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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. These old ridged airships used to be filled with hydrogen and a few had the same fate as this one, Hindenburg
  3. These anchors are ok for a muddy bottom but for a known rocky bottom an ordinary Fishermans type anchor is usually best.
  4. All about dragging and losing anchors in Arthur Ransomes ''We didn't mean to go to sea''. Also the use of Sea anchors too in his book ''Missie Lee''. Missie Lee.
  5. Black and Decker angle grinders were the only ones that stood up to intensive MOT welding for a decent length of time in my garage, I've had most other top makes, Bosch, Makita and cheap ones ect ect, non of those lasted very long. I'm still using my old B&D grinder still going strong. I also have the original B&D Workmate, proper solid job. What B&D'S quality is like currently I'm not sure.
  6. My car is a SZ Suzuki Alto. Brilliant car, road tax exempt, which means I can go into cities with the pollution charge in force, free. Over 70mpg. Cheap insurance. Top speed over 95mph. If the thousands of show off's that have no real need for huge petrol and diesel 4x4's and enormous erm prestige brutes got something efficient like the Suzuk,i Nissan Pixo ect there wouldn't really be much need for electric cars at all.
  7. Pianoforte please. Piano in Italian means Slow.
  8. bizzard

    Bank notes.

    Indeed. Around 1982 cash deposits raised a red flag at £2000 according to Hastings Lil an old girl friend of mine who worked at NatWest Eastbourne. She also gave me a comemorative coin of Prince Charles and Diana's wedding, still in it's plastic case, mint, unopened. Brown jawed a lot, he has a loose jaw.
  9. bizzard

    Bank notes.

    This is not about constipation. I expect most of you already know that £20 and £50 notes are being taken out of circulation on the 30th of this month, bank or spend your hoards quick or better still send em by registered post to me.
  10. Joke.... Which hand do you wipe your bottom with?---------- I don't, I use paper.
  11. Extra protective special faulty toilet emptying attire.
  12. bizzard

    I am bored

    Soldier Freddy was never ready, But ! Soldier Neddy, unlike Freddy Was always ready and steady, That's why, When soldier Neddy is outside Buckingham Palace on guard in the pouring wind and rain being steady and ready, Freddy is home in beddy. Spike Milligan.
  13. bizzard

    I am bored

    Indeed. My first set was not Meccano but a cheap look alike Vogue set, almost compatible with Meccano. As a kid we went to Liverpool to visit my grand parents once a year where of course the Hornby factory in Binns Road was. Consequently all the toy and model shops sold heaps and heaps of s/h and new Hornby trains, Dinky toys and Meccano parts. All my Meccano bits I bought at these shops. I never had a Meccano complete set bought for me. I couldn't wait to get to Liverpool. Head out of the window of the steam hauled train all the way. My dad worked for the railway so had free travel passes for him and mum and cheap privilige tickets for my sister an I, our dog went free.
  14. bizzard

    I am bored

    Lots of s/h Meccano on Ebay cheap. Construct wonderful things and fix many things on your boat with it. It will keep you occupied for hours and hours.
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