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  1. 480ah, usually takes 2-3 hours to put the batteries into float. I also use the genset to heat water at the same time via an immersion heater. Also for cooking in summer via induction hobs. Sounds like a victron inverter-charger might be a good move, but will also require rewiring everything I think, for the larger amps. PS: Genset is fixed and working great now, was a busted impeller and anti-siphon valve. Now i finally can see what it looks like working properly.
  2. Excellent, yup i got a 20a sterling
  3. Currently I don't use 240v between 8pm and 8am. Just looking to see if i should be putting in 12v sockets or if an inverter will do the job fine and not lose me too much power in conversion. Everyone always says use 12v wherever possible, so that's stuck with me.
  4. Its definitely spitting water out the exhaust, but water vapour too. Not very much of it tbh, just a little. I've checked everything except the impeller, gonna leave that to the guy. Everything looks good, except that the water level in the water strainer/filter seems a little low. If I put my finger over the anti-siphon valve for a second, it fills back up though lol... What am I like haha. Save me from myself..
  5. You know what! I got down by the exhaust and had a big whif of it, its definitely water vapour! No idea if that's bad or not, but i've clean LITERALLY everything else and i have no idea. Got a guy coming tomorrow to take a look at it, and another to look at my rayburn. Bring Out Another Thousand is starting to make sense to me now. EDIT: Or it could just be the fumes
  6. I think I have found my answer then. I'll see how the 10w standby current goes for me. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Ah, that's not bad. They never specified the spec on the website so I thought it was more. I think I may be min-maxing a bit. The victron is 0.9 watts.. somehow that feels pretty sweet to me. I reckon i'll take your advice and plug in my 1.5kw. Worst case i can just swap it over. Do the big ones chew more power when converting?
  8. Just read this, on second thought I'll be able to charge the phones off the 12v socket anyway. Got a dual usb adapter running from there, so it'l just be the 2 laptops and maybe some misc stuff. I already have an inverter from sunshine, i just got a new new boat and want the best tool for the job! Not sure if that's pointless or not, but that's what i'm here to find out.
  9. i have a 1.5kw inverter already from sunshine solar but I feel like it pulls a lot of passive power and has no load sensing. Was considering a smaller victron phoenix... 0.9w in passive mode. edit: not installed btw
  10. Sorry, should have stated that, phones, macbook pro (x2). That's it I think. Anything heavier will be powered by the genset instead.
  11. Hi all, I have my new boat and its 68ft long. My boat has plenty of 240v sockets throughout the boat but only a single 12v cigarette lighter socket in the saloon. The 240v is powered a diesel genset but no inverter is installed on the boat. I was wondering if it is a good idea to buy a small inverter with a low power consumption, rather than taking the time and money to install a bunch of new runs/fuses for 12v sockets throughout the boat. I know inverters have a power loss, but am hoping that a small inverter (with some kind of load sensing) could be a viable alternative. If an inverter is a good option, does anyone have recommendations for a model? Ideally with load sensing. Thanks as always for any and all advice!
  12. Anti-siphon valve all cleaned up but i couldn't spot any blockage or anything in the pipes or the valve, it did have a little rubber thing in it that is what i'm guessing is knackered and making it squeak. I've also noticed that there was very little water filling the strainer bowl when running. I put my finger on the anti-siphon valve for a second when it was running and now the bowl is about half full and looks to be pumping happier. I think i've been overheating the genny lately and maybe this is why? Is there an issue where a broken valve could cause the pump to pull more air than water and raise the temp? The genny still puts water out the exhaust either way though... I'm confused haha.
  13. I think that is exactly what it is yeah
  14. Good point sorry! I'll add a picture once my phone charges. Its a beta BZ 482 with raw water cooling. Installed in the engine bay. There appears to be a separate weed hatch for it, which then pipes to a secondary filter, then to this valve or nozzle (looks like an upside down plastic drip tip) and then into the genny. It could be the only filter, i just heard it called that by another boater. Pics incoming shortly!
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