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  1. Nightwatch

    Nell Bridge

    Yep! Just got the notice about Nells Bridge.
  2. Nightwatch

    Nell Bridge

    That's handy then!
  3. May have to rethink mooring spots. We always liked mooring near the lift bridge far beyond the Tranway. Even there it's a massive building site. Aynho was busy with long term moored boats last year, probably the same this year. Ignore me. I'm having a negative day.
  4. Hopefully Tim, hopefully.
  5. Funnily enough I'm staying with my brother in Fleet. Same affect. The procedure is being done in Portsmouth.
  6. Thank you. Disturbed night unsurprisingly. Last dose of gunk taken. I'm wasting away!., Sure all will will be fine. I'm convinced my bowel is like a pebble beach with the tide gone out, exposing all the rubbish left behind.
  7. We are going to winter in the Banbury-Aynho-Oxford region. What is the mooring like now in Banbury now that demolition and building has started?
  8. You could of course use steel angle iron.😀👍
  9. Right. Taken the first edition of laxitives. A bit of a fizzy tum but no movement. They must have change the recipe as it was quite płeasant. Lemon flavoured. Am I looking forward to dose two in three hours? Nope.
  10. I gave you a greenie some time ago. This was for your public spiritness.
  11. Pleased everything okay for you now. I'm not shying away from having this procedure done. I know it's necessary, but as you say its the indignity of it all. I'm like a bear with a sore head at present. No real reason, just don't like being out of routine, and getting hungrier by the miniute. 'If you can't have, you want' syndrome. We live aboard and wish to continue doing so. As I mentioned a couple of hours ago, this has come about by not feeling 100% and seeing my GP. Some knock the NHS. I don't. I've had a good deal so far over the years.
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