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  1. Mobile phone signal booster

    Yes Vodafone share masts with O2 for 4G with Vodafone providing the masts on the west side of the country and O2 on the east. Vodafone have more of the lower frequency bands which are supposed to be better in rural areas. I think simple economics will force the mobile operators to share masts for 5G as it did for 4G
  2. Yes it is - I always fit the larger filter as a matter of course. The lister manual suggests this could extend the time between changes to 250 hours. I was advised that it’s still a good idea to change the oil more regularly than that. PM me if you want the part no of the larger filter
  3. Fire safety tip

    Unfortunately because the technical parts are such complete bollox I can’t take the article seriously at all and suggest the article does more harm than good -it’s full of nonsense. Blackrose might be worth suggesting your elfin safety fella not distribute this sort of clap trap as is it just brings everything he says into disrepute and one day he will have something important to pass on...
  4. Eco Fan

    JTF have one of the eco fan clones for sale for 30 quid. Thought it worth a punt.... only tried it at home so far and it definitely causes a draught that we can feel sat about 8 feet from the stove. the most useful thing is when the fan slows we we know to stick more coal on...
  5. I won’t because I have some intelligence. i suspect I’ll be reading about you in the Darwin awards...
  6. This looks like GS controls jobbie the Rcd is actually an RCBO and looks to be rated at 16A so combines the function of MCB and RCD so not sure why you think you need a fuse as well ?
  7. Wtf ? Yes if your not sure get someone in but this is utter tripe sorry to be so blunt...but I am a northerner marine qualified ? What are you blathering about ? If you aren’t sure the then ask about get recommendations like you would for any tradesmen but if some one claims to be marine qualified move on....
  8. Pump out filler cap

    What your water and diesel comes in cassettes too ... weird!
  9. Pump out filler cap

    I think I'm right in saying that the usual size for these filler caps is 1.5 inch bsp or about 45mm diameter.
  10. Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Yes and same for Burnley some nice spots between the two too.
  11. Shared the gargrave flight on the L&L with a 62 footer a few years ago. Don’t remember asking him about the Wigan flight but guess he must have managed it. ETA: iirc Liverpool short boats are 60 x 14 and have a shaped stern to fit in the locks
  12. No chance of a conflict of interest there then.... cue new rules requiring hetas (in)competent persons to install/certify stoves on boats kerching £££
  13. Thanks Jen Appreciate the detailed advice, you are right about the angles at the roof end for sure, something I want to check out during the dismantling process. I thought increasing the diameter would improve the draw but that’s never been a problem anyway but hadnt considered whether it might cause a problem lining everything up. Unless I can find some cheap 5” pipe i think I’ll stick with the same 4.5 inch stuff. Thanks Bengo I spotted some CHS on a local steel stockholders website but wasn’t sure if that was the right stuff to use.
  14. Generator Accidents - A Timely Reminder

    Slightly off topic but related so hope Alan doesn’t mind.... also quite dangerous the use of camping stoves and heaters.....
  15. wd 40

    I could see some value is spraying selected electrical fittings to keep damp out maybe or things that might seize up if the boat is left over winter. some people say WD40 can attack certain plastics, but as its basically a paraffin and oil mix, I've never been convinced about that or seen it happen*. I'd suggest a good wipe over with a clean rag would be more beneficial. *as they say test on an unimportant/inconspicuous area !