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  1. Nightwatch

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    We moored at the Oxford East Street moorings about June last year. I don't remember signs stating I have to announce my arrival. If my memory serves me correctly it just said, like many other Thames moorings, first twentyfour hours free and a fiver thereafter. I can't remember if there was a limit to how many days but I'd expect there was. We paid the lockie at Osny Lock.
  2. Nightwatch

    Droning over Marsworth

    I knew that, 'onest Guv. Yeah but! Yeah but! I was trying to bring a bit of modern Culture To the proceedings. One of Tchaikovsky's best pieces.
  3. Nightwatch

    Parking for Braunston Historic Boat Rally.

    We have been twice by car. As you suggest. Parked in the village near the church. Get there early ish though. Mind you, this was a few years ago so the traffic cones may be flourishing nowadays. i doubt the £20 is for two days. Wishful thinking?
  4. Nightwatch

    Droning over Marsworth

    The accompanying music reminds me of a ancient computer game the boys had. The music was from the Ice Dancing so must have been Winter Olympics. Late eighties ish.
  5. Nightwatch

    Large Woolwich

    Some of it, all the time. The rest not really.
  6. Nightwatch

    Another "Liveaboard" article in the media....

    Good honest and truthful article Tom. Well done.
  7. Nightwatch

    A diversion up Memory Arm...

    There's one side view photo in the ad that looks like it could be 58'.
  8. Nightwatch

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    How did the OP get in with their notice please.
  9. Nightwatch

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    We moored at the East Street moorings in Oxford. after studying the sign for a while I understood it. First night free. £5 for the two following nights, if you want to. We didn't and moved onto the Oxford. Free fourtyeight hours. Water was mucky though, unlikethe clear Thames water. Have we heard from the OP. And how they got on with the fine/charge?
  10. Nightwatch

    Thrupp Oxford Canal.

    Barley Mow. Is that the one where you moor near the Lock and take a walk uphill through the housing estate? Nice Pub. Won't be there Sunday though. May have a belated Dads Day feast. As a footnote, I wondered into the Lamb and Flag. Had a few pints of their branded ale. Nice. No food. Not nice.
  11. Nightwatch

    Thrupp Oxford Canal.

    Their websites and menus are very similar. The Boat slightly cheaper than the jolly. Not by much though.
  12. Nightwatch

    Thrupp Oxford Canal.

    We are approaching Thrupp and will be there on Sunday (Father's Day). In the style of the adverts for Aldi, I like this and I like this etc. i like the Jolly Boatman and I like the Boat. Would the panel state their preference for each pub please. My three sons may well sponsor me to try one of them for Fathers Day. Cheers me dears!
  13. Nightwatch

    Wetherspoons To Stop Selling Champagne And Prosecco

    My sons wedding last October. 140 guests, 3 course sit down meal all beautifully done including the wedding for about £3500.
  14. Nightwatch

    Where have all the Hippies gone?

    Has to be an old London bus though. I don't have any friends.
  15. Nightwatch

    Where have all the Hippies gone?

    What, like your childhood hero Cliff Richard? Went to see Summer Holiday with my ma and pa Preston. It starts black and white then changes to colour after a few minutes. Top rate technology.

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