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  1. Yes another £70 freebie, I have never seen these on boats and no one else I know has. Yet he says the company knows all about boats? and he knows several boaters that have them. Obviously Warpfive are giving these away quite freely then.
  2. Sadly the owner of this boat “Hak Tin Ngaw” passed away from Covid-19 last year, RIP. Geoff.
  3. Nice photo and nice to see the people that have a genuine passion for the canals. Would rather see photo’s like this then watch any of the Vlogs of the New generation boaters.
  4. Anyone know how this Plonker got on? since it’s well over a month since the Vlog was put out and the Vlogger hasn’t done a follow up. Anyone on here passed the boat?
  5. The Ad suggests they may want to get rid of this quickly with the mention of upholstery of the linings. So don’t be embarrassed about putting in low offers, you can always increase them. Please research the market for these as circumstances could change especially in the current scheme of things, so if you decide to sell earlier then anticipated you wouldn’t be out of pocket too much if any. As said above a better option to cover a more varied selection of waterways then just canals.
  6. Most people would use Plywood and line sheets out length ways so you have less joining edges to cover(trim) every 8ft. If that makes sense, you don’t see many boats that go vertical so you would have trim every 4ft. Would look too bitty.
  7. Have a look at this Vlog, one of the better canal Vloggers out there. Vlog number 235 talks about Trailer Wilderness boats and 236 talks about GRP’s on the canals. https://youtube.com/c/CruisingTheCutUK
  8. You say trailer, are you going to be keeping the boat on land and moving it when you want to use it, or mooring in a Marina? If you go the trailer route you would save on mooring fee’s and be able to pick the area you want to explore far better then the hassle of planning the canal journey to get there, with fuel, secure moorings, stoppages etc. You could also do the Lakes and Lochs up North. A far better option to explore and have holidays. I would use most of my budget of 12K on getting a decent boat and not just spending £5K on a doer-upper. You don’t want to relive your past
  9. Just to put you right, the second surveyor wasn’t the Marina’s tame surveyor but a far more experienced and respected surveyor then the first and highly regarded in the area. I’ve never known a Marina to recommend a specific surveyor, but to offer a list of Surveyors that work the Region that both buyers and sellers have been happy with, with the person looking for the surveyor having the final say. It seams you know Surveyors that “Big Up” issues to give their employer(buyer) a reason to get a reduction on the price or minor work done and also tame Surveyors that are recommended/work
  10. Yes, but when a surveyor condemns a hull then informs the buyer that he is selling a similar boat, it suggests a conflict of interest. Especially when another Survey recommends only a few re-plates. So you can see why Mariners are reluctant to recommend.
  11. I have never said I didn’t want a surveyor to highlight problems. I want a surveyor to tell it as it is. When you said “Big Up” in your comment. You implied a Surveyor who is working for you would exaggerate a problem or bring up a trivial one in order for you to get a reduction in the price or get the owner to rectify the “Big Up” issue. A surveyor that tells it as it is and highlights problems would be recommended by a Marina as long as he is sensible about the issues and not “Bigging Up” things. Maybe you should of used “Bring Up” and not “Big Up” as to most people “Big Up
  12. A surveyor that “Big Up’s” things is not a Surveyor I would recommend. Yes the surveyor is working for the buyer but you want an honest true to fact survey, not one that “Big’s Up” things just to give the buyer a reason to get a price reduction and also it could put concerns in the mind of the buyer causing them to walk away from the sale. I have seen a surveyor that did “Big Up” a survey and all the seller and buyer did was to get another surveyor in that had a more sensible approach to put the buyers mind at rest. It later developed that the Surveyor was selling a similar boat that h
  13. The seller says it originally cost £211k apparently. He also says just Google him using: christopher berry marine surveyor I don’t think he should of put that on, as the only review is Bad. Not the best idea.
  14. So the boat has been sold since the Surveyor did the current BSS and you believe he couldn’t remember it due to owner and name change. He may still have his copy of the report and should be able to find it using Boat Index Number/Previous Name and may be able to surmise to why the electrics have been changed. When you say previous owner(decent person) are you talking about the person that owned it when it had it’s BSS and sold it to the person your buying it off. Or are you calling the “previous owner” the current owner/seller being decent? Also was it you who picked the Surveyor in
  15. I don’t know how common it is for Marina’s to disconnect unprotected taps but it does make sense in the colder months. it’s normal for boaters to borrow other boaters hoses to reach water points to save moving their boats closer to the water point. As long as the Marina operator leaves ample space for all boats to move and they can access the water point I don’t see an issue. If the the Mooring boats don’t want to move their boats and would rather link hose’s together that’s up to them.
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