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  1. We ascended the Wigan flight on Thursday 29th April with great help from the Wigan Flight Crew, thanks again for a great service, it took less than a morning starting at 8 am. Yesterday we went up the Johnson's hillock flight single - handedly and it was an absolute pleasure with not rushing it and taking in the wonderful views. All the equipment, gates, paddles, ladders etc were in excellent condition and worked smoothly with very few leaks. Well done C&RT and predecessors for keeping this historic infrastructure so well.
  2. We did the link a fortnight ago and ascended the Wigan flight on Thursday with great help from the Wigan Flight Crew, thanks again for a great service! There are not enough Ribble Link videos available on YouTube yet, so here is my contribution, mainly experimenting with an old GoPro:
  3. Thanks for the offer, but it will be Saturday earliest when we ascend. We should be at Crooke weds afternoon I have joined that fb group today, looks very helpful. D
  4. That's all good news, thanks a lot, David
  5. Good Morning, We shall shortly be ascending the locks at Wigan in our narrowboat, Is anyone else planning to go that way in the next week or so? Also, I seem to remember there used to be some volunteers who came to help, does that still happen? I hope there is still water at the top when we get there!
  6. Trying to troubleshoot this code again and running various things though the serial monitor (on right of screenshot) - the millis are inceasing normally, but it isn't returning anything for currentMillis or previousMillis, but the interval is printing correct at 4000. While running the sketch, everything is fine but holding the button pressed extiguished the alarm, but it comes back within a second when released. I'll try and find a tutorial on millis now
  7. Textwrangler has been superceded by BBedit which won't work on my old Imac or Macbook, I shall see if it works on a Win7 laptop later. Otherwise, do you have any other suggestions please? I have got http://www.sublimetext.com running but it looks like another steep learning curve for me at first glance. thank you, David
  8. We are also stuck at Garstang and are booked in to cross the Ribble on Friday, 16th April. I'll look out for you in the meantime, David Speak to the boatyard at Tarleton. That's where we got our pilot from. According to my 'book' I spoke to Roger at the yard 07885 762347 That number is still current for Roger and the boat that can escourt you (with a big Cummins engine and is well able to tow narrowboats) is moored there, its the first boat you pass coming down on the left after the visitor moorings, There is a grainy picture of
  9. I have put what I think are my problem areas in red bold, near the bottom. I still don't get any arduino IDE colours in the forum's file attachment area, but of course I could do a screenshot of the problem area if required, thanks for looking, D __________________________ //millis25Mar int stoke = 2; // INPUT Stoking Temp Sensor (Bottom of store) int houseUFH = 3; // OUTPUT UFH Relay ( not involved with millis problem) int runPin = 4; // INPUT Heat Available for distribution stat (Top of accumulator tank 56deg) int alarm = 7;
  10. loop if (boiler too cold, nothing to do with reset button) if (last reset outside permitted interval, ie 20minute delay) set alarm end if if (reset button pressed) cancel alarm set time since last reset to now end if else cancel alarm (ie boiler temp OK) end if end loop yes, the above is correct, thanks, I'll try the auto formatting tonight, cheers, David
  11. Yes, as above when the boiler needs stoking and the button isn't pressed
  12. //millis23Mar int myPin = A2; // INPUT Analogue Sensor int stoke = 2; // INPUT Stoking Temp Sensor (Bottom of store) int houseUFH = 3; // OUTPUT UFH Relay int runPin = 4; // INPUT Heat Available Temp Sensor (Top of store) int alarm = 7; // OUTPUT Alarm Light Relay int veryHot = 9; // INPUT Boiler too hot int logStoreUFH = 10; // OUTPUT Log Store UFH Relay int butt = 12; // INTPUT from Cancel Button int buttonPressed = 0; int ledPin = 13; // OUTPUT Indicator LED unsigned long previousMillis
  13. yes, you were correct, I just fiddled about adding and removing curlys till it worked. Its very odd at times, but incredibally clever overall. Thanks
  14. I'm getting an error on this line, but I am blowed if I can deduce what needs to be done:
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