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  1. As you are into extremes (which can be a very good way to understand things) in an extreme case of a big alternator on a small engine, the engine might not be able to get above tickover until the charge current had dropped a bit. A very few boaters have a switch to turn the alternator off should they ever need every last bit of power from the engine. With your BMC you should fine. A 120 amp alternaor could be producing over 1.5kW so allowing for how inefficient alternators are could be sucking well over 2kW from the engine which is about 3 horsepower. Thats 3 horses less available at the prop.
  2. Faster charging is a big subject, there are no big downsides to charging faster than you do now, but too much and you need fatter cables etc, the engine might struggle, and most of all it becomes diminishing returns because the batteries will only take a very big charge for a short time. As you are becomong a bigger user of the 'leccy then its probably worth fitting an ammeter (at least) so that you know what is going on. As for a 120amp alternator....you only have a single V belt and it would slip and so wear out quickly
  3. In my case the alternator controller makes a very big improvement in how quickly I can charge the batteries. It likely depends on how bad the alternators built in regulator is but I suspect most of them are quite bad because they are not intended for fast charging of boat batteries. In the worse case you might even find that the new bigger alternator does not give much improvement.
  4. Yes, Ive not got my thinking head on today, especially as we have watched boats going from Liverpool onto the Mersey from both of the available locks 😀
  5. Yes and no...why ask questions about something that just might be possibly when there is something that really isn't possible......unless he fancies the Ribble and round to the Mersey and up the ship canal that is 😀
  6. Its interesting, if we watch a little video of a dog barking on our iPhones then Sophie sometimes pricks up her ears. This recording was so bad that Sophie showed zero interest. I wonder if reproducing a dog bark is a good test of HiFi speakers? It was also a very short and repetitive loop. I reckon a solenoid system is also needed to rattle the front doors to simulate a really big dog throwing its weight around.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. At Stone a couple of years ago we walked past a boat that had some sort of sensor that played a recording of a dog barking everytime somebody walked past the boat. Cheaper than a real dog 😀
  9. Ive just read a Facebook report of burglars spending over half an hour raiding a premises and loading up their van with an alarm sounding. A neighbour called the police but they did not attend till the next day. Modern criminals are very brazen because they know they will likely not be caught.
  10. You mean the police? If there is a burglary in progress in a house they likely won't turn up, will just phone you a few days later with a crime number? Anything to do with boats and they will almost certainly won't turn up..
  11. Which cider? the one I tried tasted like sweet apple juice? The Guiness 0 is quite convincing, and olcohol free punk IPA is quite good. Trouble is I need more wees in the night drinking the alcohol free stuff than with real beer.
  12. One hire company has advertised that they will pre-stock the boat with lager if requested, so the hire companies know exactly what type of customer they want to attract.
  13. I believe that some hire companies charge an extra per person deposit for stag/hen groups which they very often claim, I have heard £200 mentioned so for a 10 berth boat thats an extra £2000, so it really is a good earner. I don't think they can ban single sex hires anymore as thats against all the equalities acts etc, I suspect the extra deposit would also have to go if there was a legal challenge.
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