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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. At least CRT shouldn't get the blame for a lack of water this time.
  3. I watched on BBC 1, and it was over before 7:15pm, having started at 7:00 pm. Was it on longer elsewhere?
  4. Indeed, there's little point in us theorising in what we can and cannot do until there is some flesh on the bones of what was said by Boris yesterday. Naturally, it was light on detail, given just a ten minute slot on the TV, it will be interesting to learn what is allowed and how that compares to what people believe will materialise.
  5. I see on the BBC that the infection rate in Germany has increased just days after easing the lockdown. They are now above 1 for the R value Something we can look forward to here?
  6. Another ex seafarer here, but of a later generation. I was an engineer cadet, 1971 intake with BP. I don't recollect sailing with any WW2 veterans, I think most would have retired by then (you could retire at 50). I too have visited the MN memorial at Tower Hill, looking particularly at the large number of men and ships my old company lost in the war. BP had about 9 ships involved in the Falklands War. I was on leave at the time but joined one of the ships in Portland on its return from the South Atlantic. It had a lucky escape when a bomb from an Argentinian transporter plane landed on the deck, bounced over the side and exploded alongside the ship. The ship was not damaged, but the shock of the explosion tripped the electrical breakers on the switchboard and blacked out the ship. I will also be raising all class to all the seafarers on Friday, as well as to all the forces personnel and civilians who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  7. I've got a couple of acres, which I think is down to my bike saddle!
  8. Back in 2018. our share boat was relocating from the K & A to Wigrams Turn Marina. Due to flows on the Kennet and Thames, we didn't get onto the Thames until May 1st. I can't remember exactly what that winter was like, but this one has definitely been worse up till now. Here's hoping for a spell of drier weather.
  9. In the recent episode, which was filmed on 31st October I think, they go through the Figure of Three locks.
  10. As well as those already mentioned, I'm still listening to Budgie and Uriah Heep.
  11. The other thing I have seen with a similar weave and thickness is weed suppressing membrane from garden centres, albeit in black, not blue.
  12. I'm not sure, but a few years ago, I helped a friend put a roof on a large shed and we put a membrane on before laying on the felt. Although it was grey and not blue, it had a similar woven finish and was about the thickness of wallpaper.
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