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The Bearwood Boster

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    Bearwood West Midlands
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    Boating of course,reading,jigsaws,puzzles and food ! Plus very nice cider.

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    retired (early) after 35 yrs teaching
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    The Bearwood Boster
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    Oldbury West Midlands

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  1. It is,if they really do get it sorted-it will make our July trip to Liverpool much easier !
  2. Just read on a farcebook incident page that C&RT are working on some sort of 'hole' between bridges 98 & 99.(Yes,they are looking into it !😉)
  3. Norbury Wharf hired a boat out earlier this year to a German guy on his own(he was an experienced boater).Might be worth a call.
  4. My mam was a Geordie & we always went for a plodge,never a paddle !
  5. I certainly don't-I'm lovely.😄
  6. I think it looks just right.Often,when stuff is restored-it ends up looking like you've just bought it from Ikea.
  7. Just to throw a spanner in the works,we are in Overwater-our first marina in 15 years of owning our boat.It's fab !😊
  8. It's not the change in engine tone,the boat just feels different/wrong.You get used to feeling that when you moor on somewhere like the BCN.?
  9. An automatic knob sounds like... it could be painful sometimes.?
  10. No,I'm Cuthound... The new Spartacus ?
  11. Paul was vollying on Monday & reckons it's most of the city centre main line-certainly Old Turn up to St Vincent Street.
  12. We use our keb quite a lot.Deffo a useful piece of kit !
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