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NB Esk

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    Wakefield , West Yorkshire.
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    Narrowboating, especially the self-build side of it. Mechanic by profession, I am currently restoring a vintage 2cyl Dorman diesel, which will ultimately power my NB.
    Currently building my own narrow tug shell (started in 2007 & still not finished).
    Interested in industrial archeology, especially coal mining.

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    MOT tester/ motor engineer, oh, and now retired.
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    narrowboat ESK...same but different. Ex Tom pudding tug HATFIELD
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    Wakefield wharf

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  1. I used to use Mer when I had a Harley Davidson motorcycle, then I discovered an easier method......got shut of the Harley.
  2. Quite true, noticed it happening on the run up to retirement, an old mechanics trick that no longer seemed to work.
  3. Could've been an angler grinder......
  4. Good man, I like someone who's not afraid to get stuck in, look to be doing a good job, is that your welding?
  5. No reason, just mindless vandalism and a slight lack of parental control. But while they're doing that they're not chucking bricks at boats....
  6. Guessing someone has cut the tapered bits off, where the windlass usually fits.
  7. If you're going to try loosening the injector pipes again, try raising the engine revs slightly. This should make the engine less likely to stall and run that bit smoother for the test. Keep hands clear of spurting fuel.
  8. No, it can be a normal tap but the only thing screwed into it should be a blanking plug. If the tap in the photo was accidentally knocked, the fuel would be in the bilge (to the op)
  9. Think I can see traces of rust showing through, also you wouldn't have forcing screws on ply.
  10. Surely the yellow tap was designed as a tank drain. Fuel being drawn off to supply something should be taken from the highest point of the tank, via a dip tube.
  11. Only suggestion I can make is to try Alan Oliver, believe they are based in South Yorkshire, they have workboats and plant and do sub contracting to Land & Water. Might be they can help you or advise who can. They have a website.
  12. I'd be interested in learning more about this process....
  13. It allows unfettered access to the bolt or other fixture that holds the tiller boss to the rudder bar (along with any tools used). As the tiller then leans back it passes through an imaginary line, an extension of the rudder bar, this then "sets" the correct leverage.
  14. Repairs to HATFIELD'S handrails which were mangled in a flood about a month ago, when a large boat moored alongside sank and tried to take the handrails with it. Great deal of pushing and pulling but everything in the pics was straightened and re used, with the exception of the forward most upright, which was too badly damaged. Just ready for a coat of paint to finish. For scale the top rail is scaffolding pole, tough stuff....
  15. Mmm, not sure. If it was fixed to that bearer, you'd expect it to be the same colour, also, there's a slot just above it which is approximately the same size as the tube diameter.
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