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  1. They suck their cooling air in at the back. It'll probably get even hotter in the summer when the engines running with the lid on especially if its a metal cover with the sun beating on it. . I'd get a set of ordinary LA batteries.
  2. For a knock about GRP dinghy I'd just use a single Polyurethane paint after a light sanding.
  3. A couple riding along on a tandem and a dog came out and threw a bucket of water over them.
  4. Chalk mark on engine flywheel or crankshaft pulley and a chalk mark on gearbox output propshaft coupling. Put it in gear. Turn engine by hand, Watch marks, For every three revolutions of the engine the propshaft should revolve once for 3.1
  5. If you have a plastic poo tank there's a much much better gauge than the stinky shi..y, sticking float types. You don't even have to open the tank at all and let the stink out to fit them. I've fitted two of them and perfect. The kit comes with strips of sticky foil 2'' wide that you stick on the tanks side from top to bottom H fashion. In the centre bar of the H is a sensor that is wired to a little control box with LED indicators to indicate the fullness. It is 12v powered. If the the shape and, size and capacity of the tank is unlnown it can be configuered and adjusted at the control box, after a few fills and empties and reconfiguring at the control box the capacity indicator LED's will read correct. Unfotunately I don't know the make of these things as the boat owners supplied them, who have now dissapeared. Plobably made on China, vely leriable, No 1 glood ploduct. No workee on the metal tank.
  6. Could be a touch of Alice.
  7. bizzard

    reflek flame

    Is it gravity fed or is there an electric pump, if so is the pump working ok. And if there's a pre filter, is it clean and not bunged up with muck. There is a users manual PDF file if you google Reflek Toby DVR, check it out or download it.
  8. He's probably using a washing machine and a Microwave for his grub and doing his ironing ect whilst watching his telly, which would be the reason for the generator running. The solution would be to do his washing for him, ironing and cook his meals and let him watch your telly.
  9. bizzard

    reflek flame

    Its where that little curved arrow is. Take note of the position of the the screw slot position before adjusting it so you can always return it to ''as it was'' if needed.
  10. bizzard

    reflek flame

    If I remember rightly the Highfire screw is at top left, must be under the edge of the white knob, You can just see the edge of it in your pic. Looks like you need to pull the white knob off to adjust it. Tou can Google the PDF manual for ''Toby DVR oil controls''.
  11. I wouldn't fancy eating blue tack though.
  12. Twofold method. Place a ring of Aldi Chippolata sausages in the rope groove. Light a good fire, close door to compress sausages. Cook for one hour. Open door, remove sausages and measure their compressed thickness in order to buy correct rope. Eat sausages.
  13. Scientific method. You really need to know the equal all around gap between the door back and the stove face. Remove the rope and open the door slightly until the gap is equal ALL round. It might be 6mm or something like that. Then open the door and measure the depth of the ropes groove in the door, add this to the door gap measurement which might be something like 10mm or so and add a couple of mm's for the final rope thickness size Easy method. With the rope still in and the door closed poke and slide feeler gauges all around between the rope and stove face, noting any irregularities, if the doors not warped and the measurements are equal then thicker rope is required.
  14. I bought two electric kettles from Curry's, one for me one for a friend. ''Essentials'' £4.99p each''. Both worked about three times and then packed up. took em to bits and found the auto shut off bi-metal strips were flattened out, bent them up a bit with a finger nail and both have worked beutifully for over a year now,
  15. I paid 50p 15 years ago at a car boot sale for a electro mechanical hour counter from an old Japanese generator, clocked it back to zero's with a razor blade and matchstick. Wired to ignition on spare terminal my old Lucas BMC car ignition switch which uses FP keys. Works lovely
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