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  1. Will see how it behaves when we get back onto the canals. Thank you Tony. Lets just say, the engine is overdue an oil change, so, maybe new oil might help a little. Its high on my list of ‘things to do.’
  2. My name is Martyn with a ‘Y’. I also have a Barrus Shire engine. Its now 18 years young. And, ihave also notice over the past fewweeks I’m having to wipe oil of the top of the extraction pump. Odd world isnt it? Thanks for raising this issue. I had put it down to being on the Thames and higher revs.
  3. We are moored now, but just come up Cleeve Lock. Busy coming down but going up a Le Boat went in first, we followed. I saw another cruiser on the horizon and said soto the guy off the hire boat. He either didn't hear me or ignored me. Anyway two minutes later a, loosely described, lady off the cruiser starts having a go at me. I said wasn’t me, she carried on saying the gates closed beforewe got here. I repeated my denial. And added I'm not operating the lock. She was really upset. Anyway we were just exiting the lock and mentioned see youin a few minutes, we are stopping for water. She became all nice and soppy pleading that she could have water first. Anyway, we started filling up, loads of boat going down through the lock. As said lady was coming up in the lock a boat manoeuvred onto the second access to water. Believe it or not, she starts shouting at all the boats, may have been six or seven of them, that she is next for water. She was still in the lock. Unbelievable. How sad. Boats going down were in chaos. Think EA have a shortage of lockies. Boating is so much fun ain’t it?
  4. I do like a bit of F1, but since Mr Hamilton Went too far sticking his nose into the BLM syndrome, I haven’t watched any of it.
  5. It seems that over the years the Thames in general, or adjacent land owners, has/have turned their backs to boaters. Theres an ever increasing amount of ‘No Mooring’ Signs. Many at excellent mooring spots. I appreciate that some boaters can be unruly and messy, but they are in the minority. We were due to leave the Thanes today but plans, being plans, have changed. Extending our time on the river as on the whole we have enjoying the change of views and environment. I have no desire to go to Henley ever again. Just saying! Swimmers and paddle boarders have kept me observant. Dont get many on the canals. Why is that I wonder! 😊
  6. I don’t! Honestly! But sometimes you get asked if you’d like to downsize or whatever its called. Regarding the OP’s issue. I have no idea.
  7. Whilst passing Benson we asked if they sold Diesel to Joe Public. I was told yes. Good, I thought. But the problem was that both pumps’ calibrations were defect, said they. But if you have a container we could fill that up!! I thought, “Nah! Youre okay, I’ll leave it. (I should have produced my 25 ltr container Saying it was 20 ltrs!). But that is dishonest, ain’t it?
  8. If i could give you one, I would, as I can’t, I won’t. Greenie that is!
  9. We called into get some fuel in Reading recently. Whilst being ‘serviced’ the chap, who works for Caversham Boat hire, told me that the above company charges hirers £10 per engine running time upon return of the boat. I find this very difficult to justify let alone believe. Is this a case of ‘we dont, so we are better?’
  10. Was this topic started with the intention of it being political?
  11. Youngsters jumping off the bridge as I type this.
  12. They a ball game and the ball hit the roof. Excuse to ‘have a chat’. Sent ‘the wife’ out. They have moved on. We saw them earlier on a small hire boat up in Shillingford. They have all had a few drinks, as you do. Didn't really want to move. Phew.
  13. We chose this spot as its/was nice and quiet. We have family arriving late afternoon and more family tomorrow so need vehicular access. To find moorings along this stretch has proved to be difficult. The bank here is about level with the boat roof so not very private. They are as entitled to be there as we are. We are playing the waiting game presently. They may run out of beer soon.
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