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  1. Yes they used to threaten our jobs if we didnt do the stats. To them the patient care and outcome didnt matter only the stats. every time they wouldnt agree the independent pay bodies deal or pay the agreed deal, we turned the stats off. working in victoria was like working in a state of permanent battle
  2. Its not realistic. No clouds of exhaust smoke or bockety bockety boc noises. whats with that silly control thing, and all those revs, im used to skinning me knuckles going into reverse
  3. We used to have to give a lot of hospital stats to the victorian government. Contact hours , outcomes, treatment modalities , patient rights, physical co morbidity, symptoms. There had to be a severity score for each variable. Staff were so rushed we got behind, when the government started moaning about not reaching targets, we would run off a couple of months forms in handover. couldn't even remember half the patients, never mind that information. The only critical bit was the score on discharge had to be lower than on admission. Garbage in Garbage out. Govt lapped it up. Id been doing this as senior clinician for 15 months before I even got a copy of the manual and scoring guidelines. Patients treatment not affected. Stats reflect the outcome you want not the reality
  4. In 20 odd years of having a bwb towpath moorings the only objections to others being in my spot I raised, was with boats who moored on it and then declined to move when I returned to base. oh and fishists.
  5. I bought a new to me used car back in 2000 my newest one ever. We had to run less than 3 year old cars as a policy of our job. i got to work and later one of my colleagues said ‘ I did not think you were the sort for personal plates or are you avoiding the three year rule bit. I asked him what he meant, he said ’ your car hasnt got a year plate’ its an undated one. I hadnt even looked at the rego number. The garage contacted me later in the month, they were supposed to have removed the personal plate and had a new one issued, and put that one on the last owners new car. Dvlc finally re issued me a proper plate.
  6. Less indulgence (Do you need 3 suv’s) more pragmatism (health not fashion) more society ( nice to talk face to face) Less psychobabble ( greater resilience) less commuting ( less pollution) valuing basics ( less bewildering choice) shorter food chains ( strawberries in jan)
  7. Love the idea that residential boats on the towpath have any more right to the towpath than local house owners and ratepayers. Next boatowner i see walking through the village on having parked on our street i will tell to social distance off.
  8. The day will come when your tesla will drive itself off for its test on its own. Just hope if it fails it doesnt deliberately crash on the way back.
  9. Mc free wifi when we were in america. Park near entrance and use . Cross threshold once in 20 years on a sunday in france. Couldnt work touch screens, and got nearly thrown out for walking up to counter. offered cash and were thrown out.
  10. My experience of elm bottomed boats was that they leaked for a lot of reasons , but that once settled the maintenance was more about the fight they had with the steel sides. Having said that the front board on our boat was 50 years old, and eventually i pretty much spooned it out of the shoe plate. steel bolts rotting, keelson falling apart , and un sympathetic boat owners roaring past, was always a concern. Leaks were always under the rayburn water tank or bath. I do remember one day after a certain bodged up steam powered multi abuser came flying past, finding the boat adrift and sinking at Stockers lock. I think that was the occasion when the nearest object i could hammer in to the damaged seam was my socks. We had 3 auto bilge pumps, standard, whoops and crisis. All set at different heights. After 14 years we replaced with steel.
  11. I wouldnt bother shopping. We tried it earlier for our one trip out for the week. no milk no bread no eggs and little of anything else. Our diet for the next week will be ‘varied’ That was waitrose, we went up market after the fights in tesco and aldi last time we tried last friday. The sheep in the paddock beside the house are looking concerned.
  12. Ah but what if you dont have a mortgage on your let property but use the rent to pay for your main residence.... thats how we afford our mooring fee.
  13. Why would i throw out a previous good paying tenant. His character has not changed, and who would I replace him with. I had this with a previous tenant who got into difficulties. 3 month rent holiday, repayment when she could manage and she worked on the place . we got the house back last year in a beautiful state. unlike our unwilling landlord propery which we cannot sell and is empty having been trashed by the criminal the most prestigious estate agent in nottingham placed in it.
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  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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