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  1. Ordinary incandecent filament bulbs will work ok with reversed 12V DC wires, but not anything involving hight tech electronics or AC inverters like in 12V flouarecent lights or LED lights.
  2. Ok, Apart from brand new already fitted out boats I doubt if very many other boats, sailaways for example had their gas systems installed by a qualified boat gas safe bod.
  3. I don't think those taps are the tapered plug cock type but ball valve type. I always understood that it's ok to carry out gas work on ones own boat but not to perform gas work on other peoples.
  4. If any of the isolator taps are the old tapered plug cock type these can be restored if leaking by removing the nut and spring washer on the back, withdraw the tapered plug and handle and lap it in to the female taper with a spot of rubbing compound T-Cut, dilute with a drop of water for final lap, twisting back and forth similar to lapping in engine valves to their seats.
  5. I find using leak spray I have to dabble around the joint with a small paint brush to disperse bubbles that the spray caused and spend time at each joint watching very closely perhaps with a torch while dabbling with the brush, if you wear specs wear them.
  6. Cycling cape like the police used to wear spread all around and over the hatchway, arms free underneath to work the controls.
  7. Plonk a load of horrid enormous prestige cars and 4X4's on it and run for it quick.
  8. Crosland 489 or Fram C11941 PL.
  9. I'd get that packing out NOW!! and fit the correct diameter stuff before it's shoved down into the bearing and jambs the shaft up solid, if it hasn't already.
  10. Tim was quite bombastic in that series. Shouting orders at his crew. They broke down too, Auquadrive busted.
  11. Anyway, always switch the water pump off before leaving the boat unattended or you might return to find it flooded out.
  12. bizzard

    SR2 Leak Off

    If your engine has the cover 6 over the speeder linkage remove it and adjust the idle speed by turning the nut, also at 6. It turns in notches and does alter the idle speed. Count the notches as you turn it so you can always return it to where it was. I'm almost sure it's slacken to slow the idle speed.
  13. If it's a relay between the starter key-button and starter I'd use one of these, old stand alone starter solenoids as a relay. You can also press the rubber button to start the engine, about £25. Auto Electrical supplies.
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