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  1. I know it's Easter Howard but let's not reintroduce crucifixion eh?
  2. We went the whole length of the Macc, to Bugsworth and then down to Castlefield, two years ago (perhaps 3). Found a lot of it a bit shallow but we were ok. The boat draws 31 inches under the skeg.
  3. It's just me - an idiosyncrasy if you like - but I am really uncomfortable with debating trivial issues. I certainly had no personal issues with my fellow owners, I only met them once (at the launch) and never saw any of them again. As far as I was concerned there was 11 of them, paying 11/12ths of the cost of any idea (demented or not) they came up with - who was I to argue about my remaining 12th. Why would I bother? Most owners would not wish to be a 'sleeping partner', why should they.
  4. But see what you get - Engelbert Humperdinck visiting unexpectedly. I include the name of my boat and Frank only became frahkn due to finger problems when I first registered.
  5. Strangely enough I tend to agree with your first sentence. It was a bit like that, at least to the extent that I strongly feel that the 11 ownership years did little to equip me for owning my own boat. As for the rest, I had a profession which largely involved arguing intensive discussion with people. I did not feel the need to continue, over trivialities, in my spare time. Anyway, I suspect that I am not much of a people person, somehow "be seeing you" is a much happier phrase than "hello again". Different strokes - as they say.😊
  6. It will also get you to a choice of two half decent, dog friendly pubs. Neither of which IMHO can be said for the bridge.
  7. That is a different thing for me, if you are moving obviously I'd leave the gate open.
  8. Indeed not. In eleven years with Ownerships I never once attended an annual owners meeting - far easier to leave the other 11 couples to argue amongst themselves. After all they couldn't make any decision which I wasn't content to accept as a done deal. Going along with some of the ideas, if I were actually present would have been another thing altogether.
  9. Well that's a view. An alternative view is that no crew on the lock side indicates a lack of interest in using the lock. It takes us 3+ minutes to negotiate a lock, if no one has appeared by then I will close the gate. If the crew of the other boat are variously employed making tea and/or moving their bowels, who am I to hurry them in their pursuits? Remember I'm not wasting water, I'm just leaving them with a gate to open, a gate they would have to open if I was not there at all. Which, as far as personal interaction is concerned, they have treated as being the case in the first place. By the way, Haggis has done too much for the boating community to be abused by some (admittedly not you) on this forum.
  10. Not naughty at all. If a boat is approaching then fine but if it is 'parked' by the lock then, if it doesn't have crew on the lock (crew just standing around looking vacant will do) I assume they are moored and ignore them.
  11. I understand that contributions to the rebuild fund are to attract tax relief. That is certainly a levy on the generality of French taxpayers.
  12. No Athy, it's your passive aggressive thing, you often practice it. It's a canal forum not physical review letters, forensically close reading shouldn't be required.
  13. Are you not dividing people into two classes - those who you feel can think and those who (in your opinion) can't? This will only perpetuate the class division.😏
  14. I get the impression that motorbike ownership is higher than average amongst boaters. Don't know how you would that this theory even if you wanted to.
  15. I really wonder if you do. If you honestly do believe this, fair enough but you must be defining "worth" quite strangely. I think that the concept of "class" if not defined in relation to ownership of the means of production, is a very confusing term. However defined, your acceptance of the term (or mine if it comes to it) is irrelevant in the scheme of things. Course I may be wrong - have you considered this possibility in your own case?
  16. Look, let's be sensible, if I am approaching a blind bend and I hear a horn, what do I do? Have a honk of my own horn.... stop...what? I came under the blind bridge towards the Hawkesbury end of the Coventry, did not use my horn and was told off by a moored boat on the off side. Why does a moored boat require a sound signal and how would they interpret one if given?
  17. Dogs (apparently like gods) often do odd acts for no apparent reason. Even if you don't answer his prayers at least you are mutually convinced of the others existence.
  18. Just checked the log. We walked to Tunstall for pubs (from both Harecastle and Westport) not to Burslem. It wasn't far though. Just checked the log. We walked to Tunstall for pubs (from both Harecastle and Westport) not to Burslem. It wasn't far though.
  19. I imagine that the pubs (and shops) accessible from Westport are those you can walk to from the southern portal of Harecastle. Those are only a stroll.
  20. My domestics were/are sealed and are very accessible. The starter battery was almost inaccessible, in fact I had never seen it, but that was ok because it was sealed also, wasn't it. Well no, it was open cell and after 5 years (at least) it gave up. As everybody here is always saying......don't assume.
  21. Are you sure? Sounds like whining to me.
  22. Very true and in fact I had no objection at the time - slowed down delivery at 'my' tap a bit but not a problem. I included no conclusions whatever in my post, whether jumped to or limped to.
  23. While watering at Braunston recently (the two taps by Midland Chandlers) a guy with a bowser towed behind a van arrived and was still filling the bowser (he had a long hose) when we left.
  24. I wouldn't bet on that, there are plenty on the canals who will leave their spur marks on your deck and be happy to bill you for the experience.
  25. I had this e-mail yesterday, from Patricia Fox at CaRT. The boat has not been at my home mooring since October, it has been elsewhere having work done. I replied (rather tersely) explaining this and received a reply saying, in terms, "ok, sorry to have bothered you". It wasn't a big deal - the wind was more annoying.
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