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The Bearwood Boster

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    Bearwood West Midlands
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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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    retired (early) after 35 yrs teaching
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    The Bearwood Boster
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    Oldbury West Midlands

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  1. The Bearwood Boster

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    I saw one on a weir at Nafford lock on the Avon.It's been there a good few years as they can't get to it safely.Haven't noticed one on the Severn.
  2. The Bearwood Boster

    Are we seeing the end of High Street shops?

    Shopping is a funny old world,wherever we go on the boat-we look for butchers & bakeries.We have quite a lot of success with this & have noticed it's lots of the 'clone' shops which are closing.Love to see 'proper' shops being well used.
  3. The Bearwood Boster

    Odd enquiry

    I used to feel a right scruff when I walked up to the nearest village in my boating clobber.Now,I just go without any thought at all.Not sure what this says about me, but in my very young days- I wouldn't have gone out for the paper without wearing mascara,eye liner & eye shadow.Wore some mascara twice during our 12 wk summer cruise 😮.
  4. The Bearwood Boster

    NB Presque La

    Wow, lovely to read about such honesty.👍
  5. The Bearwood Boster

    Welcome to Nuneaton

    We had to stop at Boot wharf a good few years ago as we needed a new clarrie( sure you know what I mean) due to a leak.They were absolutely brilliant.We had to stop there for 2 nights while we waited for new Clarrie to be delivered & had no probs at all -even though I wouldn't have usually chosen to stop there.Only bummer was ambulance noise from the George Elliot hospital. It was when TJHughes was closing down & I got loads of excellent bargains.
  6. The Bearwood Boster

    We're now liveaboards!

    Good luck & enjoy.I know it's an old saying but remember...life is not a dress rehearsal so go for it ! 😁
  7. Fridays are even worse as this is the usual day for boats going in/out of the dry dock.Don't ask me how I know this ...😒
  8. The Bearwood Boster

    Coventry Canal, Coventry Arm

    The motor museum is excellent & well worth a visit.I assume it's still free.
  9. The Bearwood Boster

    Historic Boats for sale online

    At my age,I'd rather like a spruce bottom...
  10. The Bearwood Boster

    Grand Union Wasp/cow/stampede incident

    That was a 'low' comment...
  11. The Bearwood Boster


    Sounds painful...
  12. The Bearwood Boster

    Easy, safe moorings in Birmingham city centre.

    Oozels loop moorings are really good as there are security guards(because of the posh apartments/ & shops).We prefer to moor on the main line as we like to see what's happening.I'd stay away from Gas St itself at weekends as it can get noisy/have drunken revellers.Brum is a smashing place to moor-enjoy.😊
  13. The Bearwood Boster

    Spookily quiet

    We're on the G&S & it's pretty quiet for a hot summer.We've had no probs mooring at places like Stourport(early July),Upton,Worcester,Tewkesbury & Severn pub pontoons.We were originally going north to Liverpool & the Lancaster but changed our plans(can't think why...)Half expected the Severn etc to be rammed but so far so good.
  14. The Bearwood Boster

    Don't try this

    Greensforge I am told.In a further clip,he reckons his only problem was faltering before he jumped...
  15. The Bearwood Boster

    Boat Mechanic Wolverhampton area?

    Another vote for Oxley marine,they really do know their stuff !

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