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  1. I'm confused, you have a budget of 50k and this boat is over that at 55k-60k but somebody (not a proper surveyor?) says it only has scrap value, but 30k would fix it???? .............Dave
  2. Are you too big for the Huddersfield Narrow? As the Biscuits say, give it a go. The worse that can happen is that you have to turn and go back on the Rochdale and half of the Rochdale is a very lovely canal. The only thing I can say for certain is a 70 footer does not go through that lock, but it does make a rather nice winding hole. You need a handspike for that lock, I'd like one but can't justify it for just one lock, a length of timber works ok. ..............Dave
  3. It is often said that "engines are very good at eating things" and this is mostly true. My old mini ate a hose clip and that made it quite unwell but I think I was unlucky.😀 .............Dave
  4. As I said earlier, its a very variable pound. We often have to wait in the upper lock and run some water off otherwise the amount of water overtopping the gates swamps our back. With this and emptying the lock the pound goes up a bit. I also think there is a feed from Walsden water just below the lock. Going down we usually have to take the exhaust off (just) so I reckon that's just 7 foot. On the way up having taken a lockfull out we usually get through with the exhaust stack up. There is also an extra plank on top of the big storm overflow weir and I think they were not in place when w
  5. Using Vactan as a primer for blacking is not standard practice, maybe its not a good idea? If it was a good idea it would be standard??? The boat has pitted due to the limitations of blacking, so if the blacking is just replaced then the pitting will continue. It is generally believed that epoxy stops the pitting dead. There is some debate about the economics of shot blast and epoxy, but if the boat has a lot of pitting there is no debate....epoxy is the way to go 😀 .................Dave
  6. That's not a conclusive test, running the engine with the isolator off is sometimes not advised so the boat wiring may well prevent the alternator from exciting (working) if the isolator is off. The most common alternator failure is worn brushes, these are a semi-consumable component and are often easy or very easy to replace. .............Dave
  7. If you are full time liveaboard then 2 years is good, and as you say you are not fully recharging often then 2 years is really good. Just carry on as you are and replace them every two years, and get the cheapest you can find. Have you got room for any more? A separate engine starter battery is a very good idea and will last for many years. Most low cost batteries are rated for only about 300 cycles so getting 3 years is going to be difficult. You could run the engine more, or get a little genny, but would likely still only get two years out of the batteries so just carry on a
  8. The yard will be all set up for putting the epoxy on and might even have a lower paid less skilled worker to do it. If you DIY you will need to supply your brushes, paint kettles and maybe a power stirrer etc etc. You might need to get a friend in to help and need to feed and beer them as a reward. You are also getting them to do half the job (shot blast) and you doing the other half which can lead to "misunderstandings". However its good if you can be present during the work to keep an eye on things. Find a proper coverred dry dock, some yards work outdoors and say th
  9. What Matty says, he knows about boats. Its just not that bad for an older boat and no welding is needed yet but a bit might possibly be wise. Shot blast and epoxy will stop things getting any worse, Sort out as much of the inside as you can get easy access to, especially the very back, as this will stop the "inside out" corrosion. After shot blasting have a really good look and get any deep pits welded. Only do overplating if it is actually needed. Think very carefully before doing the epoxy yourself, it might be a false economy. .............Dave
  10. The nuts are likely on studding, can you get the studding out and replace it with slightly longer lengths? ...........Dave
  11. We've found a fair few old photos that all show the arm very much as it is now, so always just a short arm. It was not built at the same time as the canal but several years later. One photo shows that the early canal ran through almost open fields before Heden Bridge grew to meet the canal. ..........Dave
  12. Laptops do much better than desktops as low power consumption is obviously a big factor in laptop design. We don't know what the OP has to do for work but it might be possible to do most of it on a laptop and only fire up the works PC once or twice a day to transfer data. ..............Dave
  13. Whats the date on that map? The "drydock" is there but I don't see how it could be part of a longer as an arm because the land at the end is at a lower level. Maybe the longer old arm is just a local myth? I can find no mention of it. There are a few old photos on the www but none show an arm longer than the current dock but do sort of show the short arm corresponding to the dock. ...........Dave
  14. I have been told that the slipway right next to the drydock was the remains of the old arm and the dock itself is more recent, so it could be the fuel tank. It would be good for Bronte to take it over, they manage it (get the boats in and out and do most of the repair work to boats) so it might well be better looked after if they also owned it. As a local, can you tell me about the Thai restaurant? it looks to be an original building but I suspect its much more recent, in which case it IS possible for architects to produce a building that blends in with its surroundings
  15. Even better get some proper gasket paper. People on eBay sell little selection kits. eBay will also supply a decent set of punches for not much money, probably chinese but they work. Making gaskets can be quite therapeutic, and quicker and nicer than driving to the shops to buy one. ..............Dave
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