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  1. Eeyore

    Beta 43 filters

    There are two genuine oil filters for this engine; Kubota supply their own brand filters. If you quote the engine number ( stamped somewhere on the engine block) a Kubota dealer will supply the correct filter.
  2. Eeyore

    Beta 43 filters

    Midland Chandler also sold a Fram hydraulic oil filter as the oil filter for this engine, completly wrong part. The really important thing is that the 03 series Kubota engines take a 3/4” -16 UN threaded filter. The M20 x 1.5 threaded filters sold in some places as suitable for this engine are also completly wrong; and could cost you your engine if the minimal contact between the mismatched threads fails. I recall that the early fuel filters were metric thread, and the latter ones were imperial thread! The M20 x 1.5 threaded filters are of course standard fitting on the smaller 05 series engines used for the Beta 28/30/35/38.
  3. Eeyore

    Syncing texts on iphone to imac

    Check the settings on the phone. “settings” - “messages” tap “text message fowarding” to see the available devices, and switch on the ones you wish to foward to. If the iMac is not shown you could check that it is using the same Apple id as the other devices. Apparently having more than one Apple id is quite common. BMPs post is I think about macbook/imac settings. Useful topic, as it has now resolved a similar issue with my devices😊
  4. Eeyore

    Alternator not charging quickly enough

    I was thinking more broken/loose wiring, but accept that it could simply be a failed alternator.
  5. Eeyore

    Alternator not charging quickly enough

    The term “exciter charging light” may be misleading for a Hitachi alternator, which commonly have separate connections for excitation and warning light. A picture showing the wiring would be useful.
  6. Eeyore

    The Uxbridge English dictionary.

    Toilet - Extraterrestrial at work
  7. Eeyore

    Beta Marine 38HP Alternator! Arrrgh!

    Did you realise that you are responding to a 6 year old thread?
  8. Eeyore

    Water pump and Shower pump

    Not forgetting to empty the shower tray by some other means before you start! 😇 Cheap disposable nappies are handy for coping with the inevitable small spillages whilst doing this job.
  9. Eeyore

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    Ditto; and thats between Apple devices. It probably don't help that one of them is an elderly iPad running the older 32 bit iOS.
  10. Eeyore

    Beta 43 Wiring Harness Connector

    “Want” was the wrong word to use in my first post. The eleven way connector is of course a like for like replacement. Keeping things “standard” makes future fault finding a bit more straghtfoward; if you really don’t like the multiways you can simpley cut them off and reconnect with inline crimps.
  11. Eeyore

    Beta 43 Wiring Harness Connector

    This one? http://www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/product.php/613/multi-connectors-6-3mm The one shown is only 6 way, the 11 way is the one you want.
  12. Eeyore

    Gas pipes - Grommets/Sleeves required?

    Just thinking that 10 mm pipe is a bit on the small side if there is also a boiler to concider. Maybe the pipe from the regulator is larger?, and the cooker is “tee’d” off in 10 mm?
  13. Are you doing/checking all the usual things to mitigate the issue given the engines reputation? The obvious ones being to check that the engine reaches full working temperature; is the thermostat the right one and working correctly. The other is to avoid unnecessary idling and to charge batteries with engine at about 1200rpm. Most of the smoke is likely to be oil carry over in the exhaust "burning" off as the exhaust gas temperature rises with engine load after idling.
  14. There are a few in the HC Cargo catalogue similar to this. 111036 @ 45 amps, 113471 @ 65 amps, both listed as used on Fiat and Lancia. The 113533 @ 65 amps is shown as being used on Fiat, Lancia and Lombardini. Couldn't see an 80 amp, although obviously available elsewhere. All three have Iskra cross ref numbers. No, leave any "extra" wires disconnected and tied back out of harms way. Worst case is that the tacho won't work, and you can live without that.
  15. Its an HC Cargo 111166. Go to https://hc-cargo.co.uk/ and put the number in the search box. Yours has been modified, probably one of the extra wires will be the tacho connection, whilst the other is an external regulator/controller of some sort? Most alternator repairers will recognise the HC Cargo number, and should be able to supply a unit with the tacho wire. They may not give you any warranty if you issist on the the external controller wire being fitted. Most modern internal regulators will provide a sufficiently high voltage without the external controller being fitted. Not sure that its the original fittment, unless there is another reason for the "homemade" tensioner bracket.

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