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  1. frahkn

    Minworth embankment repair

    Alternatively; each day becomes a much bigger percentage of your remaining life. Just saying. Is that glass half empty?
  2. Don't know but Sodastream charge my more than £18 for 1kg of CO2 (not including the canister).
  3. frahkn

    Hydrogen peroxide

    If you have suffered no ill effects from using the water in the days just prior to changing the filter then surely the bug count (however stratospheric) was not dangerous.
  4. frahkn

    No engine, have mains, new battery set up

    I thought many of the posts, including all the early ones, were helpful. Really only post no 10 was a bit out of line and even then it couldn't be described as "ego boosting" or as trolling. You are being too sensitive, it's a very useful forum and worth putting up with the silliness in return for what you learn.
  5. frahkn

    Slim washing machine

    Ow!! Savage.
  6. frahkn

    Fox and anchor pub

    I couldn't find the Bistro but I came upon "The Inn on the Green" (apparently it had been called the Dolphin) which seemed fine. It was certainly dog friendly.
  7. frahkn

    Engineers' Mechanics qualifications/insurance

    Yep, I absolutely do but I'm into self-denial this morning. 'T'is tempting though - no, I can resist.
  8. frahkn

    Engineers' Mechanics qualifications/insurance

    I took my 'A' levels in 1972 so was still in the slide rule era, two years later they were starting to be superseded and by the end of the decade young people had forgotten them. Unlike you, I doubt that I remember how to use one, except for multiplication or division.
  9. frahkn

    Spot the issue

    The OP said that the photo was taken with the water level higher than median, if so surely it will come off the guide rail when the level falls?
  10. frahkn

    Spot the issue

    That won't support much of a lowering of the water level.
  11. frahkn

    Help on the Rochdale Canal

    I got a volunteer last year, when I contacted CART I was told to phone a lady called Mez Hellard, on 0161 220 2960. She contacted a volunteer who got back to me to sort out the details. Of course arrangements may have changed since then, it was about a year ago.
  12. frahkn

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    You will find plenty of friendly, and very good, advice on here. But you will also find a certain amount of 'point missing' and that almost anything can cause controversy.
  13. frahkn

    Hire boat fuel charges

    Yep, don't take much notice of folks with the tiller hard over and water splashing everywhere, 'slowly does it' is the answer (particularly if you are a novice or you're in unknown waters). If you are already going slowly you won't need reverse to slow down.
  14. frahkn

    Hire boat fuel charges

    Take it really slowly and have someone on the bow with the long shaft just in case it is needed. It usually is not. My boat is 70 feet plus the fenders.
  15. frahkn

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    There are any number of routes, one possibility from the Oxford is Norton junction, Foxton, Leicester, Nottingham, Shardlow, Burton, Fradley, Autherley, Birmingham and then the GU south to Brentford and the Thames. This would give you a wide variety of rivers and canals and both the most rural and the most urban of canals. It could be done in a summer month but also offers a good 3 months cruising.