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  1. Yes but if you click on it a box shows and you have to insert your choice of page number and press GO.
  2. Also if you want to read different pages on a topic you have to click on a faded box that states the pages and inset a 1,2,3 or whichever in the box to get it and then click on GO. Bit awkward really. But hey Thank you Rich.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. They could stretch a steel cable or chain on the river bed about 100 yds in front across weirs so that folks in trouble anchors flukes would grab the cable-chain and all would be serene
  5. A bit like an aircrafts wing shape, the curvature of the sail. On a reach the outer convex side is pulled by the suction of the wind, the inner concave is pushed by the wind, the suction is more powerful. I bet all the crew were reaching on that boat too.
  6. The foil looks like someones foots gone through the hull, skimming along on a welly boot.
  7. Sounds like my Leggo soled shoe invention are needed. Soles that can be altered for height by plugging or unplugging bits of Leggo, choose your colours too. Very handy if you have one leg shorter than the other too. Especially useful for mountaineers and walkers for climbing or walking around hills and mountains to keep you on and even keel by shortening the inside sole or lengthening the outside one, alsorts of combinations possible. For cold feet at the tiller, remove shoes and lash two hot water bottles to your tootsies, filler necks forward at the toe end, this is to facilitate re-filling
  8. Nearly all the early class 40's from D200 began life on the Great Eastern region, Liverpool st-Norwich taking over from the Britannia's and then the Brush type 4, class 47 took over from them and then in the mid 1980's electric class 86 took over from them and then class 90, stil la few of these running but the services are now largely taken over by boring multiple units.
  9. All UK flood alerts are on the BBC weather website, scroll down to weather and flood warnings and click on.
  10. Bits of thin hard rubber placed under the clamps feet would prevent slipping and would help to maintain pressure on the lid under vibration.
  11. Class 93. To be tri mode. Overhead supply, diesel and battery.
  12. Should catch Jack the Kipper.
  13. Anyone remember the special ''Pig bins'' that the council supplied to put slops and left overs in to feed pigs, they were emptied once a week.
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