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  1. That smoke hood is half moon shaped and held up there by two nuts.
  2. If greasing it fails just pour some engine oil on top of the bearing, it's bound seep into the bearing, the seals don't last very long.
  3. What, gone down to develop and print a film.
  4. This is it. It might need readjusting or tightening a bit now that the boat has run those hours from new.
  5. Might need a large selection of twist drills though. Hernia with a vernier..
  6. To make sure the gland pusher is equal, use an inside diameter caliper or the inside dia prongs of a verier between and on either side of the two flanges to get them nice and equal when adjusting the gland nuts or renewing the packing.
  7. Do you have the large diameter 10''or 12'' pulley on your camshaft that belt drives the alternator?
  8. That old S/V engine also was used in Post war Morris 8's and the MM Morris Minor up until 1955 when it was replaced by the 803cc O/H/V engine.
  9. Is the oily water inside the engine drop tray compartment or outside it? Could be just be a bit of diesel fuel spilt when they installed and bled the fuel system.
  10. Perhaps he's a eunuch.
  11. Or he could be an ex Wuhan Chinaman, now Melicanized and riving in San Flancisco.
  12. He said he was only 36 and still a virgin, probably American.
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