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  1. bizzard

    Fuel Taps

    When filling the engine with new oil I wouldn't hold the can like that, its liable glug and splash the oil all over the place. Hold it sideways and pour gently. Thats all, oil leave it there.
  2. bizzard

    CAV/Delphi pre-filter bowl drain screw seal

    I find Baldwin, fitted loads of them, very good quality and seem to be made of thicker metal than many, they're certainly heavier than many. However they are made in Morocco.
  3. bizzard

    ID Model Please

    The ST valve covers are taller and sort of squarer than the SR'S as well. Oh and they have a couple of cut outs for head studs too.
  4. bizzard

    Fire destroys Blue Seas buildinn

    Probably a faulty isolation switch.
  5. Bumble bees or wasps set up camp behind it. They can sound very electrical.
  6. bizzard

    Things adverts have taught me

    And the old Brut deodorant advert. ''The great strength of Brut and the smell of Ali''. Or was it ''The great smell of Brut and the strength of Ali.
  7. bizzard

    Unlimited Power - Breakthrough

    It can't be very hot, that blokes got his overcoat on.
  8. A battery drop test will be dead easy to perform wearing all that armour and chaim mail, Ivanhoe could just lay across all the posts at once to make the cells fizz.
  9. bizzard

    Big Discounts Leading Up To Christmas

    4 litres is a massive pint.
  10. bizzard

    Big Discounts Leading Up To Christmas

    Its happened again this week. The one I bought at Aldi on Tuesday has use by 25th Nov on it and so has the one I bought today at Sainsburys. 1 pint=568ml they say on em.
  11. bizzard

    Big Discounts Leading Up To Christmas

    I thought a Litre was a small French cigarette lighter.
  12. bizzard

    BMC 1.8

    They must have really struggled up mountains.
  13. bizzard

    Round pin sockets for 12V

    All my 12v sockets and plugs are the 2a round pin. I run lots of things from them. Digital radio, 2 car radio cassettes, TV, Laptop transformer charger, plug in lamps and things and a 200 w Switchmode inverter. 20 years like it, no problems, nothin gets hot.

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