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  1. She might not of been told that CaRT licenses aren’t transferable and the seller maybe threw in 5 month free licence with the boat to feather the sale😂
  2. I imagine the boat the OP is looking at and is being discussed on here is a far better boat and has been better maintained then yours, reading all the problems you have had and how little cruising you have done on your boat. Looking at it, it has been well maintained and would be perfectly suitable to CC.
  3. I would say that Vloggers and dreamy boat journalists have fueled the increase in livaboards more so then then COVID travel restrictions. COVID Travel restriction may make a few buy a holiday boat, but the increase in prices I would say have been caused by livaboards wanting a cheap way of living not because they can’t go abroad for a holiday. Nearly all of the new boaters I’ve met have said they have been watching the Vlogs and want to live on the canals. Not because they couldn’t travel to Benidorm. If COVID Travel restrictions was the case then whenever normal holiday travel is resumed there should be a massive influx of boats for sale, as why would you need a holiday boat when you can go to sunny climates? I doubt that is going to happen soon though.
  4. 2017 survey, too old to be of any real use, all you can do is check all the recommendations on it have been carried out, but still out of date to be relied on. The fire is fine typical front fit with ample air gap around. Where do you get the shore power mod and knackered batteries from? The battery monitor is showing over 13v. Most boats have shore power hook up as standard. You can say it has Solar so modified to be off grid? You don’t know what your talking about with boats as usual. I see 2x Rev counters one with 5400 hours and one with 400hrs, why 2, has it an built in generator or had a new engine? I imagine an old person’s boat who have probably just got too old to enjoy the canals, clean and tidy, if a bit dated interior but typical of that era, but not bad and if you can live with it for a couple of years should be fit for your needs. Also being 52ft easier to handle for you, go anywhere, easier to find moorings and cheaper to license and insure. If I was buying I would start my offers around £44K, but prices are daft at the minute and people do buy a lot of boats Jan/Feb to get ready for April cruising. I don’t think you could go wrong with this boat if you can get at a price your happy with.
  5. The problem is, Prices of Narrowboats are daft at the minute, 1992 boat 52ft a few years ago £33-40K now this money, the idiots on YouTube and the folks living their dream watching them have a lot to answer for. Maybe certain Vlogers don’t need to be on the canal anymore, have done enough damage, sold their boats or are doing them up to sell and are cashing in.😂 What are you buying for, investment or to live on?
  6. Makes a Makes a good story though, probably would be quicker in a horse drawn Showman’s caravan, with continuous moorers and stoppage’s to deal with.
  7. I think with one post putting in a YouTube link caused a bit of confusion, looks like a totally different boat. Not the same boat as Cruising the Cut’s Vlog
  8. It’s good to see a seller with honesty and integrity, looking at the OP’s post it looked like he’d bought it. Good luck with everything.
  9. Don’t get her thinking of following the Circus around on her boat and thinking it’s a short cycle. Looking at their performance schedule the canals would be the K&A and London, so maybe being near a train station and cycling to and from it to work would be better.
  10. A chap has just arrived into the Marina next to where I moor, he rushed into buying a boat last year, said he paid £30K for it and has spent another £22K on overplating and other steel work, the boat is 52ft, his total investment so far is £52K, now his finding issues with other things and is realising it is becoming a money pit. I wouldn’t pay more then £25K for it as it is. You really need to think about this boat becoming a money pit, it’s issues are highlighted on here, will this make it a white Elephant to future buyers and maybe hard to sell. I would try to sell it quickly, hopefully getting your money back and walk away without other investment and look elsewhere for a better boat for your sister.
  11. Have a look at this guy just moved to Lincoln area. https://www.instagram.com/dhcrouchmarine/ If your heading to Sheffield there’s no rush as you won’t be able to get there till after 18th March if Stoppage finishes on time, all closed that way till then.
  12. He says “New Boating Family 2022” indicating this year when his kids are 10/12. Then says the kids would of flown the coop when he retires to a Narrowboat, a bit of confusion here? I’ve got better things to waste my time on then asking the obvious questions about schooling, CCing, financing, space/bedrooms, location etc. I’m off to watch YouTube to see how it’s done in real life👍
  13. Why waste people’s time if his dream is to do it in 10 years time and not sometime very soon? The canal way of life and system will/could be completely different by the time he gets a boat. With regards to finance it’s not free or cheap to be on the Canals anymore, has he got long term financial support to maintain everything? Yes he could be just buying a boat to holiday so will be based in a Marina I imagine.
  14. I can’t even be bothered to read all this, you have 2x kids aged 12/10 and dream to retire and are going to buy a boat 75k? You were on the Stratford Cansl in the 1990’s , how old are you? Also please let us know how your going to finances your future for your family? I sold Dean his first boat and from the start I knew he was not all there, all about his dream and dragging his family into it. Please give us your financial breakdown for the next 10 year and your prospect of work or are you another YouTube dreamer? You say “I dream ...,.,,,” Please just do it instead of wasting time dreaming on here, like I’ve seen a lot of Yanks doing, remember the guy from Hawaii a few years ago? Tell you the truth I’d much rather live in the USA then over here on a Narrowboat, as it’s becoming La La land with dreamers.
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