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  1. roland elsdon

    Weather in July

    Here is the weather forecast. rain followed by sunshine and showers wind snow sleet and hail. when exactly we are not sure. beware inappropriate fat boats on the oxford canal. thank you for my salary. warwickshire in july and august can be anything except ice and snow Oh you are from australia four seasons in one day, weather in warwickshire is like victoria in spring
  2. roland elsdon


    as i drive over the bridge and see our boat after anything from 4 to 8 months away its always a happy moment. Even better if i have remembered the keys and the gate key. one year I got off the plane in london and then realised the car boat and gate keys were safely stashed in the safe at my work.
  3. roland elsdon

    Kids on Strike

    They went on strike here too after their parents drove them from their 21 square metre aircon houses in their 4 litre cars to their climate controlled schools.
  4. roland elsdon


    Dont quit . You speak much truth and honesty... frequently you say what i think. 24 degrees sun shining, back to boat and bad weather in a few weeks.
  5. roland elsdon

    Clockwork Starter

    Had one for years on Thaxted. Meant either of us could start boat and move singlehanded. Prior to that is Mrs E wanted to move the boat i had to hand start if for her. Would love another. note it says it may not work do not buy it and try and repair
  6. roland elsdon

    12V distribution panel problems

    I have one and unless its schrodingers eco fan and has got off its lazy ares and lit the fire it wont be working... again
  7. roland elsdon

    Kids on Strike

    Double maths? No way its double ‘diversity module 432’ unless its hackney
  8. roland elsdon

    12V distribution panel problems

    I have blue sea bladed fuse boxes. They are probably the most reliable bit of the boat.
  9. roland elsdon

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    Actualy if its an unconverted town class coming towards you in a bridge and the bow is low, thats when you should be worried...
  10. roland elsdon

    Ashby and moorings?

    Yes so did we , until...
  11. roland elsdon


    Packet boat lane
  12. roland elsdon

    The Ultimate Floating Brick ?

    I think it suits the slough arm well
  13. roland elsdon

    Harvesting free power

    I use thesame folding device to keep our van battery topped up in the australian winter. If i leave it on in the summer it goes well enough to put the engine start battery to 12.9 volts. That then dumps to the domestic battery via the red arc. Amazingly efficient for its size
  14. roland elsdon

    Keeping a non-shiny look

    We always used to use floor paint on the roof, it was fine. 3 years ago we repainted the roof in international floor paint, over raddle. It looked great until i cleaned up lister exhaust lumps with white spirit. ( a practice i have done for 30odd years) the paint softened and smeared. i ended up stripping off the whole of the roof with scraper and spirit, before re keying and painting with damboline bilge red.
  15. roland elsdon

    12V distribution panel problems

    Kiss and avoid chinese gadgets

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