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  1. I will indeed update when we get back, however at the moment we're still eagerly anticipating as we don't go until the end of the month 🙂 We have tweaked the above plan slightly though to put us nearer the case on the last night, I'll let you know how we got on...
  2. Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated. One quick follow up question for those that know the area though... There's a winding point just above lock 29 (Wightwick Lock), but on Google Earth it looks a bit tight - will I be able to turn a 70' boat there? Many thanks Dave
  3. I like your thinking 🙂 Yeah I did consider the chippy, but for various reasons there's a good chance we'll be having fish and chips a couple of days before that anyway and don't want to repeat. Certainly an option if plans change though, thanks.
  4. Hi all, I've been looking at our plans for our summer trip and have a very quick query... I'm looking for a pub about an hour away from Autherley Junction (in any direction really), looking at maybe Compton - there seems to be a few choices such as the Swan, Oddfellows, Newbridge etc. Ideally we just want a pub serving good (not necessarily posh) pub grub with decent/quiet moorings. Any recommendations? Cheers Dave
  5. Funnily enough I saw one of these while watching one of the Cruising The Cut videos on YouTube last night. Try here: Around 5'15 in
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice, exactly what I was looking for, I'll grab a Nicholson's over the weekend and read with your comments :-) Dave
  7. Hi all, After your invaluable help last year I thought I'd try again... ? We (6 of us, mixed ages from 21 to 50s) are heading out on the four counties ring late August and I'm hoping for some advice on pubs etc. We're going anti-clockwise staying at Autherley Junction. As we managed the Warwickshire ring last year (long way via north Stratford and included a detour through the Braunston tunnel and back) I'm not too concerned about time or a couple of long days. We're not too fussed on posh/gastro food, just decent pub food. Anyway, what I've come up with so far is this: Night 1 - Penkridge (choice of several so happy to pick when we get there) Night 2 - Sandon(ish) either Dog and Double or go couple more bridges to Greyhound Night 3 - Westport Lakes, couldn't see much so probably pick up a chippy on way through and eat/drink onboard Night 4 - Wheelock (few options including Cheshire Cheese) Night 5 - Barbridge junction, Barbridge Inn Night 6 - Market Drayton visitor moorings, possibly The Talbot Night 7 - Brewood, Bridge Inn Does this look about right? Huge thanks Dave
  8. Two Boats Long Itchington was the first night, the Cuttle bridge Inn (just after Minworth ) was much later in the week. :-) No worries, I didn't take it as a reflection on me (I'm pretty thick skinned anyway so even if it was I wouldn't take offence). I mainly replied to say that we were lucky and didn't see much of that sort of grumpiness throughout the week (and maybe she had a good reason/bad day - we all have them occasionally)
  9. I take your point, but in this case after watching them we decided that she was probably in a grump as she was working the flight with another boat that appeared to be fairly new and didn't know what they were doing plus struggling with heavy gates. In hindsight we should've helped out - but I wasn't feeling very generous toward them by then. Everyone else we met on the week was very friendly and cheerful (even the drunks/wasters by Farmers Bridge locks, not that there were many), so can't complain. :-)
  10. Just a quick follow up to this... We had a fabulous trip on the Warwickshiire ring... Started from Napton, went the long way (up the North Stratford - which is beautiful and probably our favourite part of the trip) and even managed some minor detours. We did put in a couple of long days though! As for pubs, we didn't eat out every night but visited: Two Boats - very busy but still served quickly. Standard pub grub but not bad at all Tom O The Wood - pretty good, decent food but service slightly slow (due to cooking to order I assume) Dog & Doublet - lovely pub, fantastic home made pie and pretty cheap Cuttle Bridge Inn (lunchtime drink) - decent canal side seating with mooring right outside, restaurant looked ok if a little sterile for our more pubby/common tastes! The Folly - fantastic! perfect canal side pub, epic food and decent prices. All in all a fantastic trip. Only met one moody/shouty person all week when we didn't see her coming up Braunston flight and started to turn the lock against them. We quickly apologised and re-emptied the 6 inches of water we'd let in, but she was so abrupt and unwilling to converse we then walked off and let them carry on unaided (petty I know but gave me some satisfaction) Already planning next year - maybe the four counties! :-)
  11. Thanks again. One further question then - given what I've said above, on a 7 day hire would we be pushing our luck to go up the north Stratford and stop near Gas Street rather than the shorter way?
  12. Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. The main reason I was thinking Saltisford arm was a thought that if we arrive early enough we might take a wander in to Warwick for a mooch around the town, but if we haven't got time for that when we get to Cape then we'll probably stop there :-) I did realise that Saltisford was privately owned but was under the impression that the first night is free, although to be honest £5 seems very reasonable anyway. Thanks all Dave
  13. Hi all, I know this has probably been done to death over the years, but hoping for a sanity check on my plans and any updated advice re. pubs etc. We're planning the first week of Sept and are thinking of the Warwickshire ring from Napton, can anyone advise? We're a family of 6 with ages varying between 18 and 50s, half of us are fairly experienced and half newbies, would ideally like to spend the evenings staying near a decent pub with food (doesn't have to be fancy, just decent pub grub is fine). So far I've come up with this: Night 1 - Blue Lias/Two boats Night 2 - Saltisford Arm (a few options on pubs with walking distance of here I think) Night 3 - Catherine De Barnes Night4 - Curdworth (either the Cuttle Bridge Inn or White Horse) Night 5 - Atherstone ish (maybe the Kings Head, although looks like may be noisy due to A5?) Night 6 - Hawkesbury Junction ish (Greyhound?) Night 7 - Braunston Turn Does this look about right, and any specific pubs to avoid/try? Many thanks Dave
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