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  1. Pleased for them - looks like they have been very lucky
  2. Nova Scotia wharf Blackburn halfway up a 7 lock flight so Unless your passing through it’s a 14 lock round trip....
  3. I fitted a 12V shut-off valve to stop this from happening. Opens when engine is started and closes when engine is turned off. It also closes if the calorifier gets too hot (have a domestic style cylinder-stat to limit temp to 60C) If you do a bit of googling on legionares disease I think you will find that 60 isn’t hot enough to be sure of killing the nasty bugs. just saying....
  4. jonathanA

    New Seats

    They do limited sizes and it seemed expensive when we bought some for temporary use. by the time I weighed up the cost of decent material, foam zips etc I was happy to pay Amtrim to make up cushions for our L shaped Pullman. but would have been interesting to do and if you have some existing ones copy from probably a lot easier (we didn’t have )
  5. The Glenn skirting heater looks expensive for what it is. I’d go oil filled as slim said
  6. Yes no problem at all guess they are stainless steel. But of a pain to paint round. I’d be worried about hooks snagging on clothing etc
  7. I’ve got a pvc one didn’t seem to be any other option ! I also have press studs and they seem ok so far (couple of years) money well spent as we didn’t want / need one of those abominations on the back.
  8. Another vote for the wickes one .... the blow function is useful on occasion too
  9. Most likely it’s not an ‘earth return’ sender like it should be for marine applications (but usually aren’t) if one of the wires is connected to -ve that would confirm
  10. I doubt it’s 1/2 bsp they are often NPT which are very similar but slightly different thread. I have seen the strong in arm weak in head make them fit.... as Jen says try it in a proper BSP fitting. There are two specs for senders euro and us and the sender and gauge need to match. personally I would order a new gauge and sender off fleabay for about a fiver and and adapter for the sender if it’s not the right thread. is there a separate sender for the temperature warning light ?
  11. Before getting too carried away I would measure the available spaces on your roof bearing in mind vents, hatches, pigeon boxes, pole racks etc surprising how little free roof space you might actually have ... i went for a rigid panel fixed with brackets (non tilting) forward of the centre line and a lovely Victron controller (with blue tooth) bought from run by the sun (very helpful chap) who knows what he’s talking about I was less convinced by photonics and completely unconvinced by bimble (just my opinion based on my limited experience)
  12. Not so good for a 12v system given they are mains units.... More typical of cheap Chinese units I’d say ....
  13. Hard to tell from the pics but looks like a modified standard fitting to me so just look for something that looks like it will fit.
  14. The usual problem with these is the solenoid travel needs adjustment and the breaker trips needing resetting. The breaker should be on the top of the big white relay box fitted to the side of the engine below the air filter. since thats not happening then perhaps the solenoid is faulty in some way or maybe it’s just a wiring problem eg a bad connection. Might be worth seeing what happens when you turn the key to the stop position. You should see and hear the solenoid engaging every time you turn the key. Probably worth checking the connections to the solenoid and there is a multiway plug behind the Control Panel and on the side of the relay box. I seem to recall you can get non-original solenoids for about 30 quid off eBay, so I can’t really see the point in putting a manual stop in when there is a perfectly reasonable key Operated system fitted as standard.
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