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  1. Does anyone know if the two elsan points on the canal map in saltford and swineford lock are openable with a CCer key? I've noticed recently that some elsan points in Bath are private and not openable. For example Bathhampton Swing Bridge...
  2. Ran the Eberspacher for an hour last night, water was nice and hot. Not scalding hot though, maybe because i let it sit for ~45 mins while I had dinner before trying the temperature. So i'm honestly clueless as to why it didn't heat while the engine was running, but it seems alright now.
  3. I'll have a look when I get home and report back with all detail I can find for all questions
  4. Going to double check the eberspacher after work today and see how it heats up (duff meaning broken?). Not sure what cold burning diesel is. Also not sure if you're being sarcastic about the nice engine or not haha... Is it really?
  5. I heard from the owner that the engine is raw water cooled, somehow that has to do with it. It's a 1973 SABB 2HG.
  6. Our engine is not connected to the calorifier though
  7. Righto, i'm going to run it again today without the engine running and see how hot it gets 🤔 Maybe the eberspacher has died
  8. This is mostly just a curiosity and was wondering if there was a good reason why this happens. We were running our engine (not connected to the calorifier) to charge our batteries. I figured I might as well run the eberspacher water heater at the same to get some hot water. After running the eberspacher for an hour i noticed the water was warm at best. I've run it in the past without the engine going and it has got scalding hot, so i'm wonder why it would not be working properly when the engine was going. It appeared to complete the hour run too. Cheers for any thoughts and/or advice!
  9. Cheers, i do have a manual switch installed now, was considering reinstalling it so i have both, convenience and backup manual. but good point, i can just turn it on and chill
  10. Possibly, now i have noticed a small led in the wall switch which is also fading out after a few seconds, its very very dim. I'm going to replace the battery and see
  11. You heard it here first haha
  12. Yep i reckon so, its a remote button on the wall, my new switch is right next to the pump, but just a temp measure, but if it dies again i have a backup switch
  13. I also thought it might be the switch, i found a "fuse box" that when opened showed a lot of chips and an arial instead of fuses. This got me thinking that the switch on the wall may perhaps be a remote switch to this box... And a remote switch must need a battery. When i opened up the wall switch, bam, there was a a27 battery that is flat as a pancake! I've not put a simple rocker switch rated at 10 amps in the positive line to the pump and removed the remote box. Soon i'll try and find a new a27 battery and rig it back up. but I'm happy to have a working pump now pics:
  14. I've mounted the new whale gulper level on the floor, and wired it all up. The exact same issue is happening with the new pump. I hold the switch on the wall and the pump cuts out after a few seconds. 😑
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