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  1. So i'm confused haha, i'm hearing from these comments (though I bet i'm misunderstanding) that i do not need a bigger battery charger because the batteries wont take a higher charge?
  2. Hi, on my new boat I have a diesel genny installed which supplies 240v throughout the boat. I also have a 20a sterling battery charger and 480ah of sealed lead acid batteries. Currently charging the batteries takes a very long time with the small charger and I am considering swapping it out for a Victron Multiplus Compact, with the added bonus of having an inverter if needed. I've heard that generators and inverter-chargers can have issues so I wanted to get a general consensus and any advice from you all before moving ahead with a fairly heavy purchase. Cheers for any and all advice as always!
  3. Caynal Sex? ... I'll show myself out
  4. `Thanks! Are these usb sockets better in any way than a cigarette lighter socket with a dual usb insert? Just for flexibility
  5. How would i go about checking the amp rating for my sockets?
  6. Excellent! show us some pictures once you're ready.
  7. This looks to plug into a cigarette lighter socket though, which I don't have installed on the boat and am trying to do.
  8. Cheers! my current issue is having appliances that require a cigarette lighter socket. But only having access to 3-pin 12v sockets. Alright cool, i'll have a look at how to piggyback off a socket, that sounds like a good longer term solution.
  9. Would it just be a matter of finding a cable in the wall somehow and snipping it and putting in the new socket? Not too clued up about retrofitting sockets into finished boats... I'd have to take the wall out wouldn't i?
  10. Here is an example for the main issue i'm having. I have a macbook pro which i charge off a usb-c cable. This cable can plug into a usb-c Anker cigar charger and works great, but I cannot for the life of me find anything that supports charging my macbook with a 3-pin 5a plug. Also my wifi router also runs off a cigar charger, and it definitely has electronics in the plug, its pretty large.
  11. Excellent, that's what i'll do. I've actually done this already on the boat i'm on. Was just hoping there might be a buyable solution. Wicked, sorted then. Thanks all!
  12. Cheers, that sounds like it would work. Have you seen anywhere selling a cigar socket mounted in a wall blank? just trying to keep everything neat haha.
  13. Here is the only image i have on hand, from what i've read in other threads it could be a 5a 3 pin socket?
  14. Hello! I have purchased my first boat and am moving on shortly. I am currently renting a boat and have accumulated a lot of 12v chargers for various devices which run off cigar chargers. The new boat has 3-pin 12v chargers which are mounted into the wall on square white plastic (similar to 240v sockets). I was hoping someone could point me to a cigar lighter replacement, or even an adapter for the short term. I've been looking but with no luck. Thanks for any and all advice!
  15. We should be done by then, though it is locked away in a acoustic box. We could barely hear it from the bedroom. Still though, if its loud then we wouldn't want to disturb the neighbours.
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