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  1. Nightwatch


    I now spend time seeing who has and who has not got a little star. Its sooooooo snob forming. Important Footnote. I couldn't give two hoots who contributes and who doesn't. This was always on my CV. "If I can, I will". This will be on my memorial stone, "If I could, I did".
  2. Nightwatch


    Hadn't noticed the little star before. Is there really a need? I can't always justify a contribution, do others have to know that I'm either a skinflint or a mean so and so?
  3. Nightwatch

    The Bridge Inn, Napton

    Over recent years planning as been refused a number of times, but if I remember correctly, planning was approved for multiple dwellings. Indeed, this is what I thought was happening at the site. As has been suggested and hinted at, buy this ridiculously expensive eyesore, and you get a building plot thrown in.
  4. Nightwatch

    Dogs in pubs...again!

    No effort required sadly. According to one of our crew, I spent far too long in there over the past few months. I will treasure the award accordingly. since my post earlier, I believe the Boat is at Bridingly.
  5. Nightwatch

    Liveaboard issues

    I did. Write 50 lines, "I must check posts before posting"
  6. Nightwatch

    Liveaboard issues

    Isn't unbridgeable where the Archers live??
  7. Nightwatch

    Dogs in pubs...again!

    It's the Boat at Stockton??? Isn't it..
  8. Nightwatch

    Rylards Paint - suppliers ?

    As an aside. We black Nightwatch as the above mention by Tim. It's due again sadly. Also, Farrow & Ball doesn't have a good reputation in our circles. Just saying.
  9. Nightwatch

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    I seem to remember that the French canals are not the best for English Canal built vessels. Don't the French canals, or at least some of them, close for winter? Clone craft are a thing of the canals here in blighty. As cars are now adopting the same appearance, whatever the make. Houses, at a glance, seem to be the same.
  10. Nightwatch

    STOLEN BOAT: from the Cowley area GU

    In the Braunston area at present. I'll keep a look out.
  11. Nightwatch

    Fire a TV Stick

    Probably Robbo. Just thought to get many channels via a gadget would be beneficial. Seems it won't be. I'm not that concerned.
  12. Nightwatch

    Fire a TV Stick

    Got a Chromecast. Advised that Fire TV Stick is better. It's a quandary innit. Think I'll just stay as is with an old fashioned ariel and watch what's available. Thanks for everyones comments. Martyn
  13. Nightwatch

    Dave Clarke boats anyone used?

    Can't comment on today's build quality. Nightwatch is a 1991 Dave Clarke shell. It's good, still. We have had the boat since 2005.
  14. Nightwatch


    Unless I'm in a first class signal area, my dingle dangle dongle doesn't always register the location. My phone does though. We always think what would happen if something happened to me and Mrs Nightwatch needed to call the emergency services and give a location. I say in a whisper in case she's listening, she not very bright with techno stuff.
  15. Nightwatch

    Mad Cow Found in Scotland

    Possibly will spread to udder places.

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