch of the L & L before they shut it for public health reasons. But the volunteers were excellent, and actually did some overtime to see us through, so now we are in the fresh air again by Bull's bridge. Thanks very much.
  13. davidb

    Raw water cooling problem

    If you can put a water hose down it, and pressurise it whilst holding a wet rag round everything, you might get some movement
  14. davidb

    Raw water cooling problem

    If you could take the cover off the intake filter ( if it is above the waterline) then try blowing down it or sticking a wire down it if its straight, you might shift something like a plastic bag, or a rubber glove from the outside of the boat.
  15. davidb

    wide beam southern cruisers

    I'm coming to this topic a bit late, but we have just come out from the K and A on our 13'4" x 57' barge and have enjoyed every minute of it ( apart from coming down through County lock, Reading ) We tried to cruise for just a couple of hours each morning then moor up as soon as we found a good spot out of other people's way. I don't believe we have ever upset any other boaters. The profile of the boat's bottom means we can get alongside virtually anywhere a narrowboat can, and the locks are easier to work once you are in them. If I was getting a wide boat to cruise with, I would be going for one 12'6" wide because quite often there might be something stopping one of the lock gates opening fully. Surprise, surprise, the weather is kinder down here as well! We are hoping to get to Oxford tomorrow and I now think the Thames probably our favourite river after the Deben in Suffolk. cheers, David