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  1. Glad everything worked, I don’t think people realise how better the big canals are and you don’t need to move miles to get away, as you say you saw no boats, Just been up the Leeds Liv, couldn’t wait to get back, full moorings, speeding boats, continuous moorers , clueless new boaters with 100k+ boats living the dream, busy Towpaths full of speeding cyclists. Now back, no boats, wide canals, ample moorings and total solitude. You don’t need to move miles if you know where to move to.
  2. Have you been on a 57/58? Don’t think bigger is better to live on, I have a 61.6 and could quite easily live on a 55, It’s all down to the layout, It’s far easier on something less then 60, finding moorings especially winter, doing locks, planning your route, especially if single handed, so easy to be too near to the cill and get drenched or caught.
  3. Yes totally agree, I doubt I’ll do the LL again on a 61.6, just too much hassle watching the cill. If you can get away with a 55ft perfect for everywhere, especially if single handed.
  4. Some wrong info here, with regards to Leeds Liverpool and Sheffield, you can do it in a 61ft 6” but tight going down, rudder needs to be able to tuck back, tight opening gates and you get wet from leakage from top gates, far easier with one boat in the lock. 62ft is the recommended length for LL and 61ft6” for Sheffield. To be honest it’s not enjoyable going down in a 61.6 as you need your wits.
  5. Just rang, they only run the Basin moorings and not the linear canal moorings which are CaRT moorings, BWML are now nothing to do with CaRT according to the Marina,
  6. Not another continuous cruising question. Does anyone know where there are moorings available in a marina or linear canal side for a 60ft x 12ft in or around the London area or any contacts who can help, legal moorings only, Marina preferred. Any help/ info appreciated.
  7. Yes there are visitor moorings on the right hand side as you enter they are clearly marked. There are no visitor moorings past the swing bridge unless you have booked them through C.V Marine in advance. Sheffield is not that big and because how the moorings are laid out people think they can moor anywhere, this is not the case due to security and boats being able to move off and on their allocated moorings. Please remember it is a Private Marina as CaRT have gone a bit mad with their new branding for the 200th Anniversary in Sept confusing and causing visiting boaters to think it's a CaRT Marina when actually it is fully controlled by C.V Marine. Just give them a ring a week or so before and you'll be fine.
  8. That must of been a long time ago, over 10 years I imagine, as not much more then 60ft has been in a long time. To be honest I don't know why he is getting a 62ft as can't go many places up North and very few moorings available if he's planning on keeping it up North. OK on the majority of the Southern network but limited North.
  9. Yes true, just making him aware before he has a 62ft boat built and was thinking about mooring it at Victoria Quays even if he tried craning it in.
  10. You will not fit a 62ft into the Basin, it is full so I don't know where he is getting moorings
  11. You cannot convince them, I've tried, they will only let Sheffield size boats up, due to liability also insurance as it is their responsibility with it being manned.
  12. They will not let you up the flight, also where are you going to moor? I take it you have not enquired about moorings?
  13. Have you checked moorings there? As it is full, please don't just assume you will get moorings there
  14. You will not get a 62ft to Sheffield and also where are you going to moor? You will not get moorings for a 62ft at Victoria Quays what is the width?
  15. Ask around local, as all you need is a small flat bed with Hi-ab, not too difficult with a boat that size.
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