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  1. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Can I trouble you for some more advice? 3 boats, 3 engines. A Beta 38 powering 57ft with 6420 hours on it. A Beta 43, 52ft and 1700 hours and finally, a BMC1.8, 60ft, 6988 hours. All seem adequate and with not much to choose between the three of them.....if they've all been maintained to the same degree. Do you agree?
  2. Thanks. That's useful. I have both 🙂
  3. I'm looking to buy a second-hand narrowboat and, for the time being, I've narrowed my search to three which I'll be viewing at the end of the week. One of these has a BMC1.8 engine and, as I plan to do most of the maintenance myself and it's an oldish design, I was wondering if I'll need imperial or metric spanners and sockets? Also, one of the three has been blacked at the beginning of this year. Should I still get an out of water survey done if I'm thinking of buying it? In other words, can I rely on the fact that it's been blacked, perhaps professionally by a boat yard, that the hull is sound? Would they black a dodgy hull? I'd appreciate any advice offered.
  4. Hmmm. Some very good points and food for thought so, thanks everyone. I should have said though that I've made it very clear I want a leisure mooring.
  5. Thanks guys. Yes, definitely a seller's market but even sellers can afford a smile surely? Agree about ABNB. Been there and they were tops.
  6. Forgive me butting in here - I'm new to the forum - but I'd be interested in your views. I have about £50k to spend on a used narrowboat. Not an inconsiderable amount of money I think most would agree. However, some of the brokerages I've been in touch with or seen on the internet seem to have an attitude towards customer service on a par with a poke in eye the sharp stick. Also, many of the boats I've seen don't even appear to be readied for sale with even just a quick tidy up and removal of 4 inches of water out of the engine bilge! Same with marinas I've contacted who seem to say 'yeah we've space, cost you a lot though and we're not really bothered if you take it or not. Oh and by the way that's just the basic cost. We also charge for extras like the air that you breathe and the jetty you walk on'! Am I missing something here? Are narrowboats some sort of massive inconvenience to marinas and brokerages? Is there really that much of seller's market they can afford to be offhand, incompetent or rude? Actually, when I do buy my boat (and I have my eye on a few) I do know where I'm going to moor it. A new marina, architect designed, in the south midlands, close to two junctions not far from a prison. They called me, emailed me and were extremely pleasant. That's where I'm going even if it does cost a little more than others. I'm not even bothered if there's a prison break - they'll probably be nicer and less crooked that some of the boat businesses I've come across! JRT
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