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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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  1. We also love Bramble Cuttings & have been there a few times with no other boats ! We did keep a look out for the wasps.🐝
  2. I don't think I'd be happy spending that much on a boat I really wasn't sure about...
  3. Thanks for the update. It's looking more & more likely that we'll be heading 'the long way round' back to the Shroppie !🤦‍♀️
  4. We were moored behind you in Gloucester docks,we were ones impressed by your very quiet genny ! We're now sat at Upton wondering what's going to happen with the Kidderminster stoppage-If you hear any snippets of info' please let us know ! We need to make a decision this weekend about which route to take home if we can't do the S&W. Cheers,Trina.
  5. We're moored above Avon lock at Tewkesbury today.Guess which boat moored below the lock about 40 mins ago...😊
  6. It was actually the 'Oliver Cromwell' which sank,'Edward Elgar' is still going strong on the river Severn.
  7. I followed Paul's story & his excitement.Such a sad ending.😢
  8. We have a hospital silencer & soundproofing in our engine bay.Our engine is pretty quiet but we were well impressed with your quiet genny.We've been at Tewkesbury before a little foray onto the Avon.Yet again,had to have a wee chat with the boat in front who decided to start his engine at 10 past 8 !
  9. We were moored behind you on the wall & your genny is the quietest genny I've ever heard ! We ran our engine in the morning & then again for an hour at teatime while I dried my hair.We had a little 'chat' with a cruiser who was running his engine at 9pm & he then turned it off !
  10. If people explain & you have an idea of how long it will be,no problem.It's the ones who've sat there all day & then turn their engine/ genny on 9pm ish to watch telly-they've had all day !!!
  11. It depends,if a boater says they have a problem & need to run their engine for a bit-fine if they say it'll be an hour for example.If a boat has sat in front of you all day with the boater aboard who then starts their engine at 8.55 pm(happened to us recently),then I would not be a happy bunny.He said he hadn't checked his batteries & now wanted his tv on.We & the boat the other side of him basically said tough.We'd run our engines to top up our batteries earlier in the day,just as he could have done.No doubt some will say we're miserable gits,but part of boating is knowing we can have some peaceful relaxing time. *He did turn his engine off.
  12. Stan was moored at Norbury the last time we saw him(we moored there as well back then).Don't know if he's still there.He was on the arm so only had to fall round the corner to the Junction pub/back again(his words).
  13. Love those locks,we moored up the Crow at the pumphouse but sometimes did Spon lane just to keep them in use...plus we liked them !
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