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  1. I will report on my experience but think it's only fair to give it twelve months. I was fairly open minded on the subject and only got the composting toilet because I had to have my pump out removed to accommodate an engine move. It's a learning curve and if it doesn't work out I will go to a cassette.
  2. My composting toilet was installed in February, I promised at the time to report on it and will when it's a year old. Meanwhile I am keeping good records of my experiences. I will just say that to date nothing whatsoever has gone into a waste bin (of any sort). I don't live aboard but do spend six months of the year out and about on the boat.
  3. frahkn

    Eye level oven

    Thanks very much for the help so far (and I do take the "matches" point) but does anyone have more on the brands issue. Chewbacka has helped with one not to get and Alan has shown me one but I don't know what it is. With the boating and caravan markets, surely there are more than just those in Midland Chandlers?
  4. frahkn

    Eye level oven

    This makes a lot of sense but I am a bit concerned about losing the oven if my combi failed. Despite the weakness of 12 volt appliances, I look for the extra string to my bow.
  5. frahkn

    Eye level oven

    Thanks, what kit is this?
  6. frahkn

    Eye level oven

    I would like to replace my cooker with an eye-level oven and a separate hob. While I have seen several on boats and some in chandlers, there seems to be only a quite limited range available. I would be grateful for advice re brands and about 240v or 12v (for ignition, timers etc). I expect to do this only once so I'm not too worried about price. Thanks. Frank.
  7. While moored behind a "broken" boat on the Leicester arm I saw an RCR team remove an engine and replace it with a new one; all from the towpath. It took all day but I was very impressed.
  8. It's safe enough, there are always other boats in the basin so you are not alone. I have not been during school holidays but it is not in the centre of things so probably not a 'destination' for kids.
  9. frahkn


    My wife uses a Rolser shopping trolly on the boat and has another at home. She swears by them for strength and reliability. Not the cheapest but long lasting apparently.
  10. Always carry one, always use it. Absolutely useless, don't know why I bother.
  11. I went from Stewponey to Birmingham via Dudley a few weeks ago and I can't agree that it is more "industrial". I am fairly familiar with both routes and would almost always pick the Delph etc over the Wolverhampton 21.
  12. Just to update. Sherborne now have had a delivery. The difficulty was that they only knew that they had run out yesterday morning and did not think they could organise a delivery at the weekend as the Distillery (the ex Fiddle & Bone) need to provide access for the tanker. Anyway, all is well now.
  13. Thanks very much - price is not something I'm in a position to worry about!
  14. Hi. I am in Birmingham on my way to Kingswood Junction and then to Napton. Sherborne wharf have no diesel at present, where is there diesel on my route (or better still, a diesel boat). No immediate panic but I won't reach Ventnor.
  15. My (third hand) 70 foot boat did not have an engine room but the engine was about 15 feet forward of the prop, cocooned in the bathroom. This is a modern Beta engine. For reasons which will not affect you, its position was not satisfactory for my purposes. During the past winter I had the engine moved and the "old" bathroom altered into a shower room and a separate engine room. Of course it has ben less than 6 months but so far, I have found it to be an enormous improvement. The work cost a fortune (to me at least) but I wish I'd had it done 6 years ago. It is louder but we are both usually outside when moving. When moored we can still hear the radio with the engine running but the engine room door closed. We do have a boat cabin but this includes the bed so doesn't take any additional space. PM me if you want more.
  16. You might have something there! That would explain the occasional mark on the floor in the morning - step ladder feet - now I'm going to have to apologise to the dog.
  17. As above - this is of no importance but a bit strange. The ceiling/deck head in my boat is 3 inch boards which run longitudinally. These are on transverse supports at 14 inch centres and each board is painted white in an eggshell type finish. Recently I can see darker bands where the supports are. These cannot be removed by cleaning but presumably will have to be painted over. My question is what explanation can you propose as to why the discolouration should be where (and only where) the underlying supports are?
  18. Welcome to the forum. Interesting first post.
  19. Yes, happens all the time. It doesn't help if your boat is low with 12 feet of tug deck which they apparently just don't see at all.
  20. I think part of the problem is that it just doesn't look 70 feet long, not even to me! I once had to tell someone that we couldn't share Bishops Meadow lock with him. Only after standing and watching did he believe that we had to be diagonal in the lock if we were going to get out without raising the fenders.
  21. My Orien tug is far from historic but is is 70 feet long and quite deep (31 inches), so needs some space on twisty or shallow canals. The trouble is that the boat doesn't look at all unusual so I don't get the benefit of the doubt from some boaters.
  22. Thanks for the link Jen, I had no difficulty downloading the Severn guide from your link but still cannot get to it via the CaRT website. It's very odd.
  23. Perhaps it's because I'm on the boat but I can't get the CaRT website to work properly. What are the opening times of the locks between Stourport and Worcester at this time of year? Anything which I should watch out for when using them? Thanks.
  24. My boat spends about a third of the year on land line. At the moment mainly in the winter months but we are exploring the possibility of changing this to a better mixture of winter and summer. I treat my lead acids as disposable but expect to get at least 3 years out of each set. I rarely stay in one spot for more than 2 days but even then, have to run the engine for showers etc (we have a gas water heater but don't tend to use it). I doubt (but of course am not certain) that LiFePos would help me much. I am however watching these threads with considerable interest.
  25. My tank has an isolator right by the exit pipe and before the pump (which in my case is at the tank). If you turn off this isolator and then fill the tank, you can just wait. If there is no pool around the step you will know that the tank is not leaking. This is a simple test and you will at least be confident that your tank is/ is not to blame.
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