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  2. Often not at all. You are assuming they weld both sides. Not all do. V the plate and then seam weld. Bit like tacked on rubbing guards. Lovely rust encourager.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. If someone wants in to your boat they will get in. I have twice broken into boats with screwdrivers. Both were on fire. One was mine, one I happened to insure! and was walking past on the way to work.( that’s real personal service from your broker). I have also seen the consequence of steel shutters, left on while the boat was occupied and only one means of exit. Paranoid owner had blocked all windows and front entry. The fire started under the rear cabin steps from his crappy electrics while he was in the boat, meaning he had to go over the fire to get out. Fortunately happened in daytime, with others around, so his subsequent burns were only to his feet. A lesson in escape routes. There are many boats left on the towpath including my own. Generally I pick where I moor visit frequently if I can and engage with local boat owners when I do it. My boat is clean and tidy but there are no signs of high value assets on board ( there aren't) and you cannot see inside. Try not to create an observable pattern ie returning to a familiar spot for another 2 weeks unattended. Randomness confuses those trying to case the joint.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. But joshers were the ford transits of their day. Can you imagine people starring at transits in 10 years?
  7. Some bits of my boat are 84 years old, others some are 50 years old, some 10 and others 6. I am unsure what to worry about. I’m sure some of the 84 year old bits are better than some of the 10 year old bits. Oh hang on there are some 22 year old bits too. There’s also some bits that were taken off in 1960, don’t know where they are, or if I should be worried about them someone could clone my boat and then their boat might rust through. There’s some 5 mm overplating on the bottom, and some 6 mm overplating on the bottom with some 5 mm on top of that. Does that make 16 mm and what about the 5/16 th bits from the 1930s. That’s what I know about. Stress stress stress, or; Survey - dock -paint- check - repeat.
  8. Ours was rebuilt by a well known lister engine builder and we had a similar issue. it seems the standard running in of gentle and slow was wrong. On asking for help on arrival after basic checks were completed the engineer gave it a full blast italian decoke and at full revs it was clean as a whistle. ( once the smoke had cleared and birds stopped crashing out of the sky) since then we have run it a bit harder and had several thrashes on rivers. its much better. i think there were ring bedding in issues. in reality unless you are loaded and towing loaded its the lot of these engines. They dont get worked hard enough. Wont be water (steam) unless its in fuel an ha2 is allergic to such antiquated cooling models.
  9. The streaks on our boat were blue/ black onto cream coachline and blue paint. i had been working on rust round the portholes. 2 years later you can see the damage on the dark blue paint. Where it ran on the red panel it was a nightmare.
  10. Electric bikes are heavy and slow. if you live on a boat and charge them on fossil fuel especially diesel or petrol it's really not green. Secondly a bit like born again bikers there is a user risk if speed is too high so 15 mph is a negotiated compromise. Personally I love steaming by ebikes when roads and traffic permits, but then Im well used to going extremely quick when safe. Having said that im just about to buy an ebike and build a solar charging system. Out notional home being at the bottom of a 20% hill with the option of 22% as the alternative route into town means a quick trip in to town involves proper equipment and sweat. Instead i will cruise in at 15 mph in my jeans. ( and still do 45 on the way home)
  11. I’ve had this problem. Happened last year when out of a clear sky there was sudden temp drop and rain, on vactan I thought was dry. Weather forecast was 100% no rain.👹 Sorry nothing will remove. Tried it all. T cut , polish , fine paper no Had to sand and re topcoat.
  12. Indeed. From the swan and bottle to uxbridge lock as I recall. Always done slowly. Used to do same thing at Batchworth, untie from the mooring stand on bow with shaft , let the current take the butty to the lock, round the bend. Fill up water tanks empty loo and then cadge a tow back to the mooring.
  13. I paid £5 for a ford Anglia estate in 1980. It had 3 days mot and tax, I used it to go and collect my stage 2 rebuilt spitfire engine, from somewhere in west London. I then parked in the University car park at Brunel shaking with fear about its condition. Within 2 weeks it had been picked down to a shell.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  17. 30 hrs from shutting cabin doors to opening van door. ( if you ignore the 25 month bit) . Started first time after all that time running on a solar charger.
  18. I was fully transparent about relocation.
  19. Got a nice LT 35 2004 available. Long wheelbase aircon, shower toilet hot water service. Professional fit out and all complianced. . .Walking away next week. You may want to get relocation estimate first
  20. Here in australia you take your bottle in and they check and fill it. saves lorries of lpg cylinders hurtling around the country. In bigger towns you can ‘swap and go’ but I dont bother. Ran out of gas last week in the tiniest of towns googled elgas. 3 refillers within 1 km of the van. Easy life.
  21. Depends in what form of counselling you are qualified. If you are genuinely continuous cruising forget it. You cant not be there if you engage in any kind of contract to provide services. Cant see any professional body finding it acceptable.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. No one in Yorkshire will read this. It should read ‘World cut off from Yorkshire ‘to gain any credence.
  24. A lot was lost with the demise of camping boats. Mostly caused by teacher comforts I think. On the other hand there would not have been Wfbco boats if the crews hadnt had to turn their talents to other things.
  25. How did those poor unfortunates ever survive. The safety elf would have a field day. Im sure most have been traumatised.
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