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  1. https://boats-from.co.uk/not-specified/narrow-boat-grace-darling-project-169075 For sale
  2. Clearly does, has access for just such things...
  3. Anyone know what happened to that other post? It has disappeared off the face of the Internet and I was only on page one.... Was looking forward to reading the rest :/
  4. Sorry can't help but have you got a link for those in your post? I need some windows for a project and I'm liking the look of those arched ones... Thanks
  5. Most boats make it round the bend (wide and narrow beams) so there is no denying that it is not doable. The boats that don't make it are usually going too fast and have an inexperienced person steering.
  6. When you watch original Leeds liverpool short boats (62 x 14ft) rounding the bend with no problems at all you realise that these people in narrow boats that don't make the bend simply can't handle their boat properly. Too many people have adopted the 'contact sport' or the 'im on a steel boat, I can hit what I want without damaging my boat' mentality. You can usually spot these people because they are the ones who 'drive' their boats then 'park' up at night...
  7. If you know it's the pole causing the damage for sure, I'd be going round giving the guy a bill for the repairs... There's too much of this around today on the canal, where I am there is boats moored on a bend. It has happened a lot recently where a boat travelling doesn't make the bend and collides with the moored narrowboats, which should not happen as there is plenty of room... These people that have just struck another boat then just continue on their way coming out with some excuse like 'oh the wind caught me, there was nothing I could do? ¿?'. If they had done that in a car they would be swapping insurance details, I don't see why it should be any different on the canal, damage is damage and it needs paying for...
  8. I nominate the mitsubisi l200. I have 2016 model (series 5), 2wd on tarmac, 4wd on mud, 4wd low ratio for worse conditions and 4wd with difflocks... I'll let you know the first time i have to use that :). Plus 5 year warranty...
  9. please don't bildge pump all that spilt oil into the canal...
  10. Hello, Are you swapping engine like for like? . If so it will be a lot cheaper, no engine mounts to modify
  11. Any pictures??? See how bad it is...
  12. Same here, on a tablet on the desktop version I just used to click on a thread and it would take me down to any new posts which was great as I didn't have to read it all again trying to find out where I was (hard work when threads get over 2 pages). I guess I'll have to get used to clicking blue dots from now on, tbh I didn't even realise that the blue dots did anything on the old site...
  13. I do get an option on the Google Chrome browser to 'request desktop site', and that is the style I prefer however there seems to be no way of making it permanent. Every time I click a new topic or go back a page it swaps back to the mobile version...
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