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    Bearwood West Midlands
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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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    retired (early) after 35 yrs teaching
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    The Bearwood Boster
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    Overwater marina Audlem.

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  1. I like David's blogs,he just gives the impression he knows & understands what he's talking about.
  2. According to Farcebook info,the GRP boat went down first !
  3. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately,you didn't make a joke.
  4. There was lots of activity/filming going on Summer 2018 when we were on the G&S
  5. To be honest,we were totally befuddled when we first saw the disguised boats round Sharpness.At that point,we had no idea about any filming going on.We then saw the notices about not mooring in certain places due to filming After that,we saw some actual filming but sadly,no famous peeps.
  6. The 'disguise dressing' of the boats is exactly what I remember.We also saw/heard one of the boat owners discussing when he would be paid !
  7. We were on the G&S while they were filming last year.Lots of local boats were used -albeit in disguise.Also,some local boaters were used as extras.It was quite interesting seeing how much time & effort went into filming something which would be on screen for a very short period of time.
  8. We saw quite a few boats still in 'character' when we were on the G&S summer 2018.
  9. I do NOT know how true this is,but I read there'd been trouble with the owner of the boat & his dogs.He'd been left with (3) adult dogs,but some pups had been taken away by the RSPCA.Perhaps someone then had a grudge against him.I really don't know,but from snippets I've read-feel there is more to this than meets the eye !
  10. We knew about the water but not the sani station etc.πŸ‘
  11. I watched the video when it first surfaced.I thought Steve Haywood was a n*b then & my opinion hasn't changed !πŸ˜„
  12. I'm glad that I have absolutely no idea !
  13. Fank yoo. At the end of the day...he is an a**e.😁
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