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  1. Python passed through North Kilworth thus evening.
  2. Purely and Definately temporary. Due for steel work due mid July. Spoken to the Boatyard and they can do a permanant jobby. Have to raid my piggy bank and anyone else's that may be hanging around.
  3. Tempting! I do like a drop of cider.
  4. I went for a mile walk this morning!!! The boat keep pulling me back. Only took an hour or so. And it chucked it down. But not old Rosie? Is this bloody good scrumpy from a Napton a still cider?
  5. What's wrong with the taste of floor polish?
  6. London Pride is a very palatable beer, but there are other good ales available on the South Oxford. Banbury is brilliant. Even near the bakeries it's okay. In the main town moorings it's okay. The South Oxford is okay.
  7. If you have Old Rosie I'm on my way.
  8. Are you connected in any way? But good recommendation.
  9. Thanks John. Been busy all afternoon chatting to these fabulous people at North Kilworth Wharf. Couldn't be more helpful. The new(ish) owner John immediately got a boat out and towed a Nightwatch the rest of the way to the wharf. Ben, long established engineer and all sorts man on site looked at the issue. Awaiting delivery of epoxy two pack sealer/filler stuff. If it arrives soon he will apply tonight to allow fir it to 'go off' overnight. Top up the system and pressure test before sending us on our way. That's the plan, what the plan doesn't allow for is that 'I' meaning me being part of the plan. Let's wait and see. Didnt realise they do so much here. A couple of slipways. Resident boat painter. In the middle of a back to metal paint. Looks good. Very helpful.
  10. We have bow hauled it to North Kilworth yard, not the new marina. We are soaked to the skin, we are drying off having a cuppa and then I'll go and chat to someone there. Someone said Ben. Prepare yourself Ben. One boat passed us, a hire boat. It's made me realise that them there Horse are strong buggers. There's also busses here.
  11. Unlikely to get photo as it's unaccessable to me. Just found out that Welford has one bus a day into Market Harborough, missed today's one.
  12. Going to see how dry its got overnight before any decisions are made. We have absorbent sheets in place.
  13. From what I could make out this afternoon, the area is quite fragile, so I will pass on the prodding. I think, time permitting, I would prefer a welded on plate or similar to see it through till a better more permanant job can be done. A little bit of diversity. I was ships company on a warship when a diver went down to inspect the hull. He prodded and poked his way around. We all waited for the results. The hull was rotten, and being the test bed of gas turbine engines in RN ships had taken its toll. This meant we weren't allowed to sea in certain sea conditions and the poor old girl had to be paid off and scrapped.
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