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  1. Almost all 12v fridges are just standard 240v fridges with the compressor changed for a 12volt unit. They are costly because the 12 compressor (which you can buy yourself) is expensive, and also the 240 volt compressor probably gets thrown away/sold on cheaply. If the insulation is poor that is only because the conversion companies choose to convert cheaper fridges to keep the cost down a bit. I think this is a false economy. If you have a boat where you keep the inverter on full time then a mains fridge makes sense. A figure that I have never seen is a comparison of the same fridge model in 240 and 12 volt configurations. I suspect the 12 volt is better but by how much?????? .............Dave
  2. I reckon its some kind of old engine, the big brass intake thingy should be a big clue 😀 Can't quite see how many cylinders it has from that little picture.
  3. If its just something on the cill then they really should fix it now, but if there is nobody stuck on the "9" then its less urgent, anybody coming down can stop in New Islington or go up the Ashton. If the 9 have wooden floors like the rest of the Rochdale then its starting to look like a lot are getting to the end of their life. The Rochdale is split into two regions somewhere near the summit and I suspect the Yorkshire team are much more dynamic than those that do the Manchester end.
  4. Not easy to get anything to stick to stainless. Sand, clean with acetone then paint with epoxy, something like Jotamastic 87/90 Will stick on fine but its not easy to get a good finish and not sure how it copes with temperature, but a bit on my exhaust has coped fine.
  5. The Epping is a very good stove and has insulation inside to prevent too much heat radiation from the back and sides so it can fit in a small space. They traditionally have a very cranked flue to cope with the flue on the "wrong" side. They cost big money and are now quite rare so unless you really want one maybe get something else and leave these for the traditionalists who really need them 😀
  6. Does it need to be "traditional" or would something modern be ok for you?
  7. Had no option but did enjoy it (especially as it was not my boat 😀) . I fully agree with your Disney sentiment, the huge number of large blue signs telling dogs to say grrr and "welcome to wherever you are" are becoming quite distressing. Mixed feelings about volockies, we always invite them to help but like to stay firmly in control. Spending time on the Rochdale has also changed my opinion a bit, having a volly help on the Manchester 18 really is a very good thing, though it helps that the gentleman concerned (a very occasional poster here) probably knows more about boating than you and me combined. .............Dave
  8. Went through on a friends boat during Covid and the CRT man drove the boat perfectly but I think he was a proper CT man rather than a volunteer. Was very nice to all sit together at the front of the boat (in a tight covid huddle 😀 ) rather than having to concentrate on boat driving. CRT provided a powerful tunnel light which really did light up the tunnel. Superb tunnel.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. That is really interesting, and if correct is worrying. The solution appears to be to get rid of petrol engines and modern diesels and increase the use of older slow revving direct injection diesels 😀.
  11. Hope to Get to Atherstone tomoro, might stay there for a day and see if Cox's can do a TravelPower service. Engine had got really smokey, somebody put a photo on facebook and it was almost embarrassing, so decided to remove and clean injectors, had not realised that this might increase global warming, you are right, black smoke is good 😀
  12. We are on the Cov, should be on the North Oxford in 2 or 3 days time, where are you? Global Warming, Hell will never freeze over now 😀.
  13. Hello mtb, welcome back to a really dynamic and informed forum 😀. ........Dave
  14. I'm going to investigate a tyre wrap, I'll put it on my list of things to do 😀. Due to the Rochdale 9 lock issue we went down the Rochdale and up the Ashton, the Marple flight is horrible for sticky out things, Gillie decided riding up the bottom gates was the best approach...and so got the back fender caught on something. Weak link failed 😀 We've had the boat about 14 years now and only on the second front button so riding up the gates has not done too much harm. ............Dave
  15. I personally don't like the look of those "inside out tyre wrappings" and suspect they will reduce but not solve the problem. It will also be a bit more difficult in our case as we use a very slim/flat button otherwise we are too long to fit into some locks 😀. ............Dave
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