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  1. 12v fridge and lights with one 88ah battery???
  2. I think its just been lowered there roughly where its going.
  3. Are you mounting the engine on rubber flexible mounts? Personally on a boat that size which would absorb a lot of noise, I would lower it right down dead level and mount it solid to the bearers and achieve perfect alignment without the need for expensive couplings. You will also avoid all the problems that rubber mounts might give, like collapsing and whatnot, coming undone.
  4. But personally I'd lower it level or at least some more to fit the drive shafts I mentioned
  5. You might just get an Aquadrive or Python drive in the gap. Both have double Constant velocity joints.
  6. Milliput is a two part epoxy putty which you knead equal parts together. Very powerful.
  7. I don't watch F1 anymore I find it dreadfully boring now and much prefer GP2 or Superbikes. It would be more interesting if they brought back refueling, but not with a huge clamp on leak free hose but a bloke that wanders out at the pits in a mackintosh and Trilby smoking a pipe with a churn full of petrol and a big funnel like they used to do. Sorry wrong thread. Could a mod please transfer it to the Lewis thread.
  8. Yes the whole train of gears are moving in reverse so no longer than about ten minutes.
  9. Apart from Wroxham and Potter Heigham bridges on the northern broads.
  10. You don't want the water level to drop below the cylinder head. This is even more important on diesel engines than it is on petrol engines.
  11. You could go for a short cruise to warm up the oil, it will be thinner then. Reversing the boat will warm up the gearbox more, but not for too long.
  12. Last summer I got delayed in Aldi's carpark by a huge SUV trying to park the wretched thing up there and had to eat all four melting Mint cornettos on the way back.
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