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  1. We have travelled with a boat that is 58 foot long and we were told of a boat that was 60 feet 6 inches and managed although it had to reverse down the tightest locks. So I think you wouid probably be OK. The lock at Barmby Barrage is said to be 62 feet. I suggest you contact the Canal Society -www.pocklingtoncanalsociety.org and ask their advice before you come. Alasdair Anderson is the chap we spoke to but I don't have a phone number for him. And enjoy your visit. Ian and Helen on Leo Forgot to say that Sutton Lock is still closed and the river up to Sutton has numerous fallen trees across it, so best not to try to reach Sutton, Ian
  2. Having spent a week on the River Derwent and the Pocklington Canal people may be interested in reading this instalment of our blog: https://ianhelencanals.blogspot.com/2019/07/river-derwent-and-pocklington-canal.html We would certainly encourage other boaters to visit these relatively remote and unfrequented waterways. The scenery is excellent and the folk here are friendly and welcoming and keen to encourage more visiting boaters. The chief reasons that might put people off are having to go out on the tidal Ouse to get there and the amount of weed in the Canal during the summer. Both of these can be overcome and from our experience we would say that it is well worth the effort. Since last year a further 2 miles and 2 locks are open to boats and the last push is being made to get the whole canal open for visitors.
  3. For those interested in taking a narrowboat on the Ouse this posting on our blog may be of interest. We have previously been on the tidal Ouse between Naburn and Selby and Barmby but this is the first time we have ventured out onto the river from Goole. I've added our thoughts on doing this passage again - next time we would definitely wait a few days for a neap rather than a spring tide. Here is a link to the posting: https://ianhelencanals.blogspot.com/2019/07/scary-tidal-ouse-from-goole-to-barmby.html
  4. Last Saturday we took our narrowboat, Leo, across the Wash from Wisbech to Boston. Anyone considering this journey may find it interesting to read our blog on this here: https://ianhelencanals.blogspot.com/2019/05/crossing-wash-from-wisbech-to-boston.html
  5. I have previously used this firm to order filters for my Beta 43 engine with no problems. However, due to recent experience, I would caution potential purchasers to be very careful about what they order from this firm. I ordered what their website says is a substitute fuel filter for the Beta code 211-02817. Their website says the Beta one is equivalent to a Baldwin BF954. When this arrived it was clearly a lot smaller than the Beta one. Their website says the BF954 is 89mm tall. It wasn't, it was 75mm. The picture on their website shows the filter with knurls around the top whereas the one supplied was smooth. The website says that its width is 77mm, the Beta one is 81mm wide. I doubt that the rubber sealing ring is correct but I didn't measure this before I returned the filter. All in all the filter felt much smaller than the Beta one. When I rang the firm the person I spoke to promised they would refund the cost of the filters if I returned them (which they have) and also refund the postage (which they haven't). The outgoing postage was £8.34 (pretty steep anyway) and my postage cost for sending them back was £3. I phoned and spoke to the manager (I think his name was Mr Weston). He refused to refund any of the postage costs taking refuge in their terms and conditions and continuing to maintain that the filter supplied was a replacement for the Beta one and would work. I have since ordered the genuine Beta filter (more expensive) and I will not be using In-Line Filters again. So be careful, study the size quoted on their website and don't order unless you are quite certain that what you are ordering will fit. Happy boating Ian Wright (nb Leo)
  6. Our narrowboat is presently moored near Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. We need at least a new tonneau cover and perhaps also a new cratch cover to replace the existing now a good few years old. Does anyone have any recommendations for firms in this area that will visit to make a new cover? Our present covers are vinyl. Any advice of the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl versus canvas would also be appreciated, Many thanks. Ian and Helen on Leo
