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  1. Is this one any use to you, it's 55mm dia. Located in Great Haywood.
  2. Been there, done that. Had the same thing on an LPW3 in our previous boat. After much faffing about I concluded that the 4PK belt in combination with a small alternator pulley just didn’t play nicely together for a short while after start up due to the high demand on the alternator. The solution was to fit a slightly larger pulley to the alternator to increase the “wrap” and thereby increase the contact area between the belt and pulley.
  3. 37 variants to choose from. https://www.prestolite-eu.com/pc/alternators/avi128/
  4. And of course if it leaks you must (as most on here already know) NEVER use any metallic tool to remove the old seal; you'll damage the bore and it will leak forever. Remove the nut to remove the lever; be ready to catch the spring and ball. Hold a cloth over the hole and crank the engine over to allow the oil pressure to expel the seal.
  5. Just to be optimistic, it could be a drive plate mounting bolt has come out of the flywheel.
  6. New steps for the little project boat. Being a lazy person I cut these out of a 57 degree loft stair kit 🪚
  7. I wondered why the engine itself wasn't moving about very much in your video; looks like the broken bracket is resting (wedged) on the timber bearers. There isn't a lot of space, and I wonder if the engine had been hitting the timber before the bracket broke? When repaired I would expect to see that part of the bracket going up at 45 deg to be much deeper, such that very little of the oil filter would be visible in the "after" image.
  8. Here's something to read http://www.randdmarine.com/downloads/RandD_Engine.pdf The dry weight of the engine is about 180kg, so about 200kg with alternator, oil, coolant and other items added by Beta. Take the opportunity to estimate the centre of gravity of the assembly whilst you have the jack under it. The rough position for the centre of gravity of the engine alone is somewhere in the area of number three cylinder; so a lot closer to the flywheel housing with the hydraulics hanging off the back. Extending the engine mounting beam, as David Mack says, can only help; but I doubt you get sufficient length to achieve perfect balance.
  9. Looks like the "best" way it could fail; loose bolts could have given a much bigger headache. There are things in your photo that say this is not the first time that it's failed; no paint on the washers and what looks like a strengthening plate ( obscured by the dipstick tube). You'll need to remove the top nuts from the new engine mounts and jack it up in order to get the engine mounting beam out. The alternator mounting beam can probably be left attached as long as you disconnect and remove the alternator. Make sure that the beam sits equally on the engine mounting points before you fit the bolts otherwise the whole thing will twist as you tighten the bolts, which is very likely to have be a contributing factor in the failure.
  10. I will have to go with Loddon on this. The mounting arm is attached to the main engine mounting beam; its this beam that appears loose on the engine. You may need to remove the mounting arm to gain access to the set bolts attaching the front of the main engine mounting beam to the engine. Shut it down and try rocking the front of the engine whilst checking for movement as indicated by the arrows in Loddons post.
  11. Laidong LL480QE engine, but they seem to be manufactured by several companies in different configuration. As per the part number https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002056450877.html
  12. The instructions for model kits made of fibre glass often suggest scrubbing with a soap ( not detergent ) solution prior to gluing. Detergents contain oils that inhibit many glues.
  13. Worcester, Droitwich, Sawley (Long Eaton), Port Avon (Keynsham), Bristol, Bradford upon Avon, Bath, Gloucester, Devises (Bus to Swindon or Pewsey), Otherton (Penkridge), Aston (Stone), Great Haywood (Bus to Stafford or Rugeley)
  14. The same applies to your phone battery, especially if you use a slower/ lower current charger. I used to charge my iPhone using the 2.1 amp charger that came with the iPad, but noticed that battery health percentage was dropping quite quickly. I now only charge the phone on a 1 amp charger and the battery health percentage drops much more slowly.
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