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  1. I would be fascinated by a copy of the data supporting this profound finding. The researchers methodology would prove interesting reading too.
  2. Chris, Welcome to the forum. Nice to see you on here, we are often a bit reactionary but by-and-large, we are reasonable people. I for one would not go back to my previous toilet arrangements, I prefer a dry toilet.
  3. My boat is an Orion and, not surprisingly, I like it. Despite its multiple eccentricities. When I first bought it (9 years ago) it was often recognised as an Orion, much rarer now. Perhaps boaters in general are less interested in manufacturers today.
  4. Well, in reverse order:- Willington station is less than 15 mins walk away. My pontoon was a a hundred or so yards walk from 'shore' and I almost never made the whole trip without being accosted by some individual or other wanting to talk, usually about inconsequential drivel. We were on the 70' moorings opposite the 'boardwalk' and the boats functioned as decorative background for shoppers and visitors.
  5. I'm sure that many people think that their boats are 'better' than the rest - it's only natural. But I do genuinely think my looks 'prettier' than others moored nearby. Even though the paintwork is fairly scruffy, something about the shape seems right. Other owners think the same about theirs (but they are mistaken).🙂
  6. I'm in a similar position to yourself in so far as I used to moor a Mercia and no longer do so. At first I enjoyed the novelty of being part of the "decorative element" of a shopping experience but that paled. I am not very at all 'social', I have no interest in the business of others and resent their interest in mine. Eventually, the proximity of Willington station was not enough to balance the rest. Others will have different tastes - each to his own.
  7. In the interest of balance I will suggest that Mercia is not a good choice of base.
  8. It is rather difficult to get at, particularly in a long boat. I think most people use Aston which is only a mile and three locks away, access there is straight forward.
  9. Leaving aside price, is availability ok? I ask because my marina (in Staffordshire) e-mailed me to say that they were limiting the amount each person could buy. Admittedly, this was a few weeks ago but they haven't said the policy has changed.
  10. My dog is (broadly) similar to that, my daughter (being in her forties) isn't. Great picture!
  11. If, like me, you have your engine in an engine-room; consider fitting a shield over the belts and wheels. I have one, without it she couldn't pass through the engine-room safely.
  12. My boat (a 70' Orion narrowboat) was originally designed to carry 6 x 3.9kg gas bottles. Afterwards a coaming was added below the gas locker lid so that a single 13kb bottle could be accommodated. So now I have one 13kg bottle and two 3.9kg bottles. Possibly I could replace the 3.9s with 6kg ones, I haven't tried this.
  13. Our goldie has the freedom of the boat as normally both front and rear doors are open. She usually stays on the back deck. Although the deck is small (even for a trad) and both she and I are large, we seem to manage ok. She is never on a lead but is not excitable.
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  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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