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  1. I wish you would stop surmising about me as your totally wrong again. Your clearly irked about what happened and didn't like being told what to. Do you feel like you were bullied by the Volockie? As you say you were physically stopped from using the paddle, so once again I ask why you never addressed the problem face to face with the Volockie and educated him in his role.
  2. Once again you surmise that I think Volockies are great just like you surmised I was one. I do think the Thead post should or been "First Volockie bashing of the year" I also think you've let yourself get worked up over something totally trivial that a Volockie advised you to only use one paddle instead of two and you didn't like it, I think my remarks aren't offensive there's no swearing or nasty name calling, just my opinion, but with your remarks like "with over 50 years experience how to operate a lock" and "I didn't just pay £900 quid for my license to have some volunteer to tell me which paddles I may or may not use" It just looks to me me you think your something special and who doesn't like being told what to do by someone you obviously think inferior. I take it you have a brand new shiny boat too, you seem that type, sorry if these remarks offend some people.
  3. There not offensive, sorry if I upset you.
  4. Probably just cruised off chuntering and getting himself more worked up over something trivial, as he was told off and was not in control. Then goes on here and cry's on about it instead of confronting the Volockie and resolving the issue, after all he pays £900 a year and has over 50 years boating experience, so who is the Volockie to tell him what to do. Laughable really.
  5. NO, just a boater who gets on with it and see's all aspects of the canal, boaters, lock keepers, Vlockies and can see that they are not all the same. I just don't run and tell the world about it on here, Why didn't you challenge him about his remarks at the lock instead of going public on here? I think your complaint is trivial and quite pathetic and laughable actually.
  6. A lot of people on here complain about the Volockies but at least they are volunteering and trying to help the boaters using the canal. If members are so worked up by certain situations involving the Volockies I suggest they give it a go and see what they have to put up with with certain boaters, instead of sitting indoors on their computers putting the canal system to right.
  7. Ying and Yang, get over it. Is it worth complaining about? If you complain are you going to sing the praises of the other Volocki? I doubt it, just get over it and move on.
  8. Yes, 20 boats there plus a few that came up but didn't do the flotilla,
  9. The older generation seem to deal with emptying cassette's far better then the younger generation that are coming onto the boats, the kids just can't deal with their own s#it. Maybe it's this "snow flake" generation thing? People just need to get on with it, after all it's their s#it.
  10. Then seams to be over 13 year's ago. It works fine now and is used every week. So for anyone thinking about going to Sheffield there is a working pump out there should you require your tank to be emptied.
  11. You can't just use it, as it is not self operate. The pump and controls are in a locked building and only part of the hose and nozzle was next to the water, the new hose configuration is now also locked away indoors to prevent frost/ice damage. The pump out has worked fine since the widebeam hotel boats have been there and it has a 6 month interim service and a full yearly service by Selwood pumps. So there is no problem with the pump out at Sheffield.
  12. The pump out at Sheffield has never been broken when you've been there and should it ever break there is a portable one to replace it. The pump out at Sheffield needs to operate every week as there are two Hotel boats there that need to be emptied weekly, also there's a large Trip boat as you know that needs to empty when required. So I don't know what your on about.
  13. Why don't you just be more open and name the builder, then people will let you know if they have had any dealings with him in regards to buying a boat or re-fit work, or is that too simple.
  14. You also have: The Sheffield Tap at the train station. The Head of Steam next to the Crucible
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