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  1. Does seem to be taking a slow passage. I realised she'd been picked up.
  2. Any further news in this? Just interested.
  3. Nightwatch

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Well, is he?
  4. Nightwatch

    Receiving Packages

    You just can't help yourself can you? Always anxiously trying to cause un-necessary anguish and hurt. i do like it though.
  5. Frightening time for her I'm sure. Glad she's been picked up.
  6. Nightwatch

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Not if his employer is also a spy and knows that spies lie.
  7. Nightwatch

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    If! he is a spy and says he's not a spy, then he may be a spy because some spies have been known to tell lies.
  8. Nightwatch

    Matthew Hedges (UAE)

    Are you sure about that? He says he isn't!
  9. Nightwatch

    Receiving Packages

    Short sighted marina owners. What harm does it do to be accommodating. When in Newbury I asked for something to be delivered to Greenham Island. They refused in the grounds it would start a trend. Yeah! And your point is? It was four smallish triangular solar peel brackets.
  10. Nightwatch

    Because I'm annoyed.

    Not had a Guinness or any other beverage since Monday. I'm doing very well. I was born in Ormskirk. Lived in Seaforth, Hutton, Chorley and Leyland. Dad was a bobby and then ran pubs and clubs. So from that I guess it's a Nth West saying. A cob is a bread roll or a bap or a balm cake and other territorial names.
  11. Nightwatch

    Because I'm annoyed.

    And mine. No idea where abouts in my brainbox that came from.
  12. Nightwatch

    Because I'm annoyed.

    I've got a cob on!
  13. Nightwatch

    Because I'm annoyed.

    What's sweet corn got to with this thread?
  14. Nightwatch

    Because I'm annoyed.

    Bet it does.

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