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roland elsdon

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  1. roland elsdon

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    1978 isnt that long ago...our boat was pretty modern ..
  2. roland elsdon

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    Whats scary in retrospect was our first boat a 1978 coalcraft had, a catalytic heater a steel top gas lights no vents in doors no roof vents a petrol generator stored next to the engine under the deck an aerosol fire extinguisher paloma unvented. parafin tilly lamps ( pressure) we were 22 years old how did we survive all those hazards....
  3. roland elsdon

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    Interesting ours didnt but then in previous years had done calc and referred to old figure. the string on ours failed this year and i was appalled how much smoke that let into the cabin when the stove was slow.
  4. roland elsdon


    There was a bit of a reason the modified gucc icebreakers had a bloody great ram and reinforcing on their bows. We used to keep the bow as high as possible if ivebreaking so the stem iron copped the damage, or better still follow a modern hero. mind towing a butty and icebreaking at the same time took hours. I remember following pete thompson from little venice to cowley one year , it was fine on the straight but on bends we went everywhere, cant turn 140 feet where 57 had been.
  5. roland elsdon

    CO Warning. Be careful out there

    The bss tests instal and condition .there is no smoke test nor co2 monitoring. It used to have a ventilation calculation but i think this is now only advisory and possibly only related to gas burners. problem with bss is there is so much to check especially as boats now have multi heating, multi electrics etc. it was easier when they just used to tick no electrics no gas and 1930s exempt engine install. But accidents still happened.
  6. roland elsdon

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

    People dying on the roads due to others negligence is accepted as normal...
  7. roland elsdon

    Feeling like a dead duck

    Everytime we go into a caravan park i hear the words ’ got as much brain as a dead ant as much imagination as a caravan site’
  8. roland elsdon

    Feeling like a dead duck

    Genesis without Gabriel...... Floyd without Waters just sounded wrong...
  9. roland elsdon

    Restoring the Montgomery Canals

    Cycled and walked it. Its so good we started looking at house prices... still wondering where to end up
  10. roland elsdon

    Feeling like a dead duck

    In 1985 one of my wheelchair bound patients asked if it was possible to get him to wembley to see Mr Anderson. Disability access was less advanced in those days. The ‘home’ risk assessed it discussed it and declined it. ( it was the Spastic society ,awful name). We bought two tickets and just went for it turning up with wheelchair at the arena, via tube and taxi No problems. Arena staff were great. no one ever found out , one of best concerts i ever attended. Would probably have lost my job but so what.
  11. roland elsdon

    Marina smoke pollution

    I thought thatcher got rid of the mining industry before aldi took over the planet? Besides a bit of smokes nothing compared to working 400 metres from an open cut coal mine on fire. The governments solution here was to deny there was a problem, then announce the doubling in size of the local hospital 3 years later with lots of cancer care beds.
  12. roland elsdon

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    Most of them appear to be made by cargo, they are pretty potted not adjustable. The max voltage is stamped on them. I have several ranging between 14.0and 14.4 volts.
  13. roland elsdon

    Boat scam

    Must be the boiler business... 4 years ago we had our boiler serviced while we were in oz. to pay him i gave him cc details etc. he never billed us. I rang him and said so. Ok. Nothing. Next year an email from him boiler and gas cert due. Ok please do it heres cc details etc. by the way last year you never took the $$$. Fine - invoice in post etc cert to letting agent. Never billed my card. Rang him reminded him etc- no you are down as paid. the next year i rang him for the service- out of business. ( it wasnt mike)
  14. roland elsdon

    Dear Santa,all I want for Christmas is..........

    Confused its a chinese interpretation of a narrowboat taken off a bad photo
  15. roland elsdon

    Alternator .Controller Recommendatons Please

    The advec takes over from the standard regulator only for circa four cycles. In between it drops back to the standard regulator to reduce the risk of overheating the alternator. i have had 2 one on an hb3 and one on an ha2. Its a small unit, which battery senses, which is useful if your wiring is a bit vintage. For 127 alternators you can get regulators ready modified with the lead off the brushes from ebay. This makes them plug and play. If the warranty is through you can also get in them and wind the volts up. we had one go bangwhen the alternator failed. It was fixed and returned for about 20. If you want flashing leds and gauges they are useless. I didnt go stirling because of the look and size of their units in an old engine room.

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