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  1. frahkn

    Photos of your boat.

    Welcome Happy Hooker (and of course, your two cats and husband).
  2. frahkn

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    I'm sure you would find many kids who wouldn't recognise the thing on the right - maybe not the screwdrivers either.
  3. frahkn

    Double Glazing

    Teach me to read the whole thread (even if it is 9 years old) before posting.
  4. frahkn

    When do you run your engine?

    Legislation is for the whole population, exactly half that population have an IQ of less than 100. So Government is legislating for a lot of quite dozy folks even if not idiots.
  5. frahkn

    Double Glazing

    Wasn't there a member here - Roger something? - who posted a long piece about secondary glazing which he used in the winter. It might have been a while ago.
  6. I had a look at her video. She says 1 it was not the right model for her 2 it was not installed properly 3 she did not use it correctly 4 a major reason for selling it was that she needed the money for something else 5 another reason is that a 3rd party will be using the boat extensively and the pump-out will be easier for them to d/w I got the impression that she was fairy enamoured but that her particular circumstances were not right. LBG is a master of 'bad words' - I like it.
  7. But presumably you have a fairly large watermaker?
  8. As we speak (sorry, write) my boat is in dock for a lot of work. As a result of the work to be done I have to loose my pump-out toilet. I will replace it with a composting one (a Nature's Head). The boat should be ready at the end of January and I will post (as honestly as I can) my experiences. I have a plan for the onward composting of the "output" - luckily I have a lot of space in my front locker - I'll let you know how I get on.
  9. frahkn

    Smethwick Engine restored

    Fair enough, thanks.
  10. frahkn

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    This year I am clearly not but as I said, it was an exceptional year for me. I couldn't be a CC'r because I have occasional responsibilities at home and I am too cautious to leave the boat on the towpath.
  11. frahkn

    Smethwick Engine restored

    I am happy to accept that it is now at Dartmouth but was it not in the BSM before it (the BSM I mean) moved from Newhall St to its millennium point site?
  12. frahkn

    Smethwick Engine restored

    I think that was the engine from Hawkesbury.
  13. frahkn

    Caravan parks first...marinas next??

    I have a marina mooring for which I pay an annual fee. I pay council tax for the house which is my principal residence. This year is not typical (for various reasons) but I have just checked my log. Of the 365 days available, the boat has been in the marina for 42. I have been on the boat for 16 of those days. The boat has not been moored anywhere on the system for more than 3 days during the 323 days out of the marina. While, of course, I want the "system" (the canal and society generally) to work and to be properly funded, I cannot get fussed about what individuals pay or do not pay or in which circumstances they pay (or do not pay) it. Course that begs the question - what am I doing in this thread?
  14. frahkn

    Question regarding about Survey

    Dry dock v crane usually is a question of what is available, if the yard has a dry dock but not a crane or vice versa. As you will have the boat out every 2/3 years for blacking, it can be looked at then. Insurance companies ask for regular surveys on older boats but otherwise there is no need for a more formal survey. Tony Brooks (a member here) has a very useful web site. RCR and others do short, practical courses.
  15. frahkn

    Standard Hobbit vs Hobbit SE

    We replaced out Epping with a Hobbit SE last year. This was because the Epping was too big to be safe. So far the Hobbit has performed well, we use mostly smokeless fuel but also some seasoned ash. The smokeless is better than wood and less faff. However I don't think we needed the SE, an ordinary Hobbit would have been ok given the rule relaxation for boats.

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