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  1. My boat spends about a third of the year on land line. At the moment mainly in the winter months but we are exploring the possibility of changing this to a better mixture of winter and summer. I treat my lead acids as disposable but expect to get at least 3 years out of each set. I rarely stay in one spot for more than 2 days but even then, have to run the engine for showers etc (we have a gas water heater but don't tend to use it). I doubt (but of course am not certain) that LiFePos would help me much. I am however watching these threads with considerable interest.
  2. My tank has an isolator right by the exit pipe and before the pump (which in my case is at the tank). If you turn off this isolator and then fill the tank, you can just wait. If there is no pool around the step you will know that the tank is not leaking. This is a simple test and you will at least be confident that your tank is/ is not to blame.
  3. Right, not for me then. Thanks for replying.
  4. Despite being unlikely to beat Manchester or Liverpool at football, Birmingham treats its canals better than either.
  5. In eleven years - so say 44 weeks - we never once used the gangplank on Honeystreet. Couldn't get the dog to walk down it! She seems to be still looking well.
  6. I'm not far from the Cuttle Bridge Inn, could you say a little more about it's oddness? It might be worth a visit.
  7. Maybe I misunderstand you but don't her strides go down to her ankles?
  8. There are threads on here which make "war and peace" seem like a short story.
  9. In my experience if you can remove the rust, vactan will have nothing to work on so will be wasted. I would certainly use a rust converter before/rather than priming. There are several to chose from - I would pick vactan.
  10. That's fine but if it is conflicting, which advice do you treat as "good" and which as "bad"? While I fully agree that 'that person' is self opinionated and 'not nice', his advice is often good if you care to separate it from the casual abuse. I can take any amount of 'not niceness' if as a result, I get informed advice. A little drivel mixed in doesn't bother me.
  11. "He's never happier than when he's whinging" - a phrase I've heard often, it can't always be hyperbole.
  12. Not absolutely sure that you always succeed.😊
  13. I have not worked it out but all three of the cross pennine routes - the Huddersfield, the Rochdale and the Leeds and Liverpool have too short locks to be passable to boats over 62' . Similarly the Lancaster canal (though lock free) cannot be reached via the Ribble link. So, in practice, the only access to the Northeast waterways is via the tidal Trent. The experts will be along shortly with more precise limits.
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