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  1. You won't have any difficulty down the Paddington arm and will no doubt be OK through the Islington tunnel to Kings Cross as we were in our 13' 6" beam barge with quite a big airdraft. We moored outside the Canal museum after prior arrangement. Fantastic experience in the centre of the capital.
  2. The inside of your terminal box seems to show a white socket with a 4 pin plug in it and there is a loose 4 pin plug at the bottom of the box. Perhaps try swapping the plugs as these may be alternative forms of switching. Is there any power to the box? Red will be positive and brown will be ground, both should be permanently connected whilst the yellow wire triggers the heater when connected to positive .
  3. Again, if you have an accumulator and a prv you should be ok. Go for it! we all need to know what happens.🤔
  4. If you had a big accumulator with fairly big connections it might be ok if you kept the pressure down below 1 bar.
  5. Nicholson's when on the move, then Open canal map or Google when down below out of the daylight and not bothered about dunking the electronic device. Make alterations to the paper map as you find out changes are permanent.
  6. Me too, except our heat exchanger is out of an old combi gas boiler, probably rated at about 25 KW. The engine (25 hp LW ) heats the 5 rads nicely when cruising, but not as quickly as the 5kw webasto water heater. The heat exchanger is circulated by a 12v pump which doesn't cut in until the engine thermostat starts passing water at more than 45 deg measured on the outside of a copper pipe. I'm absolutely delighted with the resulting comfort level and the engine never gets over cooled.
  7. We went through OK with our 13' 6" beam barge in 2012 : http://toggenberg.co.uk/Inland_Trips/2012/Lincoln/lincoln.html it is impossible to judge from the towpath what the internal dimensions are
  8. Thanks for the info, I didn't mention that location you mention is a fairly elaborate grating with a nice stone wall, presumably to keep the horses off it. You can hear running water down there, perhaps it is connected to the weir near the bridge? Maybe, seeing as they started building the LL not far from here, they were very well financed and were building everything to the highest standards?
  9. Last Thursday we were the last boat to use the Liverpool Link for the year, the locks are now all closed and lighting installations are being built over the canal at the Pierhead and around the Albert dock, etc. We didn't even need to get off the boat in Stanley lock - three Vlockies and two Cart men in attendance, thanks very much. We got as far as Hancock's swing bridge by 14:20 and found it locked off on a timer until 6pm due to the busy road it carries, so we were stuck there for the rest of the daylight - most frustrating! However it gave me a chance to go for a walk up and over the A59 to look at the ancient 13th C St Andrew's church in Maghull, a surprising find in such a built-up area. Further on into Maghull I was intrigued by the elaborate spillway and the fact that it looked to be redundant due to the concrete and piling put into the canal on the water side of it. David
  10. Why not draw your idea on paper then post a photo on the forum?
  11. Yes, another vote for Jonathan, he did ours at Tarleton a month ago, but he said "It is difficult to get an indication of the condition of the plate without removing blacking " and. " It is different when a vessel has been coated in 2 pack as I am reluctant to damage the coating unless the owner or buyer is prepared to make good the areas where access has been gained to maintain the protection."
  12. There is a recent blog about the trip here: https://boatwif.co.uk/boat-update/the-ribble-link/
  13. I have often wondered:- why has the knob for the depth adjustment got a left hand thread? It has confused me for more than 50 years!
  14. Just to give you an idea what you are up against, here are two videos I took in 2010: Leaving Tarleton
  15. Fabulous find. I think British midget submarines had a Gardner in them as well. There is one at Gosport sub museum, I think
  16. davidb


    Almost 20 years ago we had a mooring at the west end of the Foulridge tunnel. The water in the tunnel and for 20 yards or so outside of it was ice - free, the rest of the canal was frozen over. A small grp cruiser came out of the tunnel and rushed into the ice to try to break it to get to the water point at top lock. It didn't get very far and then suddenly started sinking. The thin, virgin ice had cut into the stem of the boat for about 10" at the waterline. The occupants went to stand in the cockpit to to keep the slot above water whilst one of them nipped inside to rescue their personal belongings, TV etc and passed them out to us on the bank. I don't think they lived aboard because it was so small and when they had tied it up firmly to some trees they cleared off to get warm and dry,
  17. I have never heard Tuskans, nor the river Pendle. ( I live near Pendle Hill)
  18. Thanks to the people who run the Gardner Engine Forum for organizing this (free) event, I really enjoyed my visit. It was an excellent choice of venue in all respects. It was also very interesting to be shown round the bone mill whilst it was in steam - it must have been a hideous place to work in 100 years ago with the danger, the smells and the dust.
  19. It should be back in water by now, this was the Marple side at 11am today:
  20. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Thank you all for your replies, and for the huge amount of info from steamraiser, all very encouraging, and yes, we both like the boat a lot never mind the engine. Will let you know how it goes soon. Batavia does look great, and I bet it is a pleasure to cruise, but too small for our family, I'm afraid. I'm sure it will sell soon. cheers, David
  21. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Yes, quite, but what I really mean is: " is a boat with an engine room with a 2LW in it generally worth at least 10k more than a standard modern engined boat?"
  22. davidb

    Value of 2LW + PRM

    Thanks, Mike, I have had a good look at it, heard it running for while, and I do trust the seller. 10k is the figure I had guessed, but we had heard since that they could sell for £20k, which surprised me. cheers, David
  23. Hi, I have always fancied a boat with a Gardner in it, and at last there is a chance of one. In order to justify the extra cost of one in a boat to my financial advisor ( Wife ), please could someone give me a clue to what a 2LW in good order with a PRM , also in good order could be valued at? thanks, David
  24. Is that the one which was at Lytham, and is now at Askham ?
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