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  1. When I'm off the boat I walk the dog along that stretch and while it is pretty grotty, you need to remember that it passes through the 'inerest' of inner cities. Beyond Yardley there are some nice surroundings, you just need the bottle to explore a bit. I see quite a few boats moored along this section and have never seen one come to harm.
  2. I don't know that he would have had time, he was playing with 'Them' by the time he was 19.
  3. Can't complain about any of those choices but to nit-pick, Visions of Johanna is better than Sad Eyed Lady.
  4. How restrained. I am impressed.
  5. Yeh, of course, but you don't, do you?
  6. Strangely those threads annoy me as well. Even though, in most cases I do not have the experience to be of assistance, the lack of meaningful communication is obvious and frustrating. Particularly so, as I try to follow technical threads to the end in the hope of learning something. But it works both ways. If I, worried, post about an overheating problem, comments about my wife changing the oil (however light-hearted) do not assist much.
  7. I don't know how busy you are but you can miss a lot of entertainment by ignoring the idiots - some of their stuff can be very amusing (inadvertently or not).
  8. I haven't, would not dream of inviting you (or others) into my life. There are some that I cannot watch, some which I see occasionally (when the subject interests me) and two which I am subscribed to and follow. Perhaps it's me but they are definitely not all the same. If they are boring just don't watch them.
  9. Do you know, or perhaps you are about to find out, the state of the pubs in Stone? The Swan and the Star would be good starts if you can help me.
  10. Indeed there are. It says something (I'm not sure what precisely) that the thread, asking for better behaviour, had to be closed due to the opposite. Things don't change a lot in 13 years.
  11. I have no dog in this fight but did read the earlier comment and immediately took it to be sarcastic, as it is now claimed to be. Obviously it could be misinterpreted but surely not by anyone who knew Durham.
  12. That looks like a fair stroll - in my years at Alvecote I never even walked to the Pretty Pigs, made do with the Barlow.
  13. Didn't you just post that he did tell you to F off, so what do you mean by "nobody" etc? It certainly is rude, I probably wouldn't say it to a stranger, but it's silly to claim that nobody does when someone just has.
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