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David Mack

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  1. David Mack

    Oliver Cromwell final moments

    You can see a conventional prop as the stern sticks up in the air in her final moments.
  2. David Mack

    Today's Catch

    The working boat men's names for places weren't always the same as the official canal company names, which were carried forward to BW days.
  3. David Mack

    Resign Threshold - TSB

    My quick Google suggests it's the other way round. Robert Bork was nominated as a Supreme Court Justice by Ronald Reagan, but his appointment was blocked by others because of his conservative views. Since when having one's progress blocked has been described as being "borked". The techies then adopted the term for something which no longer works.
  4. David Mack

    Do new locks have names?

    Since the new locks on the Droitwich Junction Canal replace locks on the original lost line, aren't these just "repositioned"?
  5. David Mack

    Cruising the Chesterfield Canal

    It was reeds rather than blanket weed that held us up on the Chesterfield in 2009.
  6. David Mack

    Volts, Amps and Ohms

    If you need some help understanding these:
  7. David Mack

    Firefox search page

    Yes, I get a page that looks like that, except that the search bar is nearer the top of the page, and below it are icons for "Top Sites" and "Highlights", which all appear to be sites I have visited fairly recently. I find I can remove these, and reinstate them by clicking the gear wheel on this page.
  8. David Mack

    The kindness of strangers

    Last weekend we had to snatch a pair of hotel boats off the mud!
  9. David Mack

    Fire on Ariel

    The photos on Facebook look horrific. I'm just so glad nobody was hurt. I see that Aeriel has a door through from back cabin to engine room, so at least there are two routes out when something like this happens. Those of us with back cabins with only one exit, and that right next to the stove, will be wondering if there are any lessons we can learn to improve our own safety.
  10. David Mack

    Firefox search page

    The old Firefox start page in your first picture doesn't seem to be available any more. But to get to the current default start page click on the menu (3 horizontal bars, top right), then on Options (gearwheel). Under the General heading and "When Firefox Starts" select "Show your home page" Under the Home Page heading select ""Restore to Default" and "Mozilla Firefox Start Page" should appear in the box above.
  11. David Mack

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    Agreed. But is VERY brick-shaped!
  12. David Mack

    A sad tale

    Is this the former Water Rambler?
  13. David Mack

    Down the southern Grand Union (a new route for us)

    When we came through a few weeks ago, this chap in his narrowboat tug was having extreme difficulty navigating his widebeam brick.
  14. Sounds like it could be the gearbox input shaft seal is leaking into the bellhousing, which presumably has a drain at the lowest point, and it is either dripping from there or running along the underside of the engine and dripping from the sump.
  15. David Mack

    The purpose of an enquiry....grenfell.

    For the same reason it was used at Grenfell - it costs less. Judith Hackitt concluded that the building control process had failed at Grenfell, and that properly designed, specified and tested, flammable cladding can be safe in some situations. But I think the market will decide - people won't want to buy properties in buildings with flammable cladding, which will become unmortgageable, and uninsurable. So builders won't use flammable cladding in future.

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