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  1. Thanks, got some at Shobnal Marina, 69p per litre 50ltr minimum.
  2. By the time you faff about finding bulbs, batteries and the cost involved, it probably would be better just to buy 2x LED lights(garden type) if just for night lighting, I don’t understand why you want them, your on the canal in a narrowboat, seams a bit daft.
  3. No brainer get a 240v hook up, you will be using 240v appliances and if your in a Marina over winter use it. You’ll find life on a boat a bit boring in the winter so don’t make it more so without a 240v hook up, after all you don’t have to use it but it’s there if you need to. You’ll find that the sensible boaters all use 240v and when they go into a Marina they all plug in if they can to recharge batteries, do washing, watch TV. There’s no point making it difficult, as above says listen to the full time livaboards as it’s completely different from hobby boating doing a weekend here and there.
  4. Anyone know the cheapest place to buy diesel at the minute on the T&T between Sawley and Fradley Junc? Thanks
  5. You didn’t take him seriously did you? The guy says he’s lived on the canals the last 4 year in a small Dawncraft, after 4 years he’s progressed to a 30ft Narrowboat(rather old and in need, looking at his Avatar) does not fill me with confidence that it’s going to be any good or he’s to be taken seriously. We’ll wait and see, or maybe just keep waiting.
  6. Lets hope you have something good and decent to say and see and haven’t got to eat your own words.
  7. I hope it may offer something different, but I honestly doubt it. As I say the Youtube thing is getting flogged to death by these Newbies and non seam to be bringing anything new and spectacular to the table, sorry to say.
  8. We’ll see when you put your first Vlog out, I’m sure you’ll tout it in here. I hope it’s different and not like the rest of the kids doing Vlogs and your not just going to copy another Vloggers style. To be honest there’s just too many out there like yourselves doing the same same thing, it’s getting really boring that everyone who gets a boat thinks they have to put their life on Youtube and most have nothing interesting or new stuff to show, sorry but everyone’s done it before you and now it’s just getting flogged to death.
  9. I take it they only did a mile in that time on tick over passing all the continuous moorers😂
  10. Come on be nice to the new members or they might leave never to be seen again😂
  11. What is the service schedule recommended hours?
  12. They are after subscribers for their Youtube channel at present with no content. Typical new kid boaters who think that boaters will be interested in something we do every day. They will show you interesting things like going through a lock, filling up with water using a hose pipe, lighting a fire using paper, sticks and coal, putting diesel in a boat, starting an engine and wait for it steering along a canal! Can’t wait for another Youtube channel giving you a guided tour of the canals. Why do new young boaters think they have to have a Youtube channel telling everyone what’s it like on the canals?
  13. I know nothing about their employment status all I know is their on here touting for subscribers without anything to show. They have put nothing on to indicate a valid reason to follow.
  14. What? I get them on my Narroboat travelling on the canals and I’m able to do that through working all my life, not poncing for money on Youtube., Too many kids like you on the canal trying to free load.
  15. Not another sponging poncing boater who thinks they are going to make a living doing nothing like a lot of young kids on narrowboats. “I’ll start a Youtube channel and be an overnight sensation” Go and get a job and work until you have earned enough money to be self sufficient . What’s next Patreon donations? Far too many young kids and couples basically begging to support their lifestyle on the canals through Youtube. Go and get a job and support yourself. Another pair of the Snowflake generation who do not want to work and want everyone to do everything for them. How old are you two and what have you done to support your self’s?
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