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  1. Dog Friendly Hire Boat - and Few Locks!

    Rivers, particularly tidal waters but other rivers as well often present mooring issues (type of mooring and frequency of mooring opportunity) which can be difficult for dog owners. You certainly have to plan each day's cruising more carefully and have less flexibility for spontaneity.
  2. You will probably get a lot more replies in the morning when the site becomes active again. If not I'll post my costs (for a 70' boat which is cruised for about 6 months each year) when my brain is working again. Night now.
  3. It's easy to be too negative when replying to questions of this sort. I don't wish to do so but one thing shouts out at me from your query. You have expressed it almost solely in monetary terms - long experience says don't move onto a boat for this reason; don't do it! On the other hand, you can live on a £50k boat for less than the £12k p.a. which you are currently spending and as you are young, you are likely to bounce back from a mistake more easily than an older person would. Others will reply in more detail but some of your costings look optimistic to me.
  4. Starter battery on shore power

    I disagree with your interpretation of posts 10 and 15 but of course I may be wrong. The two members concerned have posted again but for me at least, have not clarified their respective positions so your interpretation is possibly the correct one. If you wish to stand by your "lazy, ignorant or incompetent" statement, fair play to you. I would want to at least meet the chap before so labelling him but each to his own as they say.
  5. Starter battery on shore power

    Posts 10 and especially 15, suggest that "invariably" is too strong an adverb?, well anyway whatever part of speech, it's too strong. Look on the bright side, the guy (see what I did there) may never read the forum or not have a lawyer in the family.
  6. Starter battery on shore power

    Let me just say that I do not know that the starter charge output to is not connected the starter battery and cannot check as I am not on the boat. I think I must emphasise this as both the manufacturer and the electrician have been mentioned by name in my original post. I have no reason to think either were lazy, incompetent or ignorant. While the manufacturer is now defunct, for all I know the electrician is still working and all his family may be lawyers.
  7. Starter battery on shore power

    True (although the way the cables would have to be run would make it longer) but it's the only explanation I can think of for a good builder like Orion not making the link - if indeed they did not. Of course, as people have said, it's not invariably done this way, perhaps it was not common with Orions?
  8. Starter battery on shore power

    Thanks everybody. I was never worried about the problem itself, as I said, the boatyard will sort that out. My worry was that something I had treated as self-evident - that the starter battery was charged when on shore-power - was put in doubt by the fitter (and initially, by this forum). However responses to this thread support the idea that this may not be the case, you all can envisage cases of only the domestic bank being connected to the combi. Also, this thread made me think about the distance (12 feet) between the combi and the starter battery, this may explain why they are not connected - if they in fact are not. I am very grateful for all the help and I will post details of the solution when I have them.
  9. Starter battery on shore power

    Right. So the Sterling kit is not a split charge device (I never thought it was) and now I know that the adverc is not either. So either I don't have one or it is some where else between the batteries and the alternators. See what I mean about not knowing my own boat well enough.
  10. Starter battery on shore power

    Thank you. I though this was what you meant in the other thread but someone suggested that there was no divergence of opinion and I got confused. I am reassured that a (admittedly non-expert) fitter, who I trust, was not making it up as he went along.
  11. Starter battery on shore power

    I might have a clue about this (see above) the domestic bank is close to the combi but the starter battery is a further 12 or so feet away - by the engine (which is in the bathroom).
  12. Starter battery on shore power

    It says "Sterling" and "Battery management system" on the read-out screen. Volts and amps are displayed (rather like on the solar controller) but I don't know if it does anything else. There is an adverc gizmo which I have always assumed was a split charge relay. That is, more or less, what the fitter said. I think it's a "combi" of an inverter and a battery charger.
  13. Starter battery on shore power

    Very useful stuff Tony, I'll save it all for next time I'm on the boat. Thanks very much, practical advice is what I need even though the yard will fix the problem in this particular case. I do worry that I should know more about my own boat.
  14. Starter battery on shore power

    Two alternators. Adverc thingy for splitting the charge. No chance of engine running I'm afraid. Alas the domestic and the start batteries are too far apart for me to do this with "ordinary" jump leads. It's just occurred to me that this may be why the combi is not linked to the start battery - if it's not.
  15. Starter battery on shore power

    Thanks for your reply. I do have a voltmeter, as part of the Stirling battery management but although it has 4 channels, only one is wired up, the domestic batteries. I also suspect the alternator but am confused about 3 things:- * Can a battery go from working perfectly to completely flat in 3 starts? * If it were the isolator switch, would it not be off (I couldn't start at all) or on (things would be fine) - this is not what I experienced. * Either way, wouldn't the time on shore-power put enough back in the battery to at least turn the engine over if not start it? I am confident that the yard will fix things but I have had the boat for 5 years and it's about time that I tried to understand more of what's going on with it.