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  1. Yes totally agree, for what the OP needs a good GRP would be better suited, ideal for short stays and travelling quickly in short periods, easier to find moorings and cheaper licence if around 30ft too. I think a lot of new boaters would be better suited to smaller boats as most have bought over the last year for short break holidays due to Covid and don’t need a 60ft Narrowboat. But a lot have been influenced in their decision by watching YouTube during lockdown.
  2. I would start a new Post as the last few long replies to this one has nothing to do with the OP’s question, so I imagine this one has been killed off.
  3. I take it you’ve just bought the boat, was the bow thruster tube rotted with rust?
  4. Doncaster would be far better, the moorings come with car parking, also about 10 mins from train station. You could go out most weekends especially during the Summer and be back on your moorings and home for Sunday evening, something you can’t do in Sheffield. You can go for an hour or two in both directions and be in the country or near to a pub and just relax without the thought of doing the Tinsley flight.
  5. We’re getting all new signs in this area SSYN, they say exactly the same as the old ones they’re replacing, the only difference is the new round CaRT logo has replaced the old CaRT log on them. I wonder how much the branding change of logo’s has cost? Not just paying the Graphic design company but the replacement of every sign on the system. Why couldn’t they just get some new logo vinyl stickers and place them over the old logo? Total waste of money when the navigation is declining.
  6. A lot of the enjoyment is also to do with location, Sheffield would not be suitable for regular 4 day trips, especially if getting on in years. An elderly chap bought a boat from the Marina in Sheffield a few years ago and also took on a mooring, both him and his wife were over 65 years of age, first time they took the boat out he came back complaining about the locks and how difficult they were, they got as far as Eastwood and had enough on their first trip and he said if he knew the locks were there he wouldn’t of bought the boat. I looked at him and said the locks had only been there for 200 years and weren’t exactly a new addition to the Canal. He moved the boat the other side of the Tinsley flight and it was sold within 6 month. It’s not all “Rosie & Jim” especially when your getting on in years and the Tinsley flight isn’t getting easier with old age too. Hopefully doing some more research about the area and her mooring and cruising options.
  7. Friends going out today at Sheffield, a bit old to be “Fresher Week” students A slightly different Narrowboat as it has a “Kitchen” rudder design.
  8. Yes she build boats and sails them out of Hull to more suitable inland locations, I doubt there are many Narrowboats that visit the place, as I say more suited to offshore then inland.
  9. I think I can count on one hand the number of GRP’s moored at Tinsley & Sheffield. They just don’t go there due to the Flight, most are moored at Tulley’s and beyond. They just find the Flight hard work and I don’t know of any boats that go out for 4 day or short trips on a regular basis, like the OP thinks she is going to do, it’s just hard work due to various factors, booking, flood levels, maintenance and stoppages. Hopefully the OP will do her research and moor in a more appropriate location if she wants to use her boat on a regular basis for short excursions.
  10. Where? Not really a Narrowboat destination, maybe you can spot one in their web pic, maybe there’s a special little secluded mooring for NB’s not shown in their photo. Yes maybe near a train station as the Post title, but more offshore then inland.
  11. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Also are you living on the boat? A lot of people find the Tinsley Flight hard to do, you do not get people going out for 4 day stints, it’s just too much hard work for that short of time. Also 4 day breaks from Sheffield would not get you far, you would not get much further then Doncaster and back to Sheffield in that time with relaxed days cruising. With your budget and the way narrowboat prices are going and your talk about GRP’s I would get a good GRP and try to get a mooring at Strawberry Island, Doncaster, they have a good club set up and you could get out to places far easier with the majority of locks/bridges being electrically operated, so far easier to go some distance to half decent locations and back in 4 days.
  12. But unfortunately not the easiest place to get to by canal or Narrowboat.
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