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  1. frahkn

    Ashby and moorings?

    Wife and I are in our 60s and we stroll it, the slight slope is in the right direction - downhill coming back! But if you are feeling particularly decrepit on occasion, there is a bus from the marina gate to the village.
  2. frahkn

    Ashby and moorings?

    We had a week's visitor mooring in Market Bosworth marina a couple of years ago. It wasn't quite finished but it seemed fine and the management were helpful. The town is only a short walk away and has all the usual shops. The only negative for us is that dogs were not allowed in the marina bar. I would not be surprised if this has now changed.
  3. frahkn

    Boat Safety Exam

    i think my post was expressed in neutral terms but of course, at the time I was very pleased. If the BSS were optional I would opt out. In support of "cursory"; the engine is fully cocooned, I lifted the top and was about to move the sides but didn't as he said "very clean" and walked off. He checked the gas carefully but never went into the back cabin where the batteries and fuel pumps are below the floor and where there then was a boatman stove which I later replaced because I thought it was too dangerous.
  4. I took a fistful of Wago connectors and a strip of choc blocks from home to the boat 5 years ago. Never used either. Changed several fresh water pumps and one bilge pump but these were with crimped terminals.
  5. frahkn

    Unusual Issue

    My wife is a walker, she is not happy if she can't do ten miles or so per day, at home or on the boat. When we first got the dog she took him with her on towpath walks, I'd drop them at a bridge and pick them up in a few miles; later in the day we would repeat the process. Although fine with this for a year or so, the dog has now caught on and will wait at the 4th or 5th bridge hole and pop onto the front of the boat, leaving the wife to continue alone.
  6. frahkn

    Boat Safety Exam

    A very nice inspector called at the boat and after a cursory inspection, gave us a pass. While filing out a form at the end he said "I nearly always know if a boat will pass as soon as I get out of the car and see it". I didn't ask him if it was the same for fails!
  7. frahkn

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    I have not posted in this thread, I have no horse in the race, don't know Peter, don't really care and in any case, it's none of my business. I am currently having a new bathroom installed in my boat and if the yard had suggested that plasterboard be used they would not have got the work. Not because I have first hand (or even anecdotal) experience of its use on boats, but because of my opinion that it obviously will not work in the long term. Rather like the famous chocolate teapot - few of its denigrators have actual experience of using one but opinion is fairly unanimous. Peter, it is difficult in a big pressure situation - you have the board, not using it means not only the cost of 'wasting' it but the cost and inconvenience of getting it off the boat - but reading your posts, I wouldn't have thought that untried (and honestly, bizarre) innovation was your thing. On balance would it not be safer to go the traditional way rather than search for almost certainly non-existent evidence that a new method will work? Just saying.
  8. frahkn

    Fazeley Mill

    Yes, all three are more difficult in a significant wind but each is quite 'roomy' so there is less chance of hitting someone.
  9. frahkn

    Fazeley Mill

    We have been at three marinas, each for at least a year, since we have had our present boat. Aston, Mercia and Alvecote. All have had their pros and cons and each would probably appeal to different tastes but at least they have all been straight forward to enter and exit with a 70' boat.
  10. Same as you but about 20 years hiring and 11 with Ownerships. I thought I had a reasonable idea of what I wanted but I ended up with something completely different. So you never know. The OP has the enormous advantage that he is aware that he "knows virtually nothing about anything ". I was about 50 before I realised that!
  11. frahkn

    Rudely woken by the CO Alarm

    I bought a moving cowl (from a boat based chimney supplier) and find it very useful. It fits both chimneys, the solid fuel stove in the back cabin and the Lockgate diesel in the saloon. The Lockgate is quite vulnerable to wind in the first hour after lighting, the cowl has cured this.
  12. frahkn

    Help with this location please

    Is this the same "Jaguar" as the one currently moored at Alvecote?
  13. frahkn

    Crick Show May 2019

    Last year boats with booked moorings were arriving late but there was always space to slowly cruise through. I was told, by a staff member at Crick marina, that this year's show would be extended to 4 days.I haven't checked this though.
  14. We walked in from the car park and saw a building marked as a boat brokerage and with details of boats in the windows. The building was closed and we stood about for a few minutes (it was just after 2pm) to see if anyone came back from lunch. After a while we walked over to the shop/chandlery where we explained that we were looking for trad sterned boats of about 57'. A chap (can't remember what he was wearing) gave us 3 sets of keys and named 3 boats, one of which could be seen from the doorway. There were 3 of us, my wife, adult daughter and myself. We looked at two of the boats, one of which I still remember largely because of its immaculate modern fit-out - this was just too neat and fancy for our taste but looked to be really a quality job. After about 30 minutes (remember we were already thinking about making an offer on another boat) we locked up and came back to the shop. There was no-one there so, after waiting for a few moments, I left the keys by the till and left. I particularly thought that the owner of the impressive boat probably would not have wanted us onboard unaccompanied - there was just something about the fanatical neatness of the boat which said so. Make what you want of it - that's what occurred.
  15. This was my only visit to Braunston marina so I have no idea who I saw, perhaps things have changed. Nothing which occurred that afternoon suggested that anything out of the ordinary was occurring - it all seemed very routine. I remember it well because when I got home I made an offer on my current boat.

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