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NB Esk

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    Wakefield , West Yorkshire.
  • Interests
    Narrowboating, especially the self-build side of it. Mechanic by profession, I am currently restoring a vintage 2cyl Dorman diesel, which will ultimately power my NB.
    Currently building my own narrow tug shell (started in 2007 & still not finished).
    Interested in industrial archeology, especially coal mining.

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    MOT tester/ motor engineer, oh, and now retired.
  • Boat Name
    narrowboat ESK...same but different. Ex Tom pudding tug HATFIELD
  • Boat Location
    Wakefield wharf

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  1. Looks like someone put Ginger in a corner....
  2. I've heard their location is ......North of....Everywhere
  3. I've known a fiend or two....
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. That's fantastic, really well done..........obviously a bloke with plenty of patience.
  6. Raisins...........all those lovely grapes could have gone into making wine.
  7. People with stoves already do have to access NBW........in the lighting process.
  8. Really good, thanks for posting.
  9. Hardly clever, first time I've done it and it took about an hour to sus it out. Good memory is the key. (mine that is, not the computer)
  10. Good of you, I'm sure that will work.
  11. Bet you checked the number of exclamation marks............I know I did, 😃
  12. Do hurry back, things haven't been the same without you.
  13. My brain has just told my eyes to **** off.
  14. Looks a tidy, well maintained boat to me. Particularly like the rudder shape, possibly an attempt to minimise cilling.
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