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  1. Thanks all for your comments. Its been several years of waiting but is good to be finally underway with transforming this historic site into a working boatyard. Pluto thanks for sharing the photo of Mossdale. Tony Lewery visited the site a few weeks ago and has kindly shared photos of Mossdale with us taken at the same time. He also mentioned that he painted a number of BW workboats in the wet dock several years ago. Here's one of his shots: Photo copyright of Tony Lewery. Sorry I missed you today Richard, hopefully I'll meet you when you come back Thanks all again, Matt
  2. Hi there, We have recently taken over the site opposite the CRT repair yard in Northwich on the River Weaver. It has been unused for a number of years but houses a slipway, drydock and wet dock - all of which we have been busy refurbishing over the past few months. We are aiming to improve the services and facilities offered to boaters in the North West and hope to encourage more vessels (of all types) onto the River Weaver. Drydock The 120ft x 22ft drydock is available for DIY and serviced dockings, as well as any hull repairs. The bostocks are a good height giving excellent access to the base plates for blacking. 74ft Historic Tug 'Seaport Alpha' - photo courtesy of Paul Kirkbride 1925 Humber Keel 'Hen' - photo courtesy of Paul Kirkbride Wet Dock Our fully covered wet dock/paint shed is 80ft x 18ft and is currently undergoing refurbishment. The heated wet dock has a removable pontoon down the middle allowing us to accommodate 2 narrowboats or a wide beam. The wet dock will be available for DIY hire and we currently have a business opportunity for a professional boat painter to take on the rent of one half of the wet dock. If you're interested or know of anyone who might be, please do get in touch. Wet dock undergoing refrubishment For more information please take a look at our website (http://www.northwichdrydock.com/) and if you are on social media we are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too. We look forward to welcoming you. Regards, Matt Parrott
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