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  1. A friends boat. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/All-steel-cruiser-style-narrowboat-3-berth/274197996521?hash=item3fd77963e9:g:LHMAAOSwPkhdrbbb
  2. I have, and lots on eBay at more competitive prices.
  3. Not inexpensive though. I’m not surprised you’re happy with it.
  4. Just a comment. A friend of mine, land based, had a stove fitted during the summer months. A couple of days before Christmas he threw a log on the fire, went out to get a chippy takeaway. Came home and could hear his fire alarm sounding. Went in doors and indeed there was a fire in the living room. Loads of smoke etc. Seems that in the gap either side of the stove he had stored logs and it’s these that caught fire. A close shave. Not a great deal of damage but smoke damage being immense. In this instance he was very fortunate (not lucky) it wasn’t far worse. I have seen many pictures of boats storing logs either side of the stove. Just a little reminder to consider if it could happen to boaters just as easily.
  5. Coming back from the Fez, Far East for the uninitiated, before the reopening of the Suez Canal, we were in really good ruffers of the SE coast of South Africa. The ship would rise on a wave, rock on the top and then plunge down into the trough and repeat for a day or three. We got a hole in the hull in one of the forward magazines. Dump all the shells and go into dry dock in Simonstown. Job done. Enjoyed every minute.
  6. When we first went into ruffers on HMS Sheffield there were bulkheads ‘flexing’ in the forward superstructure. Later of the Type 42 destroyers (batch 3) there had a bit of strengthening at 1 deck level. Design fault? Back in topic, we get all sorts bumps and bangs during temperature changes. The water tank behaves as described above.
  7. I recently made a wooden turnbuckle for holding the cooker glass lid. Just in case we hit ruffers. (or I clobber a lock entrance accidentally)
  8. I have an ex RN ships clock in Brass. Also a matching Barometer. I say brass, they could be brass coated. Anyway, they are both suffering from dullness. If just coated, can these be recoated?
  9. Is that the Police Inspector who thinks he’s a Parrot? Or a Pirate?
  10. There are hire firms and boatyards that hire out boats they don’t own. (They are owned by private people) for a fee or cut. They then house the boat and presumably look after it for you. You can maybe reserved week(s) for your own use. Just a thought.
  11. There’s a good pub,does food though!, near to where I’m convalescing, that sells draught Hogs Back brewery ales. Tea was one of them. A couple of years ago my brother presented me with a mixed box of bottled beers from Hogs Back. I’ve been promised a tour at sometime.
  12. Just received this. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/16887-between-lock-74-and-78-on-the-oxford-canal
  13. Haven’t done the Tardebigge flight. But that sounded fun.
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