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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I don't think many folk did years ago. I never heard of it. Even in the garage we worked on many diesel vehicles, never had to drain water from the tanks. In very cold winters sometimes a vehicle would conk out with waxed up filters. A couple of times I've checked Lady Olga' tank for water with a hand suction pump, no water. My cousin spent 4 years touring the system in an old Rugby boats Colcraft, and no trouble at all. My old Harborough Marine the same. Had lot's of folk with those so called marine flush filler caps leaking water in through the seal though.
  3. Put alternator on the ground. Plonk boot on it. put flat or slightly cranked ring spanner on nut. Enter Allen key or Allen socket and bar Fully into spindle end. Lay Allen key handle or bar on ground, left hand side looking face on at pulley. Position ring spanner at top. Keep boot on it. Give the spanner a sharp whack with a hammer again towards left hand side=undo.
  4. How about a ''whistling dipstick''. On the telly, Bangers & Cash an ancient car, a Standard I think it was that the dipstick whistled when the oil dropped to a certain level to warn the driver. A hollow dipstick with a whistle hole in it which crankcase pressure entered to blow the whistle.
  5. Although the fit out quality was top notch they didn't know much about boat requirements or fridges. No hatch in the floor to check the bilge, all the electrics horribly boxed in, could never really get to anything when it went wrong without major demolition. I could name the boat fitting out company as they have now ceased trading but I'd better not.
  6. I had similar symtoms with someones Shoreline fridge a couple of years ago. It was completely boxed in tight in a cupboard, with a door. Must have been running continually overheating and started a hum when switched on then kept stopping. Dragged it out and the compressor had even scorched the ply bulkhead behind it. She binned it and got a mains one. I put vents in the side and back of it's cupboard and took the door off. The boat had been fitted out including the fridge professionally.
  7. I'd make em protrude as much as possible, they rust and corrode from the top downwards.
  8. Perhaps the rescue services wouldn't have understood a Mayday cos it's September.
  9. Those old Harborough boats swim well for a narrow boat. Fine entry bows the chines very economical on fuel and should handle beautifully. I could place mine on a sixpence, and could-will go astern pretty accurately for a long way too, around bends ect with no bother. Sorry in wrong topic. I meant it for the Fibre glass top topic.
  10. If this was the catamaran Alan why didn't you sail it to safety, or be sailing it anyway.
  11. I wouldn't really need a Mac, I have a jolly good umbrella, although Packa Macs are handy and will go in a pocket.
  12. According to my nephew who is an IT expert Lenovo is or was or part of IBM.
  13. Both my laptops are refurbs from ebay. Toshiba Setallite w7 was £65 buy it now or bid for it, I bid for it and got it for £45, only really wanted it because of the CD drawer, but it works lovely, using it to type this. The other is a Lenovo T450 Thinkpad, I needed one to think with. W10, very fast, £145. Both excellent and like new.
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