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  1. The cill is only a bit above water level (lock empty) so the front can overhang the cill gaining several more inches. Also I think a notch was cut into the centre of the cill that the front can sit in if required, much lower risk putting the front in here than the rudder/skeg, but its the overhang that really helps. ..............Dave
  2. Due to our length we have to wind above this lock and do the lock backwards. This was really easy to do but then the locky then told us the hydro was tuned off due to low water levels. If it had been running the turn would have been almost impossible, we would have had to wind further up then reverse along the full length of the weir. Some of these little hydro installations are very bad, even dangerous, for boating. ............Dave
  3. dmr

    Quiet routes

    I don't want to become a forum pedant, but its a Scottish deerhound (or half of) not a wolfhound, and those dancers are not morris dancers,(that's poncy southern stuff), the dancers up here are real proper clog dancers and you really don't want them getting on the roof your boat. Actually loads of people warned us about Manchester yobs getting on the roof of the boat but nobody mentioned the clog dancers at the Summit. 😀, ..............Dave
  4. dmr

    Another Lithium battery thread

    Its good to learn something new. I've mostly worked in sound and vibration so pressure measurement is pretty central, but I've never come across the hPa before!!!! Its not really a preferred SI thing, is it an aircraft unit? I can see that its useful as its a millibar. Pressure has always been a bit of a rogue quantity with Newton per square meter, Pascals and Bars all getting used and even mmHg. I reckon 0.01hPa is quite a challenge. ..............Dave
  5. dmr

    Another Lithium battery thread

    Looks good to me. I imagine its much harder to correct things on surface mount. On some of my one-off instruments if I had any space I put a bit of "veroboard" style stuff in the spare space so I could retrofit an op amp or a TTL/CMOS logic chip or whatever. I always used the thickest tracks that I could fit in but accurate analog stuff was my thing, it matters a lot less with digital.....but its always sad to pay for copper and then get it etched away 😀. ...................Dave
  6. dmr

    Another Lithium battery thread

    Let me know how the PCBs go. I have no experience of surface mount and I believe there are a few new things to understand (relating to surface tension and the like) when laying out the board. However at those prices its not a disaster if it takes two shots to get it right. There are a couple of neat little shunt ICs that do all the amplification and ADC and send the result over an I2C bus, I suspect these are what are used in the various active shunts. INA220 is one of them. ...............Dave
  7. dmr

    Northampton Arm Help

    Do you do this for free or do you like to be paid in cider 😀 (have you met the other "lock helper" on this flight?????) ...............Dave
  8. dmr

    Another Lithium battery thread

    I had a quick look at the spec of both types a while ago, the closed loop ones do look a lot better ( i suspect for the reason you suggest) but appeared to have a significantly higher current consumption which is not good in a battery system. The magnetic hysteresis should be predictable so maybe it could be sorted out in the software???? ...............Dave
  9. dmr

    Pelapone Ricardo

    Sorry, I should have contacted you. I have been thinking long and hard about this (yet again) and concluded that our Beta JD3 is the right engine for us. We usually do well over 1000 hours each year and are pretty much dependent on the engine for everything, and so a good solid modern engine is what we need, I just wish I could make it sound a bit better (and smoke a bit less). Having swotted up on all the vintage engines, obtained torque curves and speed ranges etc, I did conclude that if we did get a vintage then the Dorman 2LB would be my choice. Actually my real first choice would be a Kelvin K2 but that just wouldn't fit. The engine room is quite small, designed for the JD3, so even a Dorman would be a bit difficult. Your comment that the spares situation is not so good was also a factor, if the JD3 does fail then as last resort we can purchase a drop in replacement, in fact we did this when we first got the boat. I hope to bump into the boat with the 3LB that you have recently done sometime this year and hopefully have a listen to it....that might change my mind. ................Dave.
  10. dmr

    Cav/Delphi 296

    I was going to make a flat with a file, but enough diesel gets out down the thread so I didn't bother. EBay selection packs are a bit of a double edge sword when you live on a narrowboat as storage is limited, but its often as cheap to buy a selection pack as one or two single items. So, i've got a big selection of copper washers etc but the one that hurts is the big selection of R clips because I only ever use one size but can't manage to throw all the others away. and loads of obscure crimp connectors that I am never going to use too. 😀 ....still not nearly as bad as my wifes collection of jewellery making components though! ..............Dave
  11. dmr

    Cav/Delphi 296

    Yes, I think the head itself comes in both imperial and metric versions referring to the fuel unions, so the drain fitting might well be done to match, bit surprising if it didn't really. Mu original had a bolt with a bit of bar brazed on, but a standard bolt with a spanner is easier. ................Dave
  12. dmr

    Cav/Delphi 296

    The drain plugs are a standard thread (can't remember what though) so you can replace the plug with a standard bolt. If you get a bolt with an integral flange then it will seal nicely with the existing washer. You can then use a spanner to undo it if it gets a bit tight. ...............Dave
  13. dmr

    JD3 oil pressure

    I bet its quite a big difference. On our original JD3 the blowby was so huge that if I took the dipstick out a huge oil spray came out of the dipstick hole. Many years ago a friend got his first car and was told that he needed to check and top up the oil. He phoned me and asked if it was normal to have to put in a huge amount of oil....he had topped it up right to the top of the rocker cover 😀 ..............Dave
  14. dmr

    JD3 oil pressure

    Tried that! What it takes and what the manufacturers say are very different, don't really know why I do like to run with the oil exactly at the min mark as I can then keep a close eye on oil consumption. In addition to max and min the dipstick also has a much lower "fill" mark and for some reason John Deere say do not top up the oil till it gets down to Fill, not a clue why this is. Its interesting, this engine is available in lots and lots of variations with lots of user options. One of these is the dipstick. I assume that engines have different oil levels depending upon their intended use. Maybe they use a different level in a fixed genset when the engine is going to work very hard but never lean over ?????? ................Dave
  15. dmr

    Beta JD3 calorifier confusion

    Raising header tank could be tricky, but it should be fairly easy to raise water level.....get spare radiator cap and disable lower seal, connect overflow pipe to suitable higher improvised container with a bit of plastic hose. but I still think it will (might) self bleed. ................Dave

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