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  1. Yangtze liver not patch on Engrish livers, no not lain enough, not crean.
  2. Crab paste is best. Mine wasn't predictive text, I meant it, cellulose thinners has a serious and powerful aroma. I used to stick stamps in my album with jam. honest injun.
  3. Personally I'd use the correct size stuff, seen, dealt with so much trouble in the past with wrong size packing, jammed shafts, burn't out gearboxes. Graphite packing is really more ideal for steam engine cylinder-steam chest ect glands which are difficult to lubricate even with the specially thick steam oil used.
  4. Or cellunose thinners. Take a little fish paste jar into a car body paint shop, they'll almost certainly give you a drop. A bloke asking there though would probably get a refusal.
  5. If the blue paint is original, Thornycroft.
  6. If you hold a mirror in front of that number it might read right although still upside down. First letter M for Mitsubishi.
  7. If the oil filler cap is dished in downwards with knurled finger grips around the edge and has an electric fuel pump almost certainly a Mitsubishi
  8. Surely the starter motor can be tested independantly on the engine with jump leads and or energizing it with a wire from a battery to the solenoid.
  9. A good weapon for this kind of thing is one of those little 12v air compressors for blowing up car tyres, one that plugs into a fag lighter socket. Apart from blowing up tyres they're very useful for blowing out things, gas lines, fuel lines, blowing crumbs of your keyboard. They usually come with a couple of different nozzles for blowing up air beds, dinghies, dolls ect. Costs range form about £15.
  10. Check simple first. Are battery terminals clean and tight.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. bizzard

    Lister ST2?

    You have an oil filter ''industrial engine'' accounts for the extra 1/2 pt of oil. To remark the dipstick, just a couple of strokes with a Junior hacksaw.
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