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  1. frahkn

    Warwick to Braunston

    An occasional pub gives your dog a treat (the William in Alrewas comes to mind) but the Moorings sell them to you, albeit presented in a nice bowl!
  2. frahkn

    Warwick to Braunston

    The Swan in Stone used to allow dogs but not kids. I don't know if this is still the case.
  3. frahkn

    Warwick to Braunston

    I disagree.
  4. I'd be crying if I mixed Lambrusco and beer!
  5. frahkn

    Fitout "good ideas"

    See - that's why your english teacher said to avoid double negatives, they cause confusion at a quick scan.
  6. You're right, it is illogical but it happens all the time. Humans are an odd lot in the main. You or I might not ask a question of a group if we didn't feel the members were competent to answer but the OP is not particularly unusual, in my experience. He is offended at Alan's "claim to superior knowledge" so he clearly didn't expect experienced comment from the forum, yet he still chose to ask the question.
  7. frahkn

    Gas locker paint.

    I have an invoice from my boatyard for painting the gas locker with "gas locker paint" but, looking at it, I think it's just ordinary bitumen blacking. Either way, it seems to be working.
  8. frahkn

    Stourport Ring report

    Yep! Although we're as fast as most two-person crews in locks, our cruising speed is slow. I always ask following boats to pass, really dislike anyone following me too closely.
  9. frahkn

    Zeus 150 Generator

    Sorry to come to this thread late (and off topic). We passed your garden last week, I was on the boat but the wife was walking with our goldie. Zeus was in the garden but didn't bark at all (don't know if he could bark as he immediately grabbed a blue ball and firmly held onto it till we had passed). I did say "afternoon Zeus" but he didn't deign to reply. Delta Queen is looking well, TR is undergoing major surgery this winter, at Debdale as Sarah seemed too busy.
  10. frahkn

    Rev Counter not 'Counting'

    A good question, perhaps Cuthound (whose post I was responding to) can answer it - I certainly cannot!
  11. frahkn

    Rev Counter not 'Counting'

    My prop (on a Beta 43 with a 2:1 PRM) is 23" - I'm not certain of the pitch. I have been advised to change it but I asked Beta, they said that while it's not recommended, it's probably doing no harm.
  12. frahkn

    Putting in a shower

    OK, as promised, a fuller explanation. The boat is an Orion 70' trad, with the engine (a Beta 43) cocooned about 15' forward of the prop. The engine is tight against the left side of the hull at the foot of the bath!! (there are pictures on here somewhere but I can't link to them). This leaves me with two serious problems 1, the drive is via a 3 part shaft with slightly excessive angles, causing wear and noise at high revs 2, more seriously, the starter motor is completely inaccessible (two mechanics have suggested the cheapest alternative, if it has to be replaced, is to cut a hole in the side). So I am going to have the engine moved inboard (about 18") and forward about the same (thus shifting the gearbox from under a bulkhead and the bed). The yard have suggested putting in an extra bulkhead to create an engine-room (fortunately there is a side-hatch in the right position). This would give better access and potentially, extra storage space. So the bath (which we have never used except as a shower tray) has to go. To accommodate the re-positioned drive shaft the pump-out tank has to go so we will have to replace the toilet with a cassette or more likely, a composter (the tug deck includes an enormous locker which can accommodate waste while it continues to compost). It's going to be ridiculously expensive but I don't see that I have an alternative.
  13. frahkn

    Putting in a shower

    Thanks, I've e-mailed the manufacturer to clarify this.
  14. frahkn

    Putting in a shower

    Sorry, a bit irritable tonight, spent too long talking to something called (completely incorrectly) a "help desk" about my on-line banking account. Tomorrow I'll explain all. Don't get your hopes up, it's not as exciting as the cost implies!
  15. frahkn

    Putting in a shower

    Oh dog poo! I hadn't thought of that! But surely they can be put together on site, they are not shipped already made up, are they? I have one at home but like you, it was here before me.

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