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  1. Just get a second hand glow plug heater relay off something like a land rover disco typically a fiver or so on fleabay they typically supply the glow plugs for 10 secs or so and switch off
  2. I’m guessing most replies on here are from people who have never tried to get an index plate.... we we bought our boat secondhand and it didn’t come with any index plates. may never have had any for all I know obviously it was and is licensed. Several conversations with BW and then crt, eventually at The CRT stand at Crick a helpful person pointed me to their online shop were I could purchase a pair for the princely sum of 20 quid. Being a law abiding type I parted with my hard earned and now display my index plates for the perusal of crts army of checkers. It could just be that some folks can’t be bothered or maybe 20 quid is no heating that week. im sure that there are some who are deliberately ignoring the rules too.
  3. Sounds like a really simple great idea. Ive not tried but just wondering if there would be any tendency for the pin to be pulled up by the movement of the boat it would have to move up a lot to come out though ... deffo be trying that out in the future
  4. For a close to canal chippy bizzie lizzies in skipton is hard to beat. Moor up nearby and get them back to the boat superb! or be posh and eat in...
  5. I think that tells me all I need to know thanks
  6. The whole thing smacks of rushed through and poorly thought out. The consultation was a joke and now there is a complete lack of information and communication did we really expect anything different ? Does Rob from the BSS still post on here or has he gone with MTB? 😀
  7. Yeah that seemed very odd why would fuel polishing need easy start to start the engine ? Its not clear if the engine was running prior to the visit so maybe that’s why the easy start was needed
  8. I thought £275 was a bit steep i was going to say I suppose there are overheads but if that doesn’t include consumables then it’s amounts to more than £130 quid and hour virtually profit I’m in the wrong business....
  9. Gosh that takes me back to the days of ‘measured’ pumps when I was a yoof Matty brown pubs seemed to favour the piston type in the north west
  10. Deposit is the same for every size afaik my experience is it’s harder to go down sizes and a few years ago there seemed to be a shortage of the smallest 3.9 and 4.5kg bottles.
  11. I couldn’t quite believe anyone could get so excited by a stream in a culvert and a drain hole takes all sorts I suppose
  12. I’m currently using puppy training pads they are about 50cm x 50cm and a few pence each (10-12p ) and lay flat under the engine. not sure if they are absorbent as nappies but seem pretty good to me
  13. Every day is a school day... the point is, as you say the chances of losing your deposit is very small.
  14. That’s a new one on me. I don’t think there is any money changed on exchange of contracts, only on completion at least in England. If the chain collapses and can’t be sorted then worst case you would be liable for any legal costs incurred by you. The deposit I think your talking about is the buyers contribution ie the difference between the buy price and the mortgage offer. Strikes me the OP is potentially in a good position as a first time buyer and could be able to use one of the first time buyer schemes.
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