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  1. jonathanA

    Towing a cruiser How ?

    Yes possibly with hindsight alongside might have worked, could have used the centre ring my handrails are of the solid type, although he had nothing in the way of fenders seemed to be a dawncraft / Viking style cruiser although don’t think was one of those well known types. Yes your right about thinking laterally I did consider alongside and cross straps but also didn’t have much thinking time and failing light didn’t help ! So maybe that’s the lesson should have stopped and given it a coat of looking at !
  2. jonathanA

    Towing a cruiser How ?

    There was too much difference in length and height to tow alongside. If it had been another nb would have tried that. i didn’t think about pulling the cruiser close up and possibly a line from one of my dollies to his front cleat and back to my other dolly might have worked😀thanks never thought about towing something like a bucket that would probably have done the job! Years ago I saw a sea anchor made from a little bit of old sail shaped a bit like a small, ( maybe 2 or 3 foot across) parachute and was amazed how well it worked. Thanks Howard
  3. jonathanA

    Towing a cruiser How ?

    Strange occurrence today got flagged down by a youngish chap who appeared to be trying to moor a yoghurt pot. Turned out he wanted a tow, as it was about 16.30 and going dark in the frozen north I said I’d tow as far as my intended mooring for the night. What's up with your engine I said ‘ain’t got one just bought this boat’ he says... bloody hell where are you going i ask hebden bridge was the reply given we were near chorley in the L&L I was bit surprised... anyway towline attached right at the bow of his boat and starboard stern dolly on mine and off we set. I kind of expected a v hulled cruiser to tow nicely and follow behind but it was like a side to side yo-yo. Slewing side to side. After a mile or two and having had some near misses with bridges and moored boats we called it quits... he clearly knew little and I’d never tried towing a cruiser what should/could I have done differently ? there was no obvious place to attach a line further back and no cleats midships to try to fashion a ‘y’ tow to each side. With no engine or rudder he had no steering at all.
  4. jonathanA

    Mooring valuation

    Not in your area I’m afraid 😞 armistead Barnett are who I was thinking of in the north west. Maybe one of the big national chains like frank knight or strut and parker ? Interesting that there are ‘sitting tenents’ in my case the valuer said an existing lease would knock £10k off the value of my plot.
  5. jonathanA

    Mooring valuation

    Does it have a documented history of being used for residential mooring ? Or planning consent for a houseboat/ residential. i recently had a plot of land valued (included 60M of canal frontage) and it was a nightmare but I needed an official surveyor type valuation (to satisfy HMRC) rather than a how much will I get if I sell it valuation. I would look for an estate agent that sells equestrian and agricultural property as a starting point sorry just saw your no planning consent post. If it’s on a canal then the history will important.
  6. jonathanA

    Plug in Galvanic Isolator.. which one

    Are you accusing me of lying then ? I Think ive been fairly reasonable although frankly I don't see what it's got do with you. What I recall him saying was they contravene the regulations. I never said he said they were illegal to sell, you decided to put that spin on it for whatever reason. suspect the GI / IT argument will run and run like the PO vs cassette debate
  7. jonathanA

    Plug in Galvanic Isolator.. which one

    To be honest I can’t be arsed so have updated my earlier post
  8. jonathanA

    Plug in Galvanic Isolator.. which one

    It’ll be on this site somewhere... 😀 you don’t tend to forget your run ins with gibbo although it would have been a long time ago I had a quick search and couldnt find the post so maybe my memory is wrong and it was some one else.
  9. jonathanA

    Plug in Galvanic Isolator.. which one

    Interestingly BT have recently announced they will no longer be using Huawei in their core network. The yanks are definitely not happy with huawei either. on the GI front gibbo used to argue that a GI was a switch and therefore was illegal in the earth. He was wrong. I have safeshore GI but made sure I got one with a status indicator and test it regularly (which is very simple). the issue which wotever and others have explained clearly, is the potentially very high fault current that could flow very briefly in the event of a fault to earth which may destroy the diodes in the GI disconnecting your earth which is not good... so as long as you understand that and have a GI with a status indicator which you test from time to time and always after an over current trip then the AYBC spec is irrelevant. Although may be an indication of some testing against a standard (AYBC) which is not recognised in Europe but could offer you some reassurance around the quality of the device.
  10. jonathanA

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    I’m amazed this thread went so long before we got the firerisk bollox bring trotted out.... we’ll need boater sams asbestos coat if some if the gloom and doom merchants are to be believed....
  11. jonathanA

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    I think that’s a sensible approach Ivan. i don’t really get why you would spend £20 quid on a stabiliser thing to protect a £1 bulb... you could buy well 20 new bulbs.... i would (and have) spend a couple of quid to see how the cheapos last before adding complexity....
  12. jonathanA

    12v electric for wifi

    And it would be a very silly thing to do in any case
  13. jonathanA

    LED halogen replacement bulbs

    They are G4 G9 are usually 240v G4 at 10 or 20W on 12v is quite common in desk lamps and kitchen cabinet down-lighters. The issue about stabilised versus unstabilised is much exaggerated on here IMHO, but so long as you are aware you can make your choice. I bought a cheapo LED one (CPC £1.50) for a fitting I have in a cupboard years ago and it’s fine that said it’s not on for hours and hours most times
  14. jonathanA

    Rust along water line?

    Worth trying the brokerage at wincham wharf northwich also most of the marinas in Lancashire/ Cheshire usually have some boats for sale I would try fetters wharf and scarisbrick near you on the L&L. The white bear marina (Bwml) used have a few for sale too. Venetian in Cheshire might be worth a look too. worth visiting and speaking to people as they are more likely to take you seriously and you will get to see the good boats that never make it to being advertised or have just come in.
  15. I’d suggest when you come to replace the fuse holder you avoid any blade type and look for a heavy duty type like a midi fuse holder (google or search on eBay). My charger is only a 20A model and I was amazed how hot the blade type holder got (good quality well installed) replaced them with midi types and no problem

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