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  1. The instructions for model kits made of fibre glass often suggest scrubbing with a soap ( not detergent ) solution prior to gluing. Detergents contain oils that inhibit many glues.
  2. Worcester, Droitwich, Sawley (Long Eaton), Port Avon (Keynsham), Bristol, Bradford upon Avon, Bath, Gloucester, Devises (Bus to Swindon or Pewsey), Otherton (Penkridge), Aston (Stone), Great Haywood (Bus to Stafford or Rugeley)
  3. The same applies to your phone battery, especially if you use a slower/ lower current charger. I used to charge my iPhone using the 2.1 amp charger that came with the iPad, but noticed that battery health percentage was dropping quite quickly. I now only charge the phone on a 1 amp charger and the battery health percentage drops much more slowly.
  4. Do you have a relay in the wiring between the engine and control panel? A picture would be useful if you do. It just hangs off the side of the loom, maybe a foot or two from the engine if memory serves.
  5. Do you have a “slave” relay for the stop solenoid? Often found in the wiring partway between the engine and control panel on earlier Barrus engines.
  6. The Delta box has a fine spline on the input shaft, inspect carefully before refitting. Hopefully yours will be ok, but they do have a reputation for wear.
  7. I suspect that the initial problem lies with the phrase “charged and ready to fit” which often crops up in an automotive context. The two new batteries would have undoubtedly benefited from a full charge before fitting. Whether they have been fitted correctly is a different matter of course.
  8. But your batteries would charge with the engine running anyway. Or have I missed something?
  9. Interesting, I remember the "clunk" as a healthy sign. The cone clutches have to displace the oil before they can fully engage. A more viscous oil takes longer to displace slowing down engagement which can lead to excessive slip, heating and wear. About a hundred years ago Rolls Royce injected caster oil into the cone clutches used on their vehicles to force a slip and reduce the "clunk". (a hundred years ago when father was just a twinkle in grandfathers eye)
  10. Not necessarily, it's marked as ISO10088 compliant; but probably only if the metal heat shield is fitted (the bowl shaped piece of metal in the OPs picture).
  11. Yes, all the materials to do the job for less than the price of a Vetus filter; and that includes the possibility of having to buy the metric threaded head as well. Looks like the job will pay for its self in a fairly short time.
  12. It's quite common for engines to come to rest in the same position when they stop. This means that the starter tends to engage on the same part of the ring gear every time you start the engine. Over time the normal wear and tear is localised and can eventually lead to damage on the leading edge of the pinion and the starter facing side of the ring gear. Failure to engage will be infrequent at first, but the damage then tends to accelerate, leading to a total failure to engage. Turning the engine a few degrees by hand presents an undamaged section of ring gear to the (now newer) starter pinion.
  13. And cheaper from https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/cav-agglomerator-5836b900-ea-125 well there's a surprise 😇
  14. M14 threaded head. https://www.ssldieselparts.co.uk/single-filter-head-type-p-701.html
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