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  1. More uncovered but still no boat name as per reg number but did find some handwritten word in white paint but can only make out a few letters
  2. Actually now you've said that I tho k your right as all the letters have flat edges except that e ! I'm going to scrape the other side of the pothole now and see what I can find!
  3. More writing uncovered. There is no writing either side of IDEB Firstly what on earth is ideb?
  4. I thought perhaps it was just an owners name signwritten on the back of the boat as there is only 2 registered names for my reg number. Perhaps tomorrow I'l scrape some more paint of carefully and see if I can Find any more underneath. Luckily whoever did the blue paint job did a p155 poor job and didn't send the original.paint down so it is coming of relatively easy. Maybe i might find frog opper under there ? The signage I found today appears.to have been done from.new as it's directly at the bottom.of all the layers
  5. Sorry to bring up an old thread but I've still not managed to find much info on it . I did however find some old signwriting on the boat earlier whilst scraping some of the blue paint off. Says Gordon. The first letter was damaged so stripped the other side to confirm it was a g
  6. The lower seals are all perished that seal the lower fixed glass section and there is like has just been said a lot of moss etc in the middle sections, i did however find a bundle of 8 windows that are seven years old on eBay so have just bought them and will just replace all the windows in the boat, theory being that as the windows aren’t that old it should be a piece of cake to find who manufactures them. the seller thinks they are channel glaze or Caldwell’s , the item number is : 202624115205 does anybody know know who makes these ones? If so I will ring tomorrow and get the spares for them then hopefully can get them fitted next week
  7. Luckily the boat is only battened and cellotexed at the moment so if needs must nows the time! I spoke to Caldwell’s today and they have requested pictures of them, they did say that even if they’re not the same as theirs then they could possibly try to see if their seals would fit , hopefully they get back to me tomorrow. as for drain holes there is 2 little holes on the bottom. No sure if their clear tho tbh I must go and look! Channel glaze want over 4.5k to supply me new windows for the boat, I think new seals is my only option now
  8. Il speak to them today and see and if there’s more fab involved il sort it, fully qualified welder by trade, maybe I’m still a bit naive
  9. Has anybody got any experience with Wesley marine windows? been on their site and a like for like alternative for the bathroom albeit twice the width is £130 0dd pound , if they are good windows il just do that and chop them in with my plasma, can’t find any reviews online tho
  10. To be fair the lady I have been dealing with at channel glaze was fantastic, I don’t think I’ve dealt with a company that helpful in a very long time, just a shame that they can’t supply the parts I need. as for Caldwell’s I saw a picture only a few days ago and the same style window did have differences but I can’t find the picture now for love nor money but il ring them anyway tomorrow and try!
  11. I will email seals direct and see if I can post them a small piece off one of mine so they can try and get a close match and do exactly that. I am am awaiting a quote from channel glaze for single and double glazed units so will have to wait and see what they come back with, if it is absolutely needed I will have no choice but to replace
  12. If you look at the second and the fourth photo you can see the rubber insert is totally split in the corners. Thats the seals that need replacing
  13. Evening all! ok so I’ve really been progressing with the boat project the last few weeks and am currently sourcing all leaks to get the boat water right. basically every single window leaks, I’ve spoken to channel glaze and seals direct to no avail! Basically I need to replace the external seal that pushes into the frame that the top hopper window pushes against when it’s closed. channel glaze have told me that there seals don’t fit as mine weren’t manufactured by them and seals direct don’t do a seal that matches my profile. channel glaze have told me that the windows were manufactured by a company called hardall or ardall and they seized trading many years ago. can any body tell me or have any advice or ideas as to what on earth I can do to rescue these windows. ive piled thousands into this boat and really can not afford the expense of replacing the windows. Also do another window issue is the bathroom windows are total pants, they screw in at the top outside then flip outwards yet the seals are totally shot and there is no window casements for them. Thankyou all in advance!
  14. The whole interior has been stripped out and ballast removed and readings taken from inside too. I was lucky in the respect that the readings are continuos through out as the bathroom was that full the water was at the height of the ply floor boards
  15. I did have an idea, however I wanted to keep the boat as original as possible and due to the state of it I want able to get a good reading. i was wondering if it was Common practice to use a certain gauge of steel or whatever was available at the time.
  16. I have tested the thicknesses throughout the entire boat, the lowest reading on the main hull was 4.7mm at the front under cabin area the lowest was 2.5 which busted straight through, so may end up replacing the base plate throughout but I am not a fan of overplaying, having spent most of my working career doing classic car restoration I will literally cut out the bad and replace with new. Plus it looks a lot better. i would imagine that the base plate would have been 6mm thick and the deck floor about 3mm. i will replace the deck with 5mm, that should sort it for another 50 plus years done right
  17. It’s not that bad, I’m a welder by trade and will order the steel through my business . as for a hull survey the main hull is absolutely fine, ive done thickness gauge readings all over, it’s literally just the front area under the deck which I will address as soon as the deck is all removed. i only paid 5k for the boat so a grand of steel, and a few weeks worth of welding and fabrication should see it effectively a dam good boat
  18. Well I spent all day yesterday on the deck! I built a temporary cratch cover to keep it all dry and stop and rain water gushing in! I removed the fiberglass liner which I thought was a factory job to find it was actually a bodge job added at a later date! There were 2 big holes, one had a piece of thin metal loosely covering it and the other had a piece of ply ! heres some pictures of what I have found! i am getting thickness readings under 2mm in the best places so I will cut the entire deck out and rebuild the lot with new steel, the first picture is the fiberglass liner the rest are after it was all removed
  19. The drain holes are in the sides in line with the doors and are totally rotted away, I think the fiberglass liner was a factory adddition and where it had split near the doors the rain water has got underneath it and totally rotted the deck plate away which in turn now means the water is leaking into the boat and filling the bilges up! I hoovered 4 vax loads out of it this morning! After it being bone dry a couple of days ago. The main base plate under that section and about a foot into the cabin area has also rotted away from the inside out! Good thing I’m qualified in welding and fabrication!
  20. I’m going to cut the entire front deck out with the plasma cutter over the weekend and start replacing the box section framework. I want the boat to last a very long time so will weld a 5mm deck plate on. just wasn’t sure if there was a standard size, thanlyou for your responses
  21. Hi, does any body know what thickness the steel deck plates generally are? mine is totally rotten away and covered with a couple of mm of fibreglass . im trying to keep the boat as close to original as possible. I am going to order the steel tonight to I can chop the whole front out and weld in new. unfortunately it’s that far gone I can’t use the thickness gauge on it
  22. The boat was definitely all steel, reason for this is the welding matches exactly to the hull, also the factory undercoat is identical inside throughout. the only fibreglass is the on the front deck
  23. Is it normal practice for a boat builder to line over the steel deck at the front with fibreglass? My deck all beit steel it has got a fibreglass liner over the top, the fibreglass has been done professionally in my opinion purely by the way it has been finished off around the edges . The fiberglass has split over the years and unfortunately the steel work underneath is totally rotten meaning I’ve got to replace the whole deck but that’s another story. was thinking if this is or was normal practice for certain builders in the 80s it could potentially lead us to a specific builder
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