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  1. frahkn

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    My 31" draft boat does not move moored boats very much at all. I have never been shouted at for speeding. Granted I am usually at tickover (about 800 revs for me) but I think the Orion hull has a better than average swim. Of course this could be more imaginary than real but I genuinely have not been shouted at in the 5 years that I have owned the boat.
  2. frahkn

    One month in

    I have a Beta 43 and I have never exceeded 1200 in forward gear (or so the dial says) and only reached that on rivers. The engine is in a 70' boat with a 23" prop. Maybe my tachograph is faulty?
  3. frahkn

    Hunts lock closure

    Thanks very much, that's a big help. I received no notification and I wasn't aware that you could expand the web site entry. Sorry to anyone I confused!
  4. frahkn

    Hunts lock closure

    Hunts lock and Wychnor lock are closed from 8 tomorrow morning until 6 pm on Tuesday. Although this is on CaRT's site, it has not appeared on my e-mails. Does anyone know more about this?
  5. frahkn

    Lack of platforms at locks

    That is an important point, I dawdle along the canal (though I am happy to facilitate anyone faster to pass me) but I like to work locks efficiently with no wasted effort. Even when I'm not involved (perhaps have moored up for the day) I still get irrationally irritated by crews who are inefficient at locks. That said, often 'help' does not make me quicker in locks and I imagine Mayalld would say the same. Generally I accept help, mainly because it would be rude not to.
  6. Thanks all, I'm a RCR member so I may leave the initial problem solving to them (should it re-occur) as I am not very confident with pulling things apart and putting them together again. In any event, I will report results.
  7. For the last few weeks I have had an intermittent problem with my ignition switch. When I switch on everything is as usual (lights, warning buzzer etc) but when I turn from the "heating" position to "start", occasionally nothing happens. That is nothing at all - no clunks or other sounds. When I let the key return against the spring and then try again, all is well and the engine starts normally. This morning it would not start after repeated attempts but a few seconds later my wife started it with no difficulty. As I am certain that the battery is fine and there is no clunk sound, I wonder if the (15 year old) ignition barrel could be faulty. Is this likely and is there more which I could do to clarify the diagnosis? Thanks.
  8. frahkn

    Oh dear

    You are mostly being wrong. The second sentence is clearly an exclamation, not a question. He knows what he's done, it's in his first sentence.
  9. frahkn

    Beta 43 service manual

    They don't say, I'm going to ask them at Crick, I'll let you know what they say.
  10. frahkn

    Beta 43 service manual

    Thanks but I should have said a workshop manual. But I see (page 51) that Beta will supply a Kubota WM on request. So you have solved my problem. Very grateful.
  11. frahkn

    Beta 43 service manual

    The documents on the Beta web site do not include a 'service manual' or similar. Does anyone know a source (paid or free) of such a thing?
  12. frahkn

    What a depressing read!

    Well to be honest I haven't read it in about 5 years.
  13. frahkn

    What a depressing read!

    That's it. Exactly, nothing like anything anyone would want to take seriously.
  14. frahkn

    What a depressing read!

    I'm sure it seemed clear to you - you knew what you intended to get across - but I promise you that it was far from clear to me.
  15. frahkn

    Solar....how much wattage is enough

    They fitted some panels and an MPPT controller for me about 5 years ago. I've had no problems with the installation. The guy plays bass guitar but I don't hold that against him.

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