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  1. Surely the meaning is self evident to anyone born in the 20th century?
  2. How big a problem is diesel theft? I can't be sure about when I was hiring or sharing but in the seven years of owning my own boat (which has no fuel security) I have never had diesel stolen.
  3. We do bin the toilet paper, we use a small 'swing bin'. I was very concerned about this at first but, as you say, it's not a problem in reality. We plan to try using "camping" loo rolls and putting the paper in with the solids on an experimental basis when we have an opportunity.
  4. Catch 22 - if you had already built it there would be no problem with the lockdown, you could "transport" any spares you wanted.
  5. My "ideal" would be to have the boat toilet connected to the sewer as at home but there apparently is some technical "faff" which prevents this being done.
  6. The "solids" hole is closed when not in use - with the Nature's Head the flap is operated by an external lever rather than being a bung as with the Silver foxes. In use, the flap is open and with practise, you don't often miss the hole (you will recall that I said that a little practise is required). No water is used to flush, it is vital to keep liquids out of the solids container so really sitting is best. Very little urine remains in the toilet after use. Any cleaning is recommended to be done with a spray bottle (provided) of water and white vinegar and a tissue. We have found that to be adequate for our purposes. As I said, composting is not for the overly squeamish. Of course our toilet is only used by the two of us, I'm not sure it would be viable if it were to be used by a third party.
  7. I'm usually a boater for 6 months of the year and I'm, presumably, "everyone else" for the other 6 months. The existence of the notice (amended or otherwise) would cause me no reason for conflict in either role. Just use a bit of common sense and ignore those who are unable to do the same.
  8. I was told that it is an Orion by, I think, the owner. He was checking that mine was.
  9. I have lived in Britain since I was 5, so 61 years altogether, without seeing anything to confirm this assertion. Rather the opposite in fact.
  10. frahkn

    TV Ariel

    As far as I know (which is not all that far) you can get the program on you computer and 'cast' it to a smart TV. I have seen this done but don't understand the details. Someone will be along shortly I expect.
  11. I have never put anybody on ignore, doesn't seem worth the effort. Surely you can just not read their posts? I take tablets for my blood pressure and I don't think you can put someone on ignore if they are a moderator.
  12. Everyone has convinced me that it is an instrument fault and a couple of people have suggested that a 17 year old Sterling monitor is not likely to be state of the art. I plan to get a new monitor. Left to my own devices I would get a "smartgauge" but basically I want just a single item and something easy to fit. Price is not particularly relevant so any advice would be welcome.
  13. Thanks for all the help. Sorry for the confusion, I meant that the negative Ah position never returned to nil, in fact it never passed -7, even with 8 hours of charging.
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