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  1. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    I've just walked down the first two locks from the summit with the dog. They look to be in very good condition and almost leak free which is rare for wide locks. Going to walk down to Littleborough in a minute so will have a look at the broken lock. The locks all looked good and worked well when we came up on Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday, its all fading into an alcoholic blurr). Two boats went down a couple of days ago so maybe one hit the gate. Coming up from Manchester almost all of the locks were reasonable, much better than the lower GU or K&A. A couple of paddles were stiff and one or two out of action, plus the handcuff key arrangements can be a fiddle. A lot of gates will not open fully but that's down to lack of use. The top lock at Rochdale was very silted (or an obstruction) and very hard to get into. The lock at Failsworth was full of crap. This is a good canal, mostly in good condition, but there is too much crap in it, not enough water and not enough boats. ...............Dave
  2. dmr

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    We are 70 foot 8 and 3/4 inches and getting to like the North more and more, can we fit through Thorne Lock????? ...............Dave
  3. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    There appears to be all sorts of things going on, including fishermen sometimes diverting CaRTs water flow into a stream. I was told that CaRT had an option to purchase at least one reservoir but they wanted some repairs done before they would take it on and this did not happen. ............Dave
  4. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    I thought they were all sold off but CaRT retain historic rights to draw off some water. There is, or was, an option for CaRT to buy some of them back but there are still issues to be overcome. The leet from a lower reservoir up to the summit is still visible though a section has been ploughed up. This could be restored and used if new electric pumps were installed, or even better a steam engine 😁 What is needed is more boats. Its the peak of the boating season and I reckon in the last week just 7 boats have crossed the summit (well only 4 really cus we are still moored on it). Walking back down to Littleborough later for more beer and partying. Went to the "barn dance" in the cricket club last night, free entry, free food, not a proper folk band though, more at the heavy metal end of the spectrum. ...............Dave
  5. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    There is a long culverted section near Rochdale to get under a main road or motorway, and several other culverted road crossings. There is a long concrete pounda couple of locks above New Islington, built to cope with subsidence, this was low on water and we went through with less than an inch to spare, but luckily no crap in the bottom. There are interesting sections at Failsworth were a builder filled the disused canal with toxic waste. These were concreted over just below the surface so boats have to keep over to the available narrow channel. Manchester to the Summit resulted in just two weedhatch visits. .............Dave
  6. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Do you actually own a canal boat, have you used the canal system and have you ever boated on the Rochdale ???? Most of the locks and lock gates are in surprisingly good condition, the recent gate failure came as quite a surprise to CaRT as many of the gates are relatively new. The reduced width of the canal is due to a new motorway crossing. Like many canals it goes through coal mining regions and subsidence has caused major problems. Its a little used canal but is most certainly not derelict. The plan was to get 8 boats up here to the summit to add a boating aspect to the Littleborough Rushbearing festival (a seriously good event). 7 boats were recruited but all but three dropped out, partly due to them hearing the sort of doom and gloom stories that you are also making. Interesting fact, all three boats are full time liveaboards driven by women, two of them single handed! ...............Dave
  7. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    Yes, but the canal was abandoned and some of it was built over and its reservoirs sold off. The restoration was an epic task involving demolishing a building, raising the level of roundabouts and bridges and finding a new route under a motorway etc. Its now a 12 foot wide and 3 foot 3 deep waterway at best, but the real issue is that its full of crap, has limited water, and very few boats use it. CaRT are enthusiastic about boating, but unless boats actually use it there is not much CaRT can do, its regular use by boats that keeps a waterway navigable. ...............Dave
  8. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    New Islington marina is an interesting place to stop for the night, and stuffed full of trendy gay men with small dogs. The next day is the hard one as you really really would not want to stop anywhere near Failsworth. People usually make for the Irk Aquaduct but due to our little trip there are now mooring rings outside the "Boat and Horses" (bridge 76A) which is a few miles closer. Big modern town style pub but beer and food were good. Its not the prettiest of places to stop but its right next to a police station so should be safe. There are a couple of longish pounds quite early on so difficult to fill if the levels are low, probably well worth speaking to CaRT in advance so they can organise the water. I think you are a fraction deeper than us so it will be quite hard work. ..............Dave
  9. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    There is possibly a failed gate at Lock 44 or 45, CaRT had the pound drained today to investigate, they are coming up to see us again in a couple of days and report progress as one of the boats in our little group needs to get back to Manchester. I don't know if its on the stoppages list, they might not even bother as sadly very few boats appear to be using this waterway. Its a bit chicken and egg as there are possible solutions to the water supply issue but they are expensive and so hard to justify if there are no boats. ...............Dave
  10. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    We are moored right next to this bird, its causing the dog some concern, possibly the stuff of doggie nightmares, if the birds up here are that big I hope I don't meet a rabbit. .............Dave
  11. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    He's pretty much the ultimate canal geek. We were given a little presentation by himself and two CaRT staff (in a public bar too) and he produced a lot of lovely old photos of the Rochdale restoration through Manchester. He's a good beer drinker too. The trustees were having a big day out at Marple so he had to attend that which meant that we did Rochdale with no CaRT or Volunteer support but otherwise he helped us all the way from New Islington to the summit. ..............Dave
  12. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    With a deep boat you can loose a LOT of hours due to getting a bit stuck and needing to move water about (and there's not much to spare). If you can give CaRT a weeks notice you may well get your own volunteer to help you up. Our volunteer had 40 years of wooden working boat experience (a wooden boat too), knew the quirks of every lock, had restored quite a bit of the Rochdale with his own hands, and was a human history book, he kept telling us we were in charge and he was only helping but it didn't feel that way. ..............Dave
  13. dmr

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    The Rochdale is absolutely wonderful, its 4 hard days ascent from Manchester with a couple of really grim bits but its worth it. Currently moored right on the summit, at a village called Summit, and a pub called the Summit. They still do clog dancing in these parts! We are told it gets even better when we descend the Yorkshire side. Currently thinking seriously about staying up here till March next year. .....and have had superb support from CaRT getting our big deep boat up here. ...........Dave
  14. dmr

    New Islington Marina

    Not even sure the boats ever left, that put up a good protest. I will find out more, spent Saturday night there are now going up the Rochdale with two of the resident boats. ............Dave
  15. dmr

    Anchor advice please

    Its interesting that the Thames and other rivers require us to carry an anchor but do not require us to have the expertise or knowledge to use it. I contrast this with our recent Manchester Ship Canal certificate of sea worthiness examination where I just suspected that it was us rather than the boat that was getting examined. .................Dave

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