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  1. What about the widespread power cuts last week when a wind farm and a gas powered station went offline within a couple of minutes of each other? There didn't seem to be much resilience in the system.
  2. I bet most of us gents leave a git gap when selecting a urinal!😄
  3. They need a little Dutch boy ready with his finger to plug any leak.
  4. Mummy, why are your hands so soft? Because I'm only 16!
  5. One doesn't belong to the right lodge??
  6. So if/when electric boats become the norm, will CC morph from continuous cruisers to continuous chargers?
  7. davem399


    Yes, maybe. At the time the boat was new. Not sure if it would be wise on an older boat with years of corrosion though.
  8. davem399


    Probably the best pump outs we ever had were when we were based at Stockton Top Marina. The chap doing them used to put the nozzle of a Karcher pressure washer down the opening of the bowl to give the tanks a good blast after the initial pump out.
  9. Recently, I had a couple of pump outs, one was £14, the other £16.
  10. A few years ago on the Staff and Worcs, we were waiting at a lock in which an historic motor was descending. It came out the lock and just as we were about to move off, they closed the gates and refilled it for the butty they were paired with. The butty was not roped to the motor but on the lock landing. Surely it would have been sensible to allow us to rise as the lock needed refilling anyway? There was no explanation or apology on why they turned the lock. What was rather surprising is that the "skipper" of the pair was also the manager of the wharf where our boat was based at the time. Not the best customer service, and a definite air of arrogance.
  11. What about engine size in cars? Been measured in cubic centimetres and litres almost forever it seems. Do any of the pint and pound brigade know the size of their engines in cubic inches (without using Google!).
  12. I thought it was MeteoGroup who now provide the BBC weather. Seems to be more accurate than when it was the Met Office.
  13. Abingdon, starts next to the visitor moorings.
  14. From the same shipping forum that Howard quoted from, below is a link with a few thoughts on what might be the reasons for the failure of the engines. It's many years since I set foot in an engine room, but my initial thoughts were fuel problems. However, a few folk relate about issues with the advanced automation on board vessels these days. Is there a parallel with modern cars and the ECU running the show? Finally, there is a post on that thread about the loss of the 2 737Max planes possibly caused by issues with automation. https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=292323
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