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  1. Up North, and possibly elsewhere, we can enjoy a pasty barm (or bap, sandwich wherever you are). I ordered one and was told it would be cheaper if they gave me the pasty and buttered barm separately and I assembled it myself. Bonkers! Guess what I did.
  2. Really close to where we are moored on the Leeds Liverpool there is a skew bridge with very little sight of what is coming the other way until you are almost in the bridge. A couple of wide beams pass a day but my first 2 times out I encountered them at that bridge, the first occasion in driving rain (and I wear glasses). It was as a bit nerve wracking first time, it looked like a dreadnought approaching, but we both went slowly and survived with no issues. I’ve also learned to keep a cap handy to keep the rain off my glasses.
  3. I don’t know about watermarked keys but I’ve sen lots of comments about eBay handcuff keys not working.
  4. Ianws


    I’m not an expert so please forgive me if I’m wrong but I thought general advice was for mineral multigrade that was not synthetic with certain specifications. Not hard to find but not likely in Halfords. I just didn’t want the OP to go and fill with something inappropriate but know there are people able to advise exactly what to get for that engine.
  5. Ianws


    Does the OP need additional info about mineral, multigrade, synthetic, semi-synthetic oils, specifications etc.
  6. It doesn’t have to be more than 4mph to be a problem. We were going up locks last year sharing with a single handed boater who decided it was easier to use our boat to stop than come in slowly and come to a natural halt. I don’t mind a bit of mild contact but do mind being rammed unnecessarily, causing things to move inside. I got the impression he thought it was ok as they are all made of steel etc. He was invited to go in first at subsequent locks.
  7. The RCR course was great for asking questions about my engine as opposed to the standard ones in the training room. Photos and conversations helped. I think this forum provides similar advice as long as you can provide enough info and detail of your system to work from. If you don’t know what to provide, people will be quick to tell you, don’t be offended it’s all helpful.
  8. Though not perfectly applicable to my boating I found some of the Willow Wren Training videos a helpful start to boat handling. Here’s a link http://www.willowwrentraining.co.uk/videotutorials.html
  9. I only did the boat and engine maintenance course. There was a fair bit of practical work but could possibly have been more. More showing than doing but there was the opportunity to have a go at what you had been shown.
  10. I see they have a couple of electrics courses later on in the year. The training room we used was compact. Unless they have alternative options they would struggle with numbers and distancing, which I expect will still be in place.
  11. I was on the last engine maintenance course they did in Jan or Feb. The handout book notes were still yours Tony. Both course and book very good. Gave me the confidence and knowledge to do my first basic service. Unfortunately, that was the last course they were running, unless they change their minds. That decision was taken before Covid started to dominate things so I don’t think that had anything to do with it.
  12. Leeds & Liverpool is open for navigation from early July. Update on 17/06/2020: Please be advised the Locks along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal will re-open on Monday, 6 July. More information, including operating details, will be provided Friday, 19 June.
  13. Midge repellent and sun cream. Leeds and Liverpool is low on water supply from reservoirs and currently closed locks between Wigan and Bingley, apart from a short window for people needing to move. They say they are preserving water for peak cruising time in July and August but worth keeping an eye on the updates.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I was given it as a present and enjoyed it. Its a mix of history of canals and canal people and current use. The writer isn’t 100% focused totally on narrowboat use of canals but it’s interesting.
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