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  1. I know that both types of spanners have the same point to point diameters but the Mexican 6 point ones do seem to have less wall fickness.
  2. Only twouble is the OP says that the bolt heads are wery crose to the half coupling and the spanner will have to be gwound off awound its outer edge to get it pwoperly square on the bolt heads. Therefore there might not be enough meat on the Mexican 6 wing spanner to gwind off but pwobably there will be enough meat on the ordinary twaditional 12 point wing spanner. The bolt heads look in good nick so I'm sure one of those will do fine. Sowwy about the wisp.
  3. Doing the front chops up the weed lovely.
  4. I have a river only licence. I've also had the rest of the Cart system one. I didn't have to change my registration plate number.
  5. House twin and earth ok for BSS if cleated off very regularly. something like every 6'' I think.
  6. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.
  7. bizzard

    Ebay scam

    . If its not Royal Mail, they usually say ''Other'' which could be any of em from Yodel to Fedex.
  8. bizzard

    Ebay scam

    Other than volatiles when they say free Royal Mail 2nd class it always is.
  9. Clarkins would be my first choice, they are very well known and very helpful. But they are in Forest Rd Walthamstow, a bus ride from Islington. Give em a ring. 0208 527 2171. Don't forget you need a a RIGHT HAND one, either an ACR or a A127.
  10. bizzard

    Ebay scam

    I get loads of stuff from Ebay, Never had any trouble only a couple of couriers having trouble finding us. Always check feed back, delivery dates, where they are, and which courier is important. Royal mail won't handle any explosives, volatiles like paint, aerosols ect, but other couriers will. I ordered a lighter gas aerosol and it said ''delivered by Royal mail, which I thought was odd. It came by DPI couriers. You can sometimes track your package with some couriers and Royal Mail.
  11. Google ''Car spares Islington'' and then ''Yell'' and you'll get a list of them, like Clarkins are good.
  12. It might be possible to put a switch in the 12v wire to the igniter and switch it off once alight. Unless it uses its own battery fot this.
  13. Have you ordered the ''Gaslow'' regulator with gauge? They are excellent for carrying out quick gas tightness tests as I explained earlier. Or you can buy just the Gaslow gauge which screws into the regulator with the take off from the gauge.
  14. I thought I'd not seen him at the Mercedes pits at F1 this season. He had an airline called Laudamotion which Ryanair bought out last year well 70% of the shares, about 15 Airbus 320-321's RIP Niki.
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