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  1. I'm no expert on them but I think there is a temperature sensor on the return pipe and the heater goes to low power when that water is above a certain temperature, i.e. all the heating system hot enough. A smaller heater working hard to maintain the radiators temperature has a better life expectancy than a larger heater keep cycling low and high. That is my understanding anyway. Of course I have a mark 1 wood burner as well...
  2. I have just swapped my Eberspacher 5kw for a 4kw Webasto. The 5kw was too big and cycling on and off. There is not a noticeable difference in heat output but the Webasto is sooooo much quieter!
  3. Hmmm thanks for that. I will email some dealers and see what they say.
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply, yes I bought a sealed marine exhaust/silencer. The car one will be on eBay soon! I also wondered about the voltages but the book says 10-16 volts- possibly that's a generic figure and mine will be programmed to cut out sooner. Sounds like I need to parcel it up and find a dealer! cheers, Andy
  5. Hello, Does anybody know if it's possible to adjust the software settings of a Webasto? I have just finished installing a new Webasto Thermo Top Evo 4 (4kw) in my boat connected to 3 radiators and calorifier. It is a direct replacement for an old noisy Eberspacher d5w (5kw). It became apparent that the Eber was too big for the install, constantly cycling on and off. I have fired up the Webasto and it works great and it's so much quieter. However I have now realised that, having bought an automotive version, it is timed to cut off after 1 hour. It also seems that the water output is not as hot as the old Eberspacher. I was told by a dealer that the output difference of a 4 and 5kw heater would be barely noticeable. Just wondering if it is possible to adjust the settings to make it into a "Marine" version, either by myself or by a dealer. I have a computer interface and software on order. Thanks!
  6. That's the one, many thanks Philjw, Mystery solved!
  7. Thanks, there are two damper controls on the bulkhead side, out of view. Had it going a few times while I have been working and it burns lovely. I will probably change the flue for double skin for safety.
  8. Does anybody know what make/model of stove this is please? I can't find any makers plate or writing on it anywhere. Thanks!
  9. Hi All, Just to let you know that I am taking the opportunity to replace the Vetus 110 litre tank with a 250 litre tank. I ordered from direct water tanks, it took less than a week to arrive and looks perfect. It's very heavy plastic and I ordered undrilled so I can fit the Vetus fittings from the old tank. It is also quite squat so will fit under the bunk well. https://www.directwatertanks.co.uk/250-litres-baffled-water-tank-flat Cheers for your replies. Andy
  10. Thanks for your info all, very useful. I think I will look at increasing the size to at least 200 litres.
  11. Hello all, Just sorting out a narrowboat prior to use. Part of that includes re-modelling a bed which. houses the pump out tank. It is a 110 litre tank. This seems a bit small to me and there is plenty of space, not far off the centre line, to increase the size. just wondering how long other people's tanks fill with normal use. We are a family of four and will be using it for long weekends, possibly up to a week at a time. I know it's a 'how long is a piece of string' question but comments appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  12. A hundred quid!! ? I think I will go with the normal radiators! Thanks for that.
  13. I didn't look at the wattage of the fans, but as mentioned earlier it is an extra electric user that is not really required. Looks like I will replace them with radiators. I think the eberspacher will be happier heating a larger, more stable, volume of water as well, I don't think it will cycle on and off so much. Of course I imagine they will make a noise as well. Might just power one up for curiosity. Thanks for the advice all.
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