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  1. We have been thinking about this. In the last 10 years we have spent about half our time on the boat and about half in the house. While we have cruised in winter, mostly it has been in the rest of the year. Now we are considering reversing this and spending the cooler months on the boat. It might reduce energy costs and would allow us (the wife) to do more with our garden at home.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. 1 I do have two shunts on separate circuits, I had the second put in because the battery monitor had 4 selectable reading options. The problem is that I do not trust the monitor. 2 I can and will do that, the start battery is in the engine room less than 18" from the starter. 3 I doubt it very much. 4 That is another thing which I can and will do. Thanks very much.
  4. Let me just say that when the problem first occurred (last year) I thought the solenoid was buggered and phoned RCR. A fitter came but didn't have the parts so had to return next day. In the interim he showed me the 'work around' turning the pulley (I would never have imagined that such a thing would work). When he came back he fitted a new starter motor and the problem was solved for a few months. When it reoccured I haven't felt able to phone them because its so intermittent. So I'm assuming the starter motor is less likely to be the cause. You can perhaps see why I didn't want to go into all this at the outset.
  5. This is a profound and interesting question, my answer is not so useful. Naturally I am a bit concerned about the state of the state battery (even though the battery monitor says it's ok) so I don't often try multiple times. But once or twice it has started on the third attempt. Also your question reminds me that I had a similar problem about seven years ago which led me to buy a new ignition switch (which I never fitted because the problem 'went away').Perhaps now would be the time to fit it.
  6. I realise that it can be irritating when someone doesn't just go and make the checks which you advise, and indeed I will make them! First though, can you explain the link between any engine movement and a poor electrical connection. Sorry, posts crossed.
  7. How would any electrical problem be solved by a mechanical movement of the engine? This is a genuine question, I really don't understand.
  8. Thanks very much Tony. First your question; the engine is 19 years old and has nearly 13,000 hours on the clock. The click is when I turn the key, not when I move the pulley. On small movement usually solves the problem but occasionally I have to move it several times, almost a full rotation.
  9. I wonder if someone could help identify a starting problem? I need to focus on a single issue, so if you could limit your diagnostic thinking within the limited information supplied, that would be a particular help to me. Sometimes my engine won’t start, i.e. it does not turn over and there is a “click” very like a solenoid click but nothing else. If I turn the belt pulley a little it then starts as normal. There is no pattern to its starting/not starting but this season, out of 98 attempts it has failed to start 15 times. Only two non starts were on consecutive days, the longest period of successful starts was 17 days. How much I need to move the pulley varies, usually only once but occasionally several times. Can anyone say what particular fault could produce these results? The engine is a Beta 43 and it is in an engine room so this is not an enormous problem, but it is irritating.
  10. Broadly, the statement is correct. I won't go into the UK/USA double taxation regime here. It's complex, boring to anyone not directly involved and besides, I'm no longer being paid to do it! You will find it all in the treaty if you are interested.
  11. I have all brass portholes, two of them open an inch and the glass can be lifted out.
  12. Yes, we had a visitor mooring a few weeks ago.
  13. That is what my Orion has, it also has a 'tug style' deck (it's about a foot below the gunnel). Of course the deck wastes/uses 12 foot of the 70' but we prefer it. PM me if you would like to see it, not for sale but there are certainly others about.
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