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  1. Hi Tracy, well finally got the answer, I removed the cable from ignighter switch and found it fused together at the point of cable ties holding cables, couldn't see it until I took the cables out, just a small section burnt through and and causing it to continue to power the ignighter to run. Made up new wires, that's it, should have stripped them right out to begin with. Appreciate your help with it, thank you.
  2. , OK I see whare you are coming from, I'm just wiring into direct the spark generator which will obviously cause it to run, will have to track wires from switch, thanks will get on that right now, feeling a bit foolish, I'll let you know how I get on, but I think you nailed it.
  3. Hi Tracy, I decided to use a battery next to the cooker and wire from that but still the same, I disconnected the switch just in case it had something to do with it but no use the minute you connect battery it everything starts sparking.
  4. OK I will run couple of new cables and try that. Thanks will let you know how I get on.
  5. Yes, I've tracked the cable and it came along cabin wall and out into the spark generator, I'll check the cables tomorrow in case one of the spark cables are shorting, it's got me, usually I can think it through but stumped with this.
  6. Hi thanks, I'll try running a temporary pair and check it out, I've looked at the wiring, and definitely not any touching cooker, I removed them and now just wires going into the spark controller box on back of cooker. But il run a new pair and try it.
  7. This morning my gas Thetford caprice cooker started to spark continuously all of them, the 4 burners the grill and the oven, tried a new rocker switch no change, only way to stop is by switching off at main electric box it's 12v
  8. I'm going to remove windows to reseal them, at present in with held in with self tappers, but would rather replace the self tappers with thread screws best size and thread, there is a rubber that covers the screws so can't be too big
  9. Just fitted new control panel for engine, M4 Vetus, the taco has to be set but even though i have looked at instructions,it shows placing a small rod into choice of two holes in the back of taco to adjust RPM it doesn't say what to use,looked at all instructions but defiantly no screws in either hole, one for increase and one to lower RPM. Totally confused.
  10. motor runs,and flush water delivers the system makes the same noise when it was working,it hasn't been flushed for a few months, it was ok prior to then, I've just stripped it out found wipe round the plastic cage around the blade and cotton bud, hopefully cleaning this will cure the problem .
  11. is it possible to change seals without whilst in the water, just a few drips every, but thinking maybe best change now before it gets worse.
  12. My macerator toilet has stopped flushing, i think its the filter that requires a clean, i remember someone telling me about it a couple years back, anyone have information on doing this, any tips or info best way to approach it.
  13. wullie

    PRV Valve

    Yes Alan, bought boat 2 years ago, don't know history of pump, was cheap and easy to change PRV first, then when this didn't work i thought that it could only be the pump, and as for fitting a new remote electric PRV it was quicker and easier to fit new pump, if not cheeper. Any way thanks for your advice,as far as I'm concerned we ask for advice and follow the best solution to remedy the problem, i always appreciate all answers to my questions, I'm sorry if I've offended Whatever but we all take advice and make decision to act on it or not.
  14. wullie

    PRV Valve

    just a thanks for the advice on this, I've fitted new pump and all back to normal [except wallet]
  15. wullie

    PRV Valve

    Spot on mike, 3.0 bar, i will see about replacing pump, and just get kit for old unit for spare,its a Jabsco PAR MAX SERIES 3 pump thats fitted and will just try and swop for same unit.
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