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  1. Or indeed how much incompetent management can do with sufficient funding ... to be fair public sector and competent management aren't usually found in the same sentence in my experience.....
  2. Err I think you've found your problem....
  3. Actually looking at the pic again its in a skip of scrap metal by the looks of it so imagine there is quite a bit in there and no doubt an extra bit of income for someone.
  4. I'm not sure I understand your problem? Presumably the level under the engine cap is full and then you add coolant to the other tank. If you loosen the engine cap does coolant leak out. That would prove your new bit of pipe.
  5. Even as scrap metal I would assume it would be worth 50-100 quid as I assume its fairly heavy... I'm always pleasently surprised when I take a car load of crap to our local scrappie and get £50 in my bank account . More if I'm weighing in old leisure batteries too.
  6. Our boat has a more normal curve and I found the standard angled ones not angled enough. I got mine from limekiln. And it did have more angle than the one I took off. But not enough. I made up a fillet out of some mahogany ex laboratory worktop that I just happened to have.... I was able to move the stove a little bit too which helped line up the flue . So if you don't already have a hole in the roof take your time and work that out carefully before making the hole. I think the numpty who fitted mine made a hole then tried to fit flue /stove to hole.... Somebody will be along to point out that the received wisdom is a centrally mounted stove is better than one positioned as is traditional to side of the front door... but I'm sure you have your reasons.
  7. I've always suspected it was watered down pva. Wasn't aware of EVA.
  8. Joint between the roof and roof collar? Especially if there is a bit of rust under the collar. I've also had water find its way from mushroom vent to light fitting... very confusing till i worked it out so might bevworth checking any vents nearby
  9. If worrying about condensation keeps you awake at night whatever you don't buy a boat of any sort.... (if you want to sleep at nights) I always remind folks looking at boats that boat stands for bring out another thousand....
  10. It's going to relatively expensive anyway. But Scarisbrick could get the boat on hard standing and then a crane could be organised at leisure (relatively) and would be a much simpler crane job (possibly hiab) which might offset Dan's charge for slipping the boat out. Otherwise botany Bay have a crane as another option to Lymm.
  11. Looking at the picture I suspect it is a no name stove - doesn't look like one of the well respected brands. Without a few more pictures of the doors, door seal, vents, grate it's hard to be sure but I wonder if it's just not a good stove as booke23 said. I was given a newport cottage stove which is basically cheap Chinese shite but looks quite nice. I use it as chimnea at my mooring which is all it's fit for. it's great for sitting round on those late summer / early autumn evenings, but wouldn't use to it heat a garden shed... I'd echo what others have said and say check all the/door vent seals and any joints between side panels /top plate. A bit of fire cement or high temp silicone might work wonders. Whats going on with the flue ? Seems to be a load of debris on top of the stove and the flue looks very badly joined together?
  12. Just opening the taps won't drain down the cauliflower and indeed still leaves water in the pipework. Various options for draining the cauliflower the only guaranteed way is to access the drain off point on the thing (assumes their is one and it's accessible). Other people use pumps to empty, which either needs plumbing skills or valves and pipework to facilitate it. Frankly I don't bother as mine is under the bed and well insulated. I do have a drain off point at a low level in the cold pipework. Some people use non toxic anti freeze in their toilet bowl. A lot will depend on whether you have a shoreline and can leave some small tube or oil filled heaters on a timer or frost stat or indeed have diesel/gas central heating that can provide frost protection
  13. How uncharitable, probably someone's pride and joy stolen and dumped, causing them to lose their NCD, possibly missing taking a child to an urgent hospital appointment.. Some people....
  14. I've used this type of pump to pump clean water from a vehicle mounted watervtank into a power washer and it was fine for that. I very much doubt they would cope with grey water. The other thing is they are designed to cut out at a certain pressure and I found they would blow normal plastic hoselock type connectors and had to a) use good quality fittings well made off b)adjust the cut out pressure down.
  15. Obvious issue with St Mary's and fettlers is the locks to navigate everytime you want to go for a cruise, which put me off. If your looking for a winter lay up that might not be a concern. My boat is currently being blacked in Scarisbrick and it seems nice enough and people i know who moor or have moored there found it OK. Although they weren't too keen on GRP boats, purely on the basis of getting more money from a full length boat I think. Its quite secure if that's important to you.
  16. What a weird website ? Every price followed by this : (Please note that we do not retail or sell heaters on their own. This price is for the appliance only, if we fit it. This price does not include labour) Based on their web site these people come across to me as, idiots and I'd avoid....
  17. I think they are a pretty common 'denso' unit. Would have thought any reasonable starter/alternator place would be able to get one for you.
  18. Personally i wouldn't put my controller in a damp environment so why would I want /need tinned cable.
  19. Thanks nightwatch. Hope you get past the trials of wigan. A shame about the cross keys but its all too common. I expect it will soon be turned into 23 horrible modern semis and townhouses..... 'built sympathetically to the setting' as they say....
  20. Don't know haven't tried it (yet) but it's on the list... its only handier if we are at base 😀
  21. I was told that they were locked because if they were used it floods someone's cellar or something like that. They used to have a 'BW aware faulty' notice on them (and it was BW I'm going back 10+ years) haven't seen the blue notices but sounds like a useful one if that's not an oxymoron.
  22. Yes and pennine cruises at Skipton are very good too, with someone meeting you at the first lock .
  23. That'll be a first if they do.... Their training normally consists of suggesting their hirers watch a dvd. There argument is they are too far away from any locks to send anyone. I've had this discussion with one of their directors BTW.
  24. Assuming your in Blackburn then I think your next best bet is Riley green, they operate some hire boats as well as moorings so assume they could do pumpouts/diesel. No personal experience though. Wheelton Boat club might be worth a try as there's a PO at wheelton top lock. Some one might sell you a card. There's also a small boatyard there but I don't know if they do diesel. A bit further on you have white bear marina at Adlington who definitely do diesel and pumpouts. It was BWML so dont know if the PO was pay or card operated. If your still in Burnley I'd go to Reedley marina. Depending on how quickly your moving then you can buy cards from the crt offices at Wigan (trencherfield mill) it's quite an experience!
  25. Thanks iand, I used to pass it fairly regularly on the A59 (as well as the canal) but haven't been that way for some time.
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