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  1. Are there any official Residential Council run moorings in London? I imagine it would be easier to get any grants if you were on one, rather then paying residential mooring in a private Marina.
  2. Maybe if it was an official residential mooring registered with the council for council tax, maybe he should contact the local council office?
  3. You can tell they haven’t moved for a while and also be talking to people on the canal, mentioning boats hogging the moorings. There’s lots more boats moored up what I’ve noticed this year.
  4. Moved a boat after the Crick show to Great Haywood and noticed lot’s of boats just moored up and not moving, passed more hire boats then private actually moving. Previous fortnight Sawley to Tinsley, same thing more boats moored up then moving. So I would say yes diesel prices is effecting movement. What I see are boats mooring up for longer periods, instead of moving every couple of days. The simple answer to Peters question is “Yes” but it’s effecting boat movement not boat use. Boats are just mooring up for longer periods and moving less frequently, them previously.
  5. And a large supply of cotton wool.
  6. Where are you? Up North? Length of boat? Number of children, age? You need to give more info, if you want people to plan your life on the canals for you, do you want us to do your family budget also?
  7. Yes, everyone enjoyed it who I spoke too, to be honest. It was good to see you’s there. That’s the busiest it’s been so far, more stalls then usual. Hope you enjoyed the weekend, the warm weather and the beer around the Kellham. The Canal basin is just behind on the photo, there’s a couple of pubs there too, one does real ale and only a short walk to the train station, all the best and hope your boat is coming along as planned👍
  8. On this day yesterday, miserable Morris dancers at Sheffield Pollen Market, if they pranced a 100yrds on, they could of enjoyed the more relaxing Victoria Quays @IanD
  9. Yes I was just editing, to ask if it was one through run of tube
  10. It looks like it will be susceptible to corrosion from the inside, it not completely welded top and bottom and made watertight? Does the rudder tube pass all the way through, one piece?
  11. You will always get some flow back from the actual pump/pipe work once the pump is switched off, but I’ve never had enough to come up from the plug trap.
  12. Just like I don’t see any necessity for a swan neck anti syphon pipe configuration near the outlet, if the outlet is the correct height above the water line.
  13. My bath plug/drain is roughly the same distance as your dimensions, I have very little back run of water with a good gulper pump, I’ve seen a few shower drains using a normal domestic water pump and never understood why?
  14. Another waste of space thread. What is it? No chance of ever being a canal again, just like wolves and bears won’t rome the woods again 🐺 🐻
  15. I know, but the 60ftx12ft Liverpool/Collingwood Euro-Cruiser design has been copied to optimise living space and to get shells VAT except.
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