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  1. Industrial oil spill on the River Lea - help please

    I can't remember. It was the best part of 50 years ago!
  2. Rare footage

    A lump that size in a small trailer on grass. Must be a polystyreneberg!
  3. Industrial oil spill on the River Lea - help please

    We did that experiment at school. Dropped a tiny drop of oil into a tea tray of water and watched it spread out. We measured (estimated) the diameter of the drop and of the pool of oil and hence worked out how thick the layer of oil was, as a proxy for oil molecular size. Followed by a debate about whether the long chain oil molecules would sit horizontally or vertically on the water surface i.e. were we measuring the molecule length or width?
  4. Except the boat number is reported as 51039 (as in the original email and Facebook post) and not 51309 (as in this thread title). But it isn't shown on the canalplan boat listing (under either number). But there is a 56ft Colecraft called Jessie with CRT number 63109, which is near anagram of 51039. Coincidence?
  5. Thoughts on this boat please folks.

    Or save yourself the cost of marinas and leave the boat on the towpath for up to a fortnight between each leg of the trip. As long as you can boat at least alternate weekends you will be fine. Use the week's holiday for the first leg, then your travel to/from the boat on the remaining weekends is less. Select locations to leave the boat which are reasonably close to public transport. Then you can (say) arrive at the boat by car on the Friday night and unpack. Then on Saturday morning drive to the weekend's destination, get train/bus back (or folding bike if you are energetic) then boat back to the car. You can also do the car shuffle on a Sunday evening, but public transport tends to be poorer on a Sunday, and car-shuffling isn't always the sort of thing you want to do at the end of a trip. Don't dismiss the bus as a public transport option - in some parts of the country Saturday bus services are surprisingly good - check them out at http://www.traveline.info/.
  6. Live aboard in york

    I think that on occasion the River Ouse will do that for you - no need to hire a crane.
  7. New Marina at North Kilworth

    It isn't an effective storage reservoir if you can't drop the level in the reservoir to keep the level in the canal up.
  8. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Latest from CRT: 19/03/18 - Update Engineers and Customer Operations Teams have spent the last few days assessing the breach and prioritising works to be carried out including undertaking a fish rescue and tree assessment The next steps include putting a portadam in place this week, downstream of the breach which will then enable water to be pumped from the Trent & Mersey Canal into the Middlewich Branch allowing boats in the affected section to be in water The navigation will still be closed to other boats as passage cannot be gained through Stanthorne Lock Check out our twitter page @CRTNWalesBorder for more regular updates Thank you for your patience whilst we work hard to fix this You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/12553/standthorne-lock-to-wardle-lock You can find all notices at the url below: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices
  9. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    Yup. There was an Amber Weather Warning extending from south of Leicester to Bradford for yesterday, but I drove from Aylesbury to Hebden Bridge yesterday afternoon without any problems. Roads were clear and traffic was light. And this morning its all melting rapidly.
  10. Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    But might not have stayed that way if you had gone out onto lumpy water.
  11. And the response is to put barriers around the top gates. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/rochdale-canal-safety-barriers-manchester-14423655 Not that there is any reason to cross the top gates - there is a footbridge across the lock tail
  12. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Melodramatic reporting... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5509293/Sailor-nearly-sucked-100ft-wide-sinkhole-canal-Cheshire.html
  13. Tax and insurance on a new build

    Technically you should be licensed for the mile trip from yard to home, but you'd probably get away without. Can the yard move it for you on trade plates?
  14. Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Not sure I would fancy putting a 70 ft wooden boat on the ACS trolley. There'd be too much unsupported boat overhanging.
  15. Alrewas wedding

    Welding is a joining together..