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  2. Teemill may be legit. But that doesn't mean that every individual merchant that uses them to host a sales site and fulfil their orders is legit. Although it appears in this case that it may be.
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  6. On a tidal Thames cruise a few years ago we were following the leading boats upstream on a rising tide when we were told to take the adjacent bridge arch to the one the boats in front of us were heading for. I thought we had plenty of time to steer across, but we closed up on the bridge much faster than I expected, and only just made it past the pier and under the correct span. But what frightened me most was how the water was piled up in front of the pier cutwater, with fast currents down either side. If we had been right in that flow we would have hit the pier very hard!
  7. I agree. Five years ago I bought a boat with 4 110Ah open cell lead acid domestic batteries. Using the boat soon showed them to be knackered. As a temporary measure I disconnected all four and fitted one replacement. 3 years later, and having fitted solar in the meantime, the 'temporary' battery was still going strong, albeit that we had had to be careful about the use of electricity in the meantime (turn off the fridge when the engine isn't running, turn off unnecessary lights etc.). You may not wish to be as parsimonious as that, but worth giving the existing batteries a go first.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. I'm not so sure. I can't see a link to it on the main CRT website. The domain name 'canalrivertrustfashion.co.uk' is registered through a different registrar to 'canalrivertrust.org.uk', but in both cases the name of the owner of the domain is redacted, so you can't check who owns the new domain. The new website uses the CRT branding, so would be a breach of CRT's intellectual property rights if unauthorised, but the actual goods for sale just seem to bear generic canal-related images, rather than any specific CRT branding. Under the website Ts and Cs the site seems to operate on behalf of "CanalRiverTrust", which is not a format of the name I have ever seen CRT use.
  10. Once you have mastered the back splice try the eye splice. Much the neatest way to put an eye/loop in the boat end of your ropes which you can drop over a bollard or tee stud. For greater security flip the loop inside out (or pass the free end through the eye) to form a cow hitch which can be tightened around the stem of the bollard/tee stud, yet is easy to release when required. The knack to a decent looking eye splice is to get the first tuck on each strand right. After that it's just over and under as with the back splice.
  11. There is no stock of finished items - only of the plain unprinted goods. Teemill and the like print each order on demand. They presumably have a sophisticated ordering and printing setup that just queues each order (from a range of different clients) to be automatically printed, packed and dispatched. The setup costs and running costs for the website are minimal, but the retail sale cost may be higher than mass produced goods due to the low volumes for each item.
  12. I seem to recall Waterways World did a listing of all trip boats a while back. Might help to identify those on isolated waterways. Does the horse drawn trip boat that goes beyond Llangollen basin count? It's a waterway most of us cannot visit with our own boats. Also, didn't Iona relocate from Godalming to the Grand Western Canal?
  13. Also quotes a build date of 1924, which sounds more likely.
  14. The fibreglass cloth can itself withstand the heat, but to what extent does it stop the transmission of heat to the material behind?
  15. At that price it might be worth buying to get one of the first division boatbuilders to put a proper Josher bow and cabin on it.
  16. Trouble with Facebookers is they think everyone is on FB...
  17. A properly inflated spare tire could be useful for the Shroppie shelf.
  18. I set up my own custom VNC Activity Stream some time ago when the default VNC was not working. That still has the compact header, but if I try the default VNC I get my screen filled as others have.
  19. I have a small cordless drill from Lidl that I picked up from the centre aisle about 4 years ago. I have been amazed how good it is. Only a small battery but it has never run out of charge on a job, even when I have been drilling multiple holes in steel. And unused it holds its charge for weeks and still drills holes without recharging first.
  20. Was running fine a week ago and turns over on the starter? I would be checking that the decompressors are not holding a valve open, then looking for a fuel problem.
  21. So in this incident deploying the anchor (by an inexperienced crew) resulted in a fatality. Whereas not deploying the anchor would likely have resulted in lesser consequences. Not a great advert for using the anchor, especially by the inexperienced, which almost by definition most narrowboaters will be in this respect.
  22. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/licence-your-boat/boat-licence-customer-support-team/how-we-tackle-evasion
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