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  1. davem399

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Many moons ago, I sailed on quite a few ships with Paxman diesel gennys. After 30 years, I no longer have the nightmares!😂
  2. davem399

    New boat for the next two weeks

    I would be very interested to see the engine room of a modern vessel too, having spent 13 years in engine rooms deep sea back in the 70's and 80's.
  3. davem399

    Slough Arm

    The YouTube vloggers Minimal List went down the arm a few weeks ago. I think the title was some thing like "We did the Slough Arm so you don't have to".
  4. davem399

    ABC Leisure buys Pridewater Estates marinas

    I think Mr Hound means Gayton!
  5. davem399

    Know any good castles?

    I was going to suggest Dover too. Apparently, the largest castle in England according to Wiki. It's where they organised the Dunkirk evacuation in the underground tunnels.
  6. davem399

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Mmmmmm.., I wonder where the marina got the water from in the first place, could it have been from the canal?
  7. davem399

    Hooray it's raining!

    Down here in East Kent, it last rained sometime in May too. Slight chance of rain in the coming week, but l'm not holding my breath.
  8. davem399

    Insurance question

    I belong to Green Flag for car breakdown cover, and it seems to be "insurance", as I have just received the renewal and it includes insurance premium tax as part of the fee.
  9. davem399

    Things that go "BANG" in the night

    Are you sure it wasn't that self-inflating woman you bought from Del Boy???
  10. davem399

    Tow path cycling

    Fishermen from other countries are also available!?
  11. Another couple of spoof ones are the Rochdale Herald and the Southend News Network. The latter has fooled several folk and national newspapers into believing their spoof articles and reproducing them as fact.
  12. davem399

    Vetus Mitubish

    My early background was in marine engineering on large slow speed marine diesels, and we certainly couldn't re-ring a piston with it still in its liner! Yes, I wonder what his knowledge and experience is?
  13. davem399

    Nearly came to grief because of a log

    I saw the title of the thread and thought it was another one about loos!
  14. davem399

    Pump out prices

    I bought a couple of pump out cards at the cafe at the Crofton Pumping station a couple of years ago.
  15. Sounds like a turbocharged engine where the combustion air from the turbo is cooled to make it more dense, and so can burn more fuel, and hence produce more power.

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