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  1. Was still there twelve months ago although the water tap wasn’t working
  2. Look on Tony brooks website for how to get the swan neck off. Conventional wisdom is hitting 3 shades of brick dust out of it with two sledge hammers on either side with the nut loose. Didnt work for me. I used a couple of big metal wedges between the deck and swan neck and big hammer on the nut. A tip I learned recently was to put a bit of copper (Flattened bit of copper tube) on the nut or top of the threaded bit and hit that with the big hammer this prevents damage the threaded bit. hopefully the remains of the bearing will come off easily but remove or drill out the grub screws. Clean the shaft above the bearing to help it slide off. Good luck - I had to get a serious bearing puller to shift mine. I took the bits to a local branch of Eriks bearings and they sorted out a replacement. ETA if the rudder is in the cup I would just try knocking the broken bit back down into the casting as far as you can -? bit of grease will probably be fine for a little while. I cruised for weeks with one like that until I could get it dismantled and replaced. Didn’t help that my tiller swan neck nut was 38mm which you don’t find in the average socket set....
  3. Could you undo the 4 domed nuts and lift the tiller and bearing up and drop it back into the cup? . Bit of rope through the hole in the tiller might help
  4. Dunelm sell foam in limited sizes and it seemed expensive to me. We bought some for temporary use until we sorted some professionally made cushions.
  5. Agree with sharpness and rgreg. cant say I’ve had any problems with crt staff or their contractors
  6. I can’t comment on the marina but having recently moved our boat to that area, it’s lovely - a pleasure to cruise good selection of canal side pubs. As for cruising routes are you joking ? Liverpool link a day away, the rest of the L&L via Wigan or turn right and the bridgewater, Manchester, T&M, Weaver all a few days lazy cruising away.... (why do think we moved there )
  7. Forget all that and just fit a land rover discovery glow plug relay £5 for a second hand one on an internet auction site of your choice job done .... That’s what I did I refuse to pay a hundred quid for a 70A relay with a NE555 timer the relay timer might be a few seconds shorter or longer which the lpws isn’t going care about... I think I’m right in saying most just have glow plugs per cylinder and not the 696 w manifold heater plug
  8. And moored awkwardly last time we were there, wouldn’t be so bad if they moved right up to the end of decking. We were there for a couple of months last year waiting for the water restrictions to be lifted and wasn’t long before I started getting the your boat had been spotted... emails
  9. Really poor advice from the lockie at Wigan. I dont think theres anywhere i wouldnt moor along there. But definitely some places that are better than others.... once you you get a bit past Reedley take your time as your on one of the most scenic sections of canal all the way through to skipton. About 30 mins from reedley there is an offside mooring next to the Nelson Morrison supermarket very handy for stocking up...
  10. Thanks Mike. Unfortunately by the time I recovered my wits and realised I was dealing with a [email protected]@wit he was in his van and heading back to the reservation. Shame they don’t have ID cards marked up with jobsworth.... Scottish power refused to give me his name and gas safe details despite my raising two formal complaints. Might raise it with gas safe see if they can get the details from SP.
  11. Don’t talk to me about jobsworth gas safe people. I will never allow a so called gas safe bod to enter my house or work on my gas appliances again ... if anyone has a Scottish power maintenance contract for their home boiler my strong recommendation is to cancel it immediately and save the money.... a bit like the bss I would have taken my issue up with gas safe directly but both the bod and Scottish power refused to give me his name and gas safe details so rendering it impossible for me to complain directly to gas safe
  12. I'd just go through henhurst and moor up at cable junction at the bottom of the flight proper. Good chance of pairing up with another boat to share the locks in the morning - much better than doing them on your own (assuming your not a fat boat of course. ) not much to choose in terms of 'amenities' between any of the moorings suggested so far. There are limited facilities just near the junction. (bog and shower IIRC)
  13. jonathanA

    Wi fit on board

    I can’t see how one well known seller of on board wi fi can justify 150 quid for an external antenna without router... plenty of routers and antennas on auction sites at significantly less money... dont pay the ‘marine’ premium !
  14. Could be - see if it’s the same time every day. I only realised because the pump/cylinder are in a cupboard in my office and the time was not a programmed on time.
  15. A lot of boilers have an automatic cycle where they run for a few minutes running any pumps and fans once every 24 hrs or so. Took me ages to discover why mine would come on at 14.07 every day for a purple of minutes....
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