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  1. And the citizens of the USA voted for one of them!
  2. Would they be handy for taking your cassette up to the Elsan point?
  3. Is a Telford toilet better than a Brindley bog?
  4. I was on the second share boat that Cuthound mentions just a couple of weeks ago. It's a Beta 43 engine fitted 6/7 years ago and has just gone over 6,000 hours. It runs fine with no issues, but is serviced regularly. Hopefully, it has many years of life to come.
  5. Or if you run out of logs!!
  6. Perhaps it belonged to Del Boy's mate Denzel and it's a typo?
  7. We came up the Thames and through Isis lock a couple of years ago. We had no trouble getting a mooring almost opposite College Cruisers above the lock, and it was a fairly short walk into town.
  8. Our shared boat went through Harecastle last week. The owner on board booked the passage a couple of weeks beforehand and went through northbound at 9:00am. I not sure whether the slot was his choice or whether it was given to him, but he did choose that particular day. This was when passage was restricted (3 days per week?).
  9. And if I remember correctly, we had to have a new fuel injection pump too?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. I thought it would be 'nein'!
  12. At least CRT shouldn't get the blame for a lack of water this time.
  13. I watched on BBC 1, and it was over before 7:15pm, having started at 7:00 pm. Was it on longer elsewhere?
  14. Indeed, there's little point in us theorising in what we can and cannot do until there is some flesh on the bones of what was said by Boris yesterday. Naturally, it was light on detail, given just a ten minute slot on the TV, it will be interesting to learn what is allowed and how that compares to what people believe will materialise.
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