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  1. bizzard

    How to disconnect this light!!!

    The owl and the pussy cat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat. They took honey and plenty of money, and a watch wrapped up in a five pound note.
  2. bizzard

    Newly fitted Webasto Firing ok but No Hot Water

    Is it heating a calorifier as well for hot water? and if its sharing the same coil in the calorifier as the engines one it could be trying to warm up the engine too.
  3. bizzard

    Vetus engine rough above 1800 revs

    Often mounted vertically with the bayonet cap at the bottom, you may have to dismount the pump to get at it properly. There should also be a light spring inside which keeps the filter seated and pushes on the cap to keep the bayonet pins engaged.
  4. bizzard


    Stratford, east London? Its a long way from Birmingham. Anyhow its near the river Lea and the Olympic park. Plenty of transport, buses, trains from Stratford and Leyton stations, main, surburban and Central line underground and Docklands light railway. Beutiful views too especially the Telfers meat pie factory near Stratford and the ex Bryant and May matckstick factory at Bow,
  5. bizzard

    Need help to identify engine

    It is a Land Rover engine, but exactly which one I'm not sure. The early ones were just under 2litre, 3 main bearing crank, then 2286cc then 2.5, 5 bearing cranks, they look similar. Put your engine number onto the Land Rover forum and they will tell what it is. The superb 2286cc petrol engine ex ''Rover 60 ''engine was far more popular than the diesel up until about 1980 for its smoothness much better performance in power and speed. Petrol was cheap then.
  6. bizzard

    Calcious deposit. :-)

    Too much urinating in the canal will cause it as well.
  7. bizzard

    Do you have a boating knife?

    My main knife which I use for rope work and filleting fish has a 6'' blade, its really a fish knife, Bought in Falmouth about 40 years ago. Made in Sheffield by William Rogers.
  8. bizzard

    Do you have a boating knife?

    My Flick cig lighter. The toe end is the lighter and the little button by the second from right toe flicks the blade out and it locks out. The story behind it is. A bloke used to bring me duty free baccy from France reularly. One day he said ''I've got a present for you'' and he produced the lighter. He went to show me how the lighter worked and pressed that button by mistake, the blade shot out and cut his hand and he dropped it. He didn't know it had a flick blade. I put TCP on his hand.
  9. bizzard

    Replacing exhaust

    If you have access to a blow torch,preferably oxy-acetylene play the flame horazontally back anf forth along just ONE side of that threaded collar. You want to expand the collar only with heat and not the whole pipes going into it if possible. Stilsons are best for gripping on those collars.
  10. bizzard

    Replacing exhaust

    And keep tapping fairly hard either side of that threaded collar with two hammers in unison. This will spread it slightly and shake up and help to free the rusty threads.
  11. bizzard

    Do you have a boating knife?

    Cos they don't like it up em.
  12. bizzard

    Do you have a boating knife?

    A loaded Machete is very useful. Good for jungle work too. Tip, tie a loop of string to the handle to slip around the wrist as a downward swipe it can easily leave your hand and impale your foot. Can make heads roll as well as axes.
  13. bizzard

    Boat Safety Exam

    No its Electric. But it might have a small boiler for train steam heating I'll have to check.
  14. bizzard

    Boat Safety Exam

    Like MOT's on cars the BSS scheme is neccccesssary, (can't remember how many S's and C's in that word) Most folk are becoming less and less practical as time goes on, easy living, throw away world, little make and mend. Don't like getting hands dirty anymore either. They learn or gleen information; EVERYTHING these days seems to be from the internet, forums, bloomin Faceache ect whether right or wrong, playing games online and goodness knows what. Beats me how most folk get anything proper done at all these days, they seem to live on it. Some folk if they make a cup of tea that bung a photo of it on Facebook, unbelievable. Well thats that folks I have a train waiting at Dresden for me to drive it to Frankfart on my train simulator.

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