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  1. Exactly, Who knows? As with your post not everyone wires their alternator via the isolation switch. Every boat is different so no point in assuming or over thinking his need for a spare isolation key. Hopefully he has learnt to have a spare.👍
  2. Not if the alternator is wired directly to the batteries, it may however prevent him from using his 12v system. We don’t know how his boat is wired so no point in assuming anything. He may have one of those 1,2, both,off rotary isolation switches on his domestic who knows?
  3. Sounds too simple or may be just too difficult to try and work out on your own when you can ask on a forum and save thinking about a solution.
  4. A good set of jump leads straight to the starter and by-pass the isolation switch.
  5. Have you done any boating before? As you say your not young, maybe a narrow would be better if your by yourself, that way you could learn the ropes and gauge if a widebeam would suit, be what you need or just too much for you to enjoyably cruise. Also if you really think you need a widebeam, just sell it and trade up to a widebeam. If you buy a widebeam first and it’s not for you due to the size and navigation problems or just realise you don’t need the space or the lifestyle is not for you. You could waste a lot of money. Also moorings are easier to find for a narrow, should you f
  6. How old is the boat? Are they requesting the survey before they insure because of the age of the boat and were you previously insured with GJW?
  7. Or Ch5 +1 at 00:05-01:05 Starts and finishes Thursday for the Night Owls👍
  8. Not worth anywhere near £125K dreamers. I doubt it was £125K when new 5 years ago.
  9. I’m sure with a £100K budget he’ll be able to buy any of the used/nearly new on Apolloduck even the ones with Craftsmanship interiors. Just needs to look for the boat that he likes first and not worry so much about who made it .
  10. Where are you in the country? If North or your willing to travel, give this guy a look, builds quality boats and prices are to suit your budget with the shell of your choice. https://www.sellisboatfitters.co.uk/gallery/
  11. Your going to waste a lot of money if you don’t do jobs like this yourself. Not a hard job, sounds like you don’t want to get your hands dirty? This is basic and if your not prepared to do jobs like this then maybe having a boat is not for you. Or you should of bought a brand new one with a freshly painted engine bay and no dirt.
  12. You won’t go far wrong with Ed from here: https://fourcountiesmarineservices.com/ have known a few friends use him and all very happy with his work and price. He could fit everything on your list and sort you electrical system out for your future requirements
  13. Could be that the engine has been overheating/pushed hard on a regular basis, causing the head to get very hot which results in the paint looking like this. I have seen this a lot however on Isuzu engines in Narrowboats.
  14. I’m honesty not Martin. Your the one that seams to be following my Posts/Threads.
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