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  1. Mmmmm. Good point. I hope not, or that really would be a regression. Hopefully details will be published soon.
  2. Why does it prohibits more than one transit within 56 days? Cant you just register, make your trip and then, after 28 days, register again?
  3. Is there any update on the current situation for boats that are due a BSS? I have a couple of months before mine is due, but have had a reminder from CRT.
  4. I thought that as well. Are there not “No mooring” signs for all the arms apart from Grocer’s Wharf, on which there is only half the car park side available now? There is always the entrance area to the Rochdale Nine, but that is very much busier with passers by and pubs than Grocer’s Wharf.
  5. But Peel Holdings are gradually increasing the number of permanent berth holders. It used to be about half the opposite side from the car park. Then it was all the offside. Now it is also half the car park side leaving only room for three or four visitors. We were there about a fortnight ago. We arrived late morning just as a boat was leaving, so grabbed their vacant berth. There were no other spaces. At least five boats came up during the day to find no room at the inn. They turned and headed off to we know not where.
  6. Do you intend to do the Cheshire Ring clockwise or anti-clockwise? We did it anti-clockwise a few weeks ago. No real problems apart from the breach at Bosley Locks. Nicknorman says “OK places to stop are Portland Basin area, Droylsden marina (Top of Ashton flight), Thomas Telford basin (read small print on notice carefully - at first sight it says “no mooring” but a closer look reveals you can moor for 24 hrs) and Castlefield Basin on Bridegwater. The latter doesn’t have much space for visitors these days. Mooring in Manchester is not easy but that is no problem because in fact Manchester is a shit hole and no sane person would want to do anything other than pass through fairly quickly. Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds etc are all 1,000,000 times better!” Agree with part of that, but not all. From the top of the Marple Flight, a full day cruise to Droylsden Marina. There have been issues with boat vandalism if you moor opposite Portland Museum (the museum side is quite full and, I believe private). Droylsden Marina is a good overnight stop with good facilities near by. Early morning start and down to Piccadilly arriving at lunch time. Hard work with poorly maintained locks, but no issues with the locals if you do it in the morning. We moored for the rest of the day at Piccadilly Gardens. It is gated, but the locals will give you the code to get in and out, and then it is a very short walk into the city. Next day start after 8 o’clock for the Rochdale Nine (the locks are padlocked overnight). This short, but strenuous leg down to Castlefield is, shall we say, interesting, but never encountered any real problems. Due to Peel Holdings renting out most of the berths at Castlefield, you need to arrive before noon to ensue you get one of the three or four berths available. Manchester is a wonderful city and well worth spending a couple of days there. We have berthed there dozens of times and never encountered a problem, but we are sensible on our times of passage avoiding afternoons and, if possible, weekends. Hope you have a great time on the Cheshire Ring.
  7. Obvious drug dealing.... but then perhaps the same as most urban areas as you quite rightly point out. Still would have appreciated a lock or two wheeled by a volockie though ?
  8. My main complaint is that there were no volockies on the Ashton Canal down into Manchester. Hard work, dodgy areas and a distinct lack of maintenance budget. Oh for a smiley volockie, bossy or otherwise!
  9. Towpath hole is now filled (12 noon, Tuesday). The leak down the culvert has been sealed. Talk of a few barrow loads of clay being put down canal side, but as yet no decision on whether to lift the stop planks and open the canal.
  10. OK, been up for a walk to have a look at the breach. Contrary to my “second hand information”, the repair is not complete. There is a hole (about 2 or 3 cubic metres). It has only been a third filled with clay. Apparently there is access problems, so the contractors are using two motorised wheelbarrows ferrying the clay from the utility block at the top of the locks. They say they should complete it tomorrow and hope to remove the stop planks late tomorrow afternoon. As an aside, the locks are still open and boats are still ascending, so not quite sure of the reports of the permanent moorers being told to move, as their moorings will now be taken by boats awaiting the repair.
  11. Second hand information, but believe they have done a repair and will now wait for another inspection tomorrow morning (Tuesday), to see if it is effective and if they can re-open the canal. Will take a walk up later this afternoon to have a look.
  12. Agreed, it did look very gentle. Every time we have done it, Springs and Neaps, the flow has been stronger. We are pretty slow, so guess we always arrived at Selby a bit later. Half an hour or so more into the ebb could make a big difference.
  13. Dunham Massey or Little Bollington? I believe the Axe and Cleaver is at Dunham Massey. It, too, is excellent.
  14. Worsley has two good pubs (The Bridgewater and one I can’t remember the name) and an excellent restaurant (George’s). It also has a small convenience store. Boothstown is more rural with a large pub and small marina. Another option a little further north is Astley Green. It also has a canal side pub where someone else on this forum has recently been extolling its virtues. Would not recommend an overnight stay in Leigh, although it is OK during the day for provisions.
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