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  1. No if it was the trip (rcd) would have tripped. Besides your measuring the voltage with a meter not your bare fingers (hopefully)
  2. Seems a bad place to start penny pinching... if I may say so. Do the colecraft prices include fitting the engine not just the price of the engine. If so your saving may not be that great... I suppose you could try Key diesels (part of RCR) for prices for recon units. Do your research though as key have a shall we say a variable reputation.
  3. You've just brought back (unpleasent) memories of Scout Camp 'honey pot' duties ... a bucket and chucket usually in a small tent stinking and swarming with flies in the heat of summer....needing emptying every day or so...
  4. 2.1mm plugs are pence a bit of flex and a 12v plug to match what you have and your away. I bought some cheap 1/4 wave magnetic antennae and found that worked perfectly for me. Couldn't get anything inside the boat unless I held the router to the window. The cheap stubby mag aerials give me enough forwork teams calls and streaming TV etc... Obviously if you are really in a not spot then you might need the 100 quid ponting things ma bobs....
  5. Maybe its 3 times as expensive .. 🤔
  6. I had an MGB roadster with overdrive on 3 and 4th brilliant Idea and great fun on country drives.... Same engine went into the marina TC iirc.
  7. Good grief you lot are soo old.... What's an A40? Other than a dual carriageway near Oxford As a teenager I had to keep my mums dilapidated minis going between mots. One of these included a lovely Riley elf , which being a positive earth was a rot box. Since most of these had tired engines and or gearboxes we invariably added a tin of STP at each oil change. Which was alleged to contain molybdenum. This was supposed to quieten down the whines and rattles.... Hmm wonder if it would work on our absent friend....
  8. See addition to my previous post... He would have his tractor seized....!!!
  9. I think this a bit of urban mythology....seems completely unworkable to me ... I wouldn't expect to change or steam clean my 30 year old tractors fuel tank if I needed to use for non agricultural purposes and so put white in the tank. ( I do have a 30 year old road legal tractor just to be clear) Red diesel reality check: Accepted use: “A farmer transporting his livestock from the farm to the mart for sale at auction.” Non accepted use: “Farmers using red diesel for charity tractor runs. Apologies @MtB I stand corrected ...just found this From April, some farmers will need supplies of both non-rebated fuel and rebated fuel. To stay compliant, farmers will need to use white diesel or alternative fuel for non-permitted jobs, to drain and flush out machinery tanks between permitted and non-permitted jobs and keep separate storage tanks for rebated and non-rebated fuel. HMRC will have the power to spot-check and issue fines or seize machinery from farmers who break the rules. When hiring machinery, particularly if the machinery is likely to be used on construction sites too, farmers should check if there is an obligation from the hire company to use white diesel instead of red.
  10. I think that's always been the case except for some specific cases / limited distance. E.g moving between fields or farm to field. They are expected to use white if they are contracting and using the roads iirc
  11. I think you've got that wrong. Surely this forum has a cross section of boaters of all sorts and on the whole they are welcomed.... contrast that with the IWA?
  12. IWA ? Who are they ? I struggle to see what relevance they have (to me) and I doubt I'm on my own.. Which is probably a shame but I haven't really seen anything that makes me think I should join. Don't get me wrong I wish them all the best, but maybe they need to make themselves more relevant to today's boaters ?
  13. Tap scrotum.... brilliant.. I'm just imagining the dragons den pitch.. And Debra's face.... 😂😂
  14. I think the other used to be Ellesmere port bu t it's been about 20 years since I went there for a bottle (although considering it again...) I'm guessing they probably had a pipe from Stanlow refinery...
  15. Yes usually flat out... if its a bank Holiday, but being wide and deep they can get away with it....😂
  16. When we had those horrid things I replaced them with wooden dowel. A small screw thru the bracket held them in place
  17. And of course they can never manage the extra work themselves it needs an increase in staff.... This sort of mentality is one of the reason's I walk away from any public sector work
  18. I think your right Arthur. I responded to the CO monitor consultation against them. Not because I didn't want one but because its thin end of the wedge. At my recent Bss the examiner recorded whether I had a smoke alarm as in his words that's the next thing the BSS want to make mandatory... Bureaucracy never simplifies anything least of all itself...
  19. Yes spot on. I would also check out the cost of a macerator toilet and tank for yourself. I've used dump throughs on several hire boats. Used cassettes on a previous boat and had a mercerator and tank for the last 12 years. The macerator/ tank is the nearest to the 'real thing' IMHO. Water usage isn't an issue. I've had to 'clear' it twice due to one of the mutants girl friends sticking ladies things down it. To be honest it wasn't a big deal or as horrid as I feared. The biggest thing you need to consider is how you will pump it out. At the marina it used to be 10 quid a go which wasn't an issue as we aren't liveaboards. The marina we were at changed to free DIY pumpouts. Out and about then 15 quid a go is common. I have a small pump and a couple of 20 litre containers so can do a cassette style empty if needed or in the case of the proverbial 'freeze up' which has never happened so far....
  20. Seems to be the 'going rate' I just paid Paul Morris of St Helens 170 quid. He is gas safe for liveaboards too. I know its a ghost thread but thought the info from cuthound/me might be useful for others .
  21. Why wouldn't you just buy the 3 way version ? https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/WA413C.html They aren't that expensive...
  22. Opinions will vary, personally I think the use of 12v stabilised supplies/regulator's unnecessary. But accept that some stuff might not like 14v+ up them. I've been running a dlink router like this for over a year and have a who are we b535 which was also quite happy connected direct. (Although not currently using that) I would be cautious if I was doing an equalisation charge and probably disconnect whilst doing that.
  23. I think I would have swapped the clamp with one off one of the domestic Bank batteries. . I can't prove this scientifically but I think multiple layers if tin foil which is of course aluminium, do not a good conductor make... I can't see why you would have blown any fuse and suspect the problem is just a bad connection. A probe about with a multimeter should help clarify where the volts are going or not going!
  24. Yes they are the ones pictured by Alan arent.
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