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  1. No, new young boaters, first time out on their boat concentrating on doing their first YouTube Vlog.
  2. All the comments seam to be supportive of them, so they have obviously removed any negative comments. I have also noticed on their Instagram they have not posted any photos since they put the video on Youtube. The last was Bingley 3 Rise Locks. They were putting on 3-4 a day, all very “look I’m entering a lock, look I’m leaving a lock, look I’m on a canal” Boooring.
  3. You say West how far West? As you can only get West over the L&L. All other routes closed due to the Fig3 lock stoppage. You would be better going West via T&M.
  4. I would be heading south by now as more Marina’s and boat related services and planning my Winter, If your struggling now wait till Jan/Feb. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere then.
  5. I wouldn’t put these boaters on a pedestal. They’ve been on the canal 3 years hardly hardcore. Once they’ve done the system and his obsession with the Silver Propellor challenge, the boat will be sold and they will be off.
  6. Yes off all their non boater clueless followers, this is all about their Vlog, followers and his ego.
  7. What do you call very experienced boaters? A couple like these that have rushed around the system to make Vlogs and promote their YouTube channel and when they have to deal with basic leaky locks fly into a panic and don’t know how to handle the situation? All he had to do was to move the boat to the back of the lock and start filling the the lock to raise the boat and lesson the force of the leaks. I don’t see a 15ft jet of water coming through the lock gates, just a normal leak that many lock gates have. If you do watch their Vlogs you will see Jo is a nervous boater when faced with situations their not used to. As mentioned above lots of hire boats pass through these locks without any problems or hysteria unlike these experienced boaters.
  8. We will never know the full conversation they had with CaRT as for once they never filmed it, unlike the every mile and lock they have done before on the canals which they film and only have one side in the heat of the moment. Looking at the leak and knowing they have enough room to move to the rear of the lock I think they are totally over reacting and the whole incident was made worse by her nervous disposition and lack of experience with staircase locks. If you look at their first Vlog from when they bought the boat the boat had a cratch cover, so they obviously thought they didn’t need it or maybe it got in the way of their filming for their Vlogs.
  9. If you look at their previous they left the frond doors open when they did Oddy staircase Locks and water drenched their carpet inside the boat. I think they still had this on their mind(especially the panic stricken wife) which has caused all the over reaction with the leaky gate and CaRT.
  10. It’s a Liverpool built boat so I image lots have done that route and survived leaking gates. Just looked at a couple of “Liverpools” and the scuppers don’t look inadequate. Just inexperience with leaking gates and all about a dramatic headline from experienced Vloggers. Big difference between experienced Boaters and experienced Vloggers(but in-experienced boaters) as this Vlog shows.
  11. If you watch their Vlogs they seam more concerned about filming everything and him spending more time looking at his phone then accessing any potential problems or concentrating on boat handling.
  12. He was only that close to the cill due to the back gates being closed, once he moved back he would of been clear as I believe the boat is only 57ft. Mind you he does say it was shooting 15ft into the lock. Total over reaction to a leaky gate, but a dramatic Vlog Headlines and a convenient stop in filming.
  13. Shame they stopped filming as viewers would of seen the flow over their bows quickly stop once he moves the boat back towards the bottom gates and also when the boat quickly rises. Total OTT reaction and an excuse for some CaRT bashing and dramatic Vlog Headlines. I’ve met this couple and Jo is a very nervous woman and this is often shown in their Vlogs, Michael seams to be obsessed with IWA/CaRT Silver Propeller Challenge, the main reason why they have done most of the system so quickly while never really experiencing it, doing so many miles that does not mean they have boating common sense. AsI say Jo is a very nervous boater and I get the impression she would panic is a any situation like this no matter how minor. It’s a shame they stopped filming and have not shown the whole story, obviously they stayed in the lock and the boat passed through safely and never sunk. 100’s of boats pass through these locks every year non have sunk or had such a OTT reaction, quite embarrassing from such a so called experienced boating couple.
  14. I don’t need to sell it as the moorings are full, so obviously it’s not that bad, but it is a city centre location and with that comes the problems that all cities have and that’s being honest, but luckily the boats are left alone. There’s far worse places to have a home mooring.
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