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The Bearwood Boster

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    Bearwood West Midlands
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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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    retired (early) after 35 yrs teaching
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    The Bearwood Boster
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    Overwater marina Audlem.

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  1. Absolutely right,and I love the idea of your doggies being your kids-spot on !
  2. I just feel too many folk really don't care any more.We go out of our way to make sure neighbours aren't upset by our music etc.Each time we ask,we're told no problem.We've even said don't feel you have to be polite.Why do some folk feel the need to be so very loud ?We moor in one of the best marinas around(on the Shroppy) & even there,there are folk with seriously yappy dogs.Yep,I know dogs bark but they should be able to be quiet.
  3. He's no longer around in the other place either !
  4. I have one thing to say...tw**t !
  5. It's rather low,so take your chimney off.😁
  6. Chester,my home city.It felt really strange the first time I was on our boat at the bottom of these locks,as I used to cross over them on my way to/from my secondary school !
  7. We've had ours printed by the C&RT office in Newark 2018 & at a library in Ormskirk last year.
  8. We've been at Overwater since January 2019 & we love it there(wish we were there now😔).Great environment,lovely staff & a cracking café.It's an extremely well run & well cared for marina.
  9. I loved cod liver oil with malt.😋
  10. We moored at Titford for 12 years & this is exactly what we were told/read.
  11. None of the trip,party or dinner cruise boats in Brum do any locks.They just go past quickly & loudly at night in some cases. **Husband often steered the dinner cruise which was quiet & slow in order for the patrons to eat their meal in comfort !
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