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  1. Yes we have too. It's just after the last swing Bridge West bound. Also the Rishton VM are OK and the bacon butties from the adjacent cafe are excellent Any where on the long straight outside Blackburn after the railway is also quite pleasant.
  2. Might be worth considering a hotel boat as an option maybe something like the lady Teal on the L&L? Might be a good option for someone not from around these parts....
  3. Yea mine does foot-ric as well as metric or I'd have prob got rid of it years ago..
  4. My old fashioned manual caliper neither needs batteries nor uses them. Of course it doesn't have a nice digital display.....
  5. Aldi were selling i think it's 25 combination spanners 6-32mm for 25.99. I thought it was worth having a set at that price for the boat.
  6. The bss tests are quite prescribitive around gas and the examiner needs a manometer. So really the only issue is whether he can use it and whether he can connect it to a test nipple or not. It really ain't hard.... As nickn says gas safe doesn't mean much and in my experience you would be best to avoid gas safe bods. If you MUST have one find one recommended by people you trust.
  7. I think that's it @Hudds Lad vandalism means broken/wor n out /not repaired properly/ misused or vandalised.... 🤔
  8. It's a very basic bridge so not sure what there's to vandalise.... but apparently out of action till Monday at least
  9. There is a hand cuff lock but thats not the one they lock.it with. It was as a ruddy great padlock when we there.
  10. Eanam wharf blackburn if you get in between the towpath gates they lock at night. Not a CRT key either.
  11. I was impressed by run by the sun. Didnt rate bimble or photonic universe to be honest No affiliation other than satisfied customer
  12. I did say the lister senders were a bit crap I've had one do the same and also one were one of the terminals broke off... As i said before you need a 1/8 NPT thread sender the gauge you linked to has a metric sender. Yours was screwed into an adapter I think from 1/4 NPT to 1/8. There are some some other places to fit temp senders/switches on the lpsw and I can't quite work out where yours is. (Not that it matters). Find a gauge with a 1/8 sender and you will be OK. Do you have a temp warning light on your control panel as well as the gauge ?
  13. It looks like the normal lister temp warning switch which is 2 terminal, one to negative the other to the warning light. That doesn't seem consistent with what you found though. In my experience the lister temp warning switches are not the most reliable things. Might be worth testing by heating it up off the engine. Eta might be worth just ordering a cheapo gauge and sender off ebay. You need a 1/8 npt size sender.
  14. Wish id been quick or witty enough to post that Athy ....
  15. I wouldn't do anything they'll sort themselves out. And at the home mooring the batteries are most likely going spend most of their time in float anyway. My solar controller does an equalisation charge every 60 days Id probably switch that off just in case the other charger doesn't like it.
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