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  1. Good idea mike...do you want the 8 inches for your bathroom??
  2. I think it is a shame that you are looking at it so negatively as a place to avoid.. the festival is lovely..full of life and colour..good places to eat and drink ..canalside stalls..music and friendly chat.. surely at least some of that is worth mooring 10 mins walk away..
  3. Night club arm as you call it (St Augustines Reach) is a great place to moor..have moored there every year for last 8 years and never had any trouble or sleepless nights because of noise..
  4. Who said anything about pretending to be anything else?... And how do you know the ways of tying in the books are not the traditional way?.. as far as I know there is only one way to tie a diamond knot and a star knot. etc etc ...so I think it is a wrong assumption to say the original methods are discarded.... sure they can be used in different ways in finished items but as I said before you need the basics for tying before you can make anything.
  5. It depends what you think of as an error... I would imagine ropework would be an ever changing thing to suit your purposes..even in the 'old' days of working boats.. And I would defy any beginner to tie the lovely knots in the pictures above..you have to get the basics first and then go on to create masterpieces if that is what you want...and that is where the books come in.. It is lovely to keep the traditions alive but surely they came about through years of evolving and each crafter having his or her own style..it would be a shame if we now all got stuck just making the same thi
  6. Des Pawsons Knot Craft is really good although a little hard for a beginner to follow in the later stages I used it successfully in conjunction with the RYA book mentioned below Creative Ropecraft by the late great Stuart Grainger is the best book for explaining I have come across in several years of knot tying. The RYA Knots Splices & Ropework is good for basics and has a decorative section at the back which includes the pattern for doing Cabin strings from Ken Nelson and is really easy to follow. For completeness The Ashley Book of Knots..not cheap but can be found online..I got mine
  7. Oh my goodness Laurie..yet another embarrassing picture of us all..Dave is certainly showing a lot of chest..expect it was for the pink boat with the pink balloons on moored next to us !!!
  8. Yes i agree with you..they did have time and from what I heard a lot of people did remove their things..but yesterday and today other possessions were taken like bikes and elsan trailers..that is the thing that is really wrong to me..My daughter visited and left my grandchild's buggy outside the boat for about an hour..if I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time that could have been taken..to my mind I that seems like theft. Also if you see my original post on the matter you will see that some things have been taken from permit holders moorings too..so all the little permit holders
  9. This was not a litter pick up it was a planned enforcement of CRT policy of nothing on the towpath..which I don't really question..but I do question why it is different for the K& A as opposed to other canals ... People had had notices stuck on items to be removed over a month ago..BUT when they came to remove the 'things' they also took everything & anything that was there on the towpath. Maybe the dog bowls were for the owners dogs..but I know ( as a dog owner) that people do put a bowl out for passing dogs to drink from and very welcome they can be too especially in the summe
  10. It is not 'just' junk..and not just from CCers ..one lady who pays for a disabled mooring has had her trolly used for taking her elsan to the elsan place removed..she is working on getting it back but how can that be right ? This year we have travelled hundreds of miles and I have walked past countless mooring sites with gardens..piles of logs/coal ..picnic tables and loads of other stuff on 'their' moorings..why should it be different on the K&A?...I don't hear of CRT removing stuff from Uxbridge moorings where there are sheds and gazebos on the towpath. I know people 'take the piss'
  11. The Titanic brewery pub at the top of the town is the best.... Stone is an ace place to moor...especially if you are there for the farmers market..best one I have ever been to..
  12. Dave and I were on her the other week while staying in the docks.. We became friendly with the guy who was living on it and he showed us around.. So very very sad it was a lovely ship inside and out.. I hope Chris the guy who lived on her( and drives the little trip boat around the docks) is ok..
  13. Don't know if you are still looking to make some...as only just seen this.. I make 3 drop & 2 drop ones and learned from the RYA book of Knots Splices & Ropework..the 3 drop cabin strings in the book are by Ken Nelson with very clear instructions and diagrams.. I use 14 mm cotton rope I get from the lovely Karen at Tradline in Braunston... If you do have a go and get into difficulties message me for help!!...
  14. Great pictures Laurie...far far too many of me though...this is my fav one ..we are so juvenile!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/lovestruck94/18393103935/in/dateposted/ Was a great weekend and loved the Ma Pardoe's trip :-) Hopefully see you on our way back..xx
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