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  1. Well yes, they can't really refuse outright. They call out a person to handle it, as depicted, wearing the same rig out that the lavatory attendant wears in the Bethnal Green pubic toilets I believe.
  2. supermarkets around here won't take cash.
  3. How yer getting on with yer cash deals now innit. Most shops won't handle it, cards only innit.
  4. When I was watching the news last week I saw No 10's resident pussy cat ran out of the door, obviousely scared and distancing itself from Boris.
  5. Magnetic fishing. Draw and colour in little fishes on card and cut out, slip a paper clip onto each fish, place fish into a bucket. Make a rod from a stick, length of string and a little horseshoe magnet on the end. Dangle it in the bucket to catch the fish. You can also fish unkseen through the weed hatch., like Eskimo's do through a hole in the ice. Eskimo burglars use a blow lamp.
  6. If they wore bathing suits on they could jump in and swim around moored boats.
  7. A smooth teaspoon handle is better than a screw driver, won't dig into it.
  8. Yes, remove the plate on the front usually 6 screws and pull it out.
  9. Ideally impellors should be removed when not in use ie winter, smeared with vaseline and stored indoors. They last a long time then.
  10. bizzard

    Lister id

    1979, Possibly a Hurth gearbox. We have a boat here with a STW3 of around 1979 supplied with a Hurth box. Sorry no umlaut for the U
  11. When your waiting at a bus stop do you take it out and throw it up in the air when a bus is coming to see if there's any room on top ?
  12. Sheffield is in a bit of a valley which might contain and lock the outbreak in. I remember driving past it one night and looking down from the A1 M at it, all the smoke from the metal working industries chimneys was just swirling around and around and didn't appear to be blowing away, smog, same as northern Italy.
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