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  1. There is a fairly chunky pure sinewave inverter installed along with a battery charger. I can't remember the brand... It was power-something... There was also a weirdly large battery to battery charger in there... i figured it worked similar to a split charge relay? I'm not sure. But i could replace most of it with a victron relatively* cheaply. Also, apparently Ethel Red is under offer now, so that ship has sailed it seems. 😕
  2. Yeah exactly, then to the radiator and calorifier in the bedroom at the back.
  3. Right so I checked out tally ho today, it appears the back boiler does have a pump installed. I have no idea how much power this will chew through. Also it seems the bmc is not firing on one cylinder, but they said they will fix it before we put an offer in.
  4. If that were the case, would it be a bad thing? as in not a well designed gravity fed system.
  5. Awesome, thanks for your help. I'll find out tomorrow and report back with details!
  6. I'm slightly confused myself, as I have been on the boat and definitely only saw 1 solid fuel stove in the boat, and it was the morso (squirrel?) in the saloon.. So i can only imagine it being that stove that is supplying the back boiler. But i cant see any pipes in the picture, didn't have the chance to look when I was there. I think i'm going to look again tomorrow. But i take it that if it is all plugged in, then that's a good thing and back boilers work? I'd hate to buy it and then have luke warm water when i wanted hot, haha.
  7. I'm reading through the description and the features list for Tally Ho and read this, so I'm guessing its the squirrel? Heating: Squirrel solid fuel stove feeding radiators. Water Heating: Twin coiled calorifier heated via engine and solid fuel stove
  8. Could someone weigh in on the back boiler situation? Is it a good solution for radiator and water heating? Or is it better just to use a diesel water heater / engine.
  9. Fair play, we have only been CCing for 6 months, so we aren't sure on what a bigger boat will do battery-wise. Thanks for your advice! Fair point, i've only used a cassette but what you're saying makes sense to me. I wont judge it on the toilet then
  10. I do understand the victron inverter charger, however I have my own inverter 1500w that i'll be bringing onto the boat, and we will be off-grid so i don't imagine we will ever use the charger capability. Not sure if this is enough to sway your opinion, but keen to hear if you would still be set on Ethel Red regardless.
  11. The electrical setup looked similar for both to me, could you elaborate please? I've viewed it once before, it had a cruiser stern but access to the boat is through a slide hatch/doors in the center of the stern I'm pretty sure.
  12. Thanks! http://www.devizesmarina.com/boats.php?id=146 < CB Marine ^ This one i'm very interested in, because its built in 2000 which isn't too old, and apparently it has a back boiler that can heat my radiators and hot water tank while running the fire, which sounds amazing, but tbh i have no idea if this is just a useless gimmick and doesn't work well, or if its as great as it sounds. And it's 30,000 which i thought was quite cheap for the boat. http://www.devizesmarina.com/boats.php?id=118 < Wessex Boat Builders ^ This one I like too, though not as much as Tally Ho. It is more expensive but the paint work is in better condition, it has a pump out (i CC, so i'm guessing this is a bad thing according to others i've spoken to), and no back boiler. However it is slightly newer than Tally Ho... So, i'm honestly not sure. If you guys fancy taking a look and giving me any advice for when I got in to view them for the second time I'd really really appreciate it!
  13. Is it ok to post links to boats here? I could link the 2 boats in question. I just don't wanna break any rules.
  14. Hi there, i'm looking at 2 boats on the weekend, one from CB and one from Wessex. I was hoping to garner a few opinions from you all as to the boat builders. Do they have a generally good reputation, is there anything I should keep an eye out for when viewing these boats? Thanks for any and all advice!
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