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  1. Yes that’s what we did last year. Several of the group lost weeks in the spring and early summer and we had a reallocation where others gave up weeks to those that lost out. We had a week in September given up by one of the syndicate, having missed a fortnight in May. A few weeks have been lost this year, so we may yet have another divvy up.
  2. We lost a week and a half last year, but if it all goes to plan, we may get all of this years allocation. Two weeks coming up at the end of May/beginning of June and a week in October.
  3. Quite a few years back, our dog hopped of the stern at the narrows by Rose Narrowboats on the Oxford and went exploring the workshops. It was only when one of the guys in the workshop called out that we realised we were dogless.
  4. Daily Star readers with a “mind” and capable of thought? Nah, not buying into that one.
  5. The question nobody has dared to asked yet - pump out or cassette?
  6. I read on another site that the ship blacked out before getting wedged across the canal.
  7. So it would seem! That doesn’t bode well for our next proposed trip in late May, which includes yet another Bank Holiday.
  8. We stopped at Springwood for a pump out at the late May bank holiday weekend a couple of years ago but it was closed. Mind you, so was the pub we tried to phone for a meal on the BH Monday the next day. And the year before on the S Oxford, we tried for a meal on the early May BH and the pub was shut. Bit of a pattern here it seems.
  9. Our share boat relocated from the K & A to Wigrams via Oxford in 2018. One of our owners got the boat as far as Aldermaston in late March, but then the Thames was still on red boards and had to leave it there. I was on board early May and the red boards had just finished at the very end of April. Quite a rapid passage through Reading before getting onto the Thames.
  10. When we were allowed to exercise further from home, my bike ride would often take me through Ripple. i seem to remember that Clifton Cruisers near Rugby named their hire boats after towns and villages in Kent.
  11. 'allo, 'allo, 'allo, what's this around the propshaft?
  12. If I remember correctly, the Frederick Whittingham was one of the Port of London Health Authority launches based on the Thames at Gravesend in the late sixties/early seventies. A friend of my father was the senior skipper at the base and I had quite a few trips on the craft there as a teenager. I went on board the FW when it was alongside, but never got a trip on her (him).
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