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  1. If you have no back boiler and the small half moon shaped throat plate is still in it, remove it, two nuts. If you leave it in you'll probably get incredible cloggage of the the flue pipe.
  2. Corgi bikes were made for paratroopers, they jumped out of planes with them lashed to there backs. The handlebars folded flat onto the petrol tank. Quite powerful for their size, Brockhouse 90cc 4 stroke engine Single gear, N/S footrest was the gear lever, it hinged upwards. Squeeze in the clutch lever, kick the footrest down, plonk your hoof on it, unsqueeze the clutch lever and off you went. Mr Marples the old transport minister rode to work on one.
  3. No such word as pull really. Its always push. To pull something it always has to have some kind of grasp from behind in order to pull it.
  4. My Corgi bike had no suspension at all, just a springy saddle. The one in this pic is not mine. Mine caught light when I had a leaky petrol tank and going over a bump jogged a lighted fag out of my mouth onto it. I smothered the flames and put it out with my Duffle coat. I had trouble undoing the pegs and nearly lost it.
  5. The Wherrymen on the Norfolk Broads always towed new or stiff rope behind in the water, ''To take the viciousnesses out of it'' they say, not synthetic rope though, grass or hemp rope. Arthur Ransome say's so in his book ''The big six'', so there.
  6. My old Electro;ux 122, gas-12v fridge is now about 25 years old and I bought it s/h is still going strong. I service it every spring.
  7. Tow it behind the boat for a few hours, The wriggling along in the water behind will clean it and make it more supple. Haul it inboard before reversing.
  8. Blanketing is very easy you know, just the same as covering your pet bugerigars cage when the sun goes down, so he-she can get to sleep. Or like some folk that cover up mirrors when thunders about.
  9. In my opinion facemasks like mine should be worn and made compulsory for everyone whilst out and about, especially in confined spaces like shops and supermarkets.
  10. It really depends on your bottom. A traditional Fishermans anchor is best for rocky bottoms, fluke will dig into the cracks in rocks. Muddy bottoms a CQR or Danforth or mud weight, like an old gearbox is good., sandy bottoms are awkward though, chuck everthing you have overboard. But a good all rounder is still the well proven traditional Fishermans. I remember voyaging on a Townsend Thorensen ferry overnight from Southampton to Cherbourg. We arrived outside the harbour too early for the tide and the customs to open and had to anchor and wait. When we got the signal to go, we couldn't, anchor winch straining fit to bust, anchor fouled. They spent 3 hours recovering it by circling it using side thrusters while a chap stood by, eyes gleaming waiting for his moment of glory, clutching a Junior hacksaw ready to saw through the chain and abandon the anchor. His moment of glory didn't happen though, eventually up popped the anchor and we sailed in very late., Them Norwegians.
  11. Kinetic energy. A bit like steam boiler,''steam locos'' . The injector which tops up the boilers water by using the actual boilers steam pressure to inject water into the boiler against that pressure.
  12. In place of a test bulb you could buy an electric train set, most are 12vdc, like Hornby ''00'' gauge, you can vary the voltage with the controller and the electrical resistance by adding or removing trucks or coaches.
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