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  1. I'm going to remove windows to reseal them, at present in with held in with self tappers, but would rather replace the self tappers with thread screws best size and thread, there is a rubber that covers the screws so can't be too big
  2. Just fitted new control panel for engine, M4 Vetus, the taco has to be set but even though i have looked at instructions,it shows placing a small rod into choice of two holes in the back of taco to adjust RPM it doesn't say what to use,looked at all instructions but defiantly no screws in either hole, one for increase and one to lower RPM. Totally confused.
  3. motor runs,and flush water delivers the system makes the same noise when it was working,it hasn't been flushed for a few months, it was ok prior to then, I've just stripped it out found wipe round the plastic cage around the blade and cotton bud, hopefully cleaning this will cure the problem .
  4. is it possible to change seals without whilst in the water, just a few drips every, but thinking maybe best change now before it gets worse.
  5. My macerator toilet has stopped flushing, i think its the filter that requires a clean, i remember someone telling me about it a couple years back, anyone have information on doing this, any tips or info best way to approach it.
  6. wullie

    PRV Valve

    Yes Alan, bought boat 2 years ago, don't know history of pump, was cheap and easy to change PRV first, then when this didn't work i thought that it could only be the pump, and as for fitting a new remote electric PRV it was quicker and easier to fit new pump, if not cheeper. Any way thanks for your advice,as far as I'm concerned we ask for advice and follow the best solution to remedy the problem, i always appreciate all answers to my questions, I'm sorry if I've offended Whatever but we all take advice and make decision to act on it or not.
  7. wullie

    PRV Valve

    just a thanks for the advice on this, I've fitted new pump and all back to normal [except wallet]
  8. wullie

    PRV Valve

    Spot on mike, 3.0 bar, i will see about replacing pump, and just get kit for old unit for spare,its a Jabsco PAR MAX SERIES 3 pump thats fitted and will just try and swop for same unit.
  9. This morning my water pump would not stop running, on checking i found my pressure relief valve on my calorifier was opening and letting the water escape out into canal, i thought it was just a matter of replacing it, changed the unit and was ok for a few times, now it has started doing the same thing once again, its like its getting too much pressure from water pump, not sure if this can happen I've only had lower pressure from pumps not higher, nothing been touched,head scratching.
  10. Our water pump starts and runs for a couple seconds every 30min. I've checked for leaks and found nothing, no leaks or damp found on the joints,I've got an accumulator fitted and wondered if it could be fault in that.
  11. What would be best anti freeze to use on Vetus M4 engine with skin tank ?
  12. Would you be able to run 2.7kw immersion heater of the 16A Marina power.
  13. Thanks Blazeaway, ii will be looking into it further next week, I've checked out the system at the thruster itself, but i am always drawn back to the panel itself, but want to investigate further, will strip off and check, have a feeling its behind panel, pretty sure wire connections making and breaking, bad connections, will get back to you if i have problem.
  14. HI everybody, sorry for delay in replying to the answers you have all posted, yes all working and up and running, found dampness and loose wire at plug at thruster, thanks for the advice, you can always get good suggestions what to look for on here.
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