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  1. And extend something out one side, and the boat will no longer sit level in the water.
  2. Fulbourne photographed on the Aylesbury Arm on 19 January 1966. There is a superficial ressemblance, but many of the details are different.
  3. Try Michael Stimpson at http://www.insurance-marine.co.uk. Although he has left Towrrgate he is still sorting out marine insurance for the less straightforward cases.
  4. First convoy is at Littleborough tonight and aiming for Walsden tomorrow.
  5. Last year I got a tenner off the price of a new battery from Uxbridge Boat Centre for trading in the old one.
  6. It caused a bit of a flutter amongst those of us gathered in Manchester today, heading for the Rose of Lancaster tomorrow. Failing to fix it in time for the convoy would have been something of an embarrassment for CRT!
  7. If the thing Alan linked to is not suitable, then I for one have no idea what you are after. So post some links to the sort of thing you want with bad reviews, and then there is a chance we might be able to help you with a suitable alternative.
  8. 10mm??? 3/8 inch surely!
  9. That is true as far as the EU is concerned - they aren't interested in what happens on a non-EU state. But since the RCD requirements have been incorporated into UK law, then they will continue to be enforceable (if not necessarily actually enforced) in the UK.
  10. A few snapshots of historic Scottish canal boats from 1962.
  11. That site requires me to give personal identity information before I can even see what questions are asked. So I am not going to take the quiz. And nor, I imagine, are quite a lot of your target audience. If I could take the quiz anonymously, and then if the result is positive, provide the information for a GP referral I would be more inclined to proceed.
  12. It's what you get using the default options in canalplan between the specified start and end points. It gives the OP an indication of how long the trip might take. She can then try different routes and options in canalplan to see what suits her best. A single-hander might prefer a longer route with fewer locks, whereas someone with a reasonable crew might prefer a shorter more heavily locked route. A well organised crew can fair whiz through the flights on the default route.
  13. http://Www.canalplan.eu This is a trip of 227 miles, 1 furlong and 217 locks from Peterborough - Ely Railway Bridge to Llangollen Basin. This will take 121 hours and 46 minutes which is 17 days, 2 hours and 46 minutes at 7 hours per day.
  14. Anyone in the UK building boats to sell in Europe will still need to comply with the RCD. My understanding is that all existing EU law has been enacted into UK law, so will still apply to a non-EU UK until such time as the UK changes or repeals it. And I can't see the RCD being very high up the list of priorities. That said, there may be even less enthusiasm to enforce the RCD requirements in the UK.
  15. We once met a lady of short stature on a wideboat who spent most of the time steering letting go of the tiller to leap to one side or the other to look down the sides. Her boat's course was rather erratic!
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