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  1. How to erase the unsightly imprint on your bottom caused by sitting on a wicker bottom chair at the helm. And will be posted in ''stoppages''.
  2. I only ever bought two things from RipSnap off. A short 17mm 19mm ring spanner and a pair of waterpump pliers, both failed quite quickly. The spanner bent when I clouted it with a hammer. The pliers nobbly adjusting slot soon wore out and wouldn't hold. And yet I've clouted my 55 year old Elora ring spanners many times and still good, and so are a pair of the pliers bought S/H at a car boot sale. I still have many of my old Elora, Britfool and King Dick spanners and sockets bought when I was an apprentice.
  3. I reckon the thermostat fits ito the normal place beneath the heat exchangers 3 nuts, just an extention block to raise up the heat exchanger. The symtoms are thermostat failing to open. Of course there might not be one in there, if its been taken out, hence the dodgy nut, very ominous. There should be a bundle of tubes in the heat exchanger.
  4. Many folk always kill the goose that lays their golden egg.
  5. The windows are probably opening modern full hoppers and don't look like they open from the outside.
  6. Yes, its under the plate where the three nuts are. Go easy though looks like one is bodged, possible stripped thread or something. When off reface housing on a sheet off fine production paper on a mirror face. These housings tend to warp between stud holes and can leak if not nice and flat, Cork gasket takes up some warpage. Withdraw the last sentence, the plate and housing look all in one piece so probably not possible, Use cork gasket with sealant on it.
  7. Yes I had air operated ones at the garage, sold em off though now.
  8. Carry a quantity of assorted Meccano parts around with you, my motor car and my boat are chocka with Meccano fixes. Thank you very much Mr Frank Hornby.
  9. This edit thing is not working properly. Anyway the big inch drive socket set is a bit like having oxy-acetylene gear, you don't use them much but when you do you really need it. A chap here was trying to renew his top rudder stock bearing and as normal left the inner bearing track stuck on the shaft. He spent 3 days and tried everything to remove it, pullers, whacking it trying to grind through it, heating it with butane, all no good. In the end he came to me my oxy-acetylene torch removed it in 30 seconds. It'll cost yer though.
  10. Yes my old set for heavy commercial vehicle use, flywheel bolts, front drive shaft nuts, and large propellor nuts.
  11. Just keep your barbecue near by you and they soon beat it. Or wave one of those throw away ones at them.
  12. You'll get overcome by petrol fumes if you sail up an SU.
  13. It's really the same old story and always has been. since year dot. The minority twerps always spoil things for the majority, causiing mountains of laws, regulations at tremendous cost to us and the powers that be.
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