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  1. Sorry, half asleep - you wanted the Four Counties not Warwickshire! As it happens my suggestion still stands as Napton have a second base which is on the Four Counties at Autherley Junction (albeit with a slightly smaller fleet so a little less choice) Dave
  2. You could take a look at Napton Narrowboats (based at Napton unsurprisingly, and perfect location for several types including the Warwickshire ring). A number of their boats (at least the Elite class, possibly others) have a couple of king size cross beds which is as big as you'll get on a hire boat. Dave
  3. I think we were moored just behind that guy on Saturday night/Sunday morning when you came to his rescue. He'd just bought the boat with 5 friends as a project - they were meant to be moving it towards Bath but his mates had dropped out one by one leaving him solo having never driven a boat and an engine he couldn't start - he wasn't loving the boating life at the time! He was certainly pleased to meet you
  4. They were super cute and friendly. Almost embarrassed to admit that an hour later we were coincidentally having bacon sandwiches for lunch 🤥
  5. We had some unlikely but friendly company today while working the lock
  6. I am thanks, all very helpful and interesting. I'm also impressed with your mecanno contraption - it reminds me of the stereo mount I cobbled together in my very first car using the same materials Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a specific 4g router/Wi-Fi hotspot device, ideally one that will runs on battery and also will take an external antenna? Or failing that, does sticking one to a window get over the Faraday cage problem of being in a metal tube? Cheers Dave
  8. When we went in October last year they were usable but very shallow. I resorted to using a pole to prod down to find the deepest one. From memory the ones on the left end (when looking from the tow path) were better
  9. Excellent, thanks - hadn't realised there were indicators for the Severn at Hanbury, that's perfect 🙂 We'll be going via Droitwich - assuming we can fit under the M5 😃 Thanks again
  10. Hi, We're doing the Stourport ring clockwise in a couple of weeks time so just watching the levels out of interest (I realise plenty can change in a short time!). Been looking at the Severn levels which seem to be 0.97 at Bridgnorth and 1.03 at Worcester now - obviously I'll keep an eye on these as we're heading towards the river but would appreciate some advice... What sort of level would you suggest a hire boater with a decent amount of experience (on canals, this would be pretty much our first river) should have second thoughts at and consider turning around? I reckon Hanbury junction is probably my decision point time-wise. Cheers Dave
  11. When I ran the original through canalplan I did it via Worcester, but looking now there doesn't seem a massive difference in time or no of locks between the two options. Would you consider one way much nicer than the other?
  12. Basically simple good (preferably homemade rather than chain restaurant if you know what I mean) traditional pub grub, not looking for gastro really. Cheers
  13. Thanks both, that's really helpful. I'll take a look at your comments with my Nicholson's later... As for crew, there's 6 of us and get into a pretty good rhythm on locks etc. (did the Four Counties Ring last year and Warwickshire Ring the previous year). Thanks again
  14. Hi all. Just booked for a week on the Stourport Ring in August starting from Autherley Junction, and as you've all been really helpful before it's time for my annual 'does this make sense' itinerary sanity check (please) 🙂 For various reasons our preference is to do this clockwise, but as I don't want to stop at the top of the Wolverhampton flight we're taking a small detour on the first evening and will start in earnest on the following morning. The plan below was initially made up before the Covid situation so is based primarily around stopping near pubs where possible (obviously the pubs may or may not be open when we go 😱) Currently looking like this: Day 1 (start around 3pm) - Autherley to The Anchor at Cross Green (having gone past and winded maybe at Hatherton Junction) Day 2 - Somewhere near the Black Country Museum (prob walk to a pub as I don't think the Bottle & Glass is open in evenings) Day 3 - Alvechurch (Weighbridge or Crown) Day 4 - Hanbury Junction (Eagle & Sun, or possible go a little further to the Fir Tree). Appreciate this a a long day! Day 5 - Holt Lock (the Wharf or Holt Fleet hotel) Day 6 - Kinver (seem to be a few choices here - happy for suggestions) Day 7 - Compton Lock (either the excellent chippy or a couple of pubs) Day 8 - quick 45 minutes back to boatyard Does this all seem about right? Cheers Dave
  15. We went last year (did it in a week with longish days). If you do find you're not going to get to the Harecastle in time you can always stop about an hour earlier near Red Bull/the Macclesfield aqueduct which was fairly quiet & pleasant (and the pub wasn't bad either!)
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