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  1. David Mack

    Would you buy an overplated boat?

    And a new survey report identifying work needed may get the purchase price down a bit.
  2. David Mack

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    8-9 (Hebden Bridge) was up to level last night, but 7-8 (Fallingroyd) was about 6 inches down.
  3. David Mack

    Duck boat capsizes killing at least 11 people

    The Liverpool ones stopped running and the London ones operate on land only as their slipway has been compulsorily purchased. Are there any still operating amphibiously in the UK?
  4. David Mack

    What is the Rochdale actually like?

    The Rochdale is worth doing in its own right, not just as a way through. Tuel Lane and the summit are on restricted opening at the moment, but shouldn't be unduly constraining. The reputation for nasty bits is undeserved. Rochdale centre is a bit grotty, but not that long a section to pass through. I've not had problems on the section from Failsworth into Manchester, but I think CRT will still organise a volunteer accompaniment down this section if you want it. Ian Mac of this parish was the CRT volunteer when Fulbourne made the passage a few years back. There are a lot of locks, but most of them aren't any heavier than wide locks elsewhere. And you can share if someone else is going the same way. We took my American daughter-in-law's family on a day boat trip from Hebden Bridge most of the way to Todmorden and back last month and they absolutely loved it. Go for it! (But as a Hebden Bridge resident, I'm probably biased).
  5. David Mack

    Another New Sign

    Looks like a fancier sign is about to appear at Leeds Lock.
  6. David Mack

    Spot the issue

    And it is now being used as an impromptu entrance to the Water Lane Boat House pub in the warehouse.
  7. David Mack


    Built between 1902 and 1906, Chalfont Viaduct uses a standard design used across the GWR, so might be Brunel-influenced, but it is not a Brunel design.
  8. David Mack

    Another New Sign

    Westbound motorists most definitely can see it (when the bus isn't in the way). That's how I first saw it.
  9. David Mack

    Another New Sign

    Do motorists approaching Hebden Bridge from the east really need this sign at Fallingroyd Tunnel? (The canal is on the right, and crosses beneath the road behind the sign).
  10. David Mack

    Can you help id this engine?..

    The eBay seller is rawson716, who I seem to recall was also the seller of those rather strange boats that East Europe Lady got so excited about on here.
  11. David Mack

    CRT License discount

    Get a horse...
  12. David Mack

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    For the vast majority of marinas, i.e those with a NAA, the staff don't have to issue short term licences as the boats will already have a long term licence. Of course they do have to check the long term licence, but most also check on BSS and insurance, which they want boats to have, to minimise risk to other marina users, quite apart from any CRT requirement, so any extra work involved is minimal.
  13. David Mack

    Tv licence dilemna

    But I believe you have to give the address of the premises where the TV is, not simply a contact address (which probably already has its own TV licence anyway).
  14. David Mack

    Tv licence dilemna

    But if you are a CCer , and you do watch TV, what do you put down as the address of the premises?
  15. David Mack

    Hooray it's raining!

    Just had a torrential downpour in Hebden Bridge. About 20 minutes of very heavy rain. Not sure how much difference it will make to the level of the Rochdale though.

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