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  1. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    Yup. There was an Amber Weather Warning extending from south of Leicester to Bradford for yesterday, but I drove from Aylesbury to Hebden Bridge yesterday afternoon without any problems. Roads were clear and traffic was light. And this morning its all melting rapidly.
  2. Lidle pump & fuel tank cleaning

    But might not have stayed that way if you had gone out onto lumpy water.
  3. And the response is to put barriers around the top gates. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/rochdale-canal-safety-barriers-manchester-14423655 Not that there is any reason to cross the top gates - there is a footbridge across the lock tail
  4. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Melodramatic reporting... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5509293/Sailor-nearly-sucked-100ft-wide-sinkhole-canal-Cheshire.html
  5. Tax and insurance on a new build

    Technically you should be licensed for the mile trip from yard to home, but you'd probably get away without. Can the yard move it for you on trade plates?
  6. Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Not sure I would fancy putting a 70 ft wooden boat on the ACS trolley. There'd be too much unsupported boat overhanging.
  7. Alrewas wedding

    Welding is a joining together..
  8. Revenge of the Beast from the East (Part 2)

    There's a dusting of snow at Aylesbury this morning, and a little still falling.
  9. 1st boating holiday - some planning questions

    Actually you can moor to the towpath anywhere that isn't causing an obstruction and where there aren't No Mooring signs.
  10. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    There's a bridge in Florida which lasted for 5 days.
  11. 1st boating holiday - some planning questions

    http://www.canalplan.eu reckons Wrenbury to Langollen and back will take about 37 hours. So 3 hours on your first day and an average of 6 hours per day thereafter. You should be fine. On the first night you can moor at the bottom of Grindley Brook locks, not far from the Horse and Jockey.
  12. Brokers

    Then you have to go with the broker who is selling the boat that takes your fancy. If you're selling you can choose your broker.
  13. Brokers

    Depends if you are buying or selling.
  14. Moving on red flags

    Came onto the Nene at Northampton a few years back, and although there were warnings of flooding the river was like a millpond so we carried on. A few locks down I noticed we seemed to be going faster and there were visible ripples in midstream. So when we got to a wide straight reach I put the boat into full astern. Even with the engine screaming we were still going forwards, so I headed gingerly into the next lock cut hugging the shore opposite the weirstream, and we moored up to let the waters subside. It might not have been so pleasant if I had still been in midstream and within reach of the pull of the weir.
  15. Forth and Clyde Closure

    Yes, with this weather it will need plumbing rather than wiring!