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  1. Thats how i leave my system when we go abroad for 5 months. Start battery is now 8 years old, and the best of the bunch. halfords battery, size the biggest i could carry the mile from halfords to the boat...
  2. House contents insurance covers liability when cycling as does my race licence. however i doubt if the hoody drug deliverers bother. theres another issue too. A massive number of motorist dont insure either and they cause much more trauma
  3. Ah cyclists getting fit loosing weight saving money and enjoying the sunshine, motorists slow sluggish spending money turning fuel into carbon and stationary . I had a job a few years ago, my manager could never work out how i got to meetings before her, she then started questioning my low expenses claims. she finally worked out and then told me it was unsafe to cycle to appointments and took up too much time!!! i dug out the nhs policy and then started claiming bike allowances.
  4. No it works in south australia for a very short time while they get the bass connector sorted out, and then buy power from nsw and victoria. Then they get everything else going. That includes the snowy mountain scheme where the used stored water runs the turbines ( and is pumped back upon economy 7....) they use the tesla battery in the summer for peak demand. when the renewables failed they really were in trouble, peak summer no aircon hospitals down. the tesla battery has only a very short life. Australia is so far ahead that they shut their main power station down ( hazelwood) and the next summer had an ingenious solution to the predicted outages. yep 1000 diesel generators in morwell. on a 42 degree day they fired them up. the locals used to brown coal dust and smoke didnt know what hit them. the day after they shut hazelwood i cycled past on my way to work, the brown haze had gone, but so had the electricity... They were load spilling this year as well. industry stops schools shut...
  5. I believe that landrover ( other pointless stupid ugly vehicles are available from ‘halo ‘ manufacturers) had a problem with their locking diffs and low ratio boxes because in three years of protecting the owners children in lunun ( cough cough cough mummy ive got asthma) they never went out of normal range.
  6. 100 % accurate. The mail is the font of knowledge and truth. We are doomed. Tomorrow we will be saved, and then saturday doomed again. Flotsam journalism.
  7. Because he owns the house? He also has a very long extension lead, if its who i think it is..
  8. Yawn back to attacking people because they wear practical clothing. so last year
  9. In new south wales you have to carry your driving licence when cycling. If requested or following an accident you have to provide it. you can get points or fines on your driving licence for cycling related offences, as a bike is subject to the road rules. You can also get prosecuted for road traffic offences if you dont have a licence of course.
  10. One of my friends runs a fully legal insured etc hire boat. it is not self steer he skippers it. he leaves the boat after the days boating and goes home, and collects after breakfast. he does not supply food other than tea and coffee. The customers either go to the pub or cook their own food. I think he has an arrangement through one of the food delivery supermarkets so he does not have to deal with food or cooking. i think this gets him around the food/ catering kitchen/ liability issues. he has been doing it 15 years at least and has his own base and mooring
  11. Shovel was our local when at university. after graduation unemployment and phd lead to boat purchase. rest is history. havent been back since 1987 was too busy then......
  12. Interestingly my system does the opposite, the alternator gives 14.4 volts, and the float on the solar is at 13.6 so the solar just goes in to im fully charged mode, and the lights indicate this. the alternator just merrily runs at 14.4 day and nightover riding the solar
  13. There are already several boats selling hot food about. However having seen the state of the boats involved I would rather starve. cant see how you can do commercial quality dishwashing and kitchen hygiene on a narrow boat when we ran trip boats it was always cold food. I suspect for a commercial kitchen, dining room, for 6 people ,legal toilet system, and storage fridges freezers et al as well as living accomodation you would need a very big boat.
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