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  1. I had this e-mail yesterday, from Patricia Fox at CaRT. The boat has not been at my home mooring since October, it has been elsewhere having work done. I replied (rather tersely) explaining this and received a reply saying, in terms, "ok, sorry to have bothered you". It wasn't a big deal - the wind was more annoying.
  2. As I remember most of the Ashby villages, and the steam railway, have good (flat) access. The battle heritage centre, not so much.
  3. frahkn

    TV licence

    Yep and 40 is the new black (or something). P.S. Notice I was too kind to mention that you had spelled three wrong.
  4. frahkn


    Opportunistic theft (of unattached items on the roof or otherwise in the open) is more a feature of urban areas - often the item is thrown in the canal within 100 yards. Planned theft is very rare and can be reduced by reasonable security. When on the boat I worry more about theft at my empty house. Vandalism is usually by kids and is thus time/area specific to a large extent. I would moor anywhere but I wouldn't leave the boat unattended if it was alone (no other boats) in an area - high graffiti etc - with which I was uncomfortable. Casting off isn't really worth worrying about - what's the worst that can happen? You can use a short length of chain if really worried. Or drop an anchor over the side away from the bank, if moored on a river. This is all IMHO of course but I have been boating for 43 years (including mooring in Birmingham, Leicester and London) and had nothing serious occur.
  5. Absolutely correct, the same, more or less, applies to children. Charcoal has always sorted our dogs, didn't occur to me to try it on my daughter. Too late now, she's 45 and stronger than me (then again, she may be taking it voluntarily as part of one of these new fangled potions).
  6. Well admittedly £200k is not a lot to cover your retirement but then again, it's more than some have to manage on. Presumably they will have the state pension, which they paid for during their working lives and the "system" will have provided the usual stuff (police, medical services, etc etc) whether they wanted them or not.
  7. If you are coming from Kate Boats then you will come to the Cape before you get to Hatton, there will be no need to turn round. I have not read the whole thread so perhaps I have misunderstood - you can wind at Saltisford which is between the Cape and Hatton bottom lock.
  8. Given your somewhat on/off relationship with the gods of electricity, would it not be better to leave the care issues in the hands of Mrs Bob? If you must be adventurous perhaps a tea towel would be appropriate?
  9. A couple of years ago (it's on here somewhere) we came down Foxton when water levels were high, water was coming over the gates. In the final lock there was a leak from between the top gates which was squirting the counter and cabin top (a 70' trad). I had to stand outside the closed back doors, close the hatch till I could only just get my hand to the throttle, and use my back to keep water out of the back cabin. Even then we had to remove and dry the back cabin carpet. No harm done but it was a bit scary at the time.
  10. Probably doesn't help with me chipping in to complain how boring the thread is. However it is boring to read a series of points which are clearly at cross purposes. I do not say this was all your fault though your attitude (and that of others) could have been better but who ever contributed to the continuing confusion, it doesn't make for an interesting read. Also "it isn't the money, it's the principle" positions, however genuine, never ring completely true somehow. Anyway, it's late - I'll shut up.
  11. No, I've been looking (on and off) for years, I even contacted Lockgate in Shardlow. No reply and they moved soon afterwards, possibly to avoid me. So if you find someone please let me know.
  12. Can you pump fresh water in through one outlet and out through the other? Just use your fresh water hose and some sort of container to check the output and avoid pumping antifreeze into the canal. Does the arrangement of holes allow this?
  13. I don't know how old you are but even if you are still a zygote, I assure you that you don't have enough life left to waste any on this thread. Just thump your own chest in an echo chamber and you'll get the gist of it.
  14. As far as I'm concerned nothing, absolutely nothing, could make it a less interesting question. It began as a profoundly un-interesting question and wading through 6 pages of posts has not improved it.
  15. Well to be honest you are not the model of clarity yourself. You say you want a cleaner alternative to a wood burner, then you explain that you already have alde central heating that you are happy with. My smoke alarms are nuclear - but admittedly they don't generate much heat.
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