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  1. I'm sure most just ignore it I certainly do....
  2. Equus - thanks biscuits recently had a paint job I seem to recall and looked very traditional! As would befit its heritage.
  3. Gosh was always interesting to see what boats where there. Although did find the odd occasion when some of boats were somewhat selfishly moored. Wasn't there another historic boat moored there equine or something ? The rusty shell was always intriguing too.
  4. £10 / Month for 100GB from Vodafone. Includes unlimited minutes and text so is a true 3 way sim. I just use it in a d link router With external aerials. Running direct off 12v. my opinion is all the talk of stabilised supply or buck converters is bollix, but hey if it makes you happy.... Sometimes the unlimited Deals are not as good as they appear- check the small print on fair use policies and download speed. Checking the frequency bands is important as in my case Vodafone use the 2.6ghz band and a lot of cheap 4g antenna dont go that high. I was surprised what a difference it made. Mind you I think the most expensive one I bought was about 8 quid...
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Plugged in and some form of electric heating to protect from frost / keep damp at bay....
  7. I’ve used a simple frost stat for central heating systems with a simple timer in the past. Just needs mounting on a suitable box or piece of wood
  8. 6mm tap into 5mm holes and brass or stainless bolts Personally I wouldn't us crappy Chinese aluminium rivnuts which need a much bigger hole of exactly the right size.....
  9. Vodafone do something called a sure signal which sort of does what you want, but uses your broadband or equivalent to connect back to their network. Not sure if 02 have an equivalent. Since you claim to have a functioning mifi the simplest option would be to enable WiFi calling. Dont know if 02 have that as an option but assume they would.
  10. I thought it (jet A1) was just kerosene / parafin. It certainly looks smells like it when you get near a jet
  11. We moored next to a similar nb for a while. Very shiny black outside London white inside complete with massive TV and 17 speaker surround sound. Very pleased the new first time owner was... he took it up the Llangollen and hated the trip "it was all fields and marsh and nothing to see..." managed one winter as a liveaboard and sold it in the spring.... That had a very square cruiser stern too that looked like it had been bashed on every bridge and lock ..... I do think nb builders are a very conservative lot - look how long it's taken for double glazed windows to be common on new builds compared to say motor homes and caravans.
  12. Thinking back to the breach a bit further west at rishton a few years back, which was also a culvert problem it took a good 3 months to repair... we were stranded at wheelton and it was the continual drip feed of info and slipping reopening date that really was annoying. Hope those affected get a realistic repair time estimate. IIRC CRT were using some fancy repair method (some sort of liner ? ) for that culvert which was part of the delay.
  13. I'd question the judgement of anyone claiming landrover products as 'reliable' and 'bullet proof' You can rely on them to breakdown usually because something cheap and nasty let's go I say this as someone who has owned a variety of discos and defenders.... I'd think the tdi engines would be a bit too powerful and high revving compared to the usual canal engines. 113 bhp at 4250 rpm or something like that for the 200 tdi
  14. Update on 11/10/2021: Our teams have been working throughout the night to try and stabilise the significant leak between Bridge 109, New Barn Bridge and Bridge 110, Aspen Bridge, Rishton on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, unfortunately, during the early hours of this morning the canal bank has breached. Dams are currently being installed onsite and our teams are organising a method of repair, including pumps to be able to pump water over the affected area to maintain a feed to the lower section of the canal. To help conserve water in the surrounding areas, the following Lock Flights are closed: Barrowford Locks Blackburn Locks Johnsons Hillocks Wigan Flight A further update will be provided tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 12 October. Doesn't sound good..... hopefully they had stop planks in or ready
  15. Yes that's the context that I'd heard of for furlough long before covid. My employer insists that contractors are furloughed over Christmas. As they don't want to pay contractors to sit on their backsides whilst we all make merry...
