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  1. Just weighed in 236kg of batteries yesterday and got £108, about 46p per Kg.
  2. You might have to take some off the depth as it sounds like you have not got a good contact with the flange(where the black tape is stuck) and the wall, I would fill that with Stixall or a good grab adhesive and not have it touching the window.
  3. Have a look at this guy below on YouTube, he is good and does a lot of tutorials. You can read into it too much and get confused, I’ve just fitted 6x panels in series/parallel using the same MPPT and BVM using the shunt, also fitted the MPPT control monitor, all straight forward to fit and all accurate I’m finding. I would stick with Victron as these are fitted and recommended by most installers that do boats. https://youtube.com/c/EXPLORISTlife
  4. Is that super glue your using? Get some Stixall that should stick them if they are clean and prepped and put enough on all the way around or a good quality grab adhesive.
  5. That’s a nice looking shell, nice long well deck, recessed panels, side hatch, you could really make it stand out with a well thought out paint scheme, I would of liked two port holes instead of the window like the other panel. If your going to change the paint scheme have a look at the book “Colours of the Cut” there’s some good examples of paint schemes in there. Good luck and as I said nice boat👍
  6. Destroyed and burnt from what I heard. I think someone tried to get a “Dorothy Pax” society together to restore, but all a pipe dream. In the end she was just left to rot and abandoned, the boat yard where she was left had to get rid.
  7. If you want to see the trip by one of those working boats in the 50’s have a look at the link below, you will get a far better idea of what he’s talking about and the buildings he’s showing, as you can see the railway on the two pillars, The Stradle and how low Cadman Bridge is. https://www.yfanefa.com/record/1169
  8. Today’s view with the bars in the distance on the left with Orange awning, not a a working boat train or crane in sight.
  9. Most of the Arches are Best Weston Hotel to the left, then sandwich shop, CaRT community/volunteer office, a snooker product/research office with full size snooker table, A&G Passanger boat shop, a bar(Dorothy Pax) and finally another bar/eataree(True Love) No brokerage going on now mainly all leisure moorings. The Marina office is now the old CaRT office by the swing bridge opposite side, unfortunately not open a lot with no contact details or opening hours displayed, which sometimes is frustrating and confusing for visiting boats especially with a fulley signed up CaRT office more
  10. An old photo from when it was busy and the railway and Arches can be seen in use. Most people in Sheffield don’t know this place is there or know any historical facts about the canal basin. So good to see someone taking interest in the local history.
  11. Have you left enough gap for movement through your roof collar for heat expansion?
  12. Who paint’s their boat with Dulux? Oh not me I use Wilko. Are you for real? I’m talking about professional paint suppliers not high street bargain outlets. You get what you pay for Wilko’s😂😂😂😂😂😂
  13. It’s always going to be difficult to get an exact match as obviously boats are outdoors in the sun and more prone to UV paint fading. Even when you have the same paint in a tin that you used a year or so ago it will not look the same once you put on the old paint. You just have to blend in the best you can and live with it or repaint the whole panal. That’s why I mentioned Jotum Conseal Touch-Up as they say you don’t have this problem and it matches in.
  14. Maybe analysing has got a bit more accurate these days, as this company seam to be very accurate with matching. https://www.ultrimaxstore.com/
  15. You can always try a commercial paint supplier, if you take a sample they can analyse it and tell you the exact colour or match. They may charge you a small fee or offset the cost if you buy some paint off them.
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