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  1. It will come clear once your at Sheffield, as calculations and real time to Sheffield are a bit different, you can't really do it in one day due to the assisted passage times on the Tinsley flight, as you have to be at Holmes lock between 09:00 - 09:30 in most cases to start up the flight. It takes about 6-7 hours from Sprotborough to Iccles Lock, the next lock is Holmes lock, about 10 minutes away where you meet the lock keeper. Normally all the locks are set against you as they're self filling. So to stand a chance to get to Holmes Lock for the 09:00-09:30 assisted start if you were doing it in one run/one day from Sprotborough you would have to leave Sprotborough at 02:30-03:00am. I doubt you would do that and as Peter says all it takes is one electrical fail at a lock and you can add on a hour or more. Yes it's about 11 hours of travel time but virtually impossible to do that 11 hours in one run or single day. Hope this makes sense.
  2. You won't even get from Sprotbrough to Sheffield in a day, due to the fact that you are restricted to when you can travel up, usually mornings 09:00-09:30am arriving at Sheffield 01:00-02:00pm. Doncaster town moorings to Sprotbrough little over an hour, two big locks which will probably be set against you as they are often set to fill automatically, this could be the case all the way to the last big electric lock at Eastwood. Not many canal side pubs on that stretch. Would rather stay at Pastures just after Mexborough low lock then Sprotbrough, large carvery/family type pub next to the hotel. See the link https://www.pastureslodge.co.uk After that not a lot before Rotherham, Sad to say not the best moorings at Rotherham and few people stay there the night before they travel to Sheffield. Hopefully this may change as there is a redevelopment planned for the near future, with new visitor moorings and sanitation block. I always advise to stay at Iccles lock the night before, nothing there but more secure then Eastwood, even though you stay on the lock landing there will be nothing using it till something comes down the flight next day and if anyone is on it they will be going up the flight with you. DO NOT stay at Holmes lock the night before as this is only 10 minutes away from Iccles and where you meet the CaRT staff that take you up the flight usually at 09:00-09:30 depending on staffing and if anything is coming down. You can view the reverse journey from Sheffield to Mexborough low lock at the link below to give you an idea of what to expect.
  3. Agree but why would you paint over your name and not display it? As I said, what I've seen with boats like this, they tend not to move for a while and are often a pain in the side for CaRT.
  4. But is he displaying his licence? The boats that I've seen with the name painted out and displaying no license have been continues moorers. If he is displaying his licence then it will have the boat name and number on, but is he? Or has he something to hide?
  5. I know what you mean, you've got to enjoy your own company. Living aboard single handed is a bit more difficult mentally, that's why I like trying to mix town and country, a few days in each breaks it up, chatting in a pub, seeing the sights then back into the country to get away for a while. I think a lot of these young Vloggers who live on their boats don't give a true reflection of life on the canal, take away all their social media inter action and it's not as rosy as they make out and as you say can be quite lonely at times, then again I've enjoyed my own company for the last ten years on the boat, but you have to keep your mind occupied and get out of the boat so it doesn't become your prison.
  6. You'll get to Sheffield no problem, I don't know who is suddenly changing the lock dimensions, but I can assure you that you can get a 61'6" boat too and back on the Sheffield canal. The trip boat there is 61'6" x 15' and yearly he goes out to dry dock for blackening. As I say I don't know who has suddenly started changing the official guides, but they maybe need to get out of the office and get on the ground and see that the locks have not suddenly shrank. What guide are you looking at? Have a look here at "Dimensions of our waterways" https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices They have got the visitor stay wrong for Sheffield as it is 48hrs NOT 9 Days.
  7. Thanks Clodi, my friends dealt with Maria when they bought, so will pass on.
  8. No, my friend needs a fan. They bought the toilet without the fan hoping to fit the ventilation system at a later date, the picture is just one from the web of the design they use. Thanks
  9. As some of you might know Kildwick composting toilets seem to have went bust and are no longer trading, leaving many owners short. So does anyone know where you can get a fan from to fit their toilets? Please see attached image. I presume there spares would be used by other manufactures and can be obtained elsewhere, if this is the case and other owners know of a spares supplier, I'd be grateful.
  10. I must be mistaken then, but I thought you had a narrow boat back in 2009 and when I bought Micks boat in 2009 he hadn't worked there in a while.
  11. So your neighbour had a bad experience with Stannilands Marina, your thread is about stretching a boat so it read that your neighbour had a bad experience with that aspect of boating, as I said there is a welder based there that does welding jobs on boats and a shell builder who builds quality shells, I doubt the boat builder would touch your boat as he is too busy building new quality shells. Maybe you should do your research on the boat builder and the boat fitter/woodworker who are based there, you won't find better in that area. So Mick worked on your cut and shut at Jonathan's???? Funny that, since he left there years before you bought it. Maybe your thinking of his brother Paul who would of worked on your boat.
  12. Please be careful what you say about the boat welders at Stannilands as there is a boat builder and a welder that welds boats, the former is the Ex Jonathan Wilson boat builder now set up on his own, the latter just welds boats cheaply, the cheap welder is the one your neighbour delt with, not the Boat builder as he is not cheap. You get what you pay for.
  13. I wish you would stop surmising about me as your totally wrong again. Your clearly irked about what happened and didn't like being told what to. Do you feel like you were bullied by the Volockie? As you say you were physically stopped from using the paddle, so once again I ask why you never addressed the problem face to face with the Volockie and educated him in his role.
  14. Once again you surmise that I think Volockies are great just like you surmised I was one. I do think the Thead post should or been "First Volockie bashing of the year" I also think you've let yourself get worked up over something totally trivial that a Volockie advised you to only use one paddle instead of two and you didn't like it, I think my remarks aren't offensive there's no swearing or nasty name calling, just my opinion, but with your remarks like "with over 50 years experience how to operate a lock" and "I didn't just pay £900 quid for my license to have some volunteer to tell me which paddles I may or may not use" It just looks to me me you think your something special and who doesn't like being told what to do by someone you obviously think inferior. I take it you have a brand new shiny boat too, you seem that type, sorry if these remarks offend some people.
  15. There not offensive, sorry if I upset you.
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