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  1. Possibly a silly question, but is there any way to pay without being woken up by someone hammering on the door at stupid-o-clock? 🤤 (bearing in mind we'll probably be arriving the day before after she's finished for the day)
  2. Saw a black Prince one going down Hatton flight today - presumably on its way to Napton. Suspect they're getting fed up of being asked - had signs in the windows stating not on hire, moving for business purposes.
  3. Lovely, thanks for the advice. Think I'll press on slightly further on a couple of days and aim for Wallingford instead of Benson and Henley instead of Poplar Eyot. One quick follow-up if I may - my understanding (although possibly unfair, I don't know) is that mooring at the bottom end of the GU after joining at Brentford is a bit grotty - how far should one consider going up the GU before stopping for the night ideally? Cheers Dave
  4. Hi all, Just planning our trip around the Thames ring, and having never been that way before was hoping for any advice on moorings... Having used the canal planner our section on the river is coming out with the overnight stops something like the list below, can anyone advise on what the moorings are like and normal (yeah I realise this year is anything but!) availability given that we'll be on the river in the last week of August? Any info on pubs also greatly appreciated We don't mind paying a reasonable overnight fee for a mooring that's nice/safe/near facilities or pub - it
  5. It does, beautifully explained thanks.
  6. Ah. My original plan was for 07:00, but was hoping to push it a bit later - turns out that wasn't early enough 🤤. Glad I asked though I didn't mention originally but this is a hire boat - spoken to the boatyard already about this and that's all ok (but obviously I will be checking before setting off) Yeah I've been looking at various sites and videos to scope out that turn. When would you recommend one starts turning, when level with the entrance to Brentford Dock Marina? Many thanks for all the advice Dave
  7. Sorry if I'm being a bit slow, but as the slot is 07:15 that would mean arrive at Teddington at 05:15 which is 2 hours before high tide?
  8. Thanks all, this is very helpful. I'm looking at the 28th Aug, which gives high tide LB 05:15 GMT (so if I'm right 07:15 BST at Teddington). CRT passage booking has 07:15 as the time slot (if you select the correct direction first) - given high tide is at 07:15 would I be correct in assuming the passage booking time slot is arrival at Teddington and not Brentford (if going downstream)?
  9. Hi all, I realise this has been covered before so apologies for going over old ground but I just wanted to make sure I've got it straight... Planning a trip on the Thames ring in August and am thinking about the tidal part - high tide at London Bridge is around 05:00 GMT, so allowing an hour for BST and another hour for the tide to get to Teddington that means I should be looking to go through Teddington lock around 07:00 which will get us to Brentford around 09:00. Do I have that right? If so a follow up question - 07:00 is a little early (😴), how far can one push these
  10. Sorry, half asleep - you wanted the Four Counties not Warwickshire! As it happens my suggestion still stands as Napton have a second base which is on the Four Counties at Autherley Junction (albeit with a slightly smaller fleet so a little less choice) Dave
  11. You could take a look at Napton Narrowboats (based at Napton unsurprisingly, and perfect location for several types including the Warwickshire ring). A number of their boats (at least the Elite class, possibly others) have a couple of king size cross beds which is as big as you'll get on a hire boat. Dave
  12. I think we were moored just behind that guy on Saturday night/Sunday morning when you came to his rescue. He'd just bought the boat with 5 friends as a project - they were meant to be moving it towards Bath but his mates had dropped out one by one leaving him solo having never driven a boat and an engine he couldn't start - he wasn't loving the boating life at the time! He was certainly pleased to meet you
  13. They were super cute and friendly. Almost embarrassed to admit that an hour later we were coincidentally having bacon sandwiches for lunch 🤥
  14. We had some unlikely but friendly company today while working the lock
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