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  1. It must be something to do with CaRT???? but if you click on the CaRT logo you would think it would go to the main CaRT homepage, but I’d doesn’t, also seen no links on the official CaRT site, or any news flash on Boaters updates.
  2. Is this for real. CaRT now doing designer clothing for the fashion conscious boater/Canal user. https://canalrivertrustfashion.co.uk/collection/mens/
  3. Don’t forget he was a Boat master back in his youth, now he’s just is a Master b*€ter with A levels. IMO.
  4. They didn’t exist when he was born into boat life on the cut 30 something years ago, just like you didn’t need a license back in the day 15 years ago. So why should people bother with those now.
  5. And your surname isn’t Mitty, as he comes across as a right Walter.
  6. Your still talking b@ll@x, like most of the stuff you’ve wrote IMO. A Boatmasters usually lasts 5 years, so yours along with your “A” levels aren’t worth the paper they’re written on in regards to living on the Canal, so absolutely no idea why you said you had qualifications?
  7. Things have obviously changed since he was a kid working the boats, all those 15 years ago, when licensing your boat wasn’t really necessary.
  8. Try reading what you previously wrote, your a 30 something and aren’t really in the know as you’ve not been near a canal in 15 year and never was an expert. Now your saying something different. I obviously know more about the Canals then you, as I know what paperwork you need and how it works and I don’t need to come on here asking basic questions, like you with all your Canal life and qualifications😂what qualifications? I suspect they’re all out of date as you say you have never been near the canals for 15 year😂😂😂😂
  9. Trade plates, those red plates you sometimes see in boats. Not given out to anyone, with various requirements to adhere to. Not for the general public.
  10. I think your talking b@ll@x, with regards to the licensing, I’ve lived on the Canals full time coming up to 15 years and have alway had a license like the majority of people I’ve met living on them in that time. You say your out of the know and we’re never in the know, so your a 30 year old something that knows sod all about the canals or living on them.
  11. I wonder what area his Dad was a working boatman on, Midland/Southern canals or around the Northern waterways/Trent?
  12. I doubt the OP is genuine, his Dad was an old boatman from the 60’s so I imagine he’ll be getting on in life 50/60 plus, straight away he’s started a thread that he knows will start an argument, maybe this is what he’s after?
  13. And in the end he lost his boats I believe, maybe the OP can take note, that you can’t boat without the relevant paperwork.
  14. Maybe some people have got their wish and Tony Dunkley has risen in a different form and member name, as I remember him having the same care free approach to licensing, until it cost him thousands in legal fees/court costs and the loss of his boats😂 if I remember right.
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