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David Mack

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  1. David Mack

    Safety Ladders

    Two beams again. And the rudder is tied to one side to keep the rams head clear of the door.
  2. David Mack

    Mooring valuation

    But a mooring tenant has no security of tenure, so impact on mooring valuation should be minimal.
  3. David Mack

    Shorten a narrowboat

    Where on earth would you find a bow and stern lying about (unless you cut another boat in half)? And if you did find them, what are the chances of the hull cross sections matching up?
  4. David Mack

    Issues around Leeds ?

    But they do offer Sowerby Bridge to/from Barnoldswick one way trips.
  5. David Mack

    Who wanted a Motorbike friendly Narrowboat ?

    Or the larger glazed version, generally referred to as a dogbox.
  6. David Mack

    Who wanted a Motorbike friendly Narrowboat ?

    Decklights (although google has a problem distinguishing these from electric lights you put on your boat deck or on your garden boardwalk). But you wouldn't want this type in the average narrow boat cabin.
  7. David Mack

    Kennet and Avon- Which way?

    Does that mean that as a private boater, I'm not allowed to come back?
  8. David Mack

    My Poverty is Going to be Alleviated!

    https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/faqs/FAQ288 (genuine link)
  9. David Mack

    Ford XLD418

    I think they were also available as proper marinised units. I seem to recall that Club Line of Coventry fitted them in their boats , but Club Line ceased to exist a good few years ago and any of their boats will be quite elderley now with engines likely to be worn if not already replaced. As Alan de E says, not popular due to the cam belt and that they were overpowered for canal use.
  10. David Mack

    Plug in Galvanic Isolator.. which one

    Is the Newmar GI actually available in the UK? A quick google only finds US suppliers (or Amazon - out of stock).
  11. David Mack

    Karma - it does exist

    Did you tell him to take off the weedhatch lid, then bail out the water he will find under it?
  12. David Mack

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    And quite a lot from the southeastern United States - carried all the way across the Atlantic and then by a rather indirect rail route from the Port of Liverpool to Drax.
  13. David Mack

    Llangollen and ... ?

    To my mind the Montgomery is a must-do add-on to the Llangollen. The accessible section is about 8 miles and 8 locks, so around 5 hours in each direction. Just be aware that passage through Frankton Locks is restricted to 12 boats per day each way and needs to be booked in advance. Trips must include an overnight stay (i.e. you can't go down Frankton Locks and back up on the same day). The CRT webpage is at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/about-us/where-we-work/west-midlands/frankton-locks-opening-times but hasn't yet been updated for 2019. Yes, I would recommend this. There's also Chester Zoo close to the canal if that is of interest.
  14. David Mack

    Coal shovels ?

    A hardware shop opened up in Leeds city centre under the name of Arkwrights. When it opened the window display to one side of the door featured four large candlesticks with candles, and on the other side were four replacement handles for garden implements. Sadly the shop didn't last.
  15. David Mack

    Safety Ladders

    At the new Aylesbury Circus Field Marina there are ladders on the end of each jetty and for the longer jetties on the bank between the jetties I.e. the places where they won't be blocked by moored boats. They are simple aluminium ladders. One stile of the ladder extends above the jetty as a handhold. Interesting discussion on marina ladders at http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?506453-Emergency-ladders-on-marina-pontoons-are-they-worth-having

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