  16. Thanks for the post as others have said it tends to be the bad experiences that get posted. I'm not a RCR member but had a sort of retainer type cover via my insurance for a few years and never needed to call them out. Then the cost kept going up so dropped it. I periodically check the costs versus cover and everytime conclude its better value to just pay when needed. A bit like most 'breakdown' insurance policies in my experience. Still not entirely sure what they did but it seems like they did something with a leaking bow thruster, although anything short of a boat out and welding repair must have been temporary presumably?
  17. Is it an lpsw4 or lpw4? The lpsw4 usually has a glow plug per cylinder rather than one of the manifold preheaters. Since you don't seem to want to follow any advice or help given here the I suggest you wait for Ed. For the benefit of others the lpsw4 has a glowplug relay with timer in a little box bolted to the side of the engine. I still think that explains the issues you are having and it seems Ed agrees, if as you implied you have never actually changed the slipping belt then its almost certainly knacked and I bet (as I and others have suggested) all the pulley grooves are full of crud too
  18. I think the tachometer is a red herring. When you switch the ignition off/on you will most likely operate the glow plugs if they are on a timer relay rather than a heat position on the ignition switch. Putting a load of maybe 70A on the alternator. I hasd a similar issue with my engine chewing alternator belts/slipping at start up. Eventually I did as suggested earlier in this thread and properly cleaned all the groves in the crank, water pump and alternator pulleys. Surprisingly large amounts of crud had built up.... the other thing I did was check the alternator alignment. Mine was just out a little bit and I think I moved a washer or something. I've had no problem since and I nolonger see rubber dust from the belt near the water pump pulley. I change my belt annually but they seem to be in much better condition when I take them off. Also 4PK multigroove belt but just a 70A 127 alternator. Hope that helps a bit
  19. I have/had the same problem, I made a bar to go across the front doors (inside). A 2 inch square 5mm steel plate welded to a 10 mm threaded bar is all that is visible outside but is much stronger than the lock and flimsy bolts that would otherwise secure the front door. It now needs said battery angle grinder and 30 mins rather than 2 mins with a crowbar or big screwdriver OP I made it myself it's not hard - few bits of scrap metal I scrounged
  20. I think your being a bit unfair on Fred, it was the big 'C' that did for him. Not falling off a chimney or being run over by his steam engine. He came from an era when people took responsibility for there own safety. If you watch him laddering a chimney (plenty on you tube) you will see was very aware of the safety issues.
  21. Tim i've got a confession to make.... If i was on a remote mooring with no other boats in sight I couldn't give a stuff and if I needed to I would run my engine (and on occasion have) due to duff batteries/for hot water or whatever... however I wouldn't if I was moored close to other boats. Hope that doesn't upset you too much... and before you ask yes I have had my IQ tested and I'm above average (or was at the time years and alcohol may have reduced that a bit now... 🙂 ) Feel free to report me to CRT of it makes you feel better and ill consider this my good deed for the day... I think you started off with a reasonable question but then let yourself down.
  22. Another vote for run by the sun. I fitted my own with the stuff supplied by them and also upgraded my home system too via them.
  23. Mes Midlands https://www.mes-midlands.co.uk/ Know what they are talking about and will get you right parts.
  24. We have a pair of professional uhf radios. Useful on lock flights where the locks are reasonably far apart or round bends etc. Generally I will not leave a boat in a lock with no-one able to drop paddles in an emergency etc. But when sharing (most locks we do are wide) it's really helpful to be able to communicate with the helm when setting locks ahead etc. As for using a mobile phone ... fumble in pocket, unlock phone, doesn't work because fingerprint sensor doesn't work through glove, tsje glove off enter pin, open phone app find swmbo number start call wait 10 secs for ring tone 5 rings later get voice mail Ring again whilst swmbo finds phone .. but she is In bottom of lock and sounds like a dalek as signal is poor and can't hear me due to water from leaky gates on all the well maintained lock gates.... Versus pushing ptt button and speaking.... Let me think ...... So yep pretty irrational and silly frankly to think 2 way radios are not useful. Eta accepting that there will always be Numpties who will be irritating....
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