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  1. The G & S is lovely,we'll be there again in July or August.You can even pop back to Gloucester by boat to do your shopping at Sainsbury's-mooring right outside.
  2. What a load of tosh,you're just a really rude,old man who has no right to be rude about my boat.*If you can be rude then so can I.There is a difference between opinion & rudeness.By the way,the difference between bought & brought isn't a spelling mistake-it's a lack of understanding of the difference between them.
  3. I thought Thunderboat was the nasty place,obviously not...
  4. Then that says an awful lot about you as a person.Really hope we never meet at a lock.
  5. And so the rudeness continues.I wonder how many folk would be as rude in person to a Liverpool boat owner.
  6. We've had our Liverpool boat from new in 2004 & also visited the factory during the build process.I'm not daft enough to think they're the best boats,but they're blooming good value for money.Our boat has been all over the canals & has done us proud.There seems to be a lot of snobbery about/here and to compare them with Trabants is just plain rude !
  7. Black Country Museum is beef dripping & they are gorgeous.I went to Dudley teacher training college in the 70s & there was a wooden hut chip shop just up the road towards Gornal where the chips were also cooked in beef dripping.I can taste them now... The chippy was run by a middle aged chap & his mum.Sadly,it burnt down & never reopened.I can still imagine those chips & my favourite roe.
  8. Exactly what we used a few years ago & it'a fab!
  9. And they are asking silly money(£300 plus) for the new houses there in Ladywood where the fat boat is.NOT a good area.An area where shootings & stabbings are a regular thing.Only yesterday a 17 yr old was stabbed in nearby Bearwood & died when the car he'd been bundled into crashed near to the hospital there.At least one shooting & a few stabbings in recent weeks. *Just had a quick look,some are closer to £400,000 !😱
  10. Slightly different,we had a bow thruster which made me lazy.I used it to push off when going from the bank to a lock.Never could do that on a hire boat,but hey ho.Now got used again to pushing the bow off as the bow thruster sprang a leak,so had it capped off.Don't really miss it apart from when trying to moor in the marina in a howling gale
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