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  1. David Mack

    Round pin sockets for 12V

    But if you wire the boat plugs so the +ve wire is connected to the live and neutral pins, then it WILL be an issue if you plug one of your boat appliances into a domestic 2A socket! I have heard of boaters wiring the 12V connections across the earth and neutral pins of 2A/5A plugs and sockets leaving the live pin unconnected for this reason.
  2. David Mack

    Pendle Narrowboats

    I've heard of TVR Tuscans but know no more than that. About the same as my knowledge of Pendle Narrowboats.
  3. David Mack

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Like this:
  4. David Mack

    Vent for additional water tank

    Wouldn't make any difference at most of the CRT water points I have ever used! They are so slow. Unlike filling the linked fuel tanks on a GU motor. You think you've filled the tank to the brim, then a minute or two later it's only half full. Repeat ad nauseam if you want to fully fill both tanks.
  5. David Mack

    Ice Breaker Tugs and Ailsa Craig Engines

    And his website at http://www.primrose-engineering.co.uk with descriptions of some of the repairs he has done.
  6. David Mack

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Pillings Lock Marine (basis of one of the longest threads ever on the forum) is in Flesh Hovel Lane!
  7. David Mack

    Fitting a multifuel stove.

    Twin wall may be more efficient in terms of the amount of heat obtained for the amount of fuel consumed. But it must be less effective in heating the boat since the area of hot metal radiating the heat is so much less. Or to put it another way, you will need a larger stove if using twin wall flue to get the same useful heat output.
  8. David Mack

    Ice Breaker Tugs and Ailsa Craig Engines

    That ought to push Erebus at a fair old lick! If you can fit it in!
  9. David Mack

    Looking for someone to interview

    Really? That website is for a company which claims decades of experience, is based in Abu Dhabi, and doesn't seem to offer anything remotely of interest to the type of boater who reads this site.
  10. David Mack

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Is that near Itchington Bottom?
  11. David Mack

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Trottiscliffe in Kent. Pronounced Trosley.
  12. David Mack

    Mysterious 5amp drain

    Doesn't matter. Either way tells you which 1/3 / 2/3 of the circuits has the fault.
  13. David Mack

    Gas cooker

    A quick Google suggests spare parts are available for most Smev cookers. Check for your particular model number on one or two spare parts sites.
  14. David Mack

    Mysterious 5amp drain

    Actually in theory it's quickest if you use 67/33. I remember this being demonstrated in A Level maths. Not sure I could prove it now though!
  15. David Mack

    Stiff lock gates and paddles

    I used to go boating with a chap who was delighted when we occasionally came across paddle gear fitted with grease nipples. He would always dive into the boat to get his grease gun! But I haven't seen a grease nipple on ordinary manual paddle gear for years now.

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