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  1. If you get it, you will always be apprehensive when you go into narrow locks not knowing if you could or will get wedged or hung up, just stick to 6'10" and don't worry about it.
  2. I never said there was a glut in November I said boaters put there boats up for sale then as a lot tend to give up boating then after their last season on the canals and most brokers don't put customers boats on Trade plates(license and insurance requirement is often a requirement in the Brokers listing agreement) they'll put their Stock boats on though, as they know the seller, like you say can claim the refund on un-used months. A broker like "New and Used" do pay for the moorings off the Marina operator but a lot of Marina's provide a brokerage service and see this as a good way to make money, two slightly different types of Broker. Brokers do put boats on at inflated prices, as the more boats they have the better it looks, this is why you often see "reduced" after a few months. They want as many boats on their books as possible as potential buyers usually want to view a few boats on their visit. All brokers are different, there's the used car salesmen type and there are the genuine boater type, the latter is worth their salt as you say not the former.
  3. As I said most brokers know the situation with stoppages also CaRT are very helpful if you just speak to them and explain the situation if you do get stuck. Just take your time and good luck.
  4. That's because of what the OP said above "Our only issue is we need to get any boat" which gives the impression she is in a rush to buy and may not look at others and buy the first boat she sees in order to get to her moorings before stoppages, which is not best practice and could end in regret.
  5. You find a good time to buy is around Febuary/March, as a lot of boaters tend to put their boats on brokerage November with a high asking price. Brokers tend to give 3 month free moorings and normally there will be a few months license and insurance on the boat so the seller has nothing to loose, after 3 month and little interest the price tends to drop and lower offers are considered, as the owner does not want to start paying moorings, license and insurance as the Broker will not cover these and these have to be on the boat. Most brokers realise that it is difficult to move a boat at this time so may throw in a few months free moorings with the sale to butter it up or give you discounted moorings for a few months. So don't think you have to buy a boat quickly because of Winter stoppages.
  6. Typical Yank, not the brightest of sparks, after all you joined in on this post well after the subject was over, I wonder why?
  7. Yeh, come over and enjoy, a bit colder then Hawaii though Cole and please let us know when you buy your stretch of canal and I'm sure we'll all come to visit.
  8. Not bothered Cole, as it's just a game to you like your "Blimps" discussions on other forums, I know your not serious about buying into the canal system so why waste people's time with your questions and fantasy ideas just like your Blimp idea's. Stick with living in Makawao and getting your kicks fantasizing about what might be. Bye Cole Santos please go and enjoy family life, no hard feelings.
  9. So here's one for you all, as I said he sent me a message and I replied, saying just banter, just had another off him, which was: "No your a c#nt but i have no hard feelings because i have no feelings. I hope you die soon at 1964 your not too farr off tho. The earth will be better off without you. I am the internet you are a radio. Farewell poor old c#nt" I stand by my opinion of this guy, if you all want to play this guy's games please do but be warned it's a ego trip game for him. Typical internet geek. .
  10. 😀Not at all as it's just forum talk, a bit of banter and I know you don't really mean it as you put too many letters and syllables in "f#[email protected] tw#@"😀😉 to take offense😁
  11. Not really be probably doesn't take it that seriously like some.
  12. For those on here that are a bit "Oh can't say that" and a bit more reserved, the OP sent me a message and he's ok, as he understands it's not personal, so to those that are offended please don't be and just get on with it, maybe he spends a lot of time of the internet and realises what people write on forums isn't really meant and often put on to see how others react, So I apologise to those that I upset and please don't take it personal it's not meant.
  13. I wouldn't worry about it, as he will more then likely never get a narrowboat, just like a lot of question asking Newbe's that suddenly appear on here asking basic questions that if they did a simple search would find the answer, like the one above that has been asked many times before in many guises on here.
  14. Then rent it out for the rest of the time on Airbnb like you mentioned on the other Thread.
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