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  1. Troyg

    Which 2 pack for blacking??

    I'm thinking of going with the Jotamastic 87 now. I was put off by the drying times but going with the winter grade gets around that and it seems to be the name that comes up most often. Plus having the main feature of being surface tolerant makes it very appealing for our moist British days.... Would 20L be enough for 3 coats on a 60ft NB??
  2. Troyg


  3. Hi all, I am looking for someone that can do upholstery and make curtains in Cheshire around the Macclesfield or Manchester area. I need to re-upholster my dinette seating and replace my curtains. Don't want to spend a fortune so needs to be competitively priced but do a good job. Looking for recommendations. Thanks!
  4. Troyg

    Which 2 pack for blacking??

    I can see I have opened an interesting discussion.... much more to this than just some paint! lol It seems there is no clear winner in which product to use! I was hoping for a majority of people to say - use xx product! But not so.... Last calls now for folk to name their favourite surface tolerant 2 pack Let see what we get!
  5. I will be going for a bright type colour. Due to limited access I wont be able to get the surface prepped 100% as I would like so I am looking at something than can tolerate a rusty surface. I probably really need an active rust converter primer that can handle immersion?
  6. I am looking at painting my engine room and bilges. These areas have been neglected by the previous owner, so there is plenty of rust. I am trying to decide which paints would be best. Currently I am just thinking to go with standard red oxide primer followed by a top coat of bilge paint such a Danboline or Teamac sold by Midland. The areas will be prone to moisture and condensation and the engine room has a wet bilge. Apart from being chemical and oil resistance it needs to be hard wearing.
  7. Troyg

    Which 2 pack for blacking??

    Opinions certainly vary. At the moment I am leaning towards Hempel Hempadur 45143. I read that it is also surface tolerant. The drying times for the Jotamastic 87 put me off. The Sherwin Williams could be an option but doesn't seem that common? And which one to use? I assume the Macropoxy M922? Not much info for it if surface tolerant and resists oil etc. Decisions to make but the 45143 is leading currently.....
  8. Hello all. I am sure this topic has already been discussed several times..... I am soon having my narrowboat shot blasted and plan to apply 2 pack. I have recently purchased the boat and it has been neglected and not blacked often. This means the hull, although structurally sound has suffered pitting which needs to be halted. Hence the reason for going down the 2 pack route. However which 2 pack to use?? There seems to be a minefield of choice....Hempel Hempadur 45143, Interzone 954, Intertuf 362 just to name a few..... I will be applying it myself and will want something suited to adhere well to a pitted hull and provide a good protection. I am happy (and probably prefer) to do a couple or more coats. Also would anyone have an idea of how many litres would be needed for a 60ft narrowboat hull?
  9. Thanks for the comments. I will investigate those.... Any recommendations for a blasting company that could come out?
  10. Troyg

    Custom fitted shower door

    Thanks for the comments. Wesley windows could be just what I'm looking for. I need to check if building the wall out next to the basin will close the room up too much or restrict room at the basin. If that's ok a custom door from Wesley could be the solution.... And yes I hate shower curtains! Its only a 500mm x 500mm shower and the curtain wrapping around you only has one positive of saving water due to wanting to finish quickly!
  11. Troyg

    Custom fitted shower door

    Glass would be first preference but not essential. At the end of the day just need to be waterproof. I'm open to suggestions of any other ideas.... Good perspex would be fine.
  12. I am happy to use a hardstanding but need somewhere that offers this and can haul out? I don't plan to do until May when the weather is hopefully more friendly.... It just seems along the Macc lacks places with these type of facilities. I could travel further if needed but obviously closer the better. I'm flexible but just want to try and keep costs under control...
  13. Hi everyone, I am located near Macclesfield in Cheshire. I plan to replace my shower curtain with a glass shower door. It is a square shower but is not a straight forward shape. I will require glass at the side with frame work and a folding split door. Not easy to explain so attached photo showing what I mean. Is anyone aware of a company that can do this kind of work? Preferably from east Cheshire area. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I am situated on the 'upper' Macclesfield canal between Bosley and Marple locks. Is there anywhere along that stretch that has a dry dock or offers hauling out of the water? I need to get the hull shot blasted and apply two pack. I plan to do the two pack myself so a DIY dock is preferred. No where obvious jumps out at me that has these type of facilities in this area. I want to avoid the expense of cranage if possible. Also does anyone have any recommendations for shot blasting companies that I could use? This is the part I cannot do myself. The boat is a 60ft narrowboat. Thanks.
  15. Troyg

    Surveyor Cheshire

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good surveyor? I am looking for a pre-purchase survey as soon as possible for a 2002 60ft narrowboat. It seems guys are booked up until the new year but I would like to get it done next week. At least looking for a hull survey but could do a full survey. Boat is located in Nantwich and is already out of the water. So anyone willing to come and carry out a survey (or if you know of anyone) I would be pleased to hear from you. Thanks Troy