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  1. Sometimes you have to be careful with the cpc website. The operating manuals on the cpc site clearly shows it measures dc current and it does cos I have one. Even though the psge Alsn linked to doesn’t say it measures dc it doesn’t say it doesn’t either.....
  2. Really are they that far up themselves then ? I hope not....
  3. I think it was a light hearted tongue in cheek comment certainly that’s how I and I suspect most people would have taken it
  4. Leeds & Liverpool Canal Starts At: Bridge 130B, Manchester RoadBridge Ends At: Bridge 130E, Finsley Gate Bridge Up Stream Winding Hole: After Bridge 137, Lob Lane Bridge. Down Stream Winding Hole: Before Bridge 130B, Manchester Road Bridge. Monday 12 November 2018 08:00 until Tuesday 18 June 2019 17:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Repair Update on 07/05/2019: We are sorry to report that there have been further delays on site to repair the canal bed and embankment at Finsley Gate in Burnley. Our contractors are working 12 hour days to get the canal re-opened as quickly as possible. As previously stated, we have faced many challenges such as issues with the amount of silt, the constraints to the site and required repairs to the offside wash wall following a collapse. All of this has contributed to the works taking longer than anticipated. We are currently re-lining the canal bed and completing repairs to the off side wash walls. We know this is not the best news to hear but we’re working hard with our contractors to re-open the canal as quickly as possible. We hope that navigation will be open on 18 June and will keep you fully updated on progress. Again we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. I’m not a crt ‘knocker’ and seems a little unlucky but...... come on fortunately we moved past the planned closure in November only to be hit by water shortage based restrictions and now we have this seemingly never ending stoppage along with guess what ... restrictions due to water shortages again on the higher reaches of the L&L thank god we moved when we did its really rather poor as I say generally supportive of CRT but this doesn’t seem good ..... I’d be hopping mad if my business was anywhere on the skipton to Blackburn stretch of the L&L rant over
  5. Seemed fairly reasonable to me... as jen said no one was hurt and that would have delayed things...
  6. In which case i think CRT will be taking more interest... there will some sort of local ‘engineer’ in CRT who should be able to advise what’s the situation is and what they need you to do in terms of washwall construction. PM me and I’ll try to find the guy who advised the local planning people for my mooring
  7. Went through this bridge on Sunday and it was fine. Crt are rebuilding the offside mooring on one side of the bridge so only a problem for single handers. the consoles are pretty similar along the L&L and that one didn’t seem unique, so seems like a more serious issue reading the somewhat confusing notice
  8. I think your last reply scuppers my suggestion of getting a jcb with a long reach arm that you can operate from on land. Probably not hugely expensive to pay for a machine and driver to do the shifting work. At my mooring I have planning permission to create a wooden decking to form a better mooring. However I don’t need to dredge or drive posts in as the deck will be cantilevered slightly over the canal edge and the wash wall is in good condition. slightly confused about how you will create a leak problem unless the canal bank is an embankment or built up above normal ground level
  9. Crt there at 07.30 I’m told we went thru about 9 all ok
  10. I’ve heard it suggested the publican may have something to do with this bridges reliability or lack of ....
  11. According to the towpath telegraph Seems the electrified swing bridge is kaput crt seen leaving this morning and will be back at 08.00 tomorrow to fix reputedly... a small queue of boats forming and number winding nearby no email notification from crt so far.
  12. My experience is quite different ... I find newbies respond well to having the basic principle explained and then giving them polite but clear instructions and get them involved straightaway
  13. Wasn’t that impressed with bimble or solar photonics that a lot on here rave about slightly worrying that only 2 quite old reviews for these ones
  14. Polish them and paint with clear laquer job done! time for pub and looks like you care about your brass.... win win !!
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