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  1. It’s a changeover type switch (spdt) touch the non black wire to earth to check wiring / bulb sounds like bulb has gone if buzzer working. It has no impact on charging unless none of the lights are working which is a different issue I would think Big white box isn’t relevant although check the two circuit breakers on the top of the box one is for the stop solenoid and I think t’other supplies the instruments.
  2. You could try runbythesun helpful and knowledgable chap and can supply everything you need
  3. Happens in big corporates all the time think it’s become a british management disease
  4. Thanks Tony - as usual a clear and insightful explanation much appreciated. eta having looked at various pictures of lister thermostats I’m going to have see what I actually have fitted and what I took out before deciding to stick with what I have or change to a 74C one
  5. Isn’t there something about terracotta pots on gas rings as a form of heating? Seem to recall a thread about that... my experience is that open gas flames eg putting the gas rings on or the gas oven causes condensation that far outweighs the brief impression of warmth....
  6. well I'm confused now... the top extract indicates 751-40982 is correct for my build 47. the lower extract indicates 854-01222 (LPSW4 build 47) but when I tried to order that from a reputable an well known Lister agent ( I won't give them by name in public forum) they said the correct thermostat was 751-40982.... and so thats what i ordered and fitted. Checking my records this was 3 years ago, but I think my OCD means I still have the old one , which didn't have any part numbers on (IIRC). Coincidentally the supplier actually sent me a 751-40983 by mistake and then sent me the 'right' one. Thanks Tony. I will check the old stat as I'm sure I kept it 'just in case' but at the time was convinced it had failed open, I would have done the the hand on the 'top hose' type test i'm pretty sure. I'm also wondering where I got the idea it was an 88C stat - might have been stamped on it, or I might have taken it from the table in the manual (that Rusty69 quotes above). The temp gauge always seems to hover around the 90C. I'm not sure I understand why the skin size is important with regard to the thermostat temp, if the skin tank isn't big enough , then it isn't big enough and the thermostat would be open anyway. I wonder if there is an argument that says having a bigger difference between the coolant temp and the 'canal' temp on the skin tank will aid the transfer of more heat ? My knowledge of thermodynamics is not up to that sort of question...
  7. I’ll have to check my records for part numbers but my Lpsw4 seemed to be running cool and the thermostat had failed open. I’d assumed this followed an overheating incident due to a failed hose. (Which is perhaps contrary to the lost wax issue Tony B refers too) A well known supplier recommended a replacement 88 degree thermostat which seems fine. Surecal cauliflowers seem to come with the mixer already fitted but do need setting (well mine did anyway)
  8. Yep we should copy the frogs pay lip service and carry on as is .....
  9. What do the fitting instructions say ? Would have expected any solenoid/ control valve to have been supplied with it
  10. I read somewhere that if you are thinking of living on a Narrowboat you should try living in your kitchen for a week seemed like sensible advice to me....
  11. the number of of times I’ve passed diesel bobs workshop never realised he might be useful for boaty diesels...
  12. Well a bit hard to know what the arrangement is with the customer.... but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a new boat owner on the forum in about 12 months asking why he has no hot water....😀
  13. Looks cosmetic to me wire brush and paint....
  14. Worth bearing in mind a reasonable one may still have some value when you have finished with it and you can bung it on eBay
  15. Simple as in terms of finding the right type of bulb fitting. It is BA15D im speaking from personal experience not something I’ve read on a website or forum. yep some of the eBay stuff is not so good but then when they are dirt cheap it’s sometimes worth a punt. as others have said the price of leds in general has tumbled so not quite such a big difference as there was.
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