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roland elsdon

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  1. roland elsdon

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Dane came by today without Clara. Saw both together late last night on way home on bike so suspect deal done. Shame no one bought both, wooden boats as pairs even if historically not correct are rare.
  2. roland elsdon

    Amusing (?) Facebook Post

    Can we build a barrier at Watford keep them there
  3. roland elsdon

    rookie question - propane tanks

    Im sure if i put a few bob on the thousand guineas ill have enough to buy it back lend me a tanner
  4. roland elsdon

    rookie question - propane tanks

    No we priced it in groats and they haggled in florins. We got drunk on the proceeds in flagons. We put all the groats into new fangled idea called canals and made a fortune until some bloke decided to create something called the permanent way with iron horses. unfortunately later we bought into a music system called 8 track, and video called beta. Thats why we are now impoverished boat dwellers. if id kept that house im sure it would now be worth a few sovs.
  5. roland elsdon

    rookie question - propane tanks

    I may be old and retired but not that old
  6. roland elsdon

    rookie question - propane tanks

    Bought a house in another village which had a gas line from russia... easier as its been let out. when we sold our cottage ( 1700s) in napton we had this couple round what are they i dont like them ?’ beams they hold up the next floor’. ‘ hm dont like them they would have to go, did you get them from homebase? second question whats the big tank ‘Heating oil’ oh thats silly ill get that removed and get it from the street. at that point i asked the estate agent to terminate the viewing. they didnt come back
  7. roland elsdon

    rookie question - propane tanks

    We looked at a house in braunston 2 years ago built circa 1995. All seemed ok . Then went to check heating. 6 by 19 kg gas bottles all attached with auto changeovers. I enquired how long does a bottle last? In winter 4 days. Made my excuses and left.
  8. roland elsdon

    What a beautiful day!

    Strewth what a day, almost as warm as last week in victoria. Boated braunston to stockton. Me ocker didnt slip slap slop. Bloody boiled prawn.
  9. roland elsdon


    Thanks for the info. When i rebuild the wiring again ) i will move the box. Itsa bit of a pain because i try and keep the engine room as it was built so anything modern is hidden.hence 2 fuses fridge and electric water heater in bat box. At least they are top quality stirling ones.
  10. roland elsdon


    Quite so but for my own piece of mind would like to know if my system is intrisicaly unsafe as my logic says it isnt. I am no engineer but married to one! Peace of mind not piece of my mind!!!
  11. roland elsdon


    I have fuses inside my battery box. They are 40 amp blow glass fuses. The 2 different coc men have never said anything. I am happy to be corrected but cannot see how a fuse blowing insde a glass cylinder with inert gas inside can be a hazard. i am very capable of being stupid and need education on this, before i blindly rewire again.
  12. roland elsdon

    Help, Battrery explosion

    Start engine and connect multimeter to terminals. acid on metal will not cause sparks check your battery connectors are good and tight sparks and a gassing battery is a lethal combination
  13. roland elsdon

    Help, Battrery explosion

    The odd spark is flying about? Why if its coz your live is touching something isolate it. however gassing batteries and the odd spark may have been the cause, i would at least measure the on charge voltage of your alternator, if its bunging out over 14.7 volts or so you may have boiled your batteries and it will happen again...
  14. roland elsdon

    Coming to a lock near you ..........................

    So you are on the kennet crt force you to move you have to go up devizes. Cost of lock exceeds value of 45 year old springer... its a conundrum mind you i can see fart boats getting unpopular double cost..
  15. roland elsdon

    Before the internet...

    Because my grandparents were in america on boxing day as a child my parents used to ring them. They had to book the call, and once arranged the operator used to connect and call them both. 3 mins of hows the weather. Now i arrange work in australia with one click to my employer and talk face to face.