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  1. Yeah! That is part of the canal system that used Portsmouth harbour as a section. Used to be an ammunition run when the Army was in Portsmouth.
  2. Thanks Tony. This is for another day perhaps.
  3. Without going into detail, I wouldn’t part with £1000 under these terms, with any broker or seller. In fact, even if I did, and they corrected any found defects I’d want another survey to check that nothing was missed or in the unlikely event that a ‘short cut’ had been taken. Just my own thoughts.
  4. Second in command delivery a Quiche just as I was waffling, I mean typing. Well spotted though.
  5. Knowing the very little of what I know of Mrsmelly, sorry Tim, I know he is a seller of a quick sale at reasonable price of boats. He is applying the same reasoning to this. Hope you get it done ASAP. This is when I start talking nonsense. eBay? Property Developer Weekly? (if it exists). Horse and hound? Lady Magazine? All less expensive than estate agency fees.
  6. As the majority of my relations live in the Southern parts of Hampshire, a Canal down to the Portsmouth,Petersfield area would be brilliant. I know the Basingstoke exists but if you have an air draft more that 5’10” you can’t get on it. But if you could there’s no water!. Sort these two issues, then run a branch line off Southwards. Could always restore the Portsmouth to London Canal. Take a bit of doing and demolition I guess.
  7. If you’d like to forward you bank details..........................
  8. Looks very nice and technical, but I don’t see a switch. What is it and what does it do please.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Making money from life’s trials and tribulations used to be called something like an Autobiography. I have lived a very varied life and family have encouraged me to have a go at writing a full and unabridged account of my own trials and tribulations. It may well become an uninteresting pamphlet for bedtime reading. No-one is interested in my past life. Soon I won’t be able to remember it, so that’ll be that.
  11. We were on the Erewash Canal at the start of the School summer break. Getting towards the northern reaches of the canal the water does improve in clarity, so much so, that you can see the canal bed. However I still wouldn’t take a voluntary dip. Passing through the last three or four locks we were held up by having to clear the full locks of children quite happily using the locks as swimming pools. I would possible have done the same at their age, but certainly not in the LL near Chorley in the late fifties-sixties!
  12. Make it an non profit business and may then be ripe for redevelopment.
  13. Seen better days at a guess. Did you manage to get it out..
  14. I would’nt black at this time of year. Just my preference. They did Nightwatch in April this year. A good price and allowed me to get on with other things. Dan is an excellent welder and Vikki is an equally excellent blacker. As a result of docking with them in April and asking questions like, “can you do this.” and “can you do that?” We ended up going back there in late a July for lots of necessary repairs to be done. Bloomin’ good rates as well. The Erewash, once you get to know it, is a pleasant Canal. Funnily enough, I had a PM this morning asking how I got on with them. They want some woodwork done. Dan, he doesn’t like to brag about it, relocates major theatre shows in this country as well as occasionally, all over the world.
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