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  1. We set off from Shardlow a few days ago. First lock was Aston. Two volockies present, c/w dormobile, I'm assured not issued by CRT, personally I let them got on with operation The as long as I think and believe they realise that I need to be consulted to ascertain when I'm ready for this paddle and that paddle to be operated. I adopt the attitude, until I realise otherwise, that they know the behaviour of that particular lock. No problems so far. I did get a little wound up once at Fradley when a volockie decided I needed a lesson on the history of Canal and their uses.
  2. Once again thank you Tony. I'm fighting in the dark here. 2x100w panels. What would be the maximum amps? Thinking now, after reading on line of a simple inline fuse holder to allow taking out the fuse to isolate. This will be before the MPPT. No worries. Found out on line.
  3. Bought a switch. Next installent of the saga. I intend to cut the positive cable and feed into this. Where and how please.
  4. Very good point. Interesting. Hadn't thought of it that way. I guess fifty quidders comes in handy. It's one of those situations where you don't realise you have saved unless you do spreadsheets and calculations and the like.
  5. Seriously thinking of doing that now. We'll see.
  6. Can't the police set up a hit on the place if they have a bit of a reputation for this.
  7. Good points. Well made. Not very customer focused though I suppose. Hey ho!
  8. Firstly I'd like to say that I've never had a problem renewing the licence online. Anyway, just got my email regarding this years renewal. I notice that the promised reduction of the early payment 10% discount to 5% has taken effect. I only get the 5% early payment discount. When it goes to 0% early payment discount, I for one, will not be handing over a full years fee. Back to the direct debit payments I'm afraid. Sad really. It was a good incentive to pay up front. Will there be an additional fee for DD payments?
  9. We, for years used blue. Then started odourloss, it takes a few pumpout to get rid of the blue. Then we started using BIO washing liquid. No problems since. Honestly. In fact it sometimes doesn't smell at all even during the pumpout process. Not sure if a guy I was talking to was having me on or not but he said two or three litres of coka cola does the trick. It does have acid in it, so could be true. But the washing liquid seems to work for us. Crossed posts with Victor.
  10. Congrats to the two of you. Good to see you post again. If, and I doubt we will, see you I'd be reluctant to tap on the boat in case you're 'busy'. Enjoy.
  11. I have nine months of a data only sim contract remaining. Gives me 40 gb. Through a mobile dongle. Been into a shop and also called customer services. I want to go unlimited and cancel existing contract. The shop said they can't help, best call Three Customer services. I did, and the chap from another country on a script said he can help. To cancel would cost me the remaining monthly payments, then take out a new contract. I insisted I didn't want to pay the remaining costs. He went away, not sure where to, but came back and offered me £30 off the settlement of the old contract. He wouldn't budge. Silly really. Been with three for years. Not a very happy chappie. Phone sim out of contract tries to wangle something there but nope.
  12. Thanks all. Been reading this after an early evening beverage. It makes sense now, who knows in 12 hours time. I can, of course re read it all. Engine back running now with panels all connected. Waiting for the beep. Bate or bait. Thanks. Boost my morale why don't you.😜
  13. A happy, so far, update. Engine running a couple of hours. Done all the charging as per usual. Got down to low amps. It beeps. Stops, beeps stops as it has been doing for about four weeks. Disconnected the solar at the controller. Ain't no more beeps. Disconnected about twenty minutes. No beeps. So, it seems it's the solar input whilst engine running and batteries. Nearing float or fully charged. Switched on inverter and put a load, though small, the radio and the beep hasn't shown it's 'face'. So, I need an isolator in some shape or form. Looked on line, they can cost a lot of money and not a lot of money. Would a simple on/off switch on either + or - cable suffice or is that so wrong. Once again advice please. Not a lot of cable to play around with at that end. I'm a happy chappie at present. Not being over confident. But thanks for all the advice and comments and suggestions and patience. Watch this space.
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