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  1. dmr

    Today's Catch

    Right, The Catherine Wheel is Newbury sells beer. The monument is ok if you like them rough and basic, but busy if they have music on. Lock Stock does a very nice Fullers ESB at eye-watering price and the customers wear suits. John O Guant in Hungerford has nice beer and food but is a bit posh and expensive. Drink 9 get the 10th one free or something like that. Not difficult over a couple of days. Cross Keys at Bedwyn closed for property development, other pub is mostly a restaurant. Waterfront Bar at Pewsey wharf is a very interesting place. Try to eat there too. Say a prayer as you past the closed Barge at Honeystreet, Locals trying hard to buy it. British Lion in Devizes is a real proper Boozer. There is also a Micro. Hear Rumours that the Southgate is now good but its a little walk. Barge at Seend is an eater but has a drinking area and nice 6X (better than most). Pub up road now run by boaters and I hear good things. Three Horseshoes in Bradford on Avon is ROUGH but lovely. Good beer at good prices. Too many pubs in Bath! .............Dave
  2. dmr

    Today's Catch

    Welcome to the Kennett, and to K&A boating. You say "of course" the flow took you against the landing but you can't bank on that, its a funny eddy there and sometimes takes you out!l When you get through Woolhampton do stop at the RowBarge for a pint. Its a bit posh but they always have a good range of beers. Expensive, so a good introduction to K&A beer prices. You won't see cheap beer till you get to the British Lion in Devizes. .................Dave
  3. dmr

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Very very Interesting that this retains a black background. Its an iconic location so is this CaRT admitting that the blue is actually inappropriate???? The University where I used to work did a very similar rebranding and they discretely admitted that the old "logo" would be retained for important things like degree certificates, an acceptance that the new image was a bit lacking. If CaRT had adopted the new logo but retained the black and white image I would have accepted it, but the change to blue has made me finally move to the anti-CaRT/ CaRT can't be trusted faction. Still no plans to join the NBTA though. That Ampersand is Horrid. ............Dave
  4. There is always a risk with an owner fitout that mistakes might have been made, or the standard of workmanship might be poor, but the same really applies to a professional fitout which might have been done by a chippie who subcontracted out the electrics and plumbing to an inexperienced friend. I would not worry too much about the RCD but then I am not a big supporter of paperwork. Even if the boat meets its paper specification it is quite possible that the standard of workmanship is low. Try to get access to a few electrical joints and have a good pull and visual inspection to make sure that the crimping is strong. If you can find any "chocolate block connectors" check that the screws are tight and the cables correctly stripped and inserted. Check the cabling inside any 13 amp sockets. Is the wiring (and plumbing) tidy and logical or a "rats nest"? These things will all indicate the practical skill and patience of the fitter. Another possible issue is Hep2o (or equivalent) fittings not pushed fully home but that's harder to spot. We looked at several pro fit-outs including a Hudson but chose to buy an owner fit-out. .............Dave
  5. dmr

    Fire on Ariel

    To try to get something positive out of this.... You were off the boat and had a serious stove/backcabin fire, I assume any fire extinguishers were in the boat, so how did you manage to successfully tackle the fire? Hopefully we can all learn a lot from this as I have often pondered what I would do in this situation. Your boat was looking very good on the Weaver recently so hope you can get back up and boating before too long. ................Dave
  6. dmr

    Today's Catch

    Is this a holiday or have you really gone for good?????? We plan to return maybe September, K&A will be lacking if you really have gone. ...............Dave
  7. dmr

    Today's Catch

    Big mistake, an extra 20 yds walk would have found a really good pub, huge range of real ales, and a good age mix of local customers. Live music from wed or thus every weekend, lots of good old pub rock. However they do have the odd Elvis night and thats when the Star becomes the place to be. .............Dave
  8. dmr

    Today's Catch

    Stone is good, I like a few pints at the Swan, we did get very stuck in Star Lock year before last, its very silted. Ms Viking should be fine though as I don't think she's as deep as us 😁 ............Dave
  9. dmr

    Today's Catch

    Stoke Hammond??? Don't recognise the name, is that just below Kintbury ?????? 😁 ..............Dave (at Winsford on the Weaver near Hungerford)
  10. dmr

    Morris Sae30 v. Miller's Sae30

    Thanks they don't do the one that my engine likes, I will talk to them. ...............Dave
  11. dmr

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    I have tried to be positive towards CaRT but I now give up. Not only have they comprehensively LIED to us about a gradual roll out at no cost, this is just more vandalism of the history and image of the canals. First we had poetry on the lock gates, then those horrible modern water taps, and now the old familiar black and white image is under attack. I will bet its only a matter of time before they starting painting the lock gates blue. So historians, has the waterway always been black and white (or grey on the Shroppie)?, where locks are listed structures can we take action if CaRT paint them? Can we do anything about inappropriate signage at Historic locations? ...............Dave
  12. dmr

    Morris Sae30 v. Miller's Sae30

    £106 from Morris with "free" delivery so you got a real bargain there. .................Dave
  13. Poor thing, i can imagine its disappointment, life in a dark damp engine hole and years and years of tickover, never a chance to stretch its legs, plus an oil filler that never gets fed. .............Dave
  14. I guess its an alternative oil filler. I assume you have an oil filler in the top or "rocker box cover". Its quite possible that in other applications this engine is fitted in such away that there is access from the side but not from the top. In an ideal world the mariniser should have removed this filler and fitted a blanking plate. .................Dave
  15. dmr

    Something wonderful from CaRT

    There are some likely possible "outcomes" from all this rebranding. 1 CaRT are correct in their strategy and the Government gives them loads of money realising that they do more for wellbeenz than the NHS, and as you say, money could come from the NHS budget. 😱 2 Government does some clear thinking and deduces that CaRT have failed in their duty to maintain our historic navigation by diverting too much funding to activities that are the domain of other charities, and so refuse to renew the grant. 3 (most likely) Government renews the grant but at a much much reduced level. The amount of the new grant just about covers the costs of rebranding plus all the new directors and "non waterway activities" so the canal system is in the same financial position as if the grant had been refused. ..............Dave

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