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  1. jonathanA

    Alternator wiring

    Bulbs - haven't seen one of those for many a year in my youth I used to change those bulbs all the time I think I still have a tool for pulling them out from the front of the panel. i think Biz is right it would be worth changing them out for a more modern fitting able to take a slightly larger bulb, typically around 2W or more and a damn sight easier (and cheaper) to get hold of.
  2. jonathanA

    Alternator wiring

    Did you have your multimeter on ac I think the whizzometer terminal is an AC signal. Do you have two charge lights ? Might be worth seeing if there is an ignition controlled +12 V on the brown lead and then touch it to earth to see if a charge light comes on if so then it could be the second alt isn't being excited and therefore no signal to the tach ?
  3. jonathanA

    Pump out prices

    Free for bertholders at Reedley doing their own, 15 quid for visitors I think that’s self help too.
  4. jonathanA

    Viraj Fixings

    Wot he said recently bought 60 M6 from my local supplier (Martin dale industrial fasteners) for £ 2.50 One of those old fashioned places where they have stuff behind the counter and will show you stuff and give advice
  5. jonathanA

    Crick Boat Show

    I agree there are a lot of non boating stands selling non boating stuff but if there wasn’t swmbo wouldn’t be interested and I wouldn’t be able to go. Since ill I’ll be driving 60 minutes in the beer tent is 59 mins 59 seconds too long i cant understand why more of the boating stands don’t actually have stuff for sale
  6. jonathanA

    Water tank

    Spare bilge pump and pump over side drill pump and couple of bits of hose ( and drill) using the water pump and tap will work but takes ages
  7. jonathanA

    Fried inverter?

    Yes it’s common practice to parallel several smaller fuses instead of one big’un others will rubbish Stirling products but we’ve had a Stirling 1800 job for 8 years (fitted just before we bought the boat by the seller) and it seems fine (kiss of death now)
  8. jonathanA

    water temperature warning light

    Do we know what type the engine is ? I would be be tempted to add a cheap water temperature gauge sender and gauge - can be had off eBay for less than a tenner. Or look for a none genuine or car part - worth a punt as plenty on eBay for a few quid.
  9. jonathanA

    Pearsons Canal Companion - Bargain!!

    Usually means the item is actually out of stock but the seller wants to keep the ad going. Or as Matty says it’s a classic... you can can have mine for £250
  10. jonathanA

    Creeping Crack Cure - seriously!

    As others have said it does work on small or hard to find leaks/cracks i reckon it’s watered down PVA but whatever it is it works at least for a while
  11. jonathanA

    Annoying alarm.

    It’s reasonable to assume the dim light quiet buzzer sound are related and the wiring to, and alternator need investigating. Have you tried blipping the throttle and does that have any effect on the light or buzzer? Might be worth tracing the white wires I’d expect the buzzer to have connections via diodes to Charge, oil pressure and temperature warning lights.
  12. jonathanA

    G i’s, I T’s and anodes necessary?

    Anodes yes GI or doorstop sorry IT no
  13. Not sure - the lock cottage was rented out to a definite non canal type a year or so ago. I know because I had to knock on his door to get him to move his car to out of the way of the balence beam so I could open lock gate CRT do have a little base at one end of the building and the little ice cream shop closed 7 or 8 years ago.
  14. Yes the moorings above barrow ford locks are good moorings waterpoint and basic sanitary station. Think they are 14 day and safe as plenty of people about. There are some moorings east of the tunnel, I think 14 day once you get past the water point. Again I’d think pretty safe a bit further up good moorings at salterforth not sure what the current stare of the Anchor pub is but moorings outside the pub too.
  15. I think it’s 75p at the moment and you can declare what you want. Usually reasonably priced. Closed sundays lower park marina a bit further towards Leeds is usually reasonable too

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