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The Bearwood Boster

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  • Birthday 05/29/1958

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    Bearwood West Midlands
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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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    retired (early) after 35 yrs teaching
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    The Bearwood Boster
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    Oldbury West Midlands

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  1. The Bearwood Boster

    Double Glazing

    We have Channelglaze double glazed(tinted glass) windows & are well pleased with them.As others have said,the only slight problem with condensation is a little bit on the frames.
  2. The Bearwood Boster

    Nelson end of an era

    My goodness,that sounds so familiar.I took early retirement in 2014 after 35 yrs of teaching.In school by 7.30,do marking through 40 min dinner time(which was actually 30 mins as we teachers were told to do a 5 min overlap at the start/end of dinner time.Staff meetings one hour each week,phase meeting every 4 weeks.As I was in year 6(sats year) loads of full on marking every evening.6 weeks hols- weeks 1 & 6 sorting out/ decorating new classroom.Easy life...I don't think so !!! Oops,forgot to mention all the planning & lesson plans !
  3. The Bearwood Boster

    Nelson end of an era

    We moored outside the Pyewipe last summer & had an excellent meal there.well worth a visit.😋.
  4. The Bearwood Boster


    Wrapped her fingers around some sticky buns...
  5. The Bearwood Boster

    What are the two square holes for?

    Lots of the doors are painted red.😊
  6. The Bearwood Boster

    boat fire

    We always used to do the newspaper thing as well.Then dad made us a metal 'blazer' with a handle,in other words- a metal newspaper !😁 Someone mentioned something similar in an earlier post.
  7. The Bearwood Boster

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

  8. The Bearwood Boster

    Warwick to Braunston

    Soooo agree with this as get fed up with whinging,spoilt brats demanding attention.It's sad,but there seem to be more badly behaved youngsters than little treasures these days.Sorry if your offspring are little angels in public places,we just don't seem destined to meet them ! PS we like the idea of pubs being for adults at night !
  9. The Bearwood Boster

    Clifton wharf scary

    Have to be honest,if it was my boat which had been damaged in what must have been a frightening experience-I don't think I would have been amused by the 'jokey' comments.
  10. The Bearwood Boster

    Stratford to Gloucester and beyond.

    I saw one on a weir at Nafford lock on the Avon.It's been there a good few years as they can't get to it safely.Haven't noticed one on the Severn.
  11. The Bearwood Boster

    Odd enquiry

    I used to feel a right scruff when I walked up to the nearest village in my boating clobber.Now,I just go without any thought at all.Not sure what this says about me, but in my very young days- I wouldn't have gone out for the paper without wearing mascara,eye liner & eye shadow.Wore some mascara twice during our 12 wk summer cruise 😮.
  12. The Bearwood Boster

    NB Presque La

    Wow, lovely to read about such honesty.👍
  13. The Bearwood Boster

    Welcome to Nuneaton

    We had to stop at Boot wharf a good few years ago as we needed a new clarrie( sure you know what I mean) due to a leak.They were absolutely brilliant.We had to stop there for 2 nights while we waited for new Clarrie to be delivered & had no probs at all -even though I wouldn't have usually chosen to stop there.Only bummer was ambulance noise from the George Elliot hospital. It was when TJHughes was closing down & I got loads of excellent bargains.
  14. The Bearwood Boster

    We're now liveaboards!

    Good luck & enjoy.I know it's an old saying but remember...life is not a dress rehearsal so go for it ! 😁
  15. Fridays are even worse as this is the usual day for boats going in/out of the dry dock.Don't ask me how I know this ...?

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