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  1. Passes for? When I arrived at Langley Mill a couple of years ago I found it very suitable. Train direct from Langley Mill to Leeds, where I could change for my local service to Hebden Beidge. Extremely convenient.
  2. Isn't that the other half of @Liam's Ariel?
  3. I don't know if there is a convention, but Belfast's accumulator is red, has been in the boat since before we bought it 4 years ago, and shows no signs of failing or of tainting the water.
  4. And a magnet on a length of rope.
  5. Firstly, check if they are open in the evenings. If they are you can almost certainly moor on the towpath outside and walk in anyway.
  6. Spent a few days after the Jubilee Pageant boating with Gort up the GU. A lovely old-fashioned conversion of a wooden boat, lovingly cared for by a great chap, Innis. We pulled him out of the canal at one point when he fell in, and then Jacqui spotted the brass windlass he had been carrying at the time on the bottom, and we managed to retrieve that for him. Shared a few pints in a couple of pubs too.
  7. That's a shame. I was assuming that as it is after 19 July it wouldn't be affected. I can't go by boat this year, but was hoping to turn up by car and say hello to a few people.
  8. "Rubbing boards" for the bow to rub against when riding the top gates in a filling lock. As full length boats more or less have to do, and many boaters with shorter boats choose to do.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. We do both although on the whole I tend to do more lock working and Jacqui tends to do more of the steering in and out of locks. Th only occasion I can remember where she did all the work and I did nothing but steer for a lot of locks in a row was the occasion when I broke one ankle and severely bruised the other at the third lock down the Wolverhampton flight, and all I could do was sit on the taff rail of our cruiser stern hire boat and waggle the tiller, leaving her to do all the work for the rest of the flight.
  11. Not sure about that. The counterweights are pretty close to ground level.
  12. Sir Adrian George Ellingham Stott, 4th Baronet Stott, of Stanton, co. Glocuester
  13. Are you sure it's a wide canal? If that is as far as the bridge opens there doesn't seem to be enough headroom on the right hand side to accommodate the cabin of an unloaded wide boat.
  14. Unlikely. If this was originally an integral tank the cabin front bulkhead would have extended all the way to the bottom plate, forming the back of the tank. With a separate tank the cabin bulkhead extends only as far down as the deck, so that the tank can be slid into place from within the cabin. (And once the cabin has been lined and fitted out the tank is all but unremovable).
  15. So that confirms it is an SR2, anticlockwise rotation and the 4610th engine built in 1967. http://www.stationaryengine.org/lister_dating5.html
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