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  1. Are those using Sedan chairs expected to alight and walk when passing under bridges or can they ignore the signs as cyclists mostly do?
  2. frahkn


    The same is common with mathermatics (actually with arithmetic) people who would be offended if you suggested that they had trouble reading, are happy to say that they don't understand "maths".
  3. If you phone Steve Dennison on 0116 2793034 he will sort you a quote I imagine. I have [email protected] as an e-mail address for him.
  4. Yes, there is no chance of flooding but leaving the hatch off does affect performance.
  5. Mine's an Orion but has the same ducted weed hatch. We have always had a bit of water in it, the seal is not complete (the bilge pump empties into it) but we have had no problems with excess water, it's never much above the outside water line.
  6. The main advantage is fully utilising your share of the boat. When I was at work, I was not self employed, I had 6 weeks holiday. I could not use the boat outside these 6 weeks so it made little sense to own it for 52 weeks. Of course, even now that I'm retired, I only own one boat so I'm in a different position to yourself as I cannot see how I would use multiple boats. So the "strokes and folks" phrase seems to apply.
  7. I think flue length is both inside and outside the boat. In any case can't your outside flue be demountable when you're cruising?
  8. I was in the "ownership" scheme for 11 years before retiring and buying my own boat. I had no difficulty with the scheme and left only because retirement meant I could make fuller use of the boat than allowed by the scheme. There are two points to watch:- Every scheme has some method of allocating your weeks of use - you need to be sure that whatever method used suits your needs. The extent to which individual owners are involved in deciding (or actually doing) the various admin and maintenance tasks differs between boats. Again you need to be content that these arrangements suit you.
  9. My wife wants to learn about engine servicing (a Beta 43) and is interested in one of the "on your own boat" courses from RCR. Does anyone know if these courses are any good in practice?
  10. I imagine there is risk involved in tree surgery and that a certain amount (a lot probably) of nerve is required. I doubt if you want to live that dangerously but of course I might be wrong. Anyway, I am quite certain that I do not!!
  11. Sorry, I absolutely did not mean it that way, please consider yourself un-shot. I only want the pump for unlikely emergencies, say my wife is showering and the whale fails while she is covered in soap. Not exactly life threatening but I promise, it could become so for me if I couldn't control the situation while she finished. If you say that it worked as a pump for you, that's fine for me.
  12. Judging from the description and from several of the reviews, the LH "pump" is is a syphon. If it is then it's no use to me as the external water level will always be higher than the point from which I'm pumping. Perhaps I'm misreading.
  13. Yes, of course but wouldn't it be simpler to just pump it overboard in one go? Simpler or not, this is what I'm looking to do should the occasion arise.
  14. Hi Mike, I have one of those and very useful it is too but I want a pump which I can use to get water off the boat (rather than store it).
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