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  1. Or there's the cheap ''stand up bath'' method. Don a very loose fitting, very oversize wet suit. Heat a kettle of water to bath temperature. Pour into wet suit at the neck, squirt in some washing up liquid. Jump about and up and down for ten minutes to mix the liquid and water, to wash you thoroughly. Either lever apart a wet suit ankle or stand on head for five mins to drain. Remove wet suit, towel, talc and relax.
  2. Tinkin outside da box-boat. Mount bath upon bricks on towpath. Fill with canal water. Light a fire of sticks beneath it. Wait one hour precisely to heat up. Jump in with toy boat or duck.
  3. And how are CBer's ''Continuous Boozers'' going to afford the diesel as well to continuous cruise the stipulated distance required.
  4. V1 Doodlebug. Pulse jet, like a big paraffin blow lamp.
  5. Those Vetus Mitsubishi engines usually have a tiny fuel filter element in the base of the electric fuel pump, held in by a bayonet cap and spring, don't ignore it, check or change the filter regularly.
  6. I think they were out of reach then too or the deposit was out for young newly weds with ordinary modestly paid jobs, unless they had saved up for a long long time before hand. Many moved in with parents while waiting for a council house or saving for a deposit.
  7. It might be woth while fitting one of those filter units betwwen the tank and the Eber. The pump should cope with it. They're only about £20 complete. As I said they are extremely common for domestic and industrial systems as well as on some boats, very reliable, bleeders seal well with little I think fibre type washers.
  8. Yes, little bleeders. Its only about the size of a smallish teacup. In fact the photo looks to actual be the same scale, or very close.
  9. These filter units are usually fitted on Webasto systems. Very common on oil fired systems, also common on some older diesel engines. Filter element is Crosland 489 and very cheap. If it has a dip tube in the fuel tank it needs to be shorter than the engines dip tube, so the heater doesn't run the tank low enough so that the boats engine won't go or conks out.
  10. Going upstream that bridge is slightly higher on the right hand side, cos the railways gradient is slightly uphill all the way to B.Stortford more or less following the river.
  11. Ah!!, But your supposed to only use Jerry cans for EberWeber's.
  12. Funny thing is Germany's home market EberWebs don't seem give much trouble at all. I reckon they export to us rejects because they lost the wars. Or they are really old stock left over from the days when we called their goods Jerry built. Whats more, if we do pull out of Europe next month the quality of these units dispached to us could wursten even more and the cost of em could rocket like a V2, they already sound like one about to take off.
  13. Yes, I remember that too. Redex also did their own engine oil, grade 20/50 I think.
  14. I travel to empty my Porta Potty casette and all my business is in that so I should be able to get the business discount.
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