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  1. Thanks for the advice, Moored there right now. Ideal for central Bath. Seems strange that there are so few rings and folks are tied to the newly installed fence.
  2. Hi Any more recent information about mooring in the Bath area ? Would like to explore the city. Will be arriving from Bristol Mike
  3. Thanks for suggestions/advice Mike
  4. Hi I'm single handed heading for The Wolverhampton Flight. Is there anywhere safe to stop in the flight ? Wondering about spreading the challenge over 2 days Mike
  5. Thanks for the suggestions and advice, much appreciated. Mike
  6. Hi I am looking for a recommendation for a mooring somewhere near the Dudley Canal Trust/Black Country Living Museum. I intend to stay 2 nights midweek. Don't know BCN very well, have only moored in the centre previously Many thanks Mike
  7. Hi I'm planning on doing Sharpness to Bristol during the summer of 2021. My current insurer requires a pilot for the leg from Sharpness to Portishead and the leg from Portishead to Bristol. Any suggestions on insurance companies that don't require a pilot on the Portishead to Bristol leg ? When I discussed the trip with Gloucester Pilots they suggested a lot less boats used a pilot for this part of the journey. My insurance renews in early summer so if there are any suggestions it might save me exploring a lot of dead ends. Many thanks Mike
  8. Thanks folks for the advice. Surveyor didn't comment. I suspect blacked for sale ! Also previous owner didn't move that much prior to sale. I need to be there for the coming out of the water next time !
  9. I have a steel narrowboat, 13 years old. The previous owner has applied a primer to the metal before the blacking. The blacking is sticking to the hull in places but not in others. Obviously i can only clearly see this above the water line. Should i be concerned and what should i do about it. My initial thoughts are that if there is either primer of blacking between the steel and the water its probably ok for rust prevention but poor for visual appearance, I would appreciate any advice from people with more experience of this topic.
  10. Thanks Mr Norman Had a chat with your suggestion. Very helpful I will go and see him when I'm nearer as he advised that my issue was manageable for quite a while. Regards Mike
  11. Hi Can anyone recommend a marine electrician in the York - Doncaster area. I have a system with 2 alternators, a travel pack, inverter and Victron battery management system. The aux light on the panel ( Isuzu engine ) is intermittently on - worse when revs higher. Any suggestions please Mike
  12. Thanks all for the suggestions - just what i needed
  13. Hi I'm coming up the Trent and Mersey heading for Lancashire. Going on Bridgewater Canal and Leigh Branch. Can anybody suggest good sites to moor when in the more built up areas around Manchester and Wigan ? Many thanks Mike
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