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  1. PD1964

    Dog Friendly Pubs

    You also have: The Sheffield Tap at the train station. The Head of Steam next to the Crucible
  2. PD1964

    TV Programme "Off The Cut" 8:30 Tonight

    Been discussed many times on here before, just shows the state of some of the continuous moorers on the K&A and their attitudes. One of the contributing boaters is this guy here, the state of his boat can clearly be seen on the programme:
  3. PD1964

    Time Lady

    Some filming around the Cholera monument area with Sheffield city in the background. People around that area had letters put through their doors, saying there would be TV filming in the area but with no glues to what was going to be filmed.
  4. Once again totally wrong, it was a Waterfront Festival, not a canal festival, It was for the people of Sheffield to enjoy the Victoria Quay's area, it was not a boat specific festival. You weren't asked to move as moving you may of caused an issue, one boat was moved back to allow the fishing demo to take place, there were no other visitor boats expected due to the river Don being in flood, so the moorings were allocated for the demo on the day. You always complain about Sheffield so why do you keep returning?
  5. PD1964

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    Get real, why should other people look after him? when he can't even look after himself or his boat, Too many tree huggers with the luvvy dovey, peacy, huggy atitude coming on the canals, people have got to take responsibility of their own actions and life.
  6. PD1964

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    No sympathy whatsoever for people like this, just making our canals a mess, CaRT need to get these type of boaters off the system ASAP.
  7. PD1964

    Boat sunk, by Stag Party?

    Not bad getting £7000 from friends, as according to the above article he only paid £3830 for his two boats originally. Just another permanent moorer taking the [email protected] out of the system, obviously his boat should not of been on the canal due to it's condition and being un-licensed, Sorry little sympathy, As why should the majority of boaters pay for a license, observe the rules, maintain their boats to the required standard so there safe on the water and people like this do not and expect the same service from CaRT?
  8. PD1964

    Bingley 5 rise

    Why not just call and ask Sillsden boats, I imagine this is the company you've hired from, they should have all updates on the closure.
  9. PD1964

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    Most people take what you say with a pinch of salt, on here and in the real world, opinionated little man.
  10. PD1964


    I would say it depends where you are in the country, down around the London area I imagine there would be a need reading the "New to Boating" threads from people in that area who have just bought an older boat and want to modify it to make it a livaboard. It will also depend if it is in a Marina as most Marina's have a list of contractors with a proven record, gas safe, public liability insurance and experience with boats, it may be more difficult to do work on marina berthed boats. Where are you in the country? and have you got the means of traveling with your tools and are able to work on boats on the towpath? I wouldn't expect to make a fortune as most boaters who buy older boats that need work do it for one reason, that being it's all they can afford and have little spare cash once they pay for license, insurance, moorings etc. Good Luck.
  11. PD1964

    Fernwood boats

    But what I can gather the owner sadly died, so the business could continue to operate, either run by his family or employees until a new owner/investor can be found and if not the boats in build completed and the business closed, or are there other thing a foot?
  12. PD1964

    Fernwood boats

    Have you got a bill of sale or proof the boat is yours and final payment has been paid? I take it the owner just passed away, so maybe it will back up and running in a while and all will be sorted, or is there something else happening that the other boats in build owners should be worried about?
  13. PD1964

    Fernwood boats

    The good thing is at least you have the DOC for the hull and a WIN, I'm sure the rest of the paperwork will be there but due to the recent circumstances it may a while before everything gets back to normal. I take it the owner just passed away and the company was profitable and has not gone into bankruptcy or any other insolvency measures?
  14. PD1964

    Fernwood boats

    With regards to my post about CE plate the long 14 digit number is the WIN (Watercraft Identification Number) which now replaces the CIN/HIN. which is unique to each craft, The Manufactures Identification Code for Fernwood is FWB so GB-FWB-
  15. PD1964

    Fernwood boats

    If you want to sell it within the next couple of years you can't and I believe it is illegal to sell by a broker without the RCD/declarations of conformity. There is a big difference with the new RCD regulations and new builds compared to much older boats, so you can't compare the two. The owner needs the RCD from Ferwood it's that simple or it could turn out an expensive nightmare.

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