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  1. These can be fitted into the consumer unit or a suitable DIN rail fitted enclosure. https://hager.com/uk/products/h/him402-modular-change-over-switch-4x20a?q=changeover switch
  2. That looks the same as the ones used on some Lister engines.
  3. Reasonable journey times for stations from London out as far as Reading going towards Bristol. About 2 hours each way from local stations, down to about an hour on direct services from Reading. Budget about £100 per day for "walk up" return fares. Reading and as far out as Bedwyn going towards Bristol. 2 1/2 hours each way (average), travel via Reading. Budget about £100 per day for "walk up" return fares. Bedwyn to Bradford on Avon/Trowbridge. Catch the bus to swindon for a train service? Devizes is probably the only place this works. About 45 min on the train, plus time on bus. Bud
  4. Looks and sounds ok. I think the starter may be staying in a bit too long, or perhaps you need to release the key a little earlier?
  5. You might be able to use a switch and contact cleaner spray, if theres a gap to spray it into. I got lucky with mine for a similar fault.
  6. As already said; D+ to one side of the bulb, and other side of bulb to a switched positive from the ignition switch. Main Positive from battery to the M6 B+ stud.
  7. P6rob, is there anything confusing about Alan de Enfields post that I am quoting above? On a more practical note, you can save the premiums on your life insurance and funeral plan, they ain't going to pay out based on what you are telling us about the way you are using the generator. Just saying...
  8. Just invite the examiner back to inspect the work done and pay any monies due for the second visit. The certificate is issued to the vessel and usually held by the owner, so shouldn't be a problem. The survey on the other hand is the property of the prospective purchaser.
  9. Sorry, caught out by the small print ☹️
  10. Screws fell out of side cover and part of internal mechanism was able to move sideways and jam in the side aperture? The item immediately behind the cover appears to be at a “jaunty” angle. Well beyond any warranty claim, buts screws should have been fitted at the factory using a suitable “Loctite” type product. I doubt that any assembly line robots are losing sleep over this.
  11. Then theres the shape of the filter to consider, the bit inside the sealing ring (including the thread) in this case. I once removed a filter from a friends 03 series engine, in less than one turn! The offending filter was concave, and barely reached the threaded spigot on the engine; the correct filter was convex and took about half a dozen turns to tighten. Sorry, I don't have the same info on the 05 series engine.
  12. Kubota engines use different oil filters depending on base engine model. 05 series engines use a M20 x 1.5 metric thread and 03 series engines use a 3/4" UN -16 thread. Fitting the metric filter to the 03 series engine will end in tears. The threads just about hold on the tips of the thread, and will let go under pressure, emptying the sump into the bilge and seizing the engine.
  13. It'll run direct from 12 volt supply according to many, but a 12 volt to 12 volt regulated supply wouldn't do any harm. There is a concern that charging voltages may shorten its life, but many are happily running them direct from the boats 12 volt supply.
  14. It's job I've done. You tend to get what you pay for with hole saws. Slow and steady (and maybe I was lucky) and very nearly flush with the roof. The welds didn't seem to be a problem beyond the amount of time I spent standing in torrential rain doing the job. Battery tool and rain cooled saw 😉
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