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  1. Early 1950's. They both came free in sort of medicine bottles. Tooked separately. I was breeding moths from catapillars at the time. I called it tooked instead of taked at that age.
  2. I also remember sleeping in a drawer on the floor as a baby and being weighed in a basket thing in the chemists, later on the enormous Avery scales in Woolworths. Being dosed with cod liver oil and national elf orange juice and the terrible Parishes Food tonic, I'm still full of the iron in it.
  3. As a kid we were subject to keeping quiet whilst ''Sing something simple'' was on the wireless, it came on at 4pm on Sunday afternoon, whenever we visited uncles and aunts on Sundy it was always the same, shush!! Sing something simples on. Singing groups, like ''The Mike Sams singers'' to name one singing all the old numbers.
  4. Personally I can't stand the bagpipes, reminds me of the awful off key drone of Oasis. Driving up to Glasgow overnight years ago I had local radio on my radio. Interesting going through listening to all the different counties local radio. Topping Shap on the M74 suddenly coming and going on the air waves but getting stronger as I progressed, bloomin bagpipes from a Scottish radio station. I prefer Jools Hollands new years eve show rather than Andy Stewart letting the wind blow high and the wind blow low, Donalds lost his troozers.
  5. Own makee china coolie top hats togezzer with plop liveting.
  6. Philips stick on soles might still be available.
  7. There's a whole mob there, they're not good at clearing up either. The railway is between the spout of the masher and the blue door. As soon as they knock of for the day which is 2pm I'm over there with my bow saw. a whole
  8. Network rail,s contractors. They only sent two fellers not tree.
  9. You could do it in the middle of the road, sprinkle a bit of hay on it to pretend a horse had done it.
  10. When I was a nipper getting up for school was a big problem for me, especially in the winter with ice on the inside of the bedroom window. Mum would bang on the ceiling benearh my room with the broom handle. I soon devised methods to temporarily satisfy her. One was to stick one leg out of bed and thump it around on the floor as if walking about, the second was to rig up a string and pulley arrangement from the lavatory chain to my bed which when pulled flushed the toilet. This was quickly discovered howevedr so I made a loud recording of it on my tape recorder. These tactics I called ''Getting up noises''. To add. I eventually put most ''getting up noises'' on the tape recorder, like, yawning, bed creaking, doors opening and closing as well as the lav chain. but I still had to thump about on the floor with a leg out of bed in the cold.
  11. Ah! the cassette toilet. That won't require much emptying either with the dehumidifier, everyone needs one, good idea.
  12. The discharge tube could be aimed back into the pound to keep the balance equal.
  13. Putting a dehumidifier in the engine space might suck all the coolant out of the engine, especially if you happen to leave the filler cap off, likewise the water from your water tank causing a drought and creating great thirst.
  14. Yes with the filler cap on. And if air does come out of course you then need to top up.
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