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  1. Nightwatch

    Off to Yooonee

    I left school as a fifteen year old with nothing. Just a very exciting and adventurous life before me. I'm, obviously, still hanging on in there.
  2. This is confusing. I read on the Three site what I wrote in my one of my previous posts. I think a call to Three is called for. Incidentially, I'm on 40gb but it costs me £20. Two year agreement. I wonder if they would honour the lower price for me.
  3. Just read that only Dave and History is included via tvplayer on Go Binge.
  4. I see that tvplayer is included. Would that be everything on tvplayer? Sea Dog, our posts crossed.
  5. Thanks for that. Spoken to my eldest son, my gadget advisor. He has said wot you said. My cromecast is a bit dated in comparison to the Amazon Fire Stick. So, an investment is required me thinks. Son says that the fire stick, sticks into the telly, also Cello, and will connect directly with my Three fed dongle. I would need confirmation that Go Binge covers more than just Netflix and limited other channels regarding data usage. Exciting times.
  6. Nightwatch

    The wood panels on the walls

    Perhaps. Hull sides. Tumblehome. Superstructure. Bulkhead. Upper cabin side.
  7. Nightwatch


    We are moored just below the bottom Lock. One of the locks, nearside is not in use. Why would this be? A queue in both directions last time I looked. Roland, you must have passed us. What's your Boats name..
  8. May I, at the risk of being dim, ask what tvplayer is? How it works? Does it cost! Is it just a download? I have a 'thing' that one of my sons bought me a few years ago. Connects iPad, computer etc to telly. It's a Crome cast. A kind of fire stick I reckon. Will this work? Never been able to get it to link. My problem. I am dim.
  9. Nightwatch

    The wood panels on the walls

    What do you call the outside bulkheads then?
  10. Nightwatch

    The wood panels on the walls

    Me? Any wall in nautical terms is a 'bulkhead'. Ceiling is Deckhead. Floor is deck.
  11. Nightwatch

    The wood panels on the walls

    Walls are bulkheads. Just saying.
  12. Nightwatch

    Banbury pound water level

    If I was buried I'd be really cross.
  13. A bit harsh if you don't mind me saying considering his abilities.
  14. Nightwatch

    Banbury pound water level

    Out of my depth here, to coin a phrase. I'm out! (The Spanish coin wasn't silver was it?) silver Dollar.

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