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  1. David Mack

    Cutting Back boiler - Calorifier pipes

    If you are just removing the stove there is no need to disconnect the pipes close to the calorifier at all. You could just cut them close to the boiler and leave the pipes in place. That way it will be easier to reconnect a new back boiler stove when you realise that is the best option.
  2. And how do Tesco and Sainsbury's react when you take in your written specification with tolerances? Or do they expect you to choose from what is on offer on the shelves?
  3. David Mack

    Looking for a carpenter

    Who is probably playing Solitaire.
  4. I am surprised there has been no real comment on your proposed boat length - 34 ft. This is very short for a narrow boat. Such boats do exist, but they are relatively few in number, and much less common among more recently built craft. After you have allowed for whatever length bow and stern decks you have in mind and space for the engine, the actual cabin space will be quite short, and the accommodation will be correspondingly restricted. And short boats are much more expensive per unit length. You still need all the complicated fabrication for the bow and stern, you still need an engine installed, and all the electric, gas and plumbing systems. All you save compared with a longer boat is the much easier parallel fabrication and lining of the middle section, and some lengths of pipework and wiring. On the other hand, you can at least share narrow locks with another similar sized boat!
  5. Even if all of their boats were built from CAD plans there is no way any small narrow boat builder is going to print off enough drawings to justify the cost of running an A1 printer. I have worked in an office with one and they are expensive to run. Far better, that when the odd customer does turn up with a CAD plan, to run down to the local print/copy shop with the plan on a memory stick.
  6. And being steered by davidg of this parish I think.
  7. David Mack

    Help with electrics, GPR Cruiser, new to boating

    Electric heating is a complete no-no - even for boats with oodles of generating capacity. An extra battery gives you more electricity storage, but also a greater requirement to recharge. Most outboards have very limited battery charging capacity, so you will be reliant on recharging via the shoreline at your mooring. Solar will help considerably. Note that if you regularly run the batteries down below about 50% without then fully recharging you can expect a shorter battery life (there are countless battery life threads on here). The fridge is the biggest consumer of electricity on most boats. If you are only cruising at weekends and staying 2-3 nights do you really need a fridge? Most food will keep well enough for a couple of days without. Or you could construct a food locker under the floor where the boat is coolest. Or bring food from home in a coolbox with icepacks which have been pre-frozen in your home freezer. The cheapest option for heating is warm clothes and a decent sleeping bag. Otherwise on a GRP cruiser, gas fired warm air heating is probably the most practical (I assume you already have gas for cooking and maybe water heating). There's also no reason why you can't fit a solid fuel stove to a GRP cruiser, but they tend to take up quite a lot of space in a small cabin.
  8. Well you wouldn't be allowed to stay on-topic for more than 14 days (or such longer period as is reasonable in the circumstances).
  9. David Mack

    wey and arun canal

    And the Wey and Arun Canal won't ever go anywhere near Weymouth!
  10. David Mack

    Eagles Providence

    Presumably this one: Eagles Providence Built by Harborough Mar/bts - Length : 10.97 metres ( 36 feet ) - Beam : 2.083 metres ( 6 feet 10 inches ) - Draft : 1.06 metres ( 3 feet 6 inches ). Metal hull N/A power of 13 HP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 66880 as a Powered Motor Boat. ( Last updated on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 )
  11. David Mack

    Interesting Boat Moored Up With Us Last Night

    Cap'n, Art tha sleepin' there below?
  12. David Mack

    Are CaRT aiming for a record...

    Not surprised. I heard years ago that Tyseley had spread when the cabin front bulkhead was welded in, and so the hull can't be pulled back in (without major work). I'm curious to find whether Belfast has the same problem. But although I would like to head north from London via the Thames and Oxford Canal, I don't want to get that far and find the boat doesn't fit. So I'll try from the other end first!
  13. David Mack

    Interesting Boat Moored Up With Us Last Night

    An altogether better experience than meeting this boat at Dartmouth: https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/29/massive-cruise-ship-entering-harbour-smashes-into-luxury-yachts-7894558/

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