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  1. That’s up a little. It’s a quick flow through there at normal levels.
  2. This thread reminds me of when I was Cleaning Manager at NATS at Swanwick. (Air Traffic Control Centre). One of the mundane jobs was to supply liquid soap to the dispensers in the washrooms. During one of the facilities meetings a very nice, well spoken ‘posh’ lady insisted that the ladies washrooms should have pink liquid soap as the white pearlescent soap resembled something else they were familiar with!! I changed it!
  3. ICE? BIK? EV’s? It was bad enough when Dorothy Perkins became DP’s.
  4. We did that journey about the same time going back to Langley Mill for some planned (and unplanned)works to be carried out.
  5. Took me a few minutes to work out what was what. But the lock gave it away. It has changed greatly.
  6. Banbury lock still closed, or should I say open. Water over the top gate and lower paddles open. Tim, it’s coming your way.
  7. I know little of this Lady. I know less of Love Island. And equally less of other suppose celeb making rubbish, cheap to produce programmes. It would seem that she is a victim of her own success and has been destroyed by our so called newspapers and other money grabbing media. Why do ordinary people expose themselves to become bait for such crooked organisations. Sad, but I have to be honest, it’s not effecting my life in the same way as Love Island, jungle?, ice skating, come round to my house to eat, I could go on. Oh! Nearly for got Big Brother is watching. Oh! Another, put a camera in my living room and watch me watch crap on telly and talk about it and try to be humorous programmes.
  8. Leicester is not to be avoided. We were there a few months ago. We breasted up, no problem. Then two RN hired boats came in crewed by submariners on leave. Had a chat, declined their invite to accompany them ashore, would have loved it, but, like the Monkees song, then I saw her face. Decision made. To be honest I expected a noisy night but didn’t hear anything. Mind you sludgemariners have to sleep every four or six hours don’t they. The Leicester ring is well worth it. The river sections can be interesting. We escaped Trent Lock when the river had just come off reds. Turning out of the lock was ‘clenching’. Good job Nightwatch has 50 hp to get to Shardlow. It were rite good fun.
  9. Jenny Roberts is her name. Colin, brother has known her for forty years and remembers her getting Iona. Almost certainly was Jenny in 2003.
  10. Yes I think so. She has been a client of my brothers (hairdresser) for many many years. I’ll ask him.
  11. My brother knows the owner operator of Iona. During one of my visits to Hampshire we went to meet her and have a look at the horses at the stables and then onto the boat in Godalming. What a really nice pleasant lady she is. We then went to lunch at the little but very flavourful cafe at Godalming boats. Just a small claim to fame that I have.
  12. That’s rather acceptable.
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