  7. Just to help with some more information in reply to yours: Our boat is 10 years old being a 57 foot narrowboat with a Beta 43 hp engine. We have two pairs of drains at the front. The ones very close to the water in still conditions are for the bow locker with the gas cylinders inside. I did block these drain holes but it can't have been terribly effective because it was clear that water had got in during the passage and there was a layer of Severn sand left inside. I covered the hatch to the bow locker with a black plastic waste sack, taped down at the edges so that water could not get in from above. The other holes drain the open deck. We have cratch covers which were down to avoid most spray getting in. We didn't cover these drain holes so that any water that did get in could then drain away. Frankly conditions were pretty calm, though we did take some waves over the bow. This was more spray than the boat putting its bow under. If you don't have cratch covers then I think the pilot will advise other ways of covering up the bow of the boat. The danger is water coming in through the front doors. We have a checklist for going out on tidal waters - telly on the bed, glasses out of the way, that sort of thing and we rig the anchor which is stored at the stern, so that it can be deployed there but is tied to the bow stud. Hope this helps. Cheers, Ian
  8. It occurs to me that others may find our experience of the crossing from Bristol to Sharpness (on Monday 21st August 2017) of interest. Our account of the journey is on our blog at http://ianhelencanals.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/out-on-mighty-severn-bristol-to.html Happy boating! Ian and Helen on Narrowboat Leo
  9. We did the Ribble Link last May and it was great. We did have very good weather. You will need a good engine because of going against the tide. Have a look at our blog at http://ianhelencanals.blogspot.co.uk/ to learn more of our trip. Ian and Helen on Leo
  10. We cruised across the Ribble Link yesterday. Anyone thinking of doing this might like to look at our blog at http://ianhelencanals.blogspot.co.uk/ We certainly enjoyed it and would recommend others to do this, providing you have a sufficiently beefy engine. Ours is a Beta 43 and we had no problems with engine overheating, though we did have nice hot showers that evening!
  11. Many thanks for all the suggestions. I've taken the alternator off the boat and will take it in for testing when I have time. Fortunately we don't do a lot of cruising in the winter so I've plenty of time to get it sorted before next Spring. It is reassuring to hear thata new regulator won't be too expensive. Thanks again.
  12. We have a Beta 43 engine with twin alternators. The domestic 150A alternator charges four domestic AGM batteries which are now just over 2 years old. The boat and the alternator are nearly 9 years old. Normally the domestic alternator charges at a voltage ranging from 13.8 to 14.5 volts. On a recent trip it was charging at 14.8 to 15.2 volts. The batteries were not hot after several hours at this charging rate. I have no way of measuring the current at which it was charging. Should I be worried about this and what might be the reason? We have no separate regulator between the alternator and the batteries. We do have a solar panel (100W) charging the same four batteries through a regulator. The solar installation is also about 2 years old. Any ideas?
  13. We have just replaced the washing machine on our boat with a new one. The old one no longer works, but if anyone would like it for spares, they are welcome to collect it from Knaresborough North Yorkshire, HG5. The machine is a Candy 100F and, when it works, is ideal for a narrowboat. It has a capacity of 3.5kg and the machine's size is 700x510x463 mm. It will fit in even a small car.
  14. Thanks for that suggestion, but it proved to be something else as you mentioned. I phoned Shoreline this morning and their best guess was that the fault lay with the electronic control unit (the black box at the back of the fridge). They offered either that we return the fridge (not easy when you are cruising) or to remove and send back the control unit (where to send the new one back to might be a problem too). We bought the fridge from Midland Chandlers on one of their 'freaky Fridays' so my next call was to them. It took some persuading but I'm pleased to say that Darren Cook from Midland Chandlers delivered a new fridge to us this evening on the boat which is moored at a CRT service station on the BCN (to give easy access for a vehicle). The fridge is presently resting for 12 hours upright and then we'll turn it on tomorrow. Excellent service from Midland Chandlers. We are very grateful.
  15. We have a Shoreline RR5010 12V fridge on our narrowboat on which we are out cruising for the summer. It has been working fine but just this evening it has stopped working (i.e. compressor not running) and the LED warning light is flashing four times every few seconds. According to the Instructions it says this means "Minimum Motor Speed Error - If the refrigerator system is too heavily loaded the motor cannot maintain mimimum speed 1,850 rpm" This message doesn't mean much to me. Can anyone help? The fridge is not crammed full by any means if that is what 'loaded' means. The battery voltage at present is 12.8V so pretty well fully charged and the engine has been running for five hours today. I have tried switching the power off for a period and then back on again. This doesn't change things: it still does not work. Does anyone have any ideas for curing this fault or is it terminal? Many thanks.
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