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  1. And your suggestion is ...... And your suggestion is ......
  2. Gosh all a bit complicated... find a piece of cable of known size say 35mm and compare as a starter for ten. Buying one metre of say 25mm won’t be that expensive - a decent place would probably give you a sample for free. Or take one of your interlinks and compare....
  3. Yes self evidently which is why I never even hinted at such a solution afloat. would be good if there was a similar system to divert excess PV power to the cauliflower immersion. My single 250W panel on the boat would make an impact on my cauliflower if I could use it usefully after charging the batts. With typical boat PV installations being 500W+ I actually think your mistaken or don’t understand the sort of system I’m referring to. heres the unit I have at home https://www.marlec.co.uk/news/new-solar-iboost-video/
  4. Slightly off topic and not really relevant for boats... I have a PV solar system on my house and was looking to add a solar hot water system for hot water. Then I discovered the you could get a box of tricks that took the excess PV electricity and used it to power the immersion heater in my hot water cylinder. Today I got 4KWh of water heating which makes a quite a difference. No pumps no freezing no complex plumbing issues. Easy to fit been quite impressed so far
  5. According to your profile the boat is at adlington. I would suggest a chat with Carl at Botany Bay boatyard. It will be a couple of hundred pounds for the boat to be craned out there and they may have room on their hard standing forthe boat whilst its repaired
  6. For many years I used a Trangia meths camping stove, often in the door of my tent when camping. Conventional wisdom was to add a few drops of water to the meths when filling the burner. I think it was supposed to reduce soot- it never seemed to do any harm. the biggest problem was Making sure the burner was out before attempting to add more meths..... eta : there are some gel based alternatives that can be used in trangias not sure if any of them would be any good in an origo.
  7. Must be southern thing then as like keeping up im lucky enough to have found a plot of land next to the canal and I’m paying about a third of what I was in a nice marina with all the facilities. Although it will take a very long time before I break even !
  8. The point made by many people is that yes a GI can POTENTIALLY fail following some sort of fault current and therefore should be tested after an overload trip. This thread demonstrates how simple that is. if in your opinion then this makes me a fool well I can live with that because I care not. Educated to honours degree level and working in telecoms for 40 year I’m not merely a craftsman or technician masquerading as an ‘engineer’ but I expect that distinction would be totally beyond yours and wotevers comprehension so I shall waste no more time with you. As with any post on a forum people need to weigh up the opinions expressed and make up their minds what’s appropriate for their situation. I think it’s important to debunk some of the self appointed experts when they are wrong/misleading or at least present a differing view - don’t you agree ?
  9. Forgive me for having a life and not being glued to the canal world forum 24 x 7 just in case the One of the great ones may chose to share his wisdom with us mere mortals.... ffs
  10. If you have tested your GI and it’s ok and you know how to then there is no problem. It ain’t broke don’t fix it.... If you are determined to change it out then one with a status monitor is the way to go (leds or meter) I would recommend the safe shore device. (You don’t even need a multimeter to test these) Personally I would pay little attention to those on here who postulate that the GI must be capable of sinking the load of Hinckley B based on some American standard.
  11. Each time their own but to me wooden window frames on steel boats look out of place and given the choice I would never have wooden frames on a house. Even really good hardwood frames need staining or oiling every couple of years. double glazed units are they way to go for sure amazing how long it’s taken for them to become normal on new build canal boats
  12. Like @WotEver I’m not quite sure what you mean but I’m assuming you mean the little triangular bits of wood in the bottom corners of the wooden lining to the inside of the window... if so then the answer is decorative purposes simple as eta if you have made some sort of lining that matches the frame rounded corners then you have a done the same job some might say a better job !
  13. Pleased for them - looks like they have been very lucky
  14. Nova Scotia wharf Blackburn halfway up a 7 lock flight so Unless your passing through it’s a 14 lock round trip....
  15. I fitted a 12V shut-off valve to stop this from happening. Opens when engine is started and closes when engine is turned off. It also closes if the calorifier gets too hot (have a domestic style cylinder-stat to limit temp to 60C) If you do a bit of googling on legionares disease I think you will find that 60 isn’t hot enough to be sure of killing the nasty bugs. just saying....
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