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  1. Flue pipe temperature

    Mine ticks over at about 50 c.
  2. topic please

    My neighbour has ordered a tube of ''Cracked heel'' ointment from Ebay.
  3. End of winter?

    Birch, I reckon. Billy Bunter knew.
  4. Vetus M4 tappet setting

    Tell me aout it. I still have somewhere the little sort of half onion shaped tool for tapping out the split valve guides to release and withraw the valves.
  5. BSP's recipe for Supertherm

  6. Smallest compost toilet

    5th way. Nappy. 6th way. Wellies.
  7. Old Spot

    Tideways are excellent boats. Built by Walkers of Leigh-on-Sea, good sea boats too. I used to teach sailing in them, and raced them. Have you a centre board or deepish keel on your homemade boat? If not it won't beat to windward very well. Just blow sideways.
  8. Adding a click or notch to indicate in neutral

    If the rod is fairly close to the ceiling a pair of spring loaded door ball catches could be fixed to the ceiling above the rod with a neutral gap between them. A jubilee clipped tightened up on the rod with the worm drive part on top between the neutral position of the two ball catches and would click in and out of them. An exhaust clamp might be tougher than a jubilee clip. The U part of the clamp on top to click over the ball catches with the brace bar and nuts underneath. Of course a little rounded block of steel could be welded to the top of the rod to do the same. Large size spring loaded Ball type door catches are quite substantial, self contained units and usually secured with two screws. A jubilee clip or exhaust clamp would afford fine adjustment.
  9. Plastics in the cut

    I have my own.
  10. Earthquake

    Ducks felt it too. They must have thought it was an earthquack.
  11. Plastics in the cut

    Brown paper carrier bags with string handles that re-cycled theirselves before you got home. After resting it on a wet pavement to talk to someone and then picked it up again the bottom would fall out leaving your chops, pot herbs and jar of Virol in a pile on the pavement, to arrive home with nothing. Co oP Divi number 365748.
  12. Earthquake

    Apparently there is a fault along that line. The bed of the river Severn has in some places certain underwater plant life growing which is usually only found in volcanic regions.
  13. Aceleron - repurposed lithium batteries for boaters

    Check it out with Boeing, on 787 800.
  14. We won a bronze?

    No. When it bumps the side the plastic case splits and can create a discharge. But this is not wanted. Full to the brim all the way down is whats wanted. The weight makes em go faster,
  15. We won a bronze?

    Seat down but with the lid thing removed to improve aero dynamics. Toilet roll waitng at the finish.