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NB Esk

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    Wakefield , West Yorkshire.
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    Narrowboating, especially the self-build side of it. Mechanic by profession, I am currently restoring a vintage 2cyl Dorman diesel, which will ultimately power my NB.
    Currently building my own narrow tug shell (started in 2007 & still not finished).
    Interested in industrial archeology, especially coal mining.

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    MOT tester/ motor engineer, oh, and now retired.
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    narrowboat ESK...same but different. Ex Tom pudding tug HATFIELD
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    Wakefield wharf

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  1. I think the steps are included in the push plate, to take account of taller or unladen hopper barges.
  2. My sympathies. Although retired I work part time in a fabrication shop, the other welder (bosses son) is in his twenties, so you can imagine the type of music. Funny thing is I've found myself getting quite used to it, even "enjoy" some of the tunes. Suppose having the ability to switch off and concentrate on the job helps, other than that no easy answer I'm afraid.
  3. She sussed out BS, along with his bs....
  4. Tumshie's only crime was to put in writing what most of us thought all along.
  5. Picked this up just going into a lock on the Ashton, had to haul the boat onto the lock landing and set about it with a hacksaw, working down the hatch, took forever. Next was a duvet cover which didn't stop me, just made a lot of black smoke (heavy flywheel). By the time I made it to a mooring it was well on, had to cut it off in strips.
  6. Never gave a thought to plastic pipes expanding, I'll remember that, thanks.
  7. Thats what I used on " mark 1 " system on my boat. Probably because it's an unpumped gravity system but the feed pipes used to sag dramatically (correctly spaced clips) so out that came. " mark 2 " was re done in copper and works as planned.
  8. If your brother has been more used to domestic systems, tell him to try to use compression fittings instead of soldered joints. A much better way of doing it on boats.
  9. It's on video, follow the link in post 5.
  10. Cats do seem to have a thing about keyboards.......
  11. Hello Annie and welcome to the forum. We've never met but I hope things go well for you and Jim and Elizabeth finds the new home she deserves. Best wishes.......
  12. I'm fortunate to own a book which used to belong to Claude Campling, the builder of HATFIELD. It covers the subject of shipbuilding but I'm sure similar procedures would apply to builders of inland craft. This book was donated by members of the Campling family to be passed to future custodians of HATFIELD. A few images of the section on riveting.....
  13. It's good fun. I shot at Bisley in 1972, came 198th in the British army. The top 100 got a prize, all I got was a sore shoulder due to the 7.62 SLR having a kick like a mule, happy days.....
  14. It looks great.......I've seen greenhouse windows painted white but never a boat?
  15. Are these the ones you were thinking of having welding repairs to? Be interesting to see some photos.
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