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  1. We have just done Seend to Bathampton both ways, each in a day (as part of a Seend-Bristol-Seend trip in 4 days). On the return trip we were moored above Seend top lock by about 5.00, just as the convoy of hire boats who had started from Foxhangers that afternoon arrived. I imagine most of them stopped for the night 3 locks down at The Barge pub.
  2. I have a bilge pump switch with auto and manual settings. But there is no float switch and it is wired up so that you switch to auto and the pump runs continuously, whether or not there is any water in the bilges. The manual option does nothing.
  3. Some pictures of an (ex) unicorn boat: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/profile/21767-sinead-carnie/content/&type=gallery_image
  4. An old colleague of mine offered to put the plugs on a full set of new theatre lights for the local amateur dramatics group. It was only when he had wired up all the plug bases that he realised that the tops were the type that had to be threaded onto the cable first.
  5. That would have taken some dredging! ☺️
  6. I see from this post that the CRT Boaters handbook has been updated with a map showing which waterways are suitable for wide and narrow craft. The map doesn't specify the maximum width for each wide waterway. But it does show the GU main line as wide all the way to Birmingham (and all of the North Oxford as narrow).
  7. The BSS website has lots of advice on CO alarms, including placement where you can't comply with manufacturer's recommendations. https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/stay-safe/carbon-monoxide-(co)/
  8. Or just click on the member's name at the head of any of his/her posts.
  9. As I understand it lock 77 and the lower length of the pound above were raised as part of the restoration works to restore the original pound / lockside level. The pound below the lock is now at a lower level than before, and hence the lock rise has inceased. There are a couple of shallow locks just below, which is where I assume the difference is taken out.
  10. A Kidderminster mooring would be on the Staffs and Worcs Canal. Why do you assume it had a shoreline? If the electrics are turned off, batteries will stay charged from one trip to the next. A boat with self draining decks and/or suitable covers doen't even need an auto bilge pump left switched on.
  11. Does it still exist? It has no trace online, and the founder and Secretary, Brian Holden died last year.
  12. CRT may have the data but I am not aware that they publish it.
  13. Anthony's Lock suffered significant subsidence while the canal was closed. Hence the upper part of the chamber is modern concrete above the older stonework, and above the lock the channel is piled and quite a lot higher than the towpath. The fall quoted in Nicholsons may be taken from an older source.
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