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NB Esk

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    Wakefield , West Yorkshire.
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    Narrowboating, especially the self-build side of it. Mechanic by profession, I am currently restoring a vintage 2cyl Dorman diesel, which will ultimately power my NB.
    Currently building my own narrow tug shell (started in 2007 & still not finished).
    Interested in industrial archeology, especially coal mining.

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    MOT tester/ motor engineer, oh, and now retired.
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    narrowboat ESK...same but different. Ex Tom pudding tug HATFIELD
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    Wakefield wharf

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  1. NB Esk


    Just about to post exactly this.......now I don't need to, cheers Phil. 😃
  2. NB Esk

    Unusual windlass? (photos)

    But otherwise, it's ok?
  3. NB Esk

    Unusual windlass? (photos)

    It's a good point Bill. When I came across it, the first thing I did was try it on both the anchor winch and the winch on the Jebus. The shaft tapers on both were way too big but that's not to say it didn't do something similar. HATFIELD did see service as a BACAT tug.
  4. NB Esk

    Unusual windlass? (photos)

    I once re piped one of those, took about 21/2 days & when I'd finished I told the gaffer I wouldn't be doing another.....
  5. NB Esk

    Unusual windlass? (photos)

    I wondered about that but closer inspection says it just feels right. Out of shot there's a blind rivet that stops the socket part coming off, at the end of it's travel. Not seen one like it advertised, is there a makers mark?
  6. Wondered if anyone has come across one of these? Found it in the bottom of a storage bin, in the engine room of HATFIELD. There were some engine special tools in the same bin and as it's very "commercial " in appearance, I'm thinking it could well be original equipment, dating from the mid 1950's. The wooden roller is big enough for two hands and the whole thing isn't too heavy. The best bit is the adjustable socket, which enables the throw to be altered. The obvious flaw is that the socket will only ever push so far onto the paddle gear shaft. However, tested it on some of the worn and stiff gear on the C&H and it's a breeze. So, is it unusual or just that I've not seen one like it?.....
  7. NB Esk

    So What Happened To The Forum Last Night ?

    A thread on wine got deleted? ☹️ Devastated......
  8. NB Esk

    So What Happened To The Forum Last Night ?

    Don't fret, there's still a bridge over the Trent thread. Although that one is singlefurcated, I still think I'll tender for it...
  9. NB Esk

    Railway sleepers

    You could level uneven ground, make a platform to build a boat on........oh look, there's one now.
  10. NB Esk

    The Genius of Banksy

    Publicity stunt by some very silly, very rich people, who now are just as silly but probably a whole lot richer.
  11. NB Esk

    Steel quality and origin

    Speaking as someone who has worked both new and old steels, I believe there is very much a difference. For smaller jobs my method of choice in cutting steel would be the 41/2" angle grinder with 1mm cutting disc. Using this on some new steels I'm fairly sure I can detect "hard" spots in the plate. The blade travel slows and again, fairly sure, I can see a slight change in spark colour. A few weeks ago I re used a plate from an eighty year old sea going tug (JUMSEY) with no such indication, almost a pleasure to work. As regards weldability, over the last six months I've re done the baseplate welds on a Piper narrow boat and a wide beam of indeterminate make. The Piper boat was again, almost a pleasure to work on. The wide beam was a pain. Same machine, same settings and same electrodes, the only difference was the steel.
  12. NB Esk

    Friday joke

    All my jokes are 100% original, up to date and hilarious. (Allegedly) Here's one from way back... Hear the one about the Irish SAS regiment?...........tried invading the Falkirk islands.
  13. NB Esk

    Friday joke

    Penguin walks into a bar and says to the barman " think my brother was in earlier, did you see him?" "Dunno" says the barman, "what's he look like?"
  14. NB Esk

    Friday joke

    Computer helpline: What's on your monitor at the moment, madam? Customer: It's one of those little plasticine models of Morph. My boyfriend got it me from..............
  15. NB Esk

    Friday joke

    Truck load of barbed wire and wooden posts arrived at the Olympic stadium.......turned out to be the Irish fencing team.

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