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  1. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    Which one sorry?
  2. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    Just looking at springer bows and they all have that dodgy moustache and look quite boxy on the front end nothing like mine!
  3. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    The front of my boat is very similar to this although the sides of the hull look flat on this whereas mine are sloped
  4. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    I’m just having a look again on google images now and have found a Harborough Marine narrowboat and the front is identical to mine, it’s a bugger I can’t copy the pic
  5. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    The engine is a bmc and the boat is all steel. I’ve been advised mine is one of the first to have a dry bilge and steel top in early 80s
  6. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    Ah ok if you mean the roof rails then I think they are square if memory serves me right
  7. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    The main base plate is flat it’s literally the lower sides that slope inwards,
  8. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    Here’s a pic of it that was from the original advert, I will get some more when I return to the boat. the front of the boat has got an upwards sweep to it plus it hasn’t got the dodgy moustache that all springers seem to have
  9. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    Thts why I beilieved it was a springer but people who have seen it argue otherwise, according to the surveyor the v bottom is way too shallow for a springer, the sides at the bottom slope in at about 20 degrees then the base is about 10 degrees to the Center . Il see if I’ve got a photo
  10. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    It Is a v but extremely shallow Il ring the crt Monday and see what they say
  11. Rory_d

    Boat builder enquiry

    Hi thanks for your reply, my hand rains are not tubular . What do you mean by upstanding? Please excuse my ignorance Sorry upstand phone keeps changing the words
  12. Hi all, following a a couple of people seeing my boat one of whom is a surveyor they have told me that in fact my boat isn’t a springer it is a Harborough marine 1980s build. i has another visit today from the surveyor who again looked all over it and the framework in the hull. i have looked online and the front of the boat is identical to the Harborough marine boats I’ve seen on google . My question now is the canal and river trust Website says mine is a springer. The surveyor said it was probably put on an old survey or boat safety that it was a springer leading the previous owners to believe this, Does anybody know what I need to do to get this incorrect information changed if not where do I stand??
  13. Rory_d

    Brass head lamp

    Thanks for the replies, will have to look at auto jumbles maybe and see what’s out there, maybe I’m being a bit picky!
  14. Hi guys, does anybody know know where I can get a traditional brass head lamp for the narrow boat. its got the brass mounting bracket on the boat but no lamp, I cannot find a replacement one for love nor money anywhere! Looked online at many chandlers and all I can find is modern led ones but I just don’t like the look of them and want to keep the boat looking original, any ideas much appreciated
  15. Rory_d

    Does anybody know about my boat history?

    I’m really stuck as to wether I should rename it, i dont like it’s current name if I do it might sound weird but it’s got to be a name that looks good painted on the side of the boat lol its a shame it’s almost impossible to find out any history of the boat, i dont suppose there is a list of the boats that springer built is there? That way I might have a fighting chance of finding out exactly how old the bloody thing is

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