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NB Esk

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    Wakefield , West Yorkshire.
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    Narrowboating, especially the self-build side of it. Mechanic by profession, I am currently restoring a vintage 2cyl Dorman diesel, which will ultimately power my NB.
    Currently building my own narrow tug shell (started in 2007 & still not finished).
    Interested in industrial archeology, especially coal mining.

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    MOT tester/ motor engineer, oh, and now retired.
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    narrowboat ESK...same but different. Ex Tom pudding tug HATFIELD
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    Wakefield wharf

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  1. NB Esk

    A sad tale

    True but even scrapping something you try to minimise costs, and those cuts aren't minimising costs. They're working cuts.
  2. NB Esk

    A sad tale

    Then there's that lining up frame thingy, at the waterline.....
  3. NB Esk

    A sad tale

    Well that's what I was thinking, I've been involved in scrapping boats and it's really not a good idea to have 'em floating while you're doing it.
  4. NB Esk

    A sad tale

    I doubt those cuts are to scrap the boat......for some other reason.
  5. NB Esk


    Yep, do it. Only advice I can offer is to forget about lock landings, moor in the lock entries and step off at the front. Anyone with a boat approaching anything like a deep draught, try? to keep boat in line with the channel (coming down) as filling the lock will ground you. Singlehanded and would do it again.......
  6. NB Esk

    8mm cotton rope help

    It does but the handy thing with insulation tape is, if a novice, three different colours of tape helps to keep the tails in sequence.
  7. NB Esk

    8mm cotton rope help

    I just use ordinary insulation tape as a temporary whipping, seems to work fine....
  8. NB Esk

    Fray Bentos Hash, and a Q

    Yes, they are a bit grim. Bit of "meat" in the bottom with a flaky top lid. Did they used to have a pastry bottom, too, or is this a false memory? I seem to think they were half decent at one time. That probably is a false memory....
  9. NB Esk

    Relic from the coal carrying days

    No problem Pete, it's just possible this is one of a very few in existence. The waterways museum at Goole actually sent a person over to measure and photograph this item, with the intention of having some cast. I've no knowledge of wether or not they did.
  10. These used to be fitted on to all of the early Tom pudding compartment boats. It was called a knocker, although the barge men referred to it as an ankle breaker. It was a way to quickly secure chains between the pans, using only gravity. It eventually fell out of favour, as, it worked well enough when the Tom pudding pans were behaving themselves on a nice calm day. However, when it was blowing a gale and the pans were halfway up the bank, the knocker part could flick up and, anyone unlucky enough to be passing at the time, risked getting their ankle broken. Hope this is of interest.
  11. NB Esk


    Methley chandelrey do just such a thing, have a room at the back full of boatyard stuff and customers stuff, very popular, had some real bargains.
  12. For our gender it goes with the territory. 😇
  13. NB Esk

    Best mooring spots

    Locals call it the Huddersfield shallow, boats that use it regularly have optional wheels fitted to the baseplate.
  14. NB Esk

    Pearsons Canal Companion - Bargain!!

    Harry's beard seems to add a touch of, erm, realism.....
  15. NB Esk

    NB Birmingham

    You used to post on here quite a bit, hope I didn't cause any offence, certainly didn't mean to.

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