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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Our boat has had a share up for sale for several months now. In previous years, shares have been bought up in a matter of days or weeks. I wonder if it’s the case that now folk are able to holiday abroad, holiday boating is cooling off somewhat? I was on board a couple of weeks ago and the hire base where we stay had quite a few boats still at the base. Back in June, all of their boats were out. I think it sometimes depends on how many weeks are left in the year for a share to sell quickly, or not.
  4. Our shared owners boat is managed by a management company but is registered with an owner, so we only pay for a private licence.
  5. I’ve had a share in our boat since it’s launch 20 years ago. As others have said, the experience very much depends on the group of owners. We have been lucky in that our owners over the years have been easy to get on with. One of our previous owners had a share in another boat as well, and he said they other set of owners would debate the most trivial item till the cows came home. Their AGM would go on and on, whereas ours was a much more slick and successful one. Being an ex-Ownerships boat, we stuck with the O/S rotating holiday chart along with school holiday shares for those with kids at school. We also tend to move bases every two or three years in order to cruise a different part of the system.
  6. I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but isn’t the extent of the works between those two symbols which look like comets with a short tail?
  7. Going the other way, it is a fairly leisurely trip up to Chester and back. We did it a couple of years ago from Wrenbury, and had time for two nights in the city and a day to sightsee.
  8. Were Holly and Phil from ITV on board by any chance?
  9. Alan, is the offset ventilation shaft a result of the Braunston tunnel having been built with the kink in it?
  10. If you mean the Greenwich meridian, it doesn’t go anywhere near Meriden. Another person struggling with geography?
  11. Sam’s not looking that impressed with his birthday kit!
  12. Is that the one I saw a few days ago on Cruising the Cut’s YouTube video? He was lent a boat and was cruising from Peterborough towards March. The bend in question was at Whittlesey.
  13. We never got as low as £1.73, best I’ve seen lately is £1.82, the current price at our local Tesco.
  14. For the first time in many weeks, the supermarkets are the cheapest once again locally, but prices seemed to have levelled off.
  15. We did the Monty for the first time back in June. For me it was probably a bit too quiet, but OK if you like that sort of thing.
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