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  1. Well this particularly large and pointless blue sign disappeared and has never been replaced.
  2. The problem with the summit is that there is no levelish land alongside for a rally site. But the Historic Narrow Boat Club held their biennial gathering in Hebden Bridge in 2019, so the Rochdale does attract some rallies.
  3. I'll grant that "ten points of the compass" might not be widely understood, but since the text also refers to that as 112½°, I don't see why a person of average intelligence shouldn't be able to work out the meaning.
  4. You can get dyes for vinyl which might do the trick. Not tried it, but this has apparently been used successfully on a folding car roof. https://www.vinyldye.co.uk/
  5. You'll take far more of a hit with a new boat than buying second hand.
  6. And on this day in 2021 Now with some additional facilities and some roses (but no castles), but minus a balance beam, and very much still in use.
  7. But since Rory has a continuous cruising licence, he too should only come to visit.
  8. This is what can happen when you put epoxy on top of bitumen blacking.
  9. If you give your location, someone here near you may have some offcuts of loft insulation they could let you have.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. Not only is the cabin boxy, but at the bow, as the hull tapers in, the bottom of the cabin side follows suit, but the top edge of the cabin continues on straight, meaning the cabin side gets steeper, harder to walk past on the gunwale, and even more likely to clout a bridge arch.
  12. I trust it also has MCA approval to carry more than 12 passengers, and has passed an enhanced stability test for carrying that number of people on the roof.
  13. If you have 3-4 mm pits in the top surface of a 30 year old baseplate, and quite possibly pitting from below as well, I have to ask, how thick was the baseplate originally? The option of complete replacement, or maybe overplating might be one to consider. (Although ovetplating would still leave you with a rust problem on the existing plate).
  14. https://www.gov.uk/change-address-v5c says: You need: the registration number of your vehicle your log book reference number a UK address to check if your vehicle needs taxing in the next 4 weeks Note that: "a UK address". It doesn't have to be your address, it just has to be a UK address. (Elsewhere it says PO Boxes are not acceptable). So I agree with Mike. A Boatmail address ought to be fine.
  15. Quite. Just about every village on or near a canal and just about every main road bridge had some sort of wharf where incoming goods would be landed for use by the local populace and in local industry, and from where local products of agriculture, industry and mining were sent to wider markets (local, national and in some cases international). Many of these wharves would also have handled goods carried on horseback or by horse and cart to/from places further afield which didn't have a waterway connection. What essentially is the difference between a 'wharf' and a 'port'? And if the distinction is based on the amount of transhipment activity, rather than handling of goods of local origin or for local use, how do you determine tha amount of transhipment activity, and what is the threshold when a 'wharf' becomes a 'port'?
  16. Sounds like, rather than being lifted off by an ascending boat, the buffer was one of those supported on chains which were slowly rusting away, and a possibly quite gentle nudge from the boat was enough to break the chain with the result the bumper fell into the bottom of the chamber.
  17. Failed at being unable to give my use as more than "a few times a year" but not as many as "a few times a week". And then found that my boat type is classed as "Other", as I imagine will be the case for most folk on here. In other words, the survey is not really about the likes of us.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. No doubt the M&I terminus handled some goods carried onward by canal once the other canals in Manchester were built, but to my mind the term "Port of Manchester" refers specifically to the docks and wharves at the Manchester end of the Manchester Ship Canal.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. You're right. I wasn't taking into account the fact that @Tony1 has lithiums. My advice is only applicable to those with LAs.
  22. If a boat going uphill can lift the bumper, that would suggest either the bumper was already out of position, or that the boat in question had some sort of low level projection on the bow that could hook under it. Both seem a bit unlikely.
  23. As has been said many times before on the forum, once you are past the initial bulk charge stage, the charging current is determined by what the batteries will accept, not what the alternator can put out. So having a larger capacity alternator will make very little difference to the overall charging time. In your situation, in winter you would be better off getting your engine charging of the battery done early in the day to provide the bulk charge, then let the solar produce its winter output for the next few hours to do the final low current charging.
  24. Should it not also include places where sea going vessels could unload goods for the local market or shipped on by other means and not shipped on by canal? I would have thought the amount of goods handled by the Port of Manchester which involved onward canal travel was minimal.
  25. A couple of years ago I met a couple of chaps on a brand new sailaway moored above the first lock south of Croxley. They had just had the boat craned in at P&S Marine and were heading for London. They watched me work up through the lock then asked me how it worked. Turned out they had never worked a lock before, had no idea how to do so, had no windlasses on board and thought they would be in Central London within a few hours!
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