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  1. How is your side hatch secured?

    I suspect that side hatches are a major security weakness on most boats. We've got 7 off them but I am moderately happy with our security, but as you suggested, do not want to post details. Anything that is fixed to the wooden lining with short woodscrews is going to fail pretty quickly faced with a crowbar or even a bit of screwdriver prising. Anything effective really has to go through the steel, or be welded to the steel. Going through the steel can potentially look ugly and possibly be undone. Coachbolts are a possibility and some people now sell some rather nice black stainless steel versions. We live in the age of the battery angle grinder so ultimately anybody can get in if they really want to. ............Dave
  2. Liverpool Link

    Surely take the boat to the museum, but on another trip maybe as its quite a long way by boat from Liverpool, unless you are brave. Dave
  3. Liverpool Link

    There is just tons of stuff to do in Liverpool, we have been every year for the last 6 years, just booked it again, and we stay for 12 nights even though we now have to pay CaRT £20 per night after the first 7. Get the train to Hamilton Square and then walk along the front to New Brighton via some of the old docks, or get the train to New Brighton then walk along the sea front to Meols and get the train back. Tour of original dock is good, and also tour of the old pilot boat (Edmund Gardner) if its open. Museums are really good. There might even be a tram running from Hamilton square. Many many superb pubs. ..........Dave
  4. River Avon Navigation Licence

    Give them some money and get a 7 day licence. They do a great job of keeping that river navigable and deserve your financial support. Its also a nice feeling to pay money and know that its going towards boating rather than cycle tracks, layers of managers, and silly PR stunts and consultations. ..............Dave
  5. Liverpool Link

    You might of course need to visit the marina for a pumpout/elsan/fuel or whatever and this involves a rather nice trip through the docks. Normal practice appears to be to phone the marina first to confirm that the service berth is unoccupied, but not to phone the harbourmaster. .............Dave
  6. I try to adopt a live and let live attitude to fishermen but its difficult sometimes. Whenever I clean the prop there is fishing line (and sometimes hooks) round it. Have watched a moorhen slowly die whilst tangled in fishing line, watched by its babies, and they do keep crapping in the hedge and don't bury it and my dog likes to roll in it!!!!! A few nice fishermen but sadly mostly baduns. .................Dave
  7. BCN Challenge 2018

    BCN Challenge is a good event but I reckon the West Highland way beats it easily. I am envious. About 10 years ago we seriously thought about doing it but then I had some work on Loch Lomond and watched lots of bedraggled and badly equipped walkers in the torrential rain having a very bad time so we changed our plans. I have this image of a few Glaswegians going for a few beers on a Saturday lunch time then one says "what shall we do next this afternoon" and another says "I've got an idea......" .............Dave
  8. New service to boaters.

    I've lived on the cut for almost 10 years now and travelled extensively but don't recall going past any of these marinas. Dave PS I think I went to a place called Ardrossan many years ago but that was in my VW camper.
  9. New service to boaters.

    I live on a 70 footer and cleaning and polishing the cabin sides is hard work and takes ages, so much so that it hardly ever gets done. If somebody could do a half decent job at a half decent price I would be very interested, and would be extra keen to pay someone who is retired and interested in canals and boats. Lots of hand car washes have sprung up over the last few years, surprised nobody is doing the same for boats. ...............Dave
  10. Smartgauge Questions

    but watching batteries charge is much more exciting than watching paint dry. ............Dave
  11. Smartgauge Questions

    I've had a Smartgage for a fair few years now, and look at it several times every day. Here are some observations. Its a useful guide during most of the charging phase, more convenient than looking at charge current, but its useless at indicating when to stop charging, it gets to 100% when the batteries are still a long way off fully charged. This is very bad news for people who use the smartgage to tell them when to stop charging, but consistent with the user manual. After any charging the Smartgage will be wrong for several hours. If it says 100% (or 95% or whatever) then it sticks at that value for several hours before it starts to fall. This is not really surprising if one thinks about surface charge etc. Once discharge is underway the Smartgage is a truly brilliant instrument, and this is what its designed for. One other thing, if I do an equalisation, or have the batteries on shorepower for a while (just been on holiday) then the Smartgage goes a little crazy and initially drops rather quickly (heart in mouth have I killed the batteries with over enthusiastic equalisation?), but once it gets down to about 80% it starts to sort itself out. ..............Dave
  12. Speaking from first hand experience, it takes ages for paint to go off if painting the baseplate at low temperatures, and messing about with hair driers or whatever does not help at all, hair drier vs 10mm of steel sat in tons of cold water, hair drier does not win! ....................Dave
  13. You have to imagine yourself as a very old man, sat in a chair in the nursing home, probably in a slightly damp chair at that, and maybe even dribbling a bit. You can either watch tele or chat to the old fart next to you. You talk about the old days and so can either talk about the things that you DID, or the things that you thought about doing but didn't do. One life! ..............Dave
  14. Leave empty or not ?

    I keep getting tempted by the FuelGuard filter but its very expensive. But, we've had the boat for ten years and only once taken just a little water out of the filter. The fuel pick up pipe in the tank should be raised a bit of the bottom so if your sucking up water then you must have a LOT of water in the tank. As said, taking a fuel sample from the very bottom of the tank once or twice a year is the best approach. I suppose the FuelGuard would/might partly protect against a sudden major ingress of water into the tank. ...................Dave
  15. artifical grass

    Did you hear about the American footballer who was asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf???? "Dunno, Never smoked Astroturf" was his reply. .............Dave