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  1. PD1964

    Time to go

    I doubt she has the experience to go that way out of Goole, more like "Why is there not a volunteer lock keeper on Syke House lock" and if she didn't get the answer she wanted she would "Scream and Scream till I'm sick"
  2. PD1964

    Time to go

    Maybe she needs it to have a reality check, sorry to say
  3. PD1964

    Time to go

    Thought you had a mooring at Goole, so not CCing. With respect to the elderly(I doubt you've earned any with your attitude) your coming across as quite clueless about boats/boating and full of s£#t.
  4. PD1964

    Time to go

    You sound like the ideal moorer, the kind that every Marina operator would want and the kind of person everyone would like to be berthed next to. Hopefully you'll go continuous cruising, so when someone upsets you, you can move on. I suspect you'll be the model CCer and never break the overstay rule.
  5. PD1964

    Time to go

    Sounds like "living the dream" maybe is not what she expected. She has had the boat a short while and has never been out on it as this Post was about her first trip out. What she going to do if when she goes out and she does not like that also? Just like she seams not to like being in the Marina. There may be a boat in Goole going cheap soon and another Newbie finding that the reality of living on a boat is not what is depicted on TV and YouTube.
  6. PD1964

    Time to go

    She could always move, but I suspect she is living under the radar on a leisure mooring and paying little in fees, she could always find a proper residential mooring in a nicer marina and pay a lot more. You get what you pay for and I doubt she'll move.
  7. Why? When your still allowed to go out and buy food in tins as you say and there is no food shortage, you can still get the essentials, just people panic shopping, is it that bad in Goole? You make it sound like the apocalypse is coming.
  8. Sorry I never realized it was the 1st of April, FOOL!
  9. I think it looks quite ugly and just looks wrong on this boat, maybe a longer well deck would of made it look better. Just looks wrong, could be the cratch?????
  10. PD1964

    Best tv aerial

    Have just tried a Shakespeare Anywhere HDTV aerial which was a waste of £85 only got 56 Freeview channels, this replaced an old One For All indoor aerial placed outside getting 148 channels now back on and the Shakesepeare returned. As mentioned check how close you are to your transmitter, that is what matters, I've found the cheap HDTV small flat aerials work fine if you are in range of a transmitter and easier to disguise on the roof then a full size house aerial. The quality of the TV and the decoder inside plays a big part in the channels you can get too, also use a good quality shielded coax and keep the length to just what you need. It's not just the aerial that determines the reception quality.
  11. Do you know who built the shell/hull? as I'm sure it's an easy fix, May need the Swan neck removed or may just need freeing up and put back into the cup, knowing the builder will give you a more comprehensive answer.
  12. Buy a steel boat as London is too congested and often boats are hit due to the mooring situation and the number of people with boats who have had the same idea that are complete novices. Also you may meet bump into Steve Haywood at some point so better to be safe then sorry.
  13. The white reservoir may have a min/max level on, if your system is bled and all the air is removed you obviously don't want it full of water/ coolant as you need room for expansion once up and running. The lids are just that and if it's the kind I think it is they just sit on top, so you could do without as you have been, but please remember any liquid in there will be hot once the system is running and needs room for expansion. The webasto side of things will have it's own pressurised expansion tank like the OP's with min/max level marks and a pressure release screw cap. Hope that makes sense.
  14. Is your Webasto and back boiler running/heating the same system ie: raidiators, hot water? As it sounds like it's the tank that gravity feeds the back boiler system. The webasto could of been added at a later date, with the back boiler being the boats original source of heat for your radiators, the webasto just plumbed into the existing pipe work later and keeping the original gravity fed tank used for the back boiler.
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