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  1. I intend to replace my cooker with a separate hob and raised oven. I have asked before without much success - would anyone recommend any particular make of oven? I have looked at those commonly offered by chandlers and by caravan suppliers but there seems to be only a very limited range available. Can I consider domestic ovens (as long as they have a flame failure mechanism) or would I have difficulty getting a gas-safe guy to fit on to a boat? Thanks.
  2. Look, they are their bye laws (in the sense that they are charged with administrating them) so isn't up to them the extent to which they police them? I have (I suppose) control over who comes into my garden and (if I was wally enough) I could put up signs to that effect. That does not oblige me to do anything about a particular intruder if I can't be bothered.
  3. CRT charge me an amount for a licence, the marina also charge me a certain (larger) amount for my mooring. If I was not prepared to pay these amounts, I have a simple solution - sell my boat. I do not understand how what anyone else pays makes any difference to me, not only does it not "get up" me, I don't give it a thought, why should I? It can be a passing irritation to need to avoid a wide-beam once in a while but it cannot be genuinely described as a travesty of anything, surely?
  4. Called a diffuser (if using Amazon - don't get a perfume bottle by mistake).
  5. Not an answer but possibly a solution, we use a diffuser (and two together when cooking on the Refleks).
  6. You absolutely don't need to tell me about Richard's eccentricities!!! Last winter I paid an arm and a leg (probably some other bits as well) to have Debdale move my engine to a more sane position in the boat. Water pump weirdness is (more or less) the least of my worries.🙂
  7. My 70' Orion came (not new) with two pumps and two accumulators, one on the hot water circuit and one on the cold. They manage the shower comfortably, I did contemplate changing them for one larger pump (to save replacement costs) but instead I stopped buying Sureflo and left the double arrangement alone.
  8. If you have time, and are interested, could you have another go at this paragraph? I think there is a kernel of something in there but I can't quite identify it. I'm happy with statistics so you need not start from first principles.
  9. I doubt your second paragraph; I think anyone does have the right to be offended by anything. What they don't have the right to do, is expect me to care (or possibly even notice) whether they are offended or not. Being offended is a learnt behaviour but learnt behaviours can be very strong - I think this often leads to a lack of apparent choice for the person involved.
  10. Of course, many freedoms are restricted by law - different freedoms under different legislations. The fact that the exercise of a particular freedom is illegal in the place where I happen to be is neither "natural" or "inevitable". Laws are mutable and change with the times (amongst other things).
  11. Hell yes, it's hard. I imagine that they were saying things which would appal either one of us but which as you say, a minority of truly stupid people would feel is ok. The problem is, even if there was a way to prevent them saying those things (and generally, I can't think of such were a way) there is no way to prevent them thinking exactly the same in private. No, they were not "entitled" but they were doing it and short of the arrival of some of the girl's brothers, they had freedom of speech. I'm a bit conflicted about all of this but on balance I distrust the modern "hate speech" legislation and, even more, the "no platforming" attitude of many groups. Either you believe in the strength of your argument or you do not. Anyway, I agree that the fact we can discuss the issue is a good thing but it's highly nuanced argument, more suited to face to face conversation than to text. IMHO of course.🙂
  12. No, it would be nice/convenient if it did but it doesn't. Freedom of speech is absolute or it is nothing. I know this is hard - don't think it's any easier for me but in the end it's true. Some people will exercise responsibility, some won't, some will share my views and some will have views which are absolutely repugnant to me. Either they can freely share these or they cannot, in the later case, who decides? I would only trust one person and since it can't be me, I would rather have free speech but then it has to be free.
  13. Of course it was, so was adult mortality. It was mainly down to poorer public health and after that, to poorer access to good medicine. The "grieving parents" of today probably have not lost half their children in their first year of life and they have been conditioned to believe that stupidity isn't actually dangerous. Their kids have a "right to life" no matter the idiocy of their actions.
  14. I think that the 'youth of today' are a lot more aware of the big issues which face them, perhaps due to social media. Unfortunately I agree with Frangar that many of them seem oblivious to actual immediate risks. I tried to reason with two lads doing something physically stupid (doesn't matter what or where) and their whole attitude was "you can't tell us what to do". I absolutely agree with them, I can't, but their whole focus was on my interference not on the inherent danger to themselves.
  15. Where it goes 'wronger' is where the moderator shuts down the other party's view on their own behalf.
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