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  1. Is there not a compromise available where the sections of wall the volunteers have already rebuilt are allowed to remain, but lime mortar is used for the rest of the work?
  2. Either the backside of Paddington Station, or the Regents Canal.
  3. It's a 2BS. Smaller than the DM2 fitted to narrow boats. About 14hp I think.
  4. The other risk not mentioned is that the vendor may not have full ownership. If a couple have split one may sell the boat against the other's wishes (and keep all the proceeds). So you may find the seller's ex chasing you.
  5. Have you tried pushing the Push to Reset button? Is the valve on top of the bottle turned on?
  6. That looks like a very boxy cabin. If you use this on narrow canals with arched bridges, steering from the front so you can't see the cabin behind you I foresee problems.
  7. A weakness in the BSS standards. In my experience it is almost impossible to change a fuel filter without spilling some diesel. So for an off-engine filter you will frequently end up with diesel in the bilge.
  8. Many years ago I got involved in bowhauling an engineless boat down a flight of locks. In one pound there were a lot of boats moored against the towpath, and in the middle of these a wooden centre cockpit cruiser with a raised wheelhouse over the cockpit. My mate was trying to flick the rope over this wheelhouse without success. As the boat continued to drift forward the rope caught on something on the wheelhouse. A moment later there was a load clatter and the wheelhouse collapsed into a heap of glazed panels and a roof at a drunken angle. We re-erected it as best we could, and beat as hasty a retreat as one can when bowhauling a narrow boat!
  9. When we did the trip on Fulbourne in 2010 the canal was open to Norwood, but Fulbourne couldn't get through the 6ft 10.5in wide Stret Lock (since rebuilt wider). So we abandoned Fulbourne and hitched a lift with Elaine and Peter Scott (of the On this day photos) on Copperkins II up to the tunnel.
  10. If you don't do the locks at the end up to Norwood you miss the best bit!
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