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  1. Just looked. The BSS requires that every fuel tank is vented. The small hole in the filler cap is only acceptable on tanks of 30 litres or less (I.e. typical portable outboard motor tanks).
  2. So that you can fit it around a fuel filler which is connected to a pipe leading to a separate tank, without disconnecting the pipework.
  3. Quite. Unless the domestics are charged by a separate alternator with insulated return (I.e. proper marine rather than car type), and the entire domestic system operates as a floating system. Still doesn't comply with the BSS.
  4. Better if either both tanks are vented or you have a high level air balance pipe between the tanks above fuel level. If one tank is unvented, the fuel level in that tank can't fall as fuel is consumed.
  5. If your battery isolators are in the positive you should have a wire connecting the negative terminal of the domestic battery to the negative of the starter battery, and then from there a chunky cable which leads to a terminal on the back of the starter motor, and from there another cable to the earthing point on the engine bed. Your earthing point has two wires connected to it. Where do these go?
  6. She does say she she is going to be bimbling about slowly!
  7. Now had 5 million views! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jan/19/boris-johnson-grilled-by-line-of-duty-team-in-spoof-video-viewed-by-5-million
  8. You are quoting the non-private boat requirements there. That said, the requirements are virtually identical for private boats. See 3.6.1 of https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/299273/bss-examination-checking-procedures-core-private-boat-public-interim-complete-compress.pdf
  9. We took Fulbourne up there some years ago, in convoy with Copperkins. Fulbourne failed to get through Stret Lock, since widened, so we hitched a lift on Copperkins up to the tunnel mouth. So glad we did as the top end is absolutely wonderful!
  10. Have a look at some of the reviews on Screwfix's website: "Transparent paint, took 6 coats to even get a mediocre finish and now the paint is chalking. Not sure why Leyland have put their name to this rubbish The rest is going down the tip. " "My first gripe was that the paint wipes off the wall. Not something you notice if you have painted the ceiling, how often do you wipe a ceiling, compared to a wall. Having sealed the tub, I went back to it a little time later and it was mouldy. I disposed of it." "This so called paint has caused me nothing but grief! Goes off far too quick,and the finish ls embarrassing!! Scabby isn't the word!!!!Now rubbing it all off for the 3rd time,spent days perfectly preping,only for it to be ruined by this paint! Not happy.Im ditching both tubs I have,never again!!! " "This really is the worst paint I have ever used. Trust me the bad reviews are far more accurate than the good ones. It was like spreading watered down chalk on the walls. The walls were prepped well yet this stuff would not stick. Each coat taking off a bit of the previous coat as I went. I assumed after a couple of coats it would get better, but after 4 coats I gave in. I have NEVER had to put on 4 coats of emulsion in my life. "
  11. It wasn't being used as a fender. The rope it was attached to was being used to hold the rudder over at 90 degrees, there being not much room between the back of the boat and the door to the dock (at Circus Field Basin, Aylesbury).
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. "Canal drained for underwater repairs" doesn't have the same impact though!
  14. That's not good. It means that there will be some old diesel trapped in the non filler/syphon tank which won't get well mixed with fresh diesel. Better to fill one tank and draw from the other. If its a problem with air being drawn in, the lift pump not working properly, or a blocked filter try setting up a temporary gravity feed of (clean) diesel direct to the engine. If it runs happily like that it rather confirms that the issue is one of fuel supply from the main tank.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Not so easy though since the boat that hit Col's belongs to another marina moorer, and presumably the owner of that boat was not involved in moving it. So he (and his insurers) are going to say "Nothing to do with me mate!"
  17. I suspect the problem is that HVO is not included in the definition of red diesel as used in the rules. And so the boatyard retailers can't comply with the rules of the split declaration scheme. And so its the retailers who aren't offering HVO, not necessarily the bulk suppliers (although they may also be under a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that their customers i.e. the retailers, are only going to allow it to be used as permitted by law).
  18. Where did you get it from in the end? I see that HVO is being used for the Hebden Bridge flood alleviation works.
  19. Check your mooring terms and conditions. They probably say that the marina and their agents and servants (which includes the crane company) are not liable for damage to your boat however caused. Which puts you on the back foot in relation to arguing that these terms are so unreasonable as to be unenforceable.
  20. Probably because HVO doesn't fall within the rules that allow sellers of red diesel to boaters to accept a split duty election. Not a deliberate exclusion, just something nobody thought of when the rules were written.
  21. Just fix them flat. Much neater, more secure against wind, you don't have to worry about constantly reangling them, and the output isn't a lot less. So what do you need 240V sockets for? 12V TVs are available (many mains TVs are 12V anyway, running off a power brick). That said you may want 240V to run a mains fridge. Much cheaper to buy and more choice than 12V fridges. But you will need an inverter. Also makes sense these days to provide USB sockets for phone charging etc.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. Can you get enough of the floor up to be able to cut away the front side back walls of the tank, to convert to a single through bilge?
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