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  1. Had exactly the same issue on ours when we bought her. First issue is getting the Swan neck off .... for me the two big hammers (14lb sledgehammers) just didnt work. Maybe I was too gentle. I referred to Tony Brooks pages (fantastic info). I used a method similar to that suggested by ditchcrawler. Undo the swan neck nut. Then wedge something under the swan neck raising the whole rudder up by a bit say 1/2 inch now either refit the nut a good few turns and give it a bashing ,being careful not to damage the threads or a good tip I learned is to use a bit of copper (flattened pipe w
  2. I bought a JTF 19.99 chinese eco fan knockoff a couple of years ago - cheap and nasty but seems to work... the one at home as been running virtually non stop since october as it did last year. probably gets knocked off the stove once a month by me or SWMBO who suffers from the clumsy gene and still working. so lets see call it 3 years for 20 quid, so if I buy another 15 then I would have been better off with the £300 quid stirling engine which will payback in 45 years on that basis - nope another jtf special then... incidentally I bought 5 peltier effect devices (the things wh
  3. I think I'll do what I've always done and ignore all that bollox. Happy for the Bridgewater/ peel holdings to invoice me but not going out of my way to pay them or book anything...
  4. Why is the normal double check valve as fitted to many outside taps not sufficient ? seems complete overkill to me and as others have suggested quite easy to circumvent. Nanny state strikes again....
  5. Has the EA document been written by the office junior? The bit about back pressure doesn't seem to make sense ? How are they going to police 7m hoses ?
  6. Seem to recall a joiner mate of mine of using tallow on screws in hardwood
  7. Have to disagree with you about the impact driver. I got a screwfix drill and impact driver Bosch 18v set a couple of years ago and I'd say the impact driver is the most used bit of kit I own. Besides using it to put in screws effortlessly and take them out again, its great for shifting rusted, screws, bolts and nuts. What possible use would that have on a boat.... You do need good quality screw bits and adapters for socket sets. Go and have a look in a mechanics tool box they'll have a battery impact driver as will just about any decent tradesman....
  8. Not sure if mine is a maul it's more like a 14 lb sledge hammer with a sharp end and very effective. For really big stuff I have a sledge hammer a couple of wood grenades and a few splitting wedges. If you get something proper with a wooden shaft you can replace the shaft when the inevitable happens....
  9. I think I'd have a separate "contract" for the delivery aspect covering whose insurance it's under and stating conditons eg you take reasonable care of it. Timescales etc. Basically just put in writing what you both agreed doesn't need to be complex or need a solicitor but does make sure you both have the same understanding. If you have all the money for the boat then it seems to me the purchaser is taking the most risk here. Im not so sure it would be easy for the money to be taken back just like that
  10. Shogun is an excellent towing vehicle tough as old boots and reliable as well as comfy and unlike solihull machines they don't leak ! Good luck with the boat too !
  11. 86p from CPC as mentioned by me at the start of this thread 😀
  12. Yep and the fitting is best its past too now...
  13. We will agree to disagree Plenty of suppliers of mains equipment are happy to send pre tinned ends on their flex and many of the ferrule suppliers say Crimp or lightly solder... Im not saying soldering (and I mean light tinning) is best or worst just something that might help the OP
  14. Green red amber seems a bit counterintuitive.... what type of sensor is it ? Can you access it/them possibly cleaning them if they are the float type (best done when emptied!)
  15. I know some others will disagree but if you can't easily get ferrules then light soldering is an alternative. That said CPC have a range of reasonably priced ferrules. Some of these don't require special crimp tools just using the screw terminals to crimp the ferrule onto the wire.